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Rives produces a range of natural bio products based on traditional recipes

Looking for foreign investment to expand The company Rives was established by Spiro Fuqi, a chemical engineer by training, some two decades ago. Located on the outskirts of Pogradec, a city on the shore of the Lake Ohrid and a few kilometres from the border with Macedonia, Rives specialises in completely natural products created from the ďŹ sh caught in the lake.


y products are bio and natural without the addition of any chemical preserving agents, says Mr Fuqi, as he leads a small group on a tour of his processing facility. In addition to being natural many of the products are unique as they are based on fish from the Lake Ohrid. Some of the species present in the lake, such as the koran, a variety of trout, are endemic to the lake and are not found elsewhere. Rives buys this fish and processes it using traditional recipes, another important feature of the production.

Glass jars with a two-year shelf life Over and above this the products are packaged in glass jars and have a shelf life that is equivalent to or even longer than a canned product, something that is relatively uncommon. Mr Fuqi is justifiably proud

of this innovation as the product offers all the advantages of glass, in particular the transparency that enables the customer to see the contents, yet has the shelf life of a metal can. Among the fish from the lake that the company processes are bleak, koran, and eel. All three are first grilled, filleted, the bones removed, and then introduced into the jars. The jars go through an autoclave that sterilises them at 121 degrees C and very high pressure for a period of 30 minutes to give the long shelf life. Mr Fuqi has drawn on his education as a chemical engineer to conceive and implement the entire process from raw material to finished product. While all the fish products start by being grilled they are subject to different treatments at later stages in the process. Some have oil added to them in the jar, while other are combined with vegetables, and yet others are placed in a sauce.

Koran (Salmo letnica), a trout-like fish found only in Lake Ohrid, is processed by Rives and packaged in glass jars that are sterilised to give them a two-year shelf life.

All raw materials are locally sourced Among Rives fish-based products is one that combines koran roe with koran fillets, nuts, pepper, olive oil and other ingredients in a special recipe to give what

Mr Fuqi claims to be an aphrodisiac. One version of the product is for men and the other for women, he explains, though he does not elaborate on the precise difference between the two. Although the company’s origins lie in fish processing Mr Fuqi has now also

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Eurofish Magazine 5 / 2015



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Eurofish Magazine 5 2015  

Featuring Albania and Turkey this issue looks at spices and herbs in the processing section. Intelligent weighing systems are introduced in...

Eurofish Magazine 5 2015  

Featuring Albania and Turkey this issue looks at spices and herbs in the processing section. Intelligent weighing systems are introduced in...

Profile for eurofish