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Salas Zivis distributes fish, seafood, and other products across the Baltics

Customer service is the first priority Exports of fish and seafood from Latvia has increased steadily over the four years to 2012 in terms of value. The main destinations for fish products are Latvia’s neighbours, Estonia and Lithuania.


alas Zivis is an entirely Latvian company emphasises Aleksanders Innuss, a member of the board, and it serves its local market, as well as exporting to countries in the east. Established in 1999, the company imports fish and seafood from around the world to repackage and distribute it in Latvia as well as neighbouring Estonia and Lithuania, and countries further afield, including Russia and Ukraine.

New and well equipped facility in Riga The facility in Riga is only two years old and is equipped to offer a wide range of services including filleting, cutting, freezing, and packaging. The machinery includes portion cutters, tray sealers, dosing machinery, and thermoforming packaging equipment all from reputed suppliers. When Salas Zivis was founded it focused purely on the trade in fish and seafood, however, two years ago the company started adding other products to its assortment. Our customers were interested in obtaining other items from us as well, recalls Mr Innuss, which was why we expanded the range of products. As a service company we try to accommodate our customers to the extent possible. Today Salas Zivis offers a range of frozen fruit and vegetables, meat, ice-cream, and dumplings with different fillings, in addition to its traditional fish and seafood range. 40

Eurofish Magazine 3 / 2014

The company places a lot of importance on providing good service to its clients. This is its philosophy and one of its defining features, says Mr Innuss. Another is the value we put on our employees, who are experienced and reliable and who are vital to the successful implementation of the company’s values. Without committed people working in the company we cannot deliver the quality that our clients expect from us and that would naturally affect the success of the company.

Expansion in factory space planned Having a completely clean slate is important if the company is to realise the three distinct but related projects it has conceived that will result in a bigger player in the market both in terms of its physical size but also in terms of its balance sheet. The first of the three is an expansion of the freezing facilities in order to be able to offer clients a wider palette of products from which to choose. This will necessitate increased storage space and investments in freezing machinery and will lead to the second project, which is to increase the physical size of the Riga factory. The factory today is about 600 sq. m, an area that, if all goes to plan, will expand with more space devoted to freezing and to storage. This kind of area is out of all proportion for a company that serves

Mr Aleksanders Innuss, member of the board of Salas Zivis.

Shrimp being packaged in thermoformed plastic trays.

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Eurofish magazine 3 2014  

Covering Latvia and Morocco, this issue also reviews the SEG show in Brussels and Offshore Mariculture. There's a special feature on Omega-3...

Eurofish magazine 3 2014  

Covering Latvia and Morocco, this issue also reviews the SEG show in Brussels and Offshore Mariculture. There's a special feature on Omega-3...

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