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Production of value-added seafood items to increase


amli, a well-known Turkish company, has elected to change its strategy from being only a producer of fresh and frozen fish bulk products to one that also produces frozen fish products in retail packs. Yasemin Ozbakkaloglu, the export team leader, says the change was prompted by a decision to bring the company closer to the final customer and to concentrate more on ready-tocook and ready-to-eat products. Lifestyles are changing in Europe as well as in Turkey, she says, and we want to be able to respond directly to people’s needs. Fish burgers, and fish with a sauce using lemon juice and olive oil are two of the products that the company has developed. The fish with the sauce is prepared by immersing the package in

boiling water for 15 minutes, slitting it open and serving the contents on a plate. Fish fillets and burgers with spices can also be prepared in the space of a quarter of an hour. The burgers come packaged in an aluminium tray which can go straight into a preheated oven. Most importantly, the products are natural, with no additives, they are not prefried or precooked, only frozen with a protective glaze. This line of products was introduced at the end of 2012 and are being sold in Carrefour and Tesco in Turkey, and are also being exported to the US, where they are sold for the moment at local retailers. But the company has got the national chains in its sights too. Ms Ozbakkaloglu is also hoping to interest European retail chains

Yasemin Ozbakkaloglu, Export Team Leader, Camli, is confident that the new value-added products will soon be available to customers in the EU.

in the product. Camli has invested heavily to ensure that its production facilities at every stage meet international requirements and this commitment is documented by certification to ISO, GlobalG.A.P., BRC and IFS standards.

The company’s core business continues – the production of fry, market-sized seabass and seabream, and feed – but there will be an increased focus on value-added products that are nutritious and healthful.


Fresh fish shipments by air to the US and Dubai


gromey has held on to its position as the second largest producer on the Turkish market, says Tolga Uruk, the marketing and sales director. This year the planned production was 12,500 tonnes, but this was changed slightly. The company focuses on the EU market and more recently the US, a strategy which took it to the Boston Seafood Show in March with a stand. Production is slated to increase to 15,000 tonnes in 2014 and 17,000 tonnes in 2015. The US market is a very new one for the company, but one it is confident will grow.


Eurofish Magazine 3 / 2013

The US imported USD16 billion worth of seafood of which seabass is less than 1. It is a very new product for them, says Mr Uruk, but the indications are that Americans like it. Three or four years ago Turkish (and Greek) producers started exploring the Russian market which has proved to be very successful and we are hoping for something similar in the US. In terms of logistics however it is enough to send a truck to Russia, but to the US fresh fish has to go by air. Fresh fish offers higher rewards – as well as greater risks. Agromey’s volumes of fresh and

Tolga Uruk, Marketing and Sales Director, Agromey, next to an image of the company’s latest acquisition, a 67 m vessel equipped with packaging equipment that enables fresh round fish to be harvested and processed within an hour.

Eurofish magazine 3 2013  

This issue covers Romania and reviews the ESE in Brussels. The Aquaculture section looks at new candidate species.

Eurofish magazine 3 2013  

This issue covers Romania and reviews the ESE in Brussels. The Aquaculture section looks at new candidate species.