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Resources must be utilised sustainably for the benefit of the country

Balancing fleet capacity with the resource is a priority Although overall fish consumption is low in Turkey thanks to a general predilection for lamb, the figure of 8 kg of seafood per capita hides sweeping variations. Along the coasts consumption is far higher than in inland regions due to the widespread availability of fresh fish both wild and farmed. While capture fisheries production has been broadly stable over the last five years, aquaculture production, both marine and freshwater, has been increasing significantly, contributing to employment opportunities in rural communities, foreign exchange earnings, and food security. Dr Durali Koçak, Director General for Fisheries and Aquaculture, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock of Turkey highlights here some of the current developments in the sector. What are Turkish priorities for the next couple of years for the fisheries and aquaculture sector? What does the administration aim to achieve and what measures are being considered to reach these objectives? What is the role of the National Marine Aquaculture Development Plan and is there a similar plan for the fisheries sector? The first priority for Turkey in the field of fisheries and aquaculture is to utilise the country’s resources sustainably and at the optimum level for the welfare of the community. Some of the current and future measures to reach the targeted levels for fisheries and aquaculture include: legal, administrative, and technical measures; establishing an effective control and investigation mechanism; ensuring a balance between the resource and the fleet capacity by reducing the number of vessels; improving data collection and analysis; encouraging the introduction of new species for aquaculture; and promoting research on alternative feed materials. 34

Eurofish Magazine 2 / 2014

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Dr Durali Koçak, Director General for Fisheries and Aquaculture, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock of Turkey.

The implementation of the National Marine Aquaculture Development Plan has resulted in an increase in marine aquaculture production. Production capacity of the companies has increased,

automation has reduced feeding and labour costs, and stability in the sector has improved. However, some issues, such as competition between stakeholders, mainly the tourism sector and environmental

organisations, are still among the core challenges. Regulations governing fishing gears, fishing methods, fishing season, minimum length and

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Eurofish magazine 2 2014  

Featuring Turkey and the Netherlands this issue also looks at the technology behind smoking and our fisheries section reinvents the small sc...

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