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Marine Lipids Network explores new opportunities for the utilisation of by-products

Quality of by-products is critical An increasing global population and the consequent pressure on our food production means that also the ďŹ sh industry must be innovative in terms of how resources are utilized. The Marine Lipids Network was initiated to explore today’s front runners within utilization of ďŹ sh by-products for human and animal consumption and implementation of promising new solutions.


s a part of that purpose, Danish researchers and fish processors visited Cuxhaven in November 2017 to investigate the potential of byproducts from the fish processing industry. The production facilities of Bioceval, Lipromar and Royal Greenland were visited to investigate, how they utilise the potential of fish byproducts. The use of high quality by-products to create high quality products and the importance of freshness were among the key take-aways. Cuxhaven was chosen as the place to visit for inspiration as the network wanted to learn more about the production of marine lipids for human consumption. Cuxhaven is a German city with a population of approximately 50,000 in the German state Niedersachsen. The city is located by the river Elbens and the North Sea coast and has prospered within both the fishing industry and tourism.

Lipromar converts high-quality by-products to high quality products The first company the network visited was the fish processor Lipromar. Like Bioceval Denmark A/S, which is a member of the Marine Lipids Network, Lipomar is part of the Saria Group. Lipromar produces species-pure fish oils and fish proteins for use in the food industry

Andreas Wolkmann (far left), Lipromar, shows off the company’s high-quality raw materials.

and other sectors. The company has a fully automated production facility, which entered service in 2015 and meets the requirements of European regulations on the hygiene of foodstuffs. The state-of-the-art plant supports batch processing of incoming raw materials to create unmixed fish oils and proteins. The gentle production process is nutrient-friendly and enables production of high-quality, food-grade fish products. Lipromar says that the key for them to create high-quality products is the use of high-quality fish byproducts. Lipromar uses exclusively by-products from fish processing and thereby contributes towards better use of the food resource “fish�. Freshness and quality of raw materials are

the most important parameters influencing the quality of the final products. By exclusively working with by-products from the fish-processing industry, Lipromar also helps to create a sustainable future for our fish stocks.

The next company to be visited was Bioceval. The company also has a production facility in Cuxhaven, where they process byproducts from the fish-processing


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For Bioceval freshness is key