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EXECUTIVE TRAINING The Academy of Global Governance offers a unique executive training model: a perfect combination of academic, research-based knowledge and evidence-based practice. It brings together an exceptional teaching staff of leading academics from top universities and research centres around the world, officials from national ministries, government agencies, and international organisations, and practitioners from the business sector. By attending the Academy, participants access an alumni community which draws from all corners of the world and from a great number of sectors.

“A growing number of academics, officials, diplomats, and practitioners chose the Academy to gain skills and knowledge to advance their career and to join a wide and dynamic network of firstrate experts.” Professor Brigid Laffan Director Robert Schuman Centre and Global Governance Programme




The Academy designs customised training for junior, middle or senior management officials on a variety of global governance issues. The tailor-made training schemes are designed to fulfil specific institutional training needs, geared towards either professional advancement of staff or towards offering refresher courses. Programmes and registration forms available @


“Great opportunity to learn about ongoing research challenges and relevant issues concerning FDI and their impact on development.” Lizzie Medrano World Trade Organization

The European Commission supports the EUI through the European Union budget. This publication reflects the views only of the author(s), and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

The Global Governance Programme (GGP) is one of the flagship programmes of the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies at the European University Institute (EUI). It aims to: ■■ Build a community of outstanding professors and scholars ■■ Produce high quality research ■■ Engage with the world of practice through policy dialogue ■■ Contribute to the fostering of present and future generations of policy and decision makers through its executive training


FELLOWSHIPS Distinguished scholars and promising young academics are a vital source of stimulus for the advancement of research and of inspiration for the debate on global governance issues that are topical, beyond academia and European boundaries. Aiming to foster research and debate on such issues, the GGP offers fellowships to young and senior academics, within the schemes of the EUI and of the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies. For more information please visit the website.


The EU is drawn into a web of global governance as it attempts to influence and on the other hand is influenced by international regimes, bilateral and multilateral agreements and transnational governance. The research conducted at the Global Governance Programme aims to identify the medium and long term challenges that the world faces and the possible directions to follow in addressing them. At the GGP we engage in ‘Big Arguments’ and ‘Big Issues’.

INTERDISCIPLINARY RESEARCH AT THE FOREFRONT Many of the big issues facing the world can only be addressed through co-operation across borders, involving States, international organisations, civil society and private actors. Our contemporary societies demand for more global governance. The GGP, as the EUI’s response to the developments in regional and international co-operation, focuses on four broad interdisciplinary research areas and on the many cross-cutting issues related to globalisation: ■■ European, Transnational and Global Governance Directors: Professors Brigid Laffan and Carlos Closa Montero ■■ Global Economics: Trade, Investment and Development Directors: Professors Bernard M. Hoekman and Petros C. Mavroidis ■■ Europe in the World Director: Professor Ulrich Krotz ■■ Cultural Pluralism Director: Professor Anna Triandafyllidou In all of these areas, established and early career scholars research, write on and discuss, within and beyond academia, issues of global governance in a unique environment full of creativity and intellectual vitality, in close co-operation with other Robert Schuman Centre programmes and the wider EUI community.

GLOBALSTAT DATABASE GlobalStat is a data gateway to statistical data on globalisation and sustainable as well as human development. With data on, whenever possible, 193 UN Member States (from 1960s onwards), it addresses the basic need for statistical data on developments in a globalised world, which are key to evidence-based analysis and informed decision-making in global governance. GlobalStat is developed by a research team based at the Global Governance Programme, with the support of the Fundação Francisco Manuel dos Santos. Director: Dr Gaby Umbach

“Participation in the GGP offers a unique opportunity to accomplish one’s full academic potential, but also to explore how scholarly ideas can interest policymakers at the highest level.” Grégoire Mallard The Graduate Institute Geneva Jean Monnet Fellow 2011-2012

“The GGP is a ‘Great, Generous and Personal’ experience. It offers a unique academic environment in which to challenge and debate scholarly ideas with the views of policy-makers.” Patrycja Dabrowska-Klosinska University of Warsaw Jean Monnet Fellow 2012-2013

Ilze Brands Kehris, Director, OSCE High Commissioner National Minorities

José Manuel Durão Barroso, President European Commission (2004-2014)

The GGP offers an exceptional forum for prominent leaders to attain a research-led approach to issues on the policy agenda. We foster dialogue between the worlds of research and policy at the highest level of quality and in a fair-minded way and seek to contribute robust critical thinking to questions of policy and institutional design. Our Research Directors are called upon by a number of institutions, at the European and global level, to offer advice on issues of policy-relevance, disseminating the research they conduct at the GGP. Renowned authors contribute to the Policy Papers and Policy Briefs series to frame key issues, present policy options and recommendations, and issue a call to action for policymakers.

Research Turned into Action - The Global Governance Programme  
Research Turned into Action - The Global Governance Programme  

This flyer offers a snapshot of the research, policy and executive training activities of the Global Governance Programme (Robert Schuman Ce...