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NOVEMBER 5-11 2017


Mawra Hocane explores Maldives and London

It Runs In The Family

Toss Up

Ifran Chaudhry answers our quirkiest questions

The Vault

Hemayal and Hira Attique talk sisterhood


Faiza Rehmani and Mahera Khanzada of Illume Shoes unlock their vault

Shiza Hassan showcases her bridal collection

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The Cut Our list of the best-dressed of the week


It Runs In The Family Hemayal and Hira Attique talk sisterhood


Shoot Shiza Hassan showcases her bridal collection


The Vault Faiza Rehmani and Mahera Khanzada of Illume Shoes unlock their vault


One Piece, Three Ways Three style-savvy ladies work with a Shirin Hassan skirt


Toss Up Ifran Chaudhry answers our quirkiest questions


Travel Mawra Hocane explores Maldives and London




52 TEdit Reports A round-up of updates on what’s happening locally and around the globe

78 Editor: Ibriz Sheikh

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NOVEMBER 5-11 2017


Sadaf, Elayna, Fawad and Ayyan Khan

Sehr Khosa, Ayesha and Murad Rahim


Sadaf Fawad hosts a preview exhibition of her bridal collection at her residence in Lahore

Rana Noman

Asma Chisty and Amna Taseer

Khadijah Shah

Juggun Kazim

Ryan, Ammara and Aymen Hikmat

Shireen Rehman NOVEMBER 5-11 2017


Ather Shahzad and Shahzad Raza

Nazia Atif and Shazia Ammar Anaum Hammad

Samah Mudasar

Zara Shahjahan

Erum Kamal

Rubia Moghees

Maheen Kardar

Shameen Hasan

Maleeha Akram

Zoyaa Nasir NOVEMBER 5-11 2017


Amna Monnoo and Mehak Elahi

Hamza Bokhari and Salman Uppal


Shireen Rehman and Tajwar Chaudhry

Sara Rohale Asghar

Sarah Rohale Asghar hosts a preview exhibition of her collection at Cosa Nostra, Lahore

Anny Shoaeb

Anaum Hammad

Sumrina Khan

Zainab Abbas NOVEMBER 5-11 2017


NOVEMBER 5-11 2017


Shiza Hassan

Sidra Akram

Alyzeh Gabol

Nur Zehra

Shazia Ammar

Seyham Vahidy

Maryam Mahmood

Marium Altaf

Zooni Sheikh and Amir Rashid

Kiran Ali

Seemeen Muslim and Alize Munshi

MAHGUL X OUTHOUSE Mahgul and Outhouse jewellery hosted a collaborative exhibition in Karachi

Shehrnaz Husain Sana Hafeez Sheikh

Anum Teli

Yasmeen Hashmi

Hajra Laljee

Sadaf Kanwal NOVEMBER 5-11 2017


Salar Farooki, Farooq Ahmed, Arsha, Nazia, Zulekha, Oneeb and Paul


L’Oréal Paris hosts an intimate brunch at Cosa Nostra, Lahore

Meesha Shafi

Selina Rashid

Anoushey Ashraf

Nighat, Anush Ammar and Shazia Ammar

Oneeb Malik, Saad Ali and Farooq Ahmed NOVEMBER 5-11 2017


Aamna Taseer and Natasha Saigol

Saira and Shakira

Rehan Bashir and Zara Peerzada

Kamiar Rokni

Mehek Saeed

Nickie and Nina

Saima Bargfrede

Zoya Nasir and Ayesha Babar

Maliha Rehman

Maryam Mahmood NOVEMBER 5-11 2017


Armeena and Fesl Khan

Alyzeh Gabol

Farhan Saeed

Nadia Hussain


Star cast and celebrities attend the trailer launch of Rangreza in Karachi

Mawra and Urwa Hocane

Gohar Rasheed

Humayun Saeed

Minah Ansari

NOVEMBER 5-11 2017


Aisha Khan

Omayr Waqar

Bilal Ashraf

Hania Amir

Ali Rehman

Ghana Ali

Dino Ali

Hamza Ali Abbasi

NOVEMBER 5-11 2017


Team Sania Maskatiya


Sania Maskatiya exhibits her exclusive bridal collection in Karachi

Samirah Ganny and Anisa Rashid Khan with guest

Madiha Sultan and Umair Tabani

Sania Maskatiya

Reshma Tabani with guest NOVEMBER 5-11 2017


Mehreen and Amin Khan

Kiran Mian

Yasmeen Tabani and Yacoob Tabani

Kiran Ali

Saba Gillani

Syra Shahroz

Sarah Tabani

Yasmeen Hashmi

Salima Feerasta

Yousaf Shahbaz NOVEMBER 5-11 2017


Saamiya Raazi, Malieha and Imtisal Zafar

Ahad Raza Mir and Maida Azmat

Mehak Malik and Mehr Khan


Socialites and tea addicts gather for the launch of Gaia’s hi-tea menu in Lahore

Asma Chisti

Humaira Dawood

Juggun Kazim

Maryam and Sehr

Hassan and Shiza

Amna and Maheen Kardar NOVEMBER 5-11 2017


Amna Niazi

Anaum Hammad


Kamiar Rokni

Ramina Maripova

Kamran Sheikh

Mehak Afzal



Shanzay Sheikh

Rehan Bashir

Yasmin Hassan NOVEMBER 5-11 2017


Unforgettable looks of the week!



Sania Maskatiya Sania looks lovely in an all-white pristine ensemble - with flower detailing, hints of pink and laces she looks perfectly feminine! She finishes her look with laser cut pants and gold Hermès Oran sandals. T Edit loves!

Kiran Ali Kiran is dressed to impress in a polished top paired with jeans! She wears a contrasting red Mini Lady Dior bag and black patent heels. Très chic!

NOVEMBER 5-11 2017


Yousuf Shahbaz Always ahead of the fashion game, we love Yousuf’s casual style! He wears a plain white tee, grey chinos and Gucci sandals. The perfect day look we think!


NOVEMBER 5-11 2017

Yasmeen Hashmi Simple and fuss-free, Yasmeen goes for an understated look with a simple white shirt and embroidered jeans. We are totally crushing on her white sandals and classic black handbag.

Sarah Tabani Sarah looks glamorously chic in this statement jacket and simple white jeans. We love how she plays with the colour scheme and chooses a pair of beige diamante flats that go perfectly with the look. Full points for her au naturel make-up and hair also!






Fashion bloggers, and the brains behind Islamabadbased PR firm, HerandHem, Hemayal and Hira Attique talk sisterhood

What’s your first memory of each other? H e m ay a l : I vividly remember the day our mum brought her home. Though I hated sharing the attention but I was happy to have someone to play with. Hira: She was a girly girl, I clearly remember her playing with dolls (dressing them up) while I was the trouble maker and I used to run away with her dolls. What is the craziest thing you have done together? Hemayal: I end up doing everything with her and we do pretty crazy stuff together. I remember when we were younger, we used to ring the bells of our neighbours’ houses and run away. Hira: Jump from one roof to another. What did you get punished for the most as a child? Hemayal: For scolding or hitting Hira because I

was the elder one. Hira: For breaking stuff (I was quite a hyper child who used to fiddle with stuff and ended up breaking it). If you could wear just one piece of clothing from the others closet, for the rest of your life, what would it be? Hemayal: Her t-shirt which has the monkey emoji on it. I love that shirt! H i r a : Her silk night suit. It’s this fancy white night suit which is super comfortable and pretty. If you could swap places with each other, what’s the first thing you would do? Hemayal: I would rather not swap places with her. I want her to be my sister and not be her. Hira: My eyebrows! NOVEMBER 5-11 2017


What is the one thing you love about your sibling? Hemayal: That she does everything I tell her to. Hira: There are plenty of things, I can’t just name one. If you are fighting with each other, how do you make up? Hemayal: We don’t fight like that and because now we are working together, we eventually have to talk. Hira: We work together so we have to talk no matter what, so we discuss business and start talking. What is the one secret talent your sibling has, that you wish you did too? Hemayal: Sleeping all day long and being care free about stuff. Hira: Sleeping in the car (every single time) - it’s not a talent but it’s a blessing to be able to fall asleep that quickly! Describe your sibling in three words: Hemayal: Lazy, cooperative, allrounder. Hira: Strong,


NOVEMBER 5-11 2017

independent, opinionated. Which fictional character is your sibling most like? Hemayal: I don’t know if you can count that as a fictional character but she is exactly like buttercup from the Powerpuff Girls. Hira: Daphne Blake from Scooby Doo. How are your personalities similar? Hemayal: We like the same kind of people and dislike the same kind so, as they say, if you have the same enemies you are best friends. Hira: They’re not. Hemayal is more of a social, cheerful person whereas I like my own personal space and don’t like going out of my comfort zone. I can’t live without my brother/sister because… Hemayal: Because I love her too much and as people know she is my baby according to the contact list on my phone at least. Hira: She is my sister.. haha. Because I can’t live without annoying her.



The talented duo, and the brains behind one of Karachi’s newest shoe brands, Illume, Faiza Rehmani and Mahera Khanzada share some of their unique designs and how they ended up in the business of shoe making

How/when did you become interested in shoes? Faiza: I’ve always been obsessed with shoes, and when I moved back to Pakistan I realised that it was quite difficult to find trendy, comfortable shoes here. This love for shoes, coupled with the fact that Pakistan has such a wealth of quality leather and skilled craftsmen, convinced me that I wanted to start a shoe brand. Mahera: While I was at Indus Valley, I did my final year thesis project on handcrafted shoes. I had been interested in shoes before the project, but learning about all that goes into creating a handmade pair, really made me fall in love with shoes. What are some of your favourite pairs from your collection? Faiza: The Bow Tie, Silver Toe and Frou-Frous. Mahera: Antique Rose, Frou-Frous and Emma Emerald.

Tell us about how you went about establishing your brand and how it came into being. Faiza: We wanted the brand to stand for positivity and for the name to convey its overall philosophy of bringing joy to our customers and treating our craftsmen fairly. That’s how we came up with the name Illume, which literally means to “light up”. We both liked the ring of it and thought that it also expressed the idea of adding that spark to your outfit with our shoes. Is there anything you have in mind that you would like to create in the future? Mahera: We are looking forward to introducing heels for our next collection as well as some more formal sandals.

What’s the inspiration behind them? Faiza: We like to look up current trends and try to incorporate them into our designs. The Frou-frous are a good example of this, because frills are everywhere these days. Mahera: Most of the shoes we create are designed based on what we ourselves would love to wear. They are inspired by our personal style and in a sense are reflections of us. Is there any pair you are emotionally attached to and why? Faiza: We put our heart and soul into creating each one of our shoes, so I’m quite attached to all of them; but if I had to pick one, it would be our Bloom sandal. We went through so many different iterations of it, designing the flowers and picking just the right colours and leather that it took us nearly four months just developing it. Mahera: Each and every creation is special. Every design develops at its own pace from the point an idea is conceived, sampled, refined and finally executed. It’s hard to not get emotionally attached to every design you’ve paid special attention to from start to finish. NOVEMBER 5-11 2017



One Piece, Three Ways WITH SHIRIN HASSAN While trends fade, style remains eternal and one piece can be put together in many different ways. In this feature we have three fashionistas showing us how to put together an item from a designer’s collection, according to their own individual style and taste!


e ent his fluorescent pink skirt iss a S r in creation by Shir Shirin oiidere ed Hassan with embroidered o om. It motifs along the bottom. i e iece is a stand-alone piece d that can be styled with basic colourss and silhouettes to make the ensemble pop. It o is versatile enough to ern rn o be styled for an eastern orr western look. NOVEMBER 5-11 2017


Hina Minhas Beautician I paired this skirt with my short gold ethnic top and a net dupatta to give it a festive look. Since the skirt is so bright, I wanted to tone it down with a lighter colour. To make it more formal I added an uncut diamond necklace so the ensemble could be worn at a dholki or a mehndi. The skirt is very versatile so I would love to dress it down with black top or a sweater in winter.


NOVEMBER 5-11 2017

Lubna Farhad Painter This skirt by Shirin Hassan is super quirky. I teamed it with my black off-shoulder top to give it a chic and western look, which turned out to be great. The skirt is beautiful and versatile and can be worn in different ways and on any formal occasion.

NOVEMBER 5-11 2017


Aden Rehan Head of Operation at ARPR I paired this Shirin Hassan skirt with a white cotton button-down shirt and pulled the skirt up to make it high-waisted. I wanted to keep the look casual chic, so opted for a black choker and black heels to complete the look. The best thing about the outfit is that it can easily be dressed up or down. I would wear it to a birthday or a tea party.


NOVEMBER 5-11 2017


A graduate of National College Of Arts, Ifran Chaudhry has worked on many notable projects as an architect. Many of Chaudhry’s projects have innovative styles and have left a lasting impression. He is also an avid traveller and a member of Pakistan counsel of Architects and Pakistan institute of Interior Design

If you could meet anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be and what would you say to them? Zaha Hadid, a world renowned architect. I really wanted to meet her. I would have asked her to partner up with our firm. What’s the best and worst part of your job? The best part is the whole process of developing the project, the feeling of pride and ownership when you see your built design. The worst is the late nights, a lot of deadlines, endless days working on door hardware schedules and bathroom details. Your favourite architectural structure? The Louvre in Paris. Taj Mahal or Collosseum, why? Taj Mahal! The exterior design of Taj is among the finest examples in Mughal architecture. As the surface area changes, I love the proportionality of the whole structure. Most inspiring historical building or structure in Pakistan? Lahore Fort and Badshahi Masjid. Again, for its Mughal architecture it is a very good example of an architectural term called ‘golden section’ or ‘golden ratio’.

NOVEMBER 5-11 2017


If you were to design a house for Lionel Messi, what would be the best part of that house? The man cave. If you weren’t an architect, what would you be? A flop movie star. Someone or someone’s work you envy? Yes, Rajnikanth and Chuck Norris. What do you think would be the hardest thing for you to give up on? Carbs! Something or someone you miss the most from your childhood? I actually don’t miss anything but just going down the memory lane, my Atari, video tapes and video cassettes. We used to have big family gathering to watch one new movie every Thursday night. What bores you? Monotony! If you could only have one of the following, which would you choose? Trust or love? Trust! If you don’t have trust, love can’t nurture. Something you really regret? No regrets in life, just lessons learned! What scares you the most and why? The thought of losing my loved ones. The worst punishment you received as a child? I was not a very serious student in school. My history teacher had punished me and a few of


NOVEMBER 5-11 2017

my classmates many a times, but the worst used to be standing outside facing the wall while keeping both hands raised in the air. What is the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do? I think everything seems hard till you cross the bridge of experience. Going to the gym and doing Tabata training has been quite hard. Name three things in nature you find most beautiful? 1. The stars at night. 2. Mountains. 3. Sunrise and sunset. If you could trade places with any other person for a week, famous or not famous, living or dead, real or fictional, with whom would it be? Hugh Hefner. If you were stranded on a deserted island, what three items would you take with you? If I was stranded on a deserted island, I would just take Dora with me, she has everything in her backpack! But on a serious note, a cattle farm because I need my steak and milk, a cell phone with unlimited battery and full signals and a rope to fell tree branches to make a shelter, for firewood or to make a swing. Three qualities you look for in a good friend? We have three types of friends in life. Friends for a reason, friends for a season and friends for a lifetime! I have been very lucky in finding good friends, who have always been there whenever I’ve need them.


Fawad Khan on his way to Hollywood? Pakistan’s favourite actor Fawad Khan, may be on his way to Hollywood! According to popular Indian film critic and entertainment reporter, Rajeev Masand, Fawad recently signed a contract with an agent in Hollywood and at the moment he is reading scripts. We can’t wait to find out where he’s headed to after Maula Jutt!

‘Verna’ all set to release on November 17 Mahira Khan and Haroon Shahid starrer Verna is all set to release on November 17 leaving fans excited. Shoaib Mansoor’s directorial takes on significant social issues like sexual harassment with Mahira playing the lead role alongside Haroon Shahid. Needless to say, we can’t wait to watch the movie!

Nomi Ansari releases Pakistan’s fashion film of the year Renowned fashion designer Nomi Ansari recently released a fashion film titled ‘Qabool Hai’ starring Sana Javed and Ali Rehman Khan. The short film captures the colours of south-Asian weddings showcasing mehndi and baraat outfits with Ansari’s signature design aesthetic.

NOVEMBER 5-11 2017


Meghan Markle reportedly pregnant Prince Harry’s fiancé and Suit’s star Meghan Markle may be three months pregnant according to sources. Prince Harry had a crush on Markle two years before meeting her and is eager to start a family with her.

Stranger Things season 2 kicks off! Number 11 is back and we can’t wait to watch what she’s up to in the second season of Netflix series, Stranger Things. The build-up to the second season faced a lot of fan theories and we’re excited to know if any of those are true. Keeping our eyes peeled for all the action!

‘Manto’ to be televised as a drama Sarmad Khoosat’s directorial ‘Manto’ based on the life of the controversial writer Saadat Hasan Manto will soon be televised on screen as a drama serial. ‘Manto’ is based on the last seven years of the scandalous life of Saadat Hasan Manto. The movie-turned-drama is said to go on air from November 3 on a private channel.


NOVEMBER 5-11 2017


Make-up class by Blush Studio Blush Studio, Karachi

November 6 – 7

Hina Farid and another expert MUA Sheeraz are offering a short make-up course at Blush Studio. Hina has been trained from UAE and London School of Make-up and she will be sharing tips and techniques for flawless make-up application. Instructors will also be sharing tips on how to take care of your skin and basic grooming. With this course, you will be able to master techniques such as contouring, base application, smokey eyes etc. There are limited seats, so sign up as soon as you can on or call them on (021) 35846105


Don’t miss out on these upcoming events in your city!

Iquera’s Jewellery Exhibition Dolmen City Mall, Karachi November 10 – 11 Iquera’s Jewellery is all set to showcase their latest designs in an exhibition at Dolmen City Mall Karachi. Perfect for the wedding season, the collection features traditional designs made from silver with 24k gold plating adorned with stones and pearls. Visit their official page to see their designs on Iqueras/ or for queries call on 0301- 8443885

Wedding/Autumn 2017 Showcase Southend Club Cricket Stadium, Karachi November 11

Just in time for the wedding/autumn season, an exhibition is being organised for women to fulfill their fashion and lifestyle needs. There will be a lot up for grabs from designer abayas, branded scarves, silver jewellery, branded toys, trendy footwear, leather crafts, home décor and much much more. For availability of stall, call on 0300-3946968 or visit

Three-day Make-up Workshop, Lahore November 8 – 10

Learn the tips and tricks of applying make-up flawlessly in just three days with MAK Vizyon in Lahore. MAK Vizyon is offering a three days fast track make-up course with internationally qualified UK based make-up artist Aaliyah Latif. This course will allow you to learn important make-up techniques such as strobing, contouring, highlighting, eye-brow shaping etc. For registration, call on 0311-1222848 or get in touch with the team on

Autumn-Esque Esque, Karachi

November 11

Add that luxurious factor to your home décor with Esque Furniture as they showcase their limited edition Trousseau collection. The annual one-day exhibition will showcase handmade eclectic and unique home accessories perfect to perk up your interiors. There will be selected items on display and payments will only be accepted in cash. Get in touch with the team on or email on

Beaconhouse National College Fair 2017 Pearl Continental, Lahore November 6 – 7 Interact with representatives of over 45 Universities from across the globe, and also learn about the Beaconhouse Access Centre, Pakistan’s largest university placement programme. Visit and learn about the best higher education opportunities and scholarships under one roof at the National College Fair 2017. Students must not miss this golden opportunity and if interested can get in touch with the organisers on BeaconhouseSchoolSystemOfficial/ or for queries call on +92-42-111-232-266

NOVEMBER 5-11 2017



Haroon Sharif Jewelers One of the most revered jewellery houses in Lahore; Haroon Sharif Jewelers have recently opened their new outlet in Emporium Mall. This season we’re looking forward to coloured jewels, delicate diamond work and intricate designs, which are all a signature of HSJ. Their new Wedlock Collection rejoices our traditional lavish culture with a modern twist and incorporates vibrancy with sophistication. Check out the exquisite collection at The Boulevard, second floor!

Cots and Crayons Karachi-based kids interior design studio, Cots and Crayons, do children’s interior like no other. Not only are they an interior design studio, but they are also a consultancy firm who specialise in nursery furniture and nursery styling. Want to get the nursery all set before the little one’s arrival? Get in touch with them via Instagram or call 0311-6688576.


RADAR Emerging Pakistan Emerging Pakistan is a platform that is aimed at fashioning a progressive image of the country, both internally and globally. From art, to fashion, culture and music, the platform looks to showcase the very best of forward-thinking Pakistan. The country’s progress across a rich diversity of industries is presented through a celebratory event, complementing the international Expo being held in Pakistan in November. Emerging Pakistan will showcase the work of couturiers Nomi Ansari and Faiza Samee along with music icon Strings and Momina Mustehsan among other such stalwarts. Stay tuned!

Cocochan Karachiites there’s a new eatery in town! With internationally trained chefs, the eatery specialises in Japanese cuisine and draws on Chinese and Thai methods to create exciting new flavours. It offers a space set in a contemporary European setting juxtaposed with an authentic pan Asian cuisine to create an inspiring dining experience. From their Japanese battered tiger prawns to their assorted sushi platters, there’s something to tantalise everyone’s tastebuds! Cocochan also boasts a sophisticated cocktail range and delectable desserts inspired by oriental flavours.


NOVEMBER 5-11 2017

Hoagies’ tacos and chipotle fries Get ready to have your tastebuds tantalised with Hoagies’ tacos and chipotle fries! The latest addition to their menu is their chicken, shrimp and beef tacos freshly made to perfection. On the go, or running out of time? Then opt for their regular or curly fries smothered with mozzarella, sautéed onions, grilled chicken breast or beef and topped with jalapeños and their house made chipotle dressing. Head over to a Hoagies outlet near you because every day should be taco day!

The Express Tribune Magazine - November 5 - 2017  

The Express Tribune Magazine for November 05th 2017

The Express Tribune Magazine - November 5 - 2017  

The Express Tribune Magazine for November 05th 2017