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Redefining the Business of Intellectual Property® Strategy. Valuation. Risk. Aon's Intellectual Property Solutions combines data and analytics with broad Aon United geographic and industry intellectual property expertise to transform the market for intellectual property insurance solutions, including patent infringement, theft of trade secrets, and intellectual property collateral protection coverages.

Average potential loss to intangible assets is $1.08 billion compared with $795 million in property, plant and equipment (PP&E), yet the latter has much higher insurance coverage (60% versus 16%)

Increase of 33% in the insurance protection of potential loss of intangible assets versus an increase of 9% for PP&E for the same period of time between 2015 to 2019*

“The risk industry has to keep up with a constantly evolving environment in a daily battle for relevance. As an industry, we have not kept up with a world where 75 percent of market capitalization is now driven by intangible assets.”

-Greg Case, Aon CEO, Aon Q3 2018 Earnings Call

*2019 Ponemon Institute “Intangible Assets Financial Statement Impact Comparison Study,” sponsored by Aon

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