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Excellent Tools for iPad Game Developers iPad offers a better gaming experience compared to Apple's iPhone due to its bigger screen size. iPad is an innovative device with various inbuilt features supporting game development. The most promising ones are its large multi-touch screen and high speed processor etc. providing the gamers with great experience and encourage iPad game developer to develop games keeping these in mind.

The virtual keyboard and the accelerometer add new dimensions to game play.

There are myriads of iPad games that can be downloaded from iTunes store. The growing demand of new games has accelerated the demand for developers as well. For developing unique and engaging games for iPad there are various tools available in the market. Some of the popular and useful iPad game development tools are discussed here:

TexturePacker It is an editor tool for developing sprite sheet. This tools is packed with several features like smart-folders, Trimming/Cropping, layout algorithms etc. Using this tool developers can edit, crop, import, export the files in multiple formats. There are two types of layout algorithms – Basic and MaxRects which are ideal for tilemaps and clean and simple animations. This tool can be used in all major operating systems under the same license. It is an ideal tool for editing the texture of the sprite sheets. Excellent Tools for iPad Game Developers

Author: Ethan Samuel

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CocosBuilder CocosBuilder tool is conceptualized to develop games rapidly. The games developed on CocosBuilder, which include the codes, animation and interface, can run without any customization on Android, iPhone and HTML 5. It is fast gaining momentum as one of the ideal and complete suite of tool for developing, testing and publishing the games. Its latest version, CocosPlayer, can be installed on the iPad device or in simulator and it automatically connects via Wi-Fi to CocosBuilder and start generating new codes and resources to the iPad without recompilation of the same.

FontEditor This software is designed to create or modify the fonts of the tiles. There are two different font editors – one crafted to edit bitmap fonts and the other one outline fonts. Majority of the font editors are used to work on outline fonts. This tool is easy to use and edit. It is packed with number of font types also to choose from. It is also backed by user manual to understand and take outside help in case of any confusion. It is a complete package of tool with an objective to enhance and modify the fonts of game, offering best impact.

ParticleCreator This, developer tool, is made for OS X to simplify the efforts of creating particle effects in Cocos 2D games. It has been conceptualized to expedite the slow pace of adjustment in code variables to generate an expected particle effect. It allows you to rapidly create, preview, alter, test and save a tailor made impact. Once saved, it automatically creates Cocos2D codes that are stored in the project resource folder. It is equipped with large library of particle and texture templates also. Excellent Tools for iPad Game Developers

Author: Ethan Samuel

Page 3 Above said are some of the promising and popular developer tools that are comprehensively used by the majority of iPad application developers to create engaging and interactive games. If you are looking for some great iPad game to play in your iPad 2 or 3, hire iPad developer and have a great time enjoying the game.

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Excellent Tools for iPad Game Developers

Author: Ethan Samuel

Excellent Tools for iPad Game Developers