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Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Eta Psi Omega Chapter Nassau, Bahamas Office of:

Joyanne Archer Chapter President For almost four decades the Eta Psi Omega chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated sought to recognize the best and brightest of our high school graduating girls. In addition to recognizing your accomplishments to date, this weekend also serves to afford each of you with the opportunity to convene with other like-minded individuals, with the intent to encourage you to continue the pursuits of excellence in your personal and academic achievements while simultaneously creating lifelong bonds with your fellow achievers. It is indeed my pleasure to extend sincere congratulations to the 2013 participants of the 35 th annual Honours’ Day. On behalf of the membership of the Nassau chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha, I wish to salute you for your distinguished commitment to academics and encourage you to continue pursue your ambitions. You should be proud of your accomplishments. However, remember you have not yet arrived. You are still on your journey so you must remain focused and continue to excel. Teachers, guidance counselors and school administrators, we salute you for the role you play in contributing to the accomplishments and successes that are being heralded today. Parents, thank you for the efforts and sacrifices that you have made. Through your support you have earned the right to be proud of your daughters, their hard work and accomplishments. I want to express sincere gratitude to the 2013 Honours’ Day Committee chaired by Neutalya McDonald and co-chaired by Ida Turnquest. Sorors, thank you for your tireless efforts and the numerous hours of planning which has culminated in this afternoon’s success. Finally, participants, the fact you are here today representing yourselves as achievers, your individual schools, your community and your families, you are all winners. To the 2013 Valedictorian, congratulations; you join the ranks of distinguished former honourees who have taken their rightful places in high places in society both here at home and globally.

Joyanne Archer

President Eta Psi Omega Chapter Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc

Message from

Alana Ingraham The 1st Vice President & Program Chair

2013 Honour’s Day Message Today marks the beginning for you, whether you are aware or not. The beginning of a new era in your life, one that will catapult you into your careers and into your development as young women, as contributors to society and as change agents in our community. As you embark on your new journey, it is paramount that you take advantage of every opportunity afforded you, opportunities that are there to aid you along the way. Today, you have been presented with an opportunity not only to compete alongside other talented and accomplished high school young ladies, but to learn from your fellow academicians and to participate in a program that encourages you to consistently succeed and to be well rounded. As honorees of the 2013 Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Eta Psi Omega Chapter Honour’s Day Programme we applaud your courage, tenacity and your efforts to date. Congratulations! You have grasped this opportunity and we implore to continue in this vain and to continuously develop yourself. We encourage you not to accept any aspect of mediocrity in your life, and to live life to its fullest embracing excellence and professionalism in all you do. As young women, you hold within you the future of our country and will help to direct our nation. It was for this reason that this program was developed many years ago and why this program has been elevated to signature status within our organization. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., as a body of women, appreciates the stellar impact of educated women and it is actually our honour to honour and support you today. Congratulations also to my sisters of the Eta Psi Omega Chapter whose efforts here today places continued focus on supporting young ladies in our beautiful country and has inspired the lives of many. Indeed, a high acclamation to the Honour’s Day Committee for your steadfast commitment that has caused Alpha Kappa Alpha pearls to shine bright. Thank you, may you all continue to be blessed and May God Bless the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.

Alana Ingraham 1st Vice President & Program Chair Eta Psi Omega Chapter Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc

Working with our nation’s youth is always a pleasure and even moreso when it is a group of intelligent and motivated young ladies such as this group of Honourees. This year’s theme, “Cultivating a New Generation of Global Leaders” was selected before contact had been made with any of the honourees. After having perused applications and admiring the level of academic, community and church involvement, it crystalized in my mind how apt a theme this was for this group of young ladies! Each generation faces a new crop of challenges, combined with the legacies left by the previous generations, be they negative or positive. Today’s Bahamian youth face an unprecedented level of competition in today’s global economy, where one can make her mark on a local, regional, or international scale with the click of a button. We are being called to an increasingly higher standard and in turn, requiring the same of our leaders. Tertiary education was an exceptional achievement for women, particularly minority women, when Alpha Kappa Alpha was founded in 1908, but has now become de rigeur for anyone hoping to succeed in the global economy. It is my sincere wish as chair, that each of the 2013 honourees goes on to secure at least a 4-year degree, particularly in those disciplines which are underserved. I am thankful that Eta Psi Omega can contribute to increasing the status of women and serving the Bahamian community with this grant. I have no doubt that each young woman selected for our 2013 activities is truly capable of demonstrating her leadership abilities well beyond the realms of our beautiful commonwealth of islands. I know that I will see your names again in larger-scale endeavours and recall this moment with fondness. You are all true global leaders. I strongly applaud the parents, schools, mentors and the honourees themselves for all the hard work, pushing and prodding that it takes to Cultivate a Global Leader. Your efforts are not in vain. Godspeed and Good Luck,

Talya McDonald Talya McDonald Chairperson

For more than 45 years the Eta Psi Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated has provided exceptional “Sisterhood, Scholarship & Service” to Nassau, Bahamas. Eta Psi Omega started as the vision of four phenomenal women – Muriel Eneas, Donna Donaldson-Towns, Shirley Vanderpool and Delores Smith – American women who married Bahamian men and migrated to Nassau. While it was not customary for the sorority to charter chapters with such small numbers, these four women persevered. On September 24th, 1963, Julia B. Purnell, the 16th International President, chartered the chapter. It was the second chapter to be chartered outside of the continental U.S. following the chapter in Liberia. The chapter in Liberia became inactive due to political challenges. Therefore, Eta Psi Omega became the only active chapter outside the continental U.S -- an extra special accomplishment for the new charter members. Eta Psi Omega holds the honor of being the first Black Greek letter organization in The Bahamas. It was not until the late 70‟s and early 80‟s that other Black Greek letter organizations came into the Bahamian community. Over the years, the chapter grew slowly but steadily. Early members who helped to build the chapter included Thelma McMillan, Dr. Gloria Sands (deceased), Lillian Parker, who was the first Bahamian to join the chapter, and Mrs. Gwen Godet (deceased). Although few in number, they were mighty in impact. The members worked with various civic organizations throughout the island including the Red Cross, and the Stapledon School. Another milestone came in 1985 when the Chapter saw the installation of its first honorary member, Dr. Keva Bethel, the then principal of The College of The Bahamas. Today, the chapter has grown and continues to uphold the ideals of the sorority‟s founders and the chapter charter members. With a commitment of „Service to All Mankind,‟ Eta Psi Omega implements the Extraordinary Service Programmes of the sorority. Eta Psi Omega works to positively change the community while leaving a permanent legacy behind.

The idea for the Honours Day Programme, was conceived by Thelma McMillan, and was introduced in 1978 under the presidency of Mellany Zonicle. Initially, the chapter invited the top three female graduating seniors from high schools in New Providence to participate in an essay competition with a cash prize. In 1984, a scholarship to attend Success Training College was added to the programme. In 1990, Family Island students were invited to participate. That year the scholarship was renamed the Linda Higgs-Swan Memorial Scholarship Award in honor of the past President. In recognition of the quality of tertiary education in The Bahamas, in 1992, the award was made tenable at The College of The Bahamas. The Janet Jones-Ballard Family Island Valedictorian Award was also introduced in honour of the past International President and her pivotal role in establishing the International Region of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Through the years, the annual programme became more elaborate with students participating in a weekend of activities designed to celebrate the accomplishments of the best and the brightest female graduates from schools throughout the country. Today, the activities include a tour of local tertiary institutions, a courtesy call on the President of the College of The Bahamas, a welcome reception, a general knowledge test, an essay competition, worship service and an awards luncheon. The Honors Day Programme has become the signature programme of Eta Psi Omega Chapter.

Antonette-June Loon pursues her studies at Sir Jack Hayward High School in Grand Bahama. She abides by the Japanese proverb “Fall down seven times, stand up eight” and Mahatma Gandhi’s admonition to “Be the change that you wish to see in the world”. Antonette participates in BIYLD – Bahamas Institute of Youth Leadership Development and serves as Treasurer of her Interact Club. Camille Wright is an honor roll student at Anatol Rodgers High School. Through her hard work and determination she would one day like to be Pediatrician. She has received many accolades such as Principal List for 5 years, Deputy Head Girl of Anatol Rodgers High and Vice President of the Zeta Phi Beta Archonettes Programme. She is also a member of Key Club therefore she is no stranger to community service. Camille’s favourite quote is "You must be the change you wish to see in the world", Mahatma Gandhi. Camyka “Cammy” Moore has the ambition of being a Hotel/Restaurant owner or manager, or other pursuits in the Culinary Arts. C.I. Gibson High School in New Providence is where she studies and serves as President of the school’s Student Christian Ministry. Camyka also volunteers at Potential Church. Mentored by Joye Ross, Camyka’s inspirational quote is that “If being beautiful in the eyes of the Creator, means being ugly in the eyes of the created… I choose God”. She is on the Honour Roll and has Leadership Certificates for 2008 – 2010. Carlene Etienne hails from Preston Albury High School in Rock Sound, Eleuthera, where her versatility is evident. Carlene is an active participant in several organizations including the School’s Key Club and the Multi-Purpose Junior Cooperative Society and the Fine Arts Club. Her academic talents have been showcased through her numerous awards including Best BJC Results in Preston Albury High and Most Outstanding awards in Accounts, Commerce and English Literature. She believes that “In life there are no limitations.” Charese “Reesey” Kemp hails from Central Pines Estate in Abaco where she attends St. Francis de Sales Secondary School. Charese’s future plans are to be a Pharmacist. Meanwhile, she participates in the Interact Club (Rotary High School division) at her school. Charese’s acknowledges Ms. Mackey as her mentor in her pursuit of these endeavors. No stranger to hard work and dedication, Chrislynn Rolle, aspires to be a gynecologist. She is an honor roll student and has already obtained seven BGCSE’s. In addition to her many accomplishment s she also serves her school Preston Albury, Rock Sound Eleuthera as Head Girl and Prefect. Her life’s philosophy is depicted through the statement, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Clarenisha Neilly attends Mastering Yourself in New Providence. Clarenisha’s future plan is to become an Intensive Care Neonatal Nurse and her favorite saying is “If You Believe You Will Achieve.”

Davette Morley is completing her secondary level education at Windermere High School in Eleuthera. This daughter of two entrepreneurs hopes to be an Accountant. “Day” as she is affectionately called, feels that “Better late than never, but never late is better” are words to live by. She is involved in Girl Guides at Windermere High School and also teaches classes. Demi Burrows attends NGM Major High School in Long Island where she has earned numerous awards and recognitions including Student Leader at Bahamas Youth Network, Best Speaker for Long Island in National Debate. She also participates on the Debate Team and is a prefect. Demi’s career ambition is to be a Pediatrician or Lab Technician. Her favorite quote: Nothing is impossible. The word itself says “I’m Possible” Frederica Dames of Kemp’s Bay, Andros attends South Andros High School. She is an afterschool tutor and serves on the Local Government Junior Council. Frederica is mentored by Anatol Young and feels that Winners never quit, and quitters never win. Garrinique Taylor is our honouree from Inagua All Age School. She has taken 4 BGCSE’s - English, Keyboarding, History, Spanish. Garri attends St. Philip’s Anglican Church in Inagua where she is involved in the Christian Youth Movement. She wants to be a Dentist or Orthodontist and looks up to poet Maya Angelou as a mentor. “Don’t let your ears hear what your eyes didn’t see” is Garinique’s quote of choice. Hannah Thompson is a student at Queen’s College, New Providence. She has received the national award for the top score in BJC Math and Health Science and was the Deputy Head Girl at Queen’s College last school year. Hannah is en route to being a physician and strives to “Be the change you want to see in the world”. Javonya Bethel is the honouree selected by Doris Johnson Senior High School where she is on the principal’s list, honour roll and has perfect attendance. This young lady feels that “Choice, not chance, determines your destiny” and she has chosen to participate in Central Baptist Church Youth Group, the Tourism Club and the Student Council. Vonya hopes to be a Dentist. Kendra Sharnice Colebrooke attends The Government High School. Kendra aspires to become an Accountant and holds her Mother in high esteem as her Mentor. She participates in the Transformation Ministries International and her favorite saying is “Never Give Up On Your Dreams!”

Kenteeshe Williams attends Old Bight High in Cat Island. She is the President of St. Saviour’s Parish Youth and likes to quote: Study to show yourself approved. RoxAnn Williams is Kenteeshe’s mentor. Kenteeshe’s career ambition is to be an inspired Accountant at a firm where she can constantly display her skills.

Khadijah Ashley Hamilton attends R. M. Bailey Sr. High in New Providence. There, she has earned the distinction of being granted the awards of Most Outstanding Student, Valedictorian, Highest GPA, Southeastern District and Science Bowl. She is also involved in the Interact Club. Khadijah is known for saying: Knowledge is Power. Kristina Anna Knowles attends Central Eleuthera High where she is the Head Girl. She has the distinction of being on the Honor Roll from Grade 7-12, The Principle’s List and a member of the 2012 Carifta Team. She is also the Treasurer of the Key Club, a G.G.Y.A. Bronze Medalist and Nursing Cadet. Kristina’s long term goal is to become a Pediatrician or Business Manager. Her favorite sayings are “Just Do It” and “Struggle Is Real!” Lyric Darryn Culmer attends Akhepran International Academy in New Providence. She was on the Honor from 2009-2011, was recognized as the Sunday School Student of the year in 2009 has a Certificate of Recognition from the Royal Academy of Dance and has obtained 6 BJCs. Lyric’s goal is to become a pediatric Oncologist and her favorite quote is “If you have only one smile give it to the people you love” by Maya Angelou. Paytan Stubbs is the Head Girl at Abaco Central High. Paytan is involved in Toastmasters, Ranger Club and the Volleyball Team. She notes that her mother, Lavaughn Stubbs is her mentor, and that Paytan is known for saying “ I have to get an A”. Princess Malena McKinney is all the way from the wonderful Island of Mayaguana where she attends the Abraham’s Bay High School. With the assistance of her Mentors, Brian Williams and Susan Miller, her life’s ambition is to become a Teacher. Princess is an Honor Roll Student who has won many awards including Student of the Month, National Arts Festival merit, National Drug Council and Speech and Debate. She is a Red Cross Volunteer, in the Police Mentoring Programme, Berea Mission Youth Group and the President of the Teacher’s Cadet, Builders Club and Student Christian Movement. Princess favorite saying is “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Raaven Goffe is a proud green giant of St. John’s College. She contends that, “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments.” Her discipline has led to several accomplishments including Member of the Academic Honor Society, St. John’s Emerald Club, Distinction in BGCSE’s in Math, and English. Raaven’s ultimate career goal is to become a Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon. She admires Michelle Obama and the work she does for others. Ricquel Rolle hails from the home of the Big Red Machine , St. Augustine’s College. She is an honor student maintaining a 3.5 GPA and higher. She would like to major in Biochemistry in hopes of becoming a Neurosurgeon. Ricquel has receive numerous awards such as BJC merit award for achieving all A’s, Student of the year for 3 years, Numerous Subject awards every year, Participant in Carifta Swimming for 5 years & Carifta Medalist and Certificate for Nursing Cadets. She is no stranger to competition, she participated in many swimming competitions such as Carifta and CISC. She is an active member of the church and also a youth leader at Mt. Moriah Baptist Church. Ricquel’s favorite quote is “To thine own self be true.” – Shakespeare.

Rose Mika Charles attends S.C. Bootle High in Cooper’s Town, Abaco. Rose Mika hopes to be a Physician. Meanwhile, she is a Sunday School teacher, Miss Teen Abaco, serves on the Junior Local Government and Coastal Clean-Up. Rose Mika feels that there are three D’s in life: Discipline, Dedication and Determination. Mrs. Kowalram mentors Rose Mika. Shandira Evelyn Sands is all the way from the great Crooked Island where she attends the Crooked Island High School. She participates in the Crooked Island/Acklins Bank, serves in the Anglican Church, G.G.Y.A., is a Teachers Cadet and on the Debate Team. Shandira ambition is to become a Special Education Teach with the help of her Mother and Mentor Paula Lamm. Shaquan Kemp from Tabernacle Academy in Grand Bahama has the career goal of being an Obstetrician and Gynecologist. Shaquan knows that “Our biggest problem is not that we are inadequate, but that we are powerful beyond measure”. Her mother, Linda Kemp mentors Shaquan in her walk to success. Tabitha Ritchie receives her education at Bishop Michael Eldon High School in Grand Bahama. Tabby wants to major in Psychology while doing a minor in Journalism. She has received awards for Top BJC results, Top BGCSE results, Deportment among others. Tabitha is the President of the Anchor Club at Bishop Michael Eldon School and feels that “The only opinion about your dreams that counts, is yours”. Taryn Smith is an honor roll student at Sunland Baptist Academy in Freeport, Grand Bahama. She is currently Head Girl and also holds the prestigious honor of being an Academic All Bahamian Scholar. She accredits her successes to her life’s philosophy which states, “Work based on principle, not feeling.” She also enjoys participating in Freeport Bible Church’s Youth Group. North Eleuthera High School sends Trenique Kelly to represent their institution. Trenique or Nicky is a part of the Student Christian Movement, Church of God Cathedral Youth Choir and the Governor General Youth Award Programme. She has received an award or certificate from the Royal School of Music, and the Bahamas Conference of Methodist Churches Scripture Exam. Trenique’s mentor is her mother, Merelyn Kelly. Nicky’s inspirational quote is “There is no achievement without goals.” Aquinas College in Nassau sends Troy-Ann Mott as an honouree. Troy-Ann’s activities and awards include Track and Field , Community Service, 3rd Place in the Bahamas Laws of Life Essay Contest (2011), Vice - Principal's List (2011-Present), and Most Outstanding Youth of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World Bahamas State Council Finalist (2009). Troy-Anne’s words to live by are: “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” Valene Rolle attends Aquinas College in Nassau, New Providence. She lives by the motto: Love God, Cherish Life, Be Happy, Do What's Right! She is active in the Aquinas College's Marching, Concert and Pop Band, Drama Club, Debate Team, Student Christian Leadership, Choir and Student Council. Additionally, Valene works with St. John's Native Baptist Cathedral's Youth and Young Adult's Choir, Community Marching Band, Jublilee Dance Ministry and Slam Bam Productions Drama Group, 10th Nassau Company Girl's Brigade and Teacher's Cadets. Valene is also a 2012 Zonta Essay Competition Winner, 2012 Junior Minister of Tourism Representative of Aquinas College and a 2012 Youth Award of Excellence recipient.

Congratulations and best wishes to:

Ms. Ashly williams On your Graduation. Continue to remain focused and always keep your head up. Remember, it is God who has began a Good work in you, and he will Perfect it. We are very Proud of you. May God Bless you always.


Apostle Dr. Clement M. Neely and Mrs. Christine Neely and the Leadership and membership of

Shekinah Kingdom Ministries


LOCATION Suite #6 Carmichael Road Plaza (Lickty Split Building) PH: 361- 4973 FAX: 361-4974


The Principal, Students and Staff

Congratulates Alpha Kappa Alpha Honorees

Carleen Etienne


Chrislynn Rolle

Continue To Do Well! We Are Proud of You!

Programme Mistress of Ceemony . . . .. Mrs. Mavis Collie National Anthem Opening Prayer ….……. Ms. Rhanda Darville Chaplain Welcome …………… . Mrs. Joyanne Archer President Introduction of Guest Speaker ……………. Mrs. Samantha Kemp Guest Speaker ………. Ms. Madihah Hepburn Former Recipient

Presentation of Awards

Vote of Thanks ……… Ms. Talya McDonald Honour’s Day Chair Benediction …………. Ms. Sharon Gardiner Treasurer

Photos & Reception

35th Honors Hay Program Of Eta Psi Omega Chapter Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Awards Reception 1. Most Popular Honouree 2. Community Service Award 3. Essay Competition 3rd Place 4. Essay Competition 2nd Place 5. Essay Competition 1st Place Winner 6. Family Island Outstanding Honouree 7. Outstanding Honouree of the Year & Spleman Scholarship Recipient

Antonette-June Loon Sylvia Cox Zsa Zsa Laing Colin Conner Meredith Demeritte Gia Minns Nadine Cooper Ciny Sebastian Edith Gibson Beryl Allen Nowah Davis

Charese Kemp Alicia Hall Pherrol Duncombe *4 Leroy Thompson Sr. Ms. Mackey Mrs. Simon *2 Ms. Fedricks Teresa Albury *8 Camyka Moore Bits N Bytes Annette Pratt Mr. Burrows Class of 12S 12-CO English Class

Ashley Williams John Bernard Jermine Williams*3 Paula Charlton Javonya Bethel Sylvia Rolle Krystle Oliver Jermaine Williams Desirae Smith Veronica Bain Gwendolyn Cunningham Yvette Williams Christopher Oliver II Francita Neely Marilyn Cunningham Patrick King Ashly Williams Shawn Ferguson Raul Collie Princess McKinney Carlene Young Susan Miller Derick Collie Mr. Brian Williams Theresa Ferguson Mr. Deon Williams Lareisa Mr. Calvin Rolle *2 Norris Neely Ms. Iris Charlton Conrad Abraham's Bay High School *2 Anton Forbes Orley Hanna Elizabeth Emmanuel – Mother Battered Women’s Ministry Acklins Alfred Emmanuel Helen Emmanuel Revenue Section, Local Government – Acklins Julia Williams Jermine, Juliet, Jeremiah Williams

Demi Burrows Wade Knowles Charmaine Knowles William Miller Betty Miller Barbara Jesubatham Ravi Jesubatham Matthew Jesubatham Lester Carroll Predenza Carroll Leah Celine Burrows Marty Fox Alexander Fox Isaac Fox Ethan Fox Marge Fox Val Carroll Kimberley Cartwright Liz Ritchie *2 Chester Fox Deidre Fox Ethan Knowles *2 Archie Knowles Camille Knowles Kendra Turnquest Joane Fox Shaneka Cartwright Duncan Love Crystal Love Giselle Love Yasmine Love Chrysti Love Willis Harding *5 Jessica Petsck *2 Sanchia Basset-Watkins Pedro Marcelle Lynn Marcelle Kendall Hanna *6 Kendalee Hanna *2 Basil Fox *4 Sharika Newbold

Tabitha Ritchie Adelaide Pinder Andrew Williams Anthon Devaux Arlete Sands *2 Arne Basden Bob Gaffney *10 Carlette Dames Carlton Hall *2 Carnetta McDonald Chandler Smith Darnell McGregor David Morley *2 Dexter Brooks *2 Dwight Moore Elliot Rolle Feraldo Joffre Greg Laroda *4 Hanford Bain *5 Haven Forbes *2 Iteah Ritchie Jennifer Ritchie Keerstyn Staurt Lauren Ritchie Letitia Parker *2 Lincoln Ritchie LJ Ritchie Marlene Knowles Martin Ritchie *4 Maurey Davis Mike Darville Mike Smith Monet Darvile Myrtle Lewis Oneil Wildgoose Patricia Hutcheson Patrick Hodgins *4 Paulette Ritchie

Kenteeshe Williams Derick William Poitier Sgt. *8 Elaine Seymour *2 Lessayde Francis Lydia Pinder *2 Allancio Gilbert Ellia Daniel Ellisha Daniel Tabitha Ritchie Precious Prosper Reg Adderly *5 Rhonda Davis Ruby Davis Ryan Herry Sharry Bain *2 Shaunte Basden Simone Knowles Stacie Basden Suezette Ritchie Talbot Ritchie III Talbot Ritchie Sr. Tareco Johnson Tiffany Ritchie Tino Brown Trevor Pitter W. Martinborough *2 Zorah Lewis Raaven Goffe Cece Balfour Dorcia Gabriel Karen Sands Phi Beta Sigma *2 Latoya Wallace Sherrell Cartwright Nellie Maycock Ian Walker Mrs. Cambridge *2

Paytan Stubbs Beulah Wong Pastor Anthony Campbell Mrs. Lula Campbell Mrs. Samantha Cornish Bro. Jerry Cornish Bro. Carrington Woodside Mrs. Lorelda Woodside Bro. Ed Sawyer Ms. Eulamae Pinder Mrs. Carolyn Smith Ms. Althea Mills Pastor Emit Archer Mrs. Beverly Archer Abaco Youth Ministry Joshua Archer Joy Archer Ashlea Archer Brittanay Archer Baby Angels Ministry Angels of Revolution Anointed Praise Raaven Goffe Elvis Cooper N. Williams Nikita Charlton *2 Eunice Butler Rose Marie Fox Gina Russell Nadeen Eugene Deborah Rolle Jessica Wilson Peter Rutherford Melinda Cunningham Peter Rutherford Desiree Smith Bacchus Rolle *2 Peter Rutherford T. Otis Bethel Peter Rutherford *4

Raaven Goffe F. Alexandria Blatch June Ferguson Derrico Williams *2 Marsha Roberts Kieshlyn Moss Derrico Williams Candy Phillips Marco Mackey Tiffany Adderley Arnette Ingraham Nadine Rolle Phillip Stubbs Rosie Thompson Gabriel Gordon Elwood Pinder Allison Bernard Kerron-Gaye Knight Allison Bernard *2 Shannon Matthews Janet McDonald David Sweeting Garrinique Taylor Errol Seymour Marionett Lightbourn Donovan Roker Leathe Francis Daniel Simmons Elliot Ingraham Capt. C. Stephen Fawkes Dominique Seymour Clovis Cartwright Randol Seymour Selwynn Seymour Charles Seymour Marshall Simmons Gian Burrows

Garrinique Taylor Leah Ferguson Rashontae Ferguson Antonious Cartwright Jennifer Cartwright Rev. Charlton Farquharson Thomasine Cartwright Fr. Tellison Glover Donette Roker Gary Taylor Pazia Bowe Latavinique Taylor Leroy Ferguson Mykayah Nixon Michelle Gilbert Riley Roker Victorio Knowles George Jordan Chavez Smith Perry Fawkes Sr Antionett Roker Anton Taylor Ruth Ferguson Olive Seymour Harold Seymour Janice Charlton Olympia Nixon Randolph Burrows Sr Jasmine Burrows Gian Burrows Dwante Roker Margaret Palacious Malteed Roker Demetrius Taylor Dominic Hall Ardis Ford Krimild Seymour Andrew Johnson Thomas Wilson David Hanna Deandra Cox Michelle Burrows

Trenique Kelly Varnessa Munnings Marcellis Higgins Melishia Higgins Leeanido Rolle Faydett Higgs Peter Percentie Cagney Rolle Wilson Kelly Sharnell Cash Claudette Brown Tremarva Kelly Tredville Kelly Merelyn Kelly Trenique Kelly Kanye Johnson Wesley Rolle Alexis Hudson Sharmad Kelly Leonard Goodman Kyle Neely Yennei Lopez Roy Smith Gordon Cash Sheryl Krezel Michael Culmer Aldred Albury Antonio Collins Amanda Turnquest Miguel McDonald Father John Johnson

Western Air Sky Bahamas Southern Air Bahamasair Atlantis Chapter Hostesses The College of the Bahamas B.C.P.O.U Hall The Bahamas Telecommunications Company Parents/ Guardians All Booklet Sponsors Randolph Holdings Ltd. Nathaniel & Anya Benbey McDonald’s Restaurant

Ida Poiter Turnquest Talya McDonald Alana Ingraham Sharon Gardiner Asheka Culmer Samantha Anderson Samantha Kemp

Shaundra Curtis Saynia Webb Stacia G.Y. Major Wendyi Poiter Albury D’Asante Benebey Phylicia Laramore Mavis Collie

Booklet Designed by: Soror Asheka Culmer

2013 Honours Day Booklet  
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