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Etai Vardi

Queens, New York, United States

Etai Vardi embarked on his real estate journey in 2004, starting with Prestige Homes, where he gained valuable experience in selling houses. During this time, Etai's passion for identifying potential investment properties and lots for redevelopment blossomed. This pivotal experience paved the way for his eventual transition to Home Buyers Inc. in 2006, where he honed his proficiency in property acquisition and evaluation, deepening his love for the industry. 2008 Etai demonstrated remarkable resilience and adaptability by establishing his real estate investment firm, the esteemed Trademark Development Group. Despite the challenging market conditions following the 2008 crash, he skillfully navigated his company through turbulent times. Since 2010, in collaboration with the Trademark Development Group, Etai has significantly transformed countless distressed properties into valuable assets, revitalizing numerous neighborhoods. Currently, Etai focuses on building a diverse portfolio of income-producing rental properties across the dynamic landscape of New York City, in line with his strategic vision for long-term investments. Furthermore, Etai's profound understanding of construction and renovations is integral to his professional prowess. Over the years, he has cultivated a robust network of architects, contractors, and various city departments, ensuring seamless project execution and strict adherence to the highest quality standards. Beyond his professional achievements, Etai actively engages in philanthropy, showcasing his compassionate spirit. His support extends to charitable organizations, including Care for Special Children, dedicated to empowering individuals with special needs; the Michael J. Fox Parkinson's Research Foundation; WNYC, New York's premier public radio station; and CHABBAD, an international Jewish organization providing educational and outreach services.