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Scanning and Sending Documents at the South Sioux City Public Library


Patrons: Do you need to securely send important documents? A postage stamp costs .45 cents, and it can take from two to three days for your document to get where you send it. Faxing can get your document to its destination immediately, but we charge one dollar per page. There is a third option that we offer, scanning your documents on our scanner, and sending them by email. This method ensures your documents are sent Securely  Instantly  And best of all… FOR FREE!!! 


This tutorial will provide you with the skills and confidence to successfully use our scanning hardware and software with minimal assistance to scan, save, and send files, forms, and other information to anywhere in the world.


The tools you will be using are ď ś The HP Scanjet N6310 scanner


 And HP Scan Pro software.


At the conclusion of this tutorial you will be able to scan a document, save it as a PDF, and attach this PDF to an email.

If at any time during this tutorial you are unsure of what to do next, please feel free to ask any library employee for assistance. Helping you is what we are here for.

This tutorial will be divided into three sections.


In section 1 you will successfully upload a document into the computer using our scanner.


In section 2 you will successfully save the scanned document as a PDF file and move this file to the desktop.


In section 3 you will open the email service of your choice (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.) and correctly browse, and attach the file.


Section 1 Uploading a Document


The scanner you will be using is located at computer station 18.

You may sign in to this computer at the public sign up station, or ask for assistance at the desk where an employee will be happy to help you.


When you arrive at computer 18, the scanner and computer are already hooked up and ready to go.



The scanner will likely be turned off. To turn it on, press this button.


The display screen visible to the left in the picture above will light up when it is on, as

seen here. Once the scanner is on, you may place your first document in the scanner by opening the machine like this.


Align your paper with the top left corner of the glass.


You are now ready to go to the computer screen and bring up the scanning program.


The icon you are looking for is called HP Scanning.

Double click this icon.


When you double click the HP Scanning Icon, the screen below will come up. The option we want, Document to PDF File, is the first option on the list at the left, and is the automatic selection unless you change it.


In the bottom right corner you will see a button labeled scan. As soon as you click this button, the scanner will scan your document, so only click it when you are ready. (If your document is on the scanner, lined up with the upper left corner, and the scanner is closed, you are ready.)

Click Scan


As soon as you click scan the program will display this screen.


As it is scanned, your document will appear on the left.


Once the scan is complete, you have the option of adding more pages. To do this, click the words add page.

Clicking add page works exactly like hitting the scan button. Have your second document on the scanner, lined up and ready to go when you click add page.


Now we have scanned two pages. You will notice that in this box

There was previously only one page shown.


Now there are two. Meaning, you have successfully scanned a two page document!!!


Questions 1. In the example you produced a two page document. If you wanted to add a third page, how would you go about doing that? 2. Clicking add page is similar to clicking which other button?

Answers: 1. You would make sure your 3rd page is ready to go on the scanner, and click add page. 2.

It is similar to clicking scan.


Section 2 Saving as a PDF


Now that you have successfully scanned your document, it is time to save it.

At the bottom of the scanning window is a button labeled Finish.

When you are done scanning all of your pages, and are satisfied with the results, click Finish


This box will pop up.


The file will automatically save to the location C/Users/patron/My Documents/My Scans This location can be difficult to find. Luckily, a window with your saved files opens automatically as soon as the save is complete.


To make the file easier to find, click on your scanned document in the window below.

Drag it to any place on the screen outside the box you are working in.


Now the icon for our file is on the desktop. This will make things much easier later on!


You have now saved your document to the desktop, and are ready to send it!!!


Questions 1. The tutorial said that moving your file to the desktop will make things easier later on. Can you think of why it will be easier?

2. You have finished scanning your pages, and are ready to save them. What do you click on to do this?

Answers: 1. You will need to find your file again when we send it. The desktop is easy to find. 2.

You will click on finish


Section Three Sending your document.


Open an internet browser. The library computers have four browsers to choose from, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari. Choose which ever one you are most comfortable with. The pictures in this tutorial are from Mozilla Firefox. Internet Browsers


Double clicking on an internet icon brings up the library homepage.

Go to the search bar at the top of the page, and enter in the address of your favorite email provider (Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) This tutorial will be showing Gmail.


Once you are signed into your email account, click on compose to start a new email message.


Just below the send button you will see a line of text that says attach a file.

Click on that line.


A box will open that looks like this. Click on the button that says Desktop.


Here is where moving our file to the desktop pays off.

It is waiting for you at the bottom of the list. Double click on the file, and the computer should take care of attaching it for you.


When the name of your PDF file shows up below the subject line, it is attached!


Add the address of the person or location you are sending it to, type in a personal message and it is ready for you to hit send! In seconds it will arrive at its destination safe and sound!



For your own safety, please delete your files when you are done! There is one more thing to take care of.

To do this, drag your file to the recycle bin icon on the desktop.

Drag the icon over the recycle bin as though you were throwing something away in real life.


Double click on the recycle bin, and this screen will open.

Click Empty Recycle Bin. This will erase your file, so no one else on this computer can ever view it.


Congratulations! You have completed the third section, and your file should be at its destination, all without you paying a cent!!!


Questions: 1. What were the steps to finding your document after you clicked on Attach a File? 2. Why is it important to delete your files when you are done on the computer?

Answers: 1 Click the desktop Icon on the window that opens, and scroll down the list to the bottom of the page, your file should be at the bottom. 2 Other people use these computers. If you don’t delete your files someone else could read them.


Thank you for completing this tutorial. If you have any questions about scanning and sending documents, or anything else, the staff of the South Sioux City Library will be happy to help you!

Tutorial draft 3  
Tutorial draft 3  

draft three of the tutorial