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Student Handbook for Modular Classes & Part Time Programs

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Welcome to The Esthetic Institute Training Center Thank you for registering with us, we are very excited to welcome you as a student to The Esthetic Institute Training Center. It is our goal







experience! We are proud to share that we are the winners of Best Esthetic School 2018 for the Consumer Choice Awards!

We have put together this student handbook as a useful reference to answer your questions and have you prepared for your classes. If there








admin@estheticinstitute.ca or call 403.263.2204 ext. 3 prior to class. Each student is expected to familiarize themselves with all the information obtained in the student handbook prior to attending classes.

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Parking, Address & Driving Directions We have complimentary parking for our students at all 3 locations. Parking instructions will be divided up by location so please refer to your invoice to ensure you are familiarizing yourself with the correct information (if you are in Calgary and your courses are happening at both locations, please ensure you read both location instructions). No parking passes are required.  Calgary – South: 4110-7005 Fairmount Dr. SE Calgary, AB T2H 0J1 (Located in the Fairmore Business Park complex, please look for Canem and turn into that parking lot, go all the way to the end and turn right; we are the door to the left of Beauty Depot). Student parking is located at the West side of the building along the fence facing the train tracks. Models can park in front of the building. Please ensure to let them know not to park in the spots labeled 1 hour parking.  Transit options: Nearest LRT station is Chinook Station. Walking distance to South campus is approx. 15 minutes. By bus, you can take the #10 and get off at the stop across the street from the Shell gas station.  Calgary- North: 1351 32 Avenue NE Calgary, AB T2E 7Z5 (We are located next to the Tim Horton's and Royal Bank on 32 Avenue NE). Please note that parking for both students and models is at the back of the building along the fence. There is signage on the door indicating where to enter and doors will be open 15 minutes prior to class start. In the case that you are running late, please call us at one of the locations below and let us know. Any arrivals later than 15 minutes without prior approval will be subject to reschedule the class and incur the rescheduling fee.

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Location and contact information for the 3 training center locations are below:

Calgary – South: 4110-7005 Fairmount Dr. SE Calgary, AB T2H 0J1 403.263.2204 ext. 3 or 800.665.6520 ext. 3

Calgary – North: 1351 32 Avenue NE Calgary, AB T2E 7Z5 403.263.2204 ext. 3 or 800.665.6520 ext. 3

Hotel Accommodations The Esthetic Institute has a corporate rate with hotels near our training facility locations. If you are a student travelling either to Calgary or Edmonton for courses, please inquire about the details on which hotels you can book with and how to acquire the discounted rate. Information will be sent separately depending on location of courses.

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Student Dress Code (Mandatory) Students are expected to maintain a professional image while taking any course or workshop at The Esthetic Institute. We maintain a “business casual” dress code, which includes a white esthetic jacket for most classes except Permanent Makeup, Microblading and Makeup Artistry courses, which require a black esthetic jacket. To help you determine what appropriate attire is for class, please use the following guidelines. Please bring indoor shoes to change into in the winter months. Please note that our mandatory dress code is strictly enforced and students may be asked to change if proper attire is not worn. 

White Esthetic Jacket (mandatory)

Blouse or Shirt with modest neckline

Black or grey dress pants or cotton leggings

Capris/Skirts below the knee

Close toed - soft soled white or black shoes (mandatory) Note: high heeled shoes are not permitted for safety reasons. Runners and crocks are also not acceptable.

Groomed hair, tied back. (mandatory for practical portion of training)

Professional make-up and manicured nails

NOT APPROPRIATE STUDENT DRESS ATTIRE: This list is not exhaustive, and students are expected to use their discretion. If you are in doubt about an item, please choose something else. 

Hoodies or Sweat Shirts

Athletic wear / yoga wear / sweat pants

Runners, high heels, flip flops, open toed shoes, sandals, crocks

Jeans, mini-skirts, shorts, printed leggings or scrubs

Stained or torn clothing

Students are expected to be in uniform AT ALL TIMES (theory & practical portion of class.) You are a reflection of the standards we uphold and should portray the professionalism of an Esthetician! In the case that you have misplaced, lost or forgot your esthetic jacket, you will be required to purchase one. pg. 5

Missed Classes / Penalties & Payment Plan Options  A $250 administrative fee applies for rewriting or rescheduling an exam or

course date. (With less than 2 weeks’ notice this fee is applicable). For students travelling to Calgary or Edmonton for courses, please plan your arrival accordingly as you will incur a rescheduling fee for missing class.  If a student does not attend class or notifies the school within 24 hours prior to

their class without a valid reason (i.e., illness, death in immediate family), the 50% course deposit fee will be forfeited and the student will have to pay the deposit again to re-register. Students may be required to provide a doctor’s note to excuse absence in case of illness.  For students that have Student Aid funding; in the case that your courses are

paid off and you miss a class or have to rewrite an exam, you will be liable to pay the rescheduling fee.  If you are cancelling a class 2 weeks prior to start date and would like to keep

the deposit paid as a class credit to use towards another course, please be aware you will have ONE (1) calendar year from the date the request was processed to book another course.  The Esthetic Institute Training Center offers payment plan options for all part

time programs as well as courses that are booked as a custom package. The payments are interest free and can be applied to cluster course bookings. (where applicable)

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General Information / Policies  Upon booking for any course, 50% of the class fee is required; remaining balance is due on the first day of class. Fees / deposits are non-refundable. GST added.  All class and workshop dates are subject to change. We reserve the right to reschedule or cancel any class. No fees will be incurred if a class that has been changed by the school conflicts with a student’s existing schedule. The school will accommodate the student to reschedule classes.  Students are expected to arrive on time and be prepared for their classes. Some things to bring to class: Paper / note book, pen, pencil and highlighter.  A 30-minute lunch break & two 10 minute breaks will be given for all full day classes. Students are welcome to bring a lunch with them. There is a fridge, microwave & cutlery/plates/bowls/cups in the lunchroom provided for all students. NO food & drinks are permitted in the practical classrooms. We please ask that all students wipe up spills, tidy chairs and tables, wipe counters, put garbage away. etc  Students/ Models are NOT permitted to bring children to class with them. If your models are coming with you to school at the same time, please let them know they will have to return for their scheduled model time, but they are not to be waiting in our common areas. Please make sure you are aware of ALL of your model requirements before attending your first day of class.  The Esthetic Institute Training Centers are NON-SMOKING facilities. We have a strict non-smoking policy in place where no smoking/vaping is allowed in or near the property while you are attending classes. You may smoke at the back of the buildings. We ask that you are away from any parked cars, windows and doors. We ask that you do not smoke in uniform. Refrain from wearing strong perfumes/deodorants. Since we do not offer a ash tray, we please ask that all students who are smoking at the back of the building dispose of their cigarettes appropriately. Do not leave cigarettes in the parking lot and side walk.

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 Cell phones are NOT permitted during class. (theory and practical) You may use your phone on your lunch break in the designated areas. (Cell phone zones)  If we notice or find out anyone is under the influence of any narcotics while on the premise you will be asked to leave the property immediately. NO refund will be returned back to you.

Safety is our number one priority for all of our

students, models and staff.  Disciplinary action Students are expected to act with professionalism and decorum at all times, and disciplinary action will be taken if a student behaves unprofessionally. Written warnings will be entered into the student’s academic record, which may be divulged to CIDESCO, the government of Alberta, or potential employers. Warnings will not be removed from the student’s record once added. Written warnings may be entered into your academic record for reasons such as: Lateness Gossip Missing class Not adhering to uniform standards Disregarding Esthetic Institute policies Disregarding instructions from teachers and teaching assistants Carelessness with client information Strong language/swearing etc. Students may be expelled from the Esthetic Institute for reasons such as: Cheating Bullying Theft Divulging confidential conversations or information Plagarism Vandalism Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol Bilegerant behavior

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Disrespecting staff, spa clients, or students Purpetrating sexual harassment Failing a unit test while on academic probation Multiple written warnings Any student complaints should be forwarded to the School registrar, Cheryl Newton, via email (cheryl@estheticinstitute.ca). The government of Alberta requires The Esthetic Institute to withdraw a student from this programme if it appears that they will not be able to complete their required hours for any reason.

Model Requirements & Out-of-Class Quotas  Students are required to ensure they have the required models for courses (where applicable). A model list is provided upon request; however, it is still the student’s responsibility to call and book in a model(s). Please review with your model the location, date, time, model fee and any other necessary information prior to the class. If you cancel the course and/or can’t attend class, please call your models and inform them of any changes. For more information please ensure to read your model requirement information. There is a link embedded in the registration & class reminder email.  Ensure to always have a back-up model in case of any last-minute changes. You are required to do practical work and if you cannot complete it, you will have to redo the class and incur the course cost.  A treatment room is available in the South (Calgary) and Edmonton location on a first come- first serve basis rental in order to complete course quotas. The charge for the room is $10 per client. To pre-book the room for the entire day, a $30 charge will have to be paid at the time of booking and if any cancellation occurs, you will lose this deposit. In the event that you have prepaid $30 for the room (which equals 3 clients) and you had 4 clients instead, you will be asked to pay the difference. You may also pre-book a 1.5-hour increment (usually equals pg. 9

to 1 client) for $10. You will be given a list of supplies provided in the room and what items you need to bring with you. ďƒ? If you have been granted a change in exam date, please be aware that you will be required to submit your quotas as per original scheduled exam date. (Where applicable) If you have any questions or concerns after reviewing this handbook prior to class, please do not hesitate to contact us at one of our locations. forward to having you at The Esthetic Institute Training Center!

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Student Handbook for Modular Classes


Student Handbook for Modular Classes