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April 2013



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ELC fifth grade experiences ʻsnow dayʼ As if the weather hasnʼt been harsh enough this March, the fifth graders experienced a “Snow Day” on March 1! This interdisciplinary day encouraged creative thinking and focused on snow activities through all cores of curriculum. Students enjoyed being mixed among their peers in smaller groups and were exposed to thought processes of students from different homerooms. Students were able to convert measurements, discover metaphors in music, compare/contrast fictional characters to historical figures, and experiment with changing forms of matter. All lessons also focused on snow or ice! We “wrapped up” the day with a building of 5th grade snowpeople, above.

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Making butter in a jar

First grade starts March with a roar The ELC first grade started March with a roar! On Friday, March 1 first graders celebrated the literature of Dr. Seuss by having a reading celebration day. Students came to school with three things: a snack, a book from home, and some cuddly pajamas. Throughout the day, students read Dr. Seuss books and then participated in learning activities based on the story. Students read One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish and then graphed a random sample of edible colored fish. Students read, The Butter Battle Book and then made their very own butter by shaking jars of whipping cream and serving the butter on graham crackers; butter-side up or down. Students read, The Cat in the Hat and then made a striped top hat to wear. When students weren’t reading their favorite Dr. Seuss books, they were reading with a buddy, sharing books they brought from home, or reading in fun places like under their desks or in camping tents set-up inside the classroom. Students and teachers had a lot of fun sharing the joy of reading.

Estherville Lincoln Central first-grade students pair up to share their favorite books inside tents at Demoney Elementary.

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April 2013 Sun









3 7:45am Middle School Student Council 5:15pm Elementary Site Council

4 4:00pm Golf-B/Varsity-JV-Frosh Away vs. North Union 4:00pm Tennis-B/Varsity-JVFrosh Storm Lake 4:30pm Tennis-G/Varsity-JVFrosh Away vs. Storm Lake 5:00pm Track-B/Varsity-JV-Frosh Away vs. Cherokee

5 5:00pm Track-G/Varsity-JV-Frosh Away vs. Cherokee


8 4:00pm Tennis-B/Varsity-JVFrosh Cherokee 4:30pm Tennis-G/Varsity-JVFrosh Away vs. Cherokee 4:30pm Golf-B/Varsity-JV-Frosh Estherville / Lincoln Central vs. Multiple Schools

9 4:30pm Track-G/Varsity-JV-Frosh Away vs. Spirit Lake Community Schools 4:30pm Track-B/Varsity-JV-Frosh Away vs. Spirit Lake Community Schools 4:30pm Golf-G/Varsity-JV-Frosh Algona 4:30pm Golf-B/Varsity-JV-Frosh Away vs. Algona

10 Middle School 7-8 Band & Vocal Festival in Jackson 7-8 Jackson Band & Vocal Festival @ Jackson, MN 7:45am Middle School Builders Club

11 4:00pm Tennis-G/Varsity-JVFrosh LeMars 4:30pm Tennis-B/Varsity-JVFrosh Away vs. LeMars 4:30pm Golf-G/Varsity-JV-Frosh Storm Lake vs. Multiple Schools

12 Midterm 4th quarter @ District Wide 4:30pm Golf-B/Varsity-JV-Frosh Jackson County Central 5:00pm Track-G/Varsity-JV-Frosh Away vs. Spencer High School 5:00pm Track-B/Varsity-JV-Frosh Estherville / Lincoln Central vs. Multiple Schools

13 8:00am Golf-B/Varsity-JV-Frosh Away vs. Spencer High School 7:00pm Middle School Drama Performance @ Roosevelt Auditorium

14 15 2:00pm Patrons of the Fine Arts 4:00pm Tennis-G/Varsity-JVMembership Drive @ ELC High Frosh vs. Spirit Lake School Gym 4:30pm Golf-G/Varsity-JV-Frosh Estherville / Lincoln Central vs. Multiple Schools 4:30pm Tennis-B/Varsity-JVFrosh Away vs. Spirit Lake 4:30pm Golf-B/Varsity-JV-Frosh Away vs. Cherokee 5:00pm Track-G/Varsity-JV-Frosh Away vs. North Union 5:15pm School Board Meeting

16 7:00am HS Site Council @ HS ICN Room 4:00pm Golf-G/Varsity-JV-Frosh Estherville / Lincoln Central vs. Multiple Schools 4:30pm Track-B/Varsity-JV-Frosh Away vs. Spirit Lake Community Schools

17 Early Dismissal-Pro. Dev. @ District Wide

18 4:00pm Tennis-B/Varsity-JVFrosh Spencer High School 4:30pm Tennis-G/Varsity-JVFrosh Away vs. Spencer High School 5:00pm Middle School Site Council

19 5:00pm Track-G/Varsity-JV-Frosh Estherville / Lincoln Central vs. Multiple Schools 5:00pm Track-B/Varsity-JV-Frosh Away vs. North Union

20 9:00am Golf-B/Varsity-JV-Frosh Away vs. Spirit Lake Community Schools 8:00pm Prom @ ELC High School Gym

22 No School @ District Wide 4:00pm Tennis-G/Varsity-JVFrosh Storm Lake 4:15pm Track-Middle School Away vs. Emmetsburg 4:30pm Tennis-B/Varsity-JVFrosh Away vs. Storm Lake 5:00pm Track-G/Varsity-JV-Frosh Away vs. Humboldt

23 4:00pm Tennis-G/Varsity-JVFrosh Cherokee 4:00pm Golf-B/Varsity-JV-Frosh Western Christian High School vs. Multiple Schools 4:00pm Golf-G/Varsity-JV-Frosh Emmetsburg vs. Multiple Schools 4:30pm Tennis-B/Varsity-JVFrosh Away vs. Cherokee 5:00pm Track-B/Varsity-JV-Frosh Away vs. Emmetsburg


25 4:00pm Preschool/Headstart Registration @ DeMoney Elementary 4:30pm Golf-B/Varsity-JV-Frosh Spirit Lake Community Schools vs. Multiple Schools 5:00pm Track-G/Varsity-JV-Frosh Away vs. Storm Lake

26 4:30pm Track-Middle School Away vs. Bishop Garrigan

27 8:00am Golf-G/Varsity-JV-Frosh Away vs. Bishop Garrigan 9:00am Tennis-B/Varsity-JVFrosh Away vs. Storm Lake 9:00am Tennis-G/Varsity-JVFrosh Away vs. Spirit Lake Community Schools 9:00am Golf-B/Varsity-JV-Frosh Away vs. Storm Lake

28 29 2:00pm HS Band/Vocal Spring 3:00pm Golf-G/Varsity-JV-Frosh Concert @ Roosevelt Auditorium Away vs. Sibley-Ocheyedan 4:00pm Tennis-B/Varsity-JVFrosh LeMars 4:15pm Track-Middle School Spencer Middle School 4:30pm Tennis-G/Varsity-JVFrosh Away vs. LeMars 5:00pm Track-B/Varsity-JV-Frosh Away vs. Storm Lake

30 3:00pm Golf-G/Varsity-JV-Frosh Away vs. Spirit Lake Community Schools 4:30pm Golf-B/Varsity-JV-Frosh Away vs. Spirit Lake Community Schools 5:00pm Track-G/Varsity-JV-Frosh Away vs. Spirit Lake Community Schools

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No School @ District Wide 5:30pm Patrons of the Fine Arts Meeting @ ELC High School Media Center

10 N. 7th Street, Estherville, IA


NorthStar Bank & Agency 2202 Central Ave. Estherville 418 Central Avenue Estherville, Iowa 51334-2237 712-362-7272


403 4th Ave., Armstrong 712-868-3500

The Insurance Center

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Seventh graders learn about bacteria The 7th grade science classes studied bacteria in February. They ran an experiment to grow bacteria and test cleaners that claimed to kill bacteria. The first picture shows bacteria that were on a 7th grade student’s hand. This was the control sample and the bacteria grew. The second picture shows the same student’s sample that was sprayed with a school cleaner. The cleaner killed the bacteria and it did not multiply. We also tried other cleaners to see how well they worked. Students were surprised at how fast the bacteria multiplied in such a short time. This experiment really demonstrated how important it is to wash our hands before eating.

Poetry in 4th grade


What is poetry? Ask a 4th grader. Students have been exploring this special form of writing. Poetry looks different, speaks to the heart and mind, says a lot in a few words, says things in special ways, and is pleasing to the ear. Have you ever heard of a trash compactor poem or a Diamante poem? Once again, ask a 4th grader. These are special types of poems that give a basic structure for students to explore and create. Students type their poetry and compile their creations into a book to be shared with family and kept as a keepsake for generations to come. So what is learned? Finally, ask a 4th grader. Not only do 4th grade students learn what poetry is, they end up finding a new love for poetry through this special form of writing.

During the week of March 4th through 8th the ELC science students worked on a Solar System Project. In groups of 3-4 students, they prepared a newscast that informs people about a day on their object in the solar system (planet, comet, asteroid, or meteor). All of the students chose to create their newscast on one of the planets. They were the anchors, sportscasters, and weather people so they needed to come up with a script for each story that included facts from the planet. As a group they prepared a PowerPoint background to be shown during the presentation. They then presented the newscast live to the class. During their presentations they were well rehearsed and knew what they were talking about.

The purpose of this article is to give parents some information that they can use to help them decide how much Spanish their children should take in high school. This information includes reasons that are both immediate and long-range, and financial as well as medical. The first reason for students to take Spanish in high school is the college admissions requirement. Many colleges and universities require a minimum of two years of a foreign language in high school in order to be accepted into that school. Colleges that require two years of a foreign language in high school include Iowa State (College of Liberal Arts and College of Engineering), the University of Iowa, and Minnesota State University in Mankato. Colleges that do not require foreign language study in high school may recommend students take it to strengthen their application and to be better prepared for college. Colleges that recommend taking at least two years of a foreign language in high school include the University of Northern Iowa, Luther College, and Buena Vista University. In addition to being required for admission to certain colleges, foreign language study may actually help you gain admission to college. Foreign language classes count as core courses on the Iowa Regents Admission Index (RAI), along with English, math, science and social studies. So taking four years of Spanish at ELC would boost a student’s RAI score, helping him or her gain admission to Iowa, Iowa State, or UNI. Spanish 4 is now a weighted class, which means that it is graded based on a five-point scale instead of the traditional 4.0 grade point average (GPA). So an A or B in Spanish 4 would boost a student’s GPA, also helping to gain admission to any college. Beyond admission requirements, many colleges and universities have a foreign language requirement for

1736 Central Ave., Estherville, Iowa


graduation from college. At the University of Iowa, for example, the graduation requirement is four semesters of college foreign language or four years of high school foreign language. I have heard from several former students who took two years of Spanish in high school, wishing that they had taken four years in high school because they had to take more in college. The two years they took in high school was enough to be admitted into college, but they didn’t realize that the college they attended required more for graduation. I always tell my students that they probably don’t know which college they’ll pick when they’re in 10th or 11th grade, so the safest bet is to take as many years of Spanish in high school as they can. Another reason to take Spanish at ELC (and beyond) is a financial incentive. Studies have shown that workers who speak a second language earn more money than those who don’t. Given the choice between two job applicants whose abilities and skills seem equal except that one of them is bilingual, most employers would hire the bilingual applicant. In this global economy, employers are looking for people who would be able to travel or live in Spanish-speaking countries. Also, many employers need people who can communicate with the 37 million Spanish-speakers living in the United States. Recent medical studies indicate a link between knowing more than one language and mental health. It seems that bilingual senior citizens are less likely to have dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. There also seems to be a connection between knowing a second (or third!) language and improved brain performance. In other words, knowing another language may make you smarter. As you can see, there are many reasons to take Spanish at the high school. Please contact David Finley at the high school if you have any questions.

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ELC April 2013 Communicator  

ELC April 2013 Communicator

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