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The LipoMax RF® is a unique and exclusive device that uses 6 innovative energy technologies to eliminate fat, mold the body and reduce cellulite in a faster and safer way. The LipoMax RF®’s non-invasive technologies have been carefully selected to slim the body and improve skin quality and texture. These technologies work independently but can be combined to achieve more effective and long lasting results in fewer treatment sessions.

With three pre-programmed phases and a powerful combination of cutting edge technologies, the LipoMax RF® fights fat, cellulite and laxity like no other system has. Phase 1- Photopneumatic massage with infrared light: The pulsatile suction improves circulation and loosens the fibrous bands of connective tissue that surround fat deposits, enhancing lymphatic drainage and reducing fibrous adhesion and dimpling. Infrared light makes the skin more malleable and receptive to the rolling action of the treatment head, while the fat layers are prepped for the thermo-adipolysis.

Phase 2- Controlled Ultrasonic Cavitation: Fights localized fat by applying Controlled Ultrasonic Cavitation through the external surface of the skin, breaking down the adipose cells and fragmenting its fat content. The fat is naturally eliminated through the urinary and lymphatic systems, sculpting the body and significantly reducing its overall circumference.

Phase 3- Collagen remodeling with Bipolar RF: Bipolar RF energy is delivered deep into the skin, precisely where it is needed, to treat the cellulite bands. It also tightens the skin by heating up the collagen proteins and stimulating the fibroblasts to increase collagen production.

Meso-esthetic option (Virtual mesotherapy) Using meso-electrodes, it slims down the body through transdermal delivery of mesotherapy products which break-up adipose tissue and burn fat.

Reduces inches, tones skin and treats cellulite‌ all in one single equipment!

Monopolar RF Results are limited to the area where RF absorption occurs. There is a higher risk if burns because the RF energy focuses directly on the epidermis under one single electrode.

Bipolar or Multipolar RF Results are limited to the area between two electrodes where RF absorption occurs. It also involves a high risk of burns because the RF energy is delivered superficially on the epidermis.

Innovative and Exclusive Polarized Electric Field Bipolar RF.

The innovative and exclusive bipolar RF technology deeply penetrates the skin in a controlled and even manner without inflicting damage or causing burns, while tightening the skin by heating up the collagen proteins and stimulating the fibroblasts. The energy is also delivered more extensively into the hypodermis to target fat cells, reducing the overall circumference and sculpting the body.

Now you can give your clients the body they have always wanted with the LipoMax RF®. Using either pre-set protocols or manual mode, the LipoMax RF® provides proven treatments tailored to the client’s specific needs. The synergy between each one of these innovative technologies takes results to a level never before reached:

• Treats even the most severe stages of cellulite • Reduces up to 4 cms. on the first session, slimming waist, hips and thighs. • Smoothens the appearance of cellulite by strengthening the connective tissue and enhancing microcirculation. • Molds the body and reduces the overall circumference by removing localized fat deposits. • Tightens and tones the skin by heating up the collagen proteins and stimulating the fibroblasts. • Treats skin contour irregularities. • Reduces rippling of the inner thighs.

21 Centimeters in 10 sessions 2.1 Centimeters per session



20 Centimeters in 12 sessions 1.6 Centimeters per session




45 Centimeters in 10 sessions 4.5 Centimeters per session




The results speak for themselves! Thousands of satisfied clients have proven the effectiveness of the LipoMax RF®.

30 Centimeters in 8 sessions 3.7 Centimeters per session

Twenty female subjects over the age of 30 were chosen for the study. According to Dr. M. Elson’s scale, the subjects had a cellulite grading of 2 - 4.

The LipoMax® RF is better! More treatment options: Wide range of treatment options for any skin type, using applicators and accessories specially designed to achieve optimum results in the shortest possible time. More safety: Non-invasive technologies for pain-free treatments without side effects. The LipoMax RF® delivers the energy where needed and progressively heats up the areas to be treated without causing burns or discomfort. Easier to use: Wide array of pre-programmed treatments, convenient digital keyboard and on-screen help guide make the LipoMax RF® a simple and easy to use equipment. More effective results: Extraordinary long-lasting results in fewer sessions. Thousands of satisfied clients confirm it! More revenues: Allows quick recovery of the initial investment thus obtaining significant profits during the first year with just 3 clients a day.

The LipoMax RF®’s technology is the only one to offer the benefits of a proven and highly effective treatment. Applications • Body molding • Cellulite treatment • Circumferential reduction • Skin tightening • Localized fat • Pre and post liposuction • Post-partum reduction • Edema • Lymphatic drainage

Technologies • Photopneumatic massage • Modulated subdermal suction • Infrared light energy • Controlled ultrasonic cavitation • Electric field bipolar radiofrequency* • Needle-free mesotherapy *Exclusive LipoMax RF ® technology.

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Each LipoMax RF® technology uses specially designed treatment heads and accessories to comfortably and effectively satisfy the client’s needs without causing pain. 2 photopneumatic heads with infrared light: Powerful combination of infrared light and deep masage to sculpt, tone the body and reduce cellulite.

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2 electrodes with bipolar radio frequency: Innovative and exclusive electric field technology that stimulates collagen production for a firmer skin, without the risks associated with traditional RF systems.

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1 body electrode with Controlled Ultrasonic Cavitation: Delivers acoustic sound waves to effectively treat localized fat and reduce the overall circumference.

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2 meso-aesthetic electrodes (optional): The benefits of mesotherapy without the needles and the pain.

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Features: • Exclusive Electric Field Bipolar RF technology. • Easy to use digital screen. • Multi-platform device. • On-screen help guide. •Easy access to pre-programmed treatments. • Anti-cellulite programs. • Body molding programs. • Lymphatic drainage programs. • Manual mode for personalized treatments. • Language selection. • Two vacuum hoses equipped for fast and easy connection.

Technical Specifications:

Equipado con tecnología

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• IR light spectrum • Ultrasound • Radiofrequency • Photopneumatic treatment heads • Power supply • Protective fuse • Energy consumption • Weight • Dimensions

Weight 125 Lbs (56.70 Kg)

Height 66” (167.6 cm)

900nm 1Mhz Up to 100w. Large 50 x 52nm Small 38 x 52nm 110V-60Hz / 220/230V-50 3.2 amp SB 165 W 125Lbs (56.70Kg) Width 23” (58.4 cm) Height 66” (167.6 cm) Depth 23” (58.4 cm)

Width 23” (58.4 cm)

Depth 23” (58.4 cm)

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Sales Brochure LipoMax 1  

Sales Brochure LipoMax 1