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Precious Package This elk calf was deposited by its mother on an Estes Park residential porch while mom took a meal break. This image was taken with a zoom lens - wildlife viewers are cautioned not to approach these infant animals, as the mothers are nearby and may aggressively defend their offspring. See pages 5 and 24 for more on elk and wildlife behavior. Photo by Alan Lipkin

Snagging A Fish On The Fly Eagles have become a common sight over Lake Estes. Nature lovers can enjoy watching them perched on tree limbs or catching their next meal. Photo by Paul J Marcotte

June 10, 2022

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2022 Water Quality Report Shows Town Provides Excellent Drinking Water

1260 Fall River Court

4 Bedroom, 3 Bath, 1.18 acres Breathtaking panoramic views High end mountain home $2,345,678

6,100 copies were printed this week, and distributed FREE to hundreds of Estes Valley locations including Allenspark, Glen Haven & Lyons.

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The Town of Estes Park Water Division has released the latest “Consumer Confidence Report” for water customers. The report, which is officially titled the “Annual Water Quality Report,” includes information on the Town’s water source, treatment facilities, health information, and sampling results from January through December 2021. The report illustrates that the Town of Estes Park continues to meet strict federal and state standards for water quality and provide the community with the very best drinking water possible. While the water quality is excellent, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is requiring the Town to continue to improve its record and reporting processes. The Water Quality Report is available on the Town’s website at Copies are also available at the following locations: Town Hall at 170 MacGregor Ave.; Town of Estes Park Water Division at 1360 Brook Dr.; EVRPD Community Center at 660 Community Dr.; Estes Park Medical Center at 555 Prospect Ave.; Larimer County Health Department at 1601 Brodie Ave.; Salud Family Health Center at 1950 Redtail Hawk Dr.; and the Estes Valley Library at 335 E. Elkhorn Ave. and the Visitor Center at 500 Big Thompson Ave. Mailed copies may be requested by contacting Brenda Wyss, at or 970577-3619. The Town Water Division, which serves approximately 6,600 customers in the winter and more than 25,000 in the summer, operates at a capacity of 4 million gallons per day. With 14 employees, the Division maintains two water treatment facilities, more than 112 miles of distribution lines and over 735 fire hydrants. Please contact Deb Callahan, Water Quality and Laboratory Supervisor, at or 970-577-3624 for more information.

Know Before You Go: Estes Valley Farmers Market Parking Options The Estes Park Visitor Center parking lot at 500 Big Thompson Ave. will be closed to all car traffic each Thursday morning while the Estes Valley Farmers Market is open for business (7 a.m. – 1 p.m., June 2 – September 27). The only personal vehicles allowed to access the lot during that time will be those with valid Americans with Disabilities (ADA) licenses or placards, those with limited mobility or those who are dropping off or picking up a passenger. The east entrance to the Visitor Center parking lot will be staffed at all times during the market to accommodate patrons and market vendors

who need parking lot access. Anyone planning to visit the Farmers Market this summer is encouraged to park in the Town's free parking structure located at 691 N. St. Vrain/U.S. Highway 36. This change was made to ensure a safe and enjoyable market experience for patrons and vendors due to an increase in large transit vehicles that access the Visitor Center parking lot Questions about parking access or accommodations during the Estes Valley Farmers Market can be directed to the Town's Parking & Transit Division at 970-577-3957 or

Photos courtesy Estes Valley Farmers Market

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Fuels mitigation work near Lily Lake and Twin Sisters in Rocky Mountain National Park. Courtesy Rocky Mountain National Park

Hazardous Fuels Reduction Work Inside The Park Boundary Near Lily Lake The reduction of hazardous fuels is a significant preventative management tool for managing wildfire near structures and communities. These projects are done to protect life and property and enhance the safety of firefighters and their ability to manage fire within the park. When fighting the East Troublesome Fire in 2020 and the Fern Lake Fire in 2012, firefighters were able to take advantage of previous and existing prescribed fire and hazardous fuels treatment areas that provided a buffer between the fire and the town of Estes Park. Prior hazard fuels projects were instrumental in stopping the fire from jumping Bear Lake Road and Trail Ridge Road. Hazardous fuels reduction projects take place in strategic locations within Rocky Mountain National Park. The most recent project will take place within the Rocky Mountain National Park boundary near Lily Lake. Work will include re-

moving dead trees, the lower limbs of remaining trees, dead and down logs and ladder fuels which can carry a fire burning in low-growing vegetation to surrounding taller vegetation. Resulting woody materials will be piled on site and burned during winter when conditions allow. Fuels reduction projects cannot be a stand-alone defense against wildfire. It is advisable that additional fuels reduction be completed on private property to meet Firewise mitigation and Hardening Your Home efforts. To learn more about how you can protect your home and help firefighters, please visit: For more information about Rocky Mountain National Park please visit or call the park’s Information Office at (970) 586-1206.

The charge(s) are merely an accusation and the defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty. On 6/02/2022 at 4:40 p.m. police were called to the 1200 block of Graves Av-

enue where they contacted a 59 year old male from Estes Park and charged him with domestic violence and harassment and transported him to the Larimer County Jail.

EVFPD firefighters generally respond to medical calls in their personal vehicles, allowing for a faster response. On other incidents, firefighters respond to a fire station to respond in department apparatus with specialized equipment. During the week of May 29, the Estes Valley Fire Protection District (EVFPD) responded to 11 calls for service. This

included: • Alarm Activation: 3 • Gas Leak: 1 • Arcing/Down Power Lines: 1 • Smoke Investigation: 3 • Structure Fire: 1 • Dumpster Fire: 1 • Possible Illegal Burn: 1

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Trail Ridge Ribbon Cutting Is About More Than Opening A Road...

Courtesy photos

Trail Ridge Road is officially opened for the summer season by Kim Swift, Grand Lake Town Administrator John Crone, Mayor Steve Kudron, RMNP Superintendent Darla Sidles, Mayor Wendy Koenig, Larimer County Commissioner Jody Shadduck-McNally, Xanterra Trail Ridge Store Managers Nancy Strong and Annette Taratino.

Among the many spectacular features of Rocky Mountain National Park, Trail Ridge Road is arguably one of its most spectacular. Spanning the width of the park and reaching an elevation of 12,183 feet above sea level, Trail Ridge Road crosses the Continental Divide and connects Grand Lake and Estes Park. Its construction began in September, 1929 and ended July, 1932 at Fall River Pass. Named an All-American Road in 1996, it’s one of only 13 American Byways in Colorado. A highlight of my mayoral duties is meeting with my counterpart from Grand Lake and officials from RMNP for a ribbon cutting ceremony atop Trail Ridge Road every Memorial Day. The ceremony, originally called the Hands Across the Divide Ribbon Cutting, has occurred annually for at least 20 years. It marks the re-opening of Trail Ridge Road, since its closing the previous September due to snow and ice. The ceremony and the road it honors are two of many connections the people of Grand Lake and Estes Park share. We both live in statutory towns, whose governments can only exercise powers granted by the State of Colorado. Both towns rest amidst majestic mountains, with Grand Lake sitting on Western slope of the Continental Divide at 8,367 feet elevation and Estes Park sitting at 7,522 feet on the Eastern side. The economies of both our towns benefit

from the 4.5 million tourists annually visiting RMNP and both towns have large, beautiful lakes. Grand Lake is the deepest and largest natural lake in Colorado. A dam completed in 1949, as part of the Colorado Big Thompson Project, forms Lake Estes. Another component of that project is a 13.1-mile tunnel, starting at Grand Lake, that transfers water from the Western slope to Estes Park and communities along the Front Range. On Memorial Day, the connections between the towns were front of mind for me as I stood at the apex of Trail Ridge Road, alongside Grand Lake Mayor Steve Kudron and Rocky Mountain National Park Superintendent Darla Sidles. Awareness of the connections contributed to a sense of clarity sweeping over me as we cut the ribbon. That clarity gave rise to thoughts about the road and the towns at its ends. The way that the connection between the towns that the road had made possible, enabled decades of cooperation and agreements that greatly benefited the people of both towns and the way the cooperation and agreements between the towns have, over time, forged vital connections that’ll never succumb to seasonal changes or inclement weather. Then and there, I realized that sometimes a ribbon cutting is about more than re-opening a road. For that, I am quite grateful.

Grand Lake Mayor Steve Kudron and Estes Park Mayor Wendy Koenig at the RMNP Visitor Center where a ribbon cutting ceremony marks the re-opening of Trail Ridge Road that connects their respective towns.

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Elk Calves Appearing In The Estes ValleyCaution Urged Around Protective Moms By: Kris Hazelton With the new baby elk calves and the proximity of the elk population to the Estes Park residents and visitors, everyone is urged to be on alert and know that the mothers are not being aggressive when defending their young, just protective. It’s our responsibility to not get too close to the baby or the mother during calving season. In the event that you encounter a protective mother elk anywhere in the Estes Valley, here are some helpful tips. Be aware. The best thing to do at this time of year is to be very aware of your surroundings. The cows have calves all over town and you just never know when

you’re going to happen to walk by a mother and calf. Back away. If you encounter a protective mother, the best thing to do is to back away quickly. Don’t turn your back on her, as you won’t know if she is charging you. Make yourself look large. If you have a jacket, raise it above your head, and swing it around, make yourself look for-

midable. Chances are the mother will be glad you’re leaving their space. However, if she continues to pursue you, check around for a stick and if one is available, pick it up and throw the stick at her or if she approaches, give her a whack on her nose to drive her away. Protect your head. If she is an especially protective mother and charges you to the

Photos by Kris Hazelton

point of knocking you down, curl up in the fetal position and protect your head and neck with your arms and hands. She’ll most likely give you a couple of thumps with her legs and then leave you alone, not seeing you as a potential threat anymore. Advice for dog owners. If you happen to be walking or jogging with a dog, the elk will be even more on alert and aggressive towards your dog. She will see your pet as a real threat, a predator, to her baby. The best thing to do in this case is turn around and go the other way. If you can’t do that, let your dog go for the time, and save yourself. The elk will most likely chase off your dog and you can retrieve the dog a bit further down the trail. Change your route. If the elk are on the trail you frequent, there are miles of other trails, less used by the elk and it is suggested you alter your route for a few weeks to avoid potential problems. Although the elk are used to seeing people, the elk are very much still wild animals. Adult elk, both male and female, are very large and can be dangerous, particularly if they think a person is threatening their territory or offspring. Another important note, if you find a baby elk or mule deer, please never go near or touch it. Even though it could appear that its mother is absent, elk calves are seldom orphaned, and its mother is probably feeding only a short distance away. She’ll make herself known very quickly when you get too close! If you come across a protective female elk, and she is endangering people in a public area, the best thing to do is move away and call the Estes Park Police Department Dispatch Center at 586-4000. They will notify the proper authorities and the volunteers who will temporarily close off the area until the mother moves on with her calf. Educating ourselves and our visitors about wildlife issues is the right thing to do, especially around calving time and during the fall rut. Remember, there’s a reason it’s called

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Wool Market Returns This Weekend Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Free family-friendly, fibery fun! The Town of Estes Park is ready to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Wool Market with family-friendly fun for everyone. The event takes place this Saturday, June 11 from 9 a.m.. to 5 p.m. and Sunday, June 12 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.) at the Estes Park Events Complex, 1125 Rooftop Way. Free and open to the public, the Wool Market is a signature event of the Town of Estes Park, and presented by sponsor Long Thread Media. As in prior years, the Market will include dozens of vendors in the Event Center selling their wares, including yarns, fibers, fleeces, tools and finished goods such as apparel and home decor. Livestock shows will feature sheep, llamas, alpacas, paco-vicunas and rabbits. Guests can also watch herding dog and fiber art demonstrations. Families will enjoy horse and wagon rides, a petting zoo with photo opportunities, craft tables for children – all free of charge. Food trucks will offer fair food, treats, Mexican fare and more for purchase. Complete information, including the event schedule is available at

Kris Hazelton

Kris Hazelton

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Wildlife Talk On Beavers Wildlife Talk–How Beavers Help Our Environment will be presented by The Wandering Wildlife Society, a part of the Estes Valley Watershed Coalition on June 9. Emily Fairfax, Assistant Professor, Environmental Science, California State University at Channel Islands will be hosting this online talk from 6:00-7:00 p.m. Emily’s research focuses on the ecohydrology of ri-

parian areas, particularly those that have been impacted by beaver damming. Beavers build dams, dig channels, and change small streams into broad wetland areas. This keeps plants green and lush, even during periods of drought and wildfires. Join our Zoom presentation to learn how beavers defend our environment against climate change.

Lenaya Martin Joins Salud Family Health complace en darle la bienvenida a una Estes Park Salud Family Health is exnueva enfermera especializada: Lenaya cited to welcome a new nurse practiMartin, NP. tioner to the practice, Lenaya Martin, NP. Lenaya obtuvo su Maestrí a en Enfermería en Lenaya earned her Masla Universidad de Walden y ter's of Nursing from tiene experiencia en las Walden University and á r eas de medicina de emerhas experience in the argencia, tratamiento del doeas of emergency medilor, cirugí a y atenció n cine, pain management, postanesté s ica. Antes de surgery, and post-anasunirse a Salud, Lenaya trathesia care. Prior to joinbajó como enfermera espeing Salud, Lenaya worked cializada en la reserva de as a Nurse Practitioner at Fort Berthold en Dakota the Fort Berthold ReserLenaya Martin del Norte, brindando servivation in North Dakota, cios de atención médica a providing healthcare services to memmiembros de las etnias Mandan, Hibers of the Mandan, Hidatsa, and datsa y Arikara (también conocidas Arikara Nation (also known as the Three como las Tres Tribus Afiliadas). Affiliated Tribes). Cuando no está trabajando, a Lenaya le When she is not working, Lenaya engusta caminar, viajar, hacer ejercicio y joys hiking, traveling, exercising, and pasar tiempo con sus amigos, familiares spending time with her friends, family, y mascotas. and pets. La clínica de Salud de Estes Park está The Salud Estes Park clinic is accepting aceptando nuevos pacientes. Para new patients. For more information, obtener má s información, visite please visit To Para programar schedule an appointment, call (303) una cita, llame al (303) MYSALUD MYSALUD (687-2583). (687-2583). Salud accepts Medicaid, Medicare, Salud acepta Medicaid, Medicare, CHP+, and most private insurance plans. Salud offers a sliding fee payment CHP+ y la mayoría de los planes de seguro privados. Salud ofrece un proscale based on family size and income. Insurance enrollment assistance is avail- grama de descuento de tarifas con base en el tamaño de la familia e ingresos. Se able. ofrece asistencia para la inscripción a Salud Family Health de Estes Park se seguros.


ARE YOU LIVING IN THE TRUTH? One of the greatest questions in the world ever asked is, “what is truth?” Truth contains no contaminants. It is not soiled or stained by any part of a lie. You cannot find a thread of deception in it. It is pure. It is full of light and it will shine on anyone’s path that will look towards it. The devil will keep you from the truth. His master plan is to steal, kill and destroy your life and your families. He’ll sprinkle a little truth on your life, while at the same time, he’ll lead you down a dark road that ends in death and ultimately, a separation from God and all that is true! He wants your life filled with just enough truth to keep you deceived, yet at the same time, he’ll make you think what you believe is true. There is only one Truth in this world and it comes from the Word of God, the Bible. Jesus said to His Father, “Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth. John 17:17. Psalm 119:160 reads, “The entirety of Your word is truth, And every one of Your righteous judgments endures forever.” Jesus said, Pastors Mark and Alice Wettengel “Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will by no Pastors Mark and Alice Wettengel 720-561-9491 means pass away.” Mt.24:35. Sunday Service at 10 am Truth has the ability to go the distance and come out on top. Wednesday Bible Study at 7 pm Have you really, seriously looked at your life and know your Streaming being led down the path of truth? What if you are not? What if you have been believing a lie? A half truth? Proverbs says, “There is a way that seems right to a man, But its end is the way of death.” Is your path heading to life, or is it heading to death? One thing about truth is that it will expose what is not true. That’s why you need to hear the Gospel. It’s a message of truth. All moral law has come out of its pages. It will help you to make the right decisions and keep you from going down the wrong path. It stops the devil in his tracks and exposes his tactics. It will give you life and your path will be blessed. Won’t you come to the truth? Ask Jesus to help you. We invite you to come to EPIC and be a part of a revolution for truth. 1820 S. St. Vrain Ave. Estes Park, CO 80517 Love you.

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Flag Day Observance, June 14 Submitted by: Steve Irish, Commander, American Legion Post 119, Estes Park


S TA N L E Y H O M E M U S E U M If these walls could talk, they would tell you a compelling tale of mountain life in early Estes Park through the eyes of the influential Flora & Freelan ("F.O.") Stanley and the domestic help who maintained their house, property, and way of life. To enter the door of the Stanleys’ 1904 Colonial Revival home is to pass through a frame into a painting, one with a time and life of its own. Be inspired as you take a step back in time with a guided tour of the original mountain home of the Stanleys. Advance reservations are suggested and tickets can be puchased online at The full tour experience lasts two hours, with each tour beginning at the Estes Park Visitors Center. A well-marked shuttle will pickup guests from the east parking lot (near the electric vehicle charging stations), at the top of the hour.

w w w. S t a n l ey H o m e . o r g t i c ke t s @ S t a n l ey H o m e . o rg 97 0 - 2 3 5 - 0 0 6 2

“That the flag of the United States shall be of thirteen stripes of alternate red and white, with a union of thirteen stars of white in a blue field, representing the new constellation.” This was the resolution adopted by the Continental Congress on June 14, 1777. The resolution was made following the report of a special committee which had been assigned to suggest the flag’s design. Interestingly, the Flag Act of 1777 did not specify the pattern for the stars, the number of points on the stars, the width of the stripes or the canton (the blue field) or whether a white or red stripe should be first. This caused a proliferation of flag designs with the stars especially being in many different patterns. The American flag was first carried into battle on September 11, 1777, in the Battle of the Brandywine. It was first saluted by foreign naval vessels on February 14, 1778, when the Ranger, bearing the Stars and Stripes and under the command of Captain Paul Jones, arrived in a French port. The flag first flew over a foreign territory in early 1778 at Nassau, Bahama Islands, where Americans captured a British fort. Observance of the adoption of the flag was not soon in coming, however. Although there are many

claims to the first official observance of Flag Day, all but one took place more than an entire century after the flag’s adoption in 1777. 139 years later, both President Wilson, in 1916, and President Coolidge, in 1927, issued proclamations asking for June 14 to be observed as the National Flag Day. But it wasn’t until August 3, 1949, that Congress approved the national observance, and President Harry S. Truman signed it into law. (Source: U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, Washington D.C., and National Society Sons of the American Revolution) The American Legion, Post 119 at Circle 119 invites you to join us at our Flag Day ceremony, Tuesday, July 14 at 5:30 p.m., located at the intersection of Rte. 36 and Rte. 7 - 850 N. St. Vrain, Estes Park.

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EPSCC Presentation June 14 With Maggie Cotreau, End-of-Life Doula Local Estes Park gie received her training through resident Maggie INELDA- International End of Cotreau will give a Life Doula Association. presentation and If you are interested in learning lead a discussion more, come in-person at 12:00 on the role of an pm on June 14, or contact Maggie End-of-Life Doula. Cotreau at This free for tion will be held on more information. Tuesday, June 14, Please consider pre-purchasing from noon to 1:00 lunch for the presentation at the at the Estes Park EPSCC. Meals are available to Senior Citizens Maggie Cotreau eat-in or take home. The cost of a Center (EPSCC) meal is $7 for EPSCC members and $10 located at 1760 Olympian Lane. for non-members. Please order your End-of-Life doulas work with a dying meal before 1:00 p. m. on Monday, June person, their loved ones, and paid care13. For more inforgivers at any mation about the EPpoint following SCC or to order a a terminal dimeal for the presentaagnosis, and tion, please call the especially in Coordinator, Tonya the last months Martin, at (970) 599of life to support them emotionally, spiri- 4671. Purchasing lunch is not a requiretually, and physically. The End-of-Life ment for attending this free presentation. (EOL) doula will also provide informaThis community presentation is organtion to help the dying person and others ized and sponsored by Renee Hodgden make choices about, or understand the of RE/MAX Mountain Brokers. Renee is nature of, the dying process. Following certified as a Seniors Real Estate Specialthe death, the EOL doula will help the ist by the National Association of Realloved ones reprocess the dying experitors. ence through one or more sessions. Mag-

Second Half Property Tax Payment Deadline June 15; Personal Property Tax Payment Plan For Business Owners Larimer County Treasurer & Public Trustee Irene Josey reminds taxpayers that all property taxes must be paid by June 15 to be considered timely. The June 15 deadline is for taxpayers who pay their taxes in two equal installments; the first half was due February 28. Your second half payment coupon was mailed with the original tax notice in January. Property taxes not paid by June 15 will become delinquent on June 16 and be subject to delinquent interest in accordance with Colorado laws. For your convenience, there are several ways to make your payment. Property taxes can be paid online by credit card, debit card, or electronic check. There are no fees for electronic check payments. You may also mail payments to Larimer County Treasurer, P.O. Box 2336, Fort Collins, CO 80522 or drop them off in our secure 24-hour drop box at 200 W. Oak St., Fort Collins. To ensure proper credit, please reference your schedule number on your check and include your

payment coupon. More information about these options can be found at Irene encourages business owners who may be finding it difficult to pay both their real estate and personal property taxes to reach out to the Treasurer’s Office to see if a personal property tax payment plan would be a good fit for them. The existing Colorado Revised Statute [C.R.S.] allows county treasurers to create payment plans for personal property taxes only. This does not apply to any other types of property taxes. If you have any other questions or concerns for the Larimer County Treasurer & Public Trustee’s Office, we are available to taxpayers during our business hours, Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Please contact us via email at, by phone at (970) 498-7020, or through our online chat option. More information is also available on our website at

F E AT U R I N G Rocky Mountain National Park Map Bear Lake

NEW! Corridor Map Rocky Mountain National Park

Town Shuttle Schedule & Map Town Parking Map Wi th paid lots and time-limited lots labelled




Free Shuttle Service in Estes Park. Downtown summer shuttle service is 9 a.m.-9 p.m. The daily electric trolley Red Route runs through downtown with 10 stops. Starting July 1st weekend five more routes will be added to surrounding areas. For more details go to:

In-Depth Articles & TONS of Great Information!

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Estes Park Summer Residents Association Seeking New Members Are you a permanent resident somewhere other than Estes Park but spend summers here? Are you seeking likeminded people with whom to enjoy your interests? Are you looking for new and challenging opportunities? If so, you may find membership in Estes Park Summer Residents Association just what you’ve been searching for. SRA members enjoy weekly social breakfasts and fine dinners throughout the summer including programs that are entertaining, educational or inspirational. Members are sure to find an activity of interest among the many weekly opportunities including golf, three ability levels of hiking, mah jongg, ukulele, book club, game night, bridge and SRA singers. This year 20 states are represented in our membership with Texas, Arizona,

Kansas, Florida, and Colorado leading in numbers. The Estes Park Summer Residents Association was formed in 1941 by a group of vacationers interested in horseback riding and outdoor activities, and in meeting others with similar interests. The activities have changed through the years but the spirit of comaraderie and fellowship has remained vibrant. If you are interested in learning more about SRA membership, contact membership chairs John and Pat Vorreiter at or (970) 577-0985. Our first summer event this year is our Welcome Back Party on Wednesday, June 22 from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. at the YMCA Upper Cookout Pavilion. Call the Vorreiters to join us for the evening.

Courtesy photos

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Estes Park Archives This Saturday, June 11

Even quick watercolor sketches of 1870s Estes Park are historically significant, provided they are genuine. Photo courtesy eBay Inc.

Francis C. Penrose (1813-1903) was a British architect and astronomer who dabbled in watercolor painting. In July 1878, he traveled to Denver to observe a total solar eclipse. Following the eclipse, he evidently traveled to Golden and Estes Park, as a recent auction listing of nine different watercolors attributed to him, dated August 1878, would seem to attest. Although unsigned, the items appear to be genuine, as the artist refers to various local geographic locations as Willow Park, Diamond Spring and Este's Park, designations no longer used but common parlance or accepted variant spellings at the time. Additionally, the painting style and labeling method used is similar to later work clearly attributed to Penrose, as, for example, a plein air study of the estate surrounding a British school he helped build and run in Athens, Greece, in 1887. Installments of fellow compatriot Isabella Bird's account of her 1873 travels through Estes Park began appearing in the weekly British periodical "Leisure Hour" in March 1878. Whether this is what prompted Penrose to explore the region, or whether it was on the recommendation of another countryman (it's not like Estes Park was exactly a secret in 1878), Penrose's images of Estes Park seem purposefully anachronistic, as if he

intentionally avoided any angles that might include signs of civilization, like the growing Sprague homestead in what is now Moraine Park, or the well-established Estes Park Hotel along the current Fish Creek. In some cases, though, from where the artist appears to be located, these signs would have been impossible to avoid, unless one sat on the ground and looked straight up into the air. Because so few comparative stereoviews of Estes Park exist from this era (Isabella Bird, or her publisher, essentially stole the undated illustrations used in "A Lady's Life" from Joseph Collier, without attribution and in some cases misidentified as to location), should these putative 1878 visions of Estes Park be accepted as authentic and incorrectly dated, or simply fictional/pastoral? Join the Estes Park Archives this Saturday, June 11, at 9 a.m. for a free 45minute analysis of the putative locations and potential value of works attributed to Francis Penrose in 1878. Our true location is 240 Moraine Avenue, with nearby parking free until 10:00 a.m. We will sit outside if the weather is good. Coffee and donuts are also provided free of charge, and you don't need to be a member or even an Estes Park year-round resident to attend and share your own perspectives. Call 586-4889 for directions or more information.

Old Timers Breakfast This Saturday The Old Timers Annual Breakfast will be held this Saturday at 9 a.m. at the Big Horn Restaurant. Come and join the group and dance your cares away.

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One Hundred Women Who Care Gives To EVCA

Mary Liz Adair, Kathy Park, Ray Wallace, Rosemary Truman and Sue McDermott. Courtesy photo

Presentation To Estes Valley Crisis Advocates What an honor it was for the members of One Hundred Women Who Care – Estes Park to present a check to the Estes Valley Crisis Advocates. The Crisis Advocates are an incredible nonprofit organization in the Estes Valley who host a safe house for victims of domestic abuse and violence. But that is only one of the myriad of services they provide. A 24/7 Crisis Hot Line is available to offer emotional support. And in case of an accident, a robbery, a hate crime, or other challenging event, along with the response of our police department a representative of the Crisis Advocates will offer assistance as needed. The dedication and devotion of the professionals and volunteers of EVCA is extraordinary.

One Hundred Women Who Care --Estes Park is a philanthropic organization that is relatively new to town but in only three gatherings the membership has donated $18,900 to nonprofit organizations right here in Estes Park! At each one- hour meeting, information about three area nonprofits is presented and thereafter the members choose which organization they would like to donate their monies to from the meeting. No bake sales, no yard sales! We welcome you to join us for our next meeting on June 30th from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at the home of Janet Collison, 3409 Eaglecliff Circle Drive at Windcliff. Following the meeting there will be an engaging time of fellowship. For further information, please email

Finding Rocky Mountain Wildflowers Marlene Borneman (right) will be sharing information about Rocky Mountain wildflowers, hikes, habitat, and when they bloom at the Estes Park Garden Club meeting. The meeting is Monday morning, June 13th, at 10:30, in the Hondius Room of the Estes Valley Public Library. The meeting is free and open to the public. Marlene has been photographing Colorado’s wildflowers while on her hiking and climbing adventures since 1974. She has earned her Native Plant Master Certification and is a member of the Colorado Native Plant Society. She is the author of Rocky Mountain Wildflowers 2 Ed., The Best Front Range Wildflower Hikes, and Rocky Mountain Alpine Flowers.

St. Bartholomew’s Yard Sale Save the Date-Saturday, June 18th from 9:00 a.m to 1:00 p.m. The Episcopal Church Women of St. Bartholomew’s Church at 880 MacGregor Avenue welcome you to attend their annual Yard Sale and Bake Sale. It’s an event not to be missed! Last year a large black bear graced the sale with his presence as he ambled over from the Black Canyon Inn-no doubt attracted by the wafting aromas of the

baked goods arrayed. The sale features crafts, lovely kitchen items, children’s clothing and toys, an array of collectibles, and the Bake Sale for which the ladies are renowned. Hopefully the day will be beautifully- sunny-but if not the Fellowship Hall inside the church is a great alternative site for the sale. Come and join the fun and fellowship! For further details please call the church office at (970) 586-4504.

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You Can Help Save The Lives Of Our Bears! food availability, and it's best that they find their food in the wild. If food sources in town are limited, bears will likely spend more time in wild lands in their quest to fatten up. Estes Valley residents play a major role in keeping bears wild, we can help by being conscientious and not leaving any types of food available to bears. Without the public's diligence in reducing human sources of food, we have limited success in avoiding and reducing conflicts. Please, follow these tips to keep bears out of trouble and to reduce conflicts: • Obtain a bear-resistant trash can or dumpster. Check with local auPhoto by Robert Burns thorities or your trash service to determine what types can be used By: Kris Hazelton and can pick up odors of food sources where you live. Keep garbage in a wellfrom miles away. There have been a few reports of bears secured location; and only put out getting into homes and vehicles in the Bears receive a big calorie reward if they garbage on the morning of pickup. Estes Valley in the last several weeks and get into something like pet food, or bird • Clean garbage cans regularly to elimiatt least three bears were recently euthaseed or leftover pizza, and once they get a nate food odors. If you don't have secure nized due to their close proximity with taste they quickly become habituated to storage, put food scraps and items that humans. Human-bear conflicts are a fact human food and conflicts start. When might become smelly into the freezer. of life in Colorado, but with some simple that happens, things usually don't go well Then put them in the trash on pick-up actions, residents of bear country can for the bear. day. help to significantly reduce those conOnce black bears have discovered a • Don't leave pet food or feeding bowls flicts and save the lives of our bears. food source they may defend it and can outside. The biggest issue in conflict situations is become dangerous. Those types of situa• After you barbeque, make sure to the availability of human sources of food tions can be dangerous and it is undesir- clean your grill, each and every time. -- garbage, pet food, livestock food, com- able to have wild, unpredictable animals • Attract birds naturally to your yard or post piles, bird feeders, chicken pens, etc. in close proximity to people. garden with flowers and water features. Bears have a phenomenal sense of smell Bears will go to the areas with the best For those who use bird feeders, suspend

them high above the ground so that they're inaccessible to bears; clean up beneath them every day and bring them in at night, • Tightly secure any compost piles. Bears are attracted to the scent of rotting food. • Clean-up thoroughly after picnics in the yard or on the deck. Don't allow food odors to linger. • If you have fruit trees, pick fruit before it gets too ripe. Don't allow fruit to fall and rot on the ground. • If you keep chickens or other small livestock, build a secure enclosure and bring the animals inside at night. Clean up pens regularly to reduce odors. • Keep the bottom floor windows of your house, front and back doors and garage doors closed and locked when you're not at home. Lock car doors. • Never intentionally feed bears or other wildlife. It's illegal and dangerous. • When backcountry camping, use bear containers at campgrounds and when possible, lock food and trash in vehicles.


At the Rich Flanery Team, we’ve helped people call the Rocky Mountains home for more than 25 years. Whether you’re looking to upsize, downsize, refinance, or even purchase a second home, we can help you, too. That’s what makes us the Rocky Mountain Lender. Get started today at

Rich Flanery

Loan Officer – NMLS# 256117

Phone (970) 577-9200 600 South Saint Vrain Avenue, #4, Estes Park, CO 80517

Equal Housing Lender ©2022 Mortgage Solutions of Colorado, LLC, dba Mortgage Solutions Financial NMLS #61602, headquartered at 5455 N Union Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80918, 719-447-0325. AR 104413; AZ BK-0928346; CO Mortgage Co. Registration; FL MLD902; MT Lender & Servicer Licenses 61602; TX-SML Mortgage Banker Registration & Residential Mortgage Loan Servicer Registration; WY MBL1022. RIch Flanery NMLS #256117. MSFR_04-14-2022

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Hilltop Guild Bazaar Aug. 6 Offers Bloodmobile

Give blood, buy a pie in Allenspark Aug. 6 A Vitalant bloodmobile will be stationed at the Kelley House, home of The Hilltop Guild in Allenspark, at the Guild's big annual Bazaar, Saturday, Aug. 6 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. To make an appointment, go to and follow the directions to donate. "This is another example of The Hilltop Guild's commitment to serving the wider community," said Jen Bell, president of the non-profit. "Blood is always needed here and across the country. And there's plenty of room for the bloodmobile and plenty of parking," she added. The Kelley House is located at 18720 Highway 7 outside Allenspark, halfway between Estes Park and Lyons.

In addition to the bloodmobile (new this year), the annual Bazaar offers homemade baked goods, sandwiches and desserts (pies!) plus fudge and peanut brittle for sale. The boutique inside the Kelley House will have a variety of hand-embroidered 100 percent cotton tea towels, jewelry, scrubbies and hand-woven items for sale from place mats to shoe laces. The White Elephant will be selling household goods, china, glassware and two wooden rocking chairs. The book trailer will have a variety of hardbacks and paperbacks, most of which will be fairly new and in excellent condition. And the jelly hut will be selling a variety of flavors, from local fruits handpicked, juiced and jellied. All flavors for $8 each. Come early for the dandelion jelly! See you at The Guild in Allenspark on Aug. 6, 2022.

Hilltop Guild Awards Seven Scholarships To Students In Estes Park And Lyons The Guild is an association of mountain women who live at least part of the time in and around Allenspark. They make and sell handicrafts from dandelion jelly to weavings, from quilts to peanut brittle. With the money they make from sales, particularly from the Annual Bazaar, which this year will be on Saturday, Aug. 6, they give scholarships to local high school students in Lyons, Allenspark and Estes Park. Members of the Education/Philanthropic Committee are Carol Halsey, Barb Coles and Donna Squyres. Hilltop Guild has been awarding student scholarships for almost 40 years and has, to date, helped more than 125 students with their education. That's a lot of tea towel sales! (Let's give a shout-out to former Allenspark resident Chloe Walker who graduated from Western Colorado State University in May with a degree in Biology. She received a scholarship from the Guild in 2018, which we like to think helped her on her way!) Four students from Lyons High School who received 2022 scholarships are: Hailey Odell, the Marjorie McCulloch Memorial Scholarship recipient of $2,000. Hailey will be attending the University of Iowa, Iowa City. She is majoring in English and Creative Writing. She already has published a book. Gage Basey is the Gerald Halsey Memorial Scholarship recipient of $1,500. Gage will be attending University of Colorado, Boulder, majoring in Entrepre-

neurship. He plays volleyball and represented the USA at World Beach Championships in Thailand when he was a senior. Murren Campbell is the Hilltop Guild Scholarship recipient of $1,500. She will be attending the University of Northern Colorado. She is majoring in Elementary Education and has tutored elementary school students every other weekday for the past two years. James Dean is the Hilltop Guild Scholarship recipient of $1,000. He will be attending Front Range Community College, majoring in Musical Arts. He has already written 58 lyrical pieces and composed 20 musical pieces. Three young women from Estes Park High School received scholarships including Bella Walker, the Marjorie McCulloch Memorial Scholarship recipient of $2,000. She will be attending Harding University, Searcy, Arkansas. She is majoring in Health/Wellness and her goal is to be an orthopedic surgeon. Sydney Lewelling is the Hilltop Guild Scholarship recipient of $1,500, She will attend Colorado State University and is majoring in Health/Wellness with interests in pediatrics, sports medicine, and women’s health. Kadynce Shotts is the Hilltop Guild Scholarship recipient of $1,500. She will attend University of North Florida, majoring in ASL- English Interpreting. She has sent a first draft of her SF/Fantasy novel to a publisher.

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MERCADO DE LANA Presented by/ Presentado por:

FREE Family Fun! Diversión GRATIS para toda la Familia Saturday, June 11, 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. Sábado, 11 de Junio, 9 A. M. a 5 P. M. Sunday, June 12, 9 A.M. to 4 P.M. Domingo, Junio 12, 9 A.M. a 4 P. M.

Estes Park Events Complex

Complejo de Eventos Estes Park Livestock Shows Petting Zoo n Kid’s Crafts Horse & Wagon Rides Food Trucks n Demos n Vendors


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Get Your Tickets To See Daddy Long Legs Estes Park Community Theatre, in association with Music Theatre International, is excited to present the musical Daddy Long Legs June 17, 18, 19, 24, and 25th at the High School Theatre. The two-person cast stars Sean Johnson, an Estes Park native and musical theatre major at the University of Northern Colorado, and Lily Schmoker, also a theater major at UNC. Daddy Long Legs is an award-winning off-Broadway hit musical with book by John Caird (director of Les Miserables) and music and lyrics by Paul Gordon (East of Eden). It is based on the 1912 novel of the same name by Jean Webster. Set in turn-of-the-century New England, the musical follows Jerusha Abbott, who has grown up in an orphanage but is sent to college by a mysterious benefactor so she may learn to be a writer. She can never know who he is, so dubs him "Daddy Long Legs" after seeing his elongated shadow. The musical’s soaring melodies and heartwarming story make it wildly popular with all who see it. Denise Stookesberry, who recently directed Disenchanted and Spitfire Grill for the Fine Arts Guild, will direct the musical with pianist Cynthia Hunt, stage manager Kathy Littlejohn, and with a set designed by the legendary Greig Steiner. Mark your calendars now for the opening of this very special musical. You don’t want to miss it! Tickets and more information at

Lily Schmoker

Sean Johnson

YMCA Of The Rockies Hires New Chief Financial Officer Senior Vice President (SVP) & CFO at Goodwill Industries of Dallas. He has experience in management consulting as the Principal of Summit Retail Consulting and as a Director with AlixPartners, LLP. He has spent much of his career in Corporate Finance and Retail Management, including roles as EVP-GMM and EVP-P&A at JCPenney, Inc., SVP-P&A at Chico’s FAS, Inc., VP-Finance at Express, Inc., and Director of FP&A at Limited Brands, Inc. Jeff is a member of the AmeriJeff Allison can Institute of Certified Public Accountants, an executive memYMCA of the Rockies is pleased to anber of Financial Executives Internanounce and welcome Jeffrey (Jeff) Allitional, and a council member with Gerson as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for son Lehrman Group. He earned his the association. Jeff is an accomplished CPA from the State of Ohio, and his edChief Financial Officer and senior busiucation includes a BBA in Finance ness executive with career experience in from the University of Oklahoma and a number of retail, consulting and nonan MBA from Texas A&M University. profit organizations. Jeff comes to Jeff serves on the Board of Directors of YMCA of the Rockies from his position Board Development Systems, Inc. dba as the Executive Vice President (EVP) & BoardBuild, and was a member of the CFO of United Way of Tarrant County, United Way Worldwide Advanced located in Fort Worth, Texas. Jeff will be Leadership Program Class of 2021. replacing current CFO, Chris Jorgensen In his free time, Jeff enjoys travel, outas he moves into his new role at YMCA door adventure, sports, and spending of the Rockies as Chief Operating Offitime with his family. Jeff and his wife, cer. Liz, are long-time visitors and property Prior to his role as EVP & CFO with owners in Estes Park, and are looking United Way of Tarrant County, Jeff was forward to making Estes Park home!

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Summer Art Gallery Exhibit Features The Historical Art Of Estes Park By: Alfred Wands

Lone Tree Antiques and Fine Art David Stirling, George Elbert Burr, Fred Gallery in Eaton, Colo. is Clatworthy, Alfred hosting a summer art exhibiWands, Birger Sandzen tion and sale featuring a coland many others. lection of the most notable “This is a unique opartists who have painted and portunity to see Estes photographed Estes Park over Park explored through the past 100 years. many different artistic “Estes Park and Rocky styles,” Geary said. Mountain National Park have Lone Tree Antiques long been a destination for and Fine Art has been artists from around the couna recognized authority try who are drawn to its main American art and jestic setting,” said Daniel L. native cultures in ColGeary, owner of Lone Tree orado for more than 30 Antiques and Fine Art. “We’re years. excited to present this special The gallery is located By: Richard Tallant collection of thirty works by at 115 – 117 First Street some of the prominent artists who visin Eaton, Colo. The exhibit is open Monited Estes. Many of these artists had gal- days, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10 leries and shops around town over the a.m. – 5 p.m. or by appointment until years and were also well-known local July 29, 2022. More information is availfigures.” able at or by The exhibit includes original and hiscalling (970) 301-0248. toric works by Charles Partridge Adams,



Thank You Sponsors & Donors! On May 22nd, the Museum held our inaugural annual benefit gala: An Evening Under the Stars. We were overwhelmed by the generosity of the community that surrounded the Museum that evening. Thank you to the businesses who donated to our auctions, volunteers who keep stepping up to help, and sponsors who give time and time again. The legacy of Flora and F.O. Stanley is strong at this extraordinary institution because of the great people and businesses who step up in service and care. Together, with our local and extended community, we will continue on our journey to educate and inspire visitors to Estes Park through the interpretation of the Stanleys’ experiences, character, and leadership. Alpenglow Annie Originals Arapahoe Basin Ski Area Aspen and Evergreen Gallery Awesome Shirtworks BLADES Bobbie Heisterkamp Brian Hester Burgers & Gyros Cabin Fever CABINtique Chipper’s Lanes American Legion Post 119 Cliffhanger Used Books Colorado Symphony Country Market Craftsmen in Leather Cynthia Hunt Dairy Queen Dawn Wilson Photography Denver Art Museum Denver Zoo Designs by Alice Dunraven El Mex-Kal EP Memorial Observatory Estes Park Mountain Shop Estes Park News Estes Park Western Heritage Estes Thai Estes Valley Recreation & Park

Favorite Things For Bare Feet Gigax Family Angus Glow Salon and Spa High Plains Healthy Vending History Colorado InHome Fitness Solutions Izzie Cof昀n John Gehlhausen John Lynch Woodworking Kayla Decker at Shear Magic Kelley Anderson Kind Coffee Laura’s Fine Candies Macdonald Book Shop Mary Jane’s Mountain Blown Glass New Village Pizza Nicky’s Steakhouse O’Reilly Auto Parts Omnibus Open Air Adventure Park Park Supply Hardware Paula Hale Peak’s Hallmark Poppy’s Pizza & Grill Rambo’s Longhorn Liquor Raven’s Roast Red Rose Rock Shop Reel Mountain Theater Ride-A-Kart Rocky Mountain Choc. Factory

Rocky Mountain Majesty Rocky Mountain SereniTEA Shell EZ Auto Wash Silvya Wear Smokin’ Dave’s BBQ & Brew Sports Hound Starbucks Sticks-N-Stones STUFFED Subway Suzy Snow昀ake Cabin The Barrel The Daily Donut The Estes Park Museum The Estes Park Resort The Mad Moose The Ore Cart Rock Shop The Stanley Hotel The Sundae Saloon The White Orchid Three Blessed Gems Tilotama Manandhar Toy Mountain Trout Haven Resorts True Value Vert CoWorking Village Goldsmith, Inc. Wild Horse Gift Shop Wild Rose Restaurant Wild Spirits Gallery YMCA of the Rockies You Need Pie!

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Estes Park Walk For The Hungry, July 17, 2022

The Estes Park Walk for the Hungry will be Sunday, July 17, and go around Lake Estes. It will start from the Estes Park Visitors Center at 1:00 p.m., gathering at the Southeast corner of the Visitors Center. The need for food aid around the world today is greater than any time since World War II. The director of the World Food Bank of the United Nations has said, “We are having to take food from the hungry to give it to the starving.” The situation in Ukraine is just the most recent manifestation of the problem, but probably the most publicized in the news. The Russian intrusion into Ukraine has resulted in the bombing of the two largest grocery warehouses in the country, destroying millions of dollars of food resources for the country’s grocery stores, restaurants, hospitals, schools and other institutions. Then a soup kitchen that provided meals for refugees was

bombed. Prices for food, of course, have skyrocketed. In the Middle eastern nation of Yemen, a war between Saudi Arabia and Iran made the distribution of food aid by the United Nations World Food aid almost impossible; as a result thousands of children are starving. These are just the most glaring situations of need in the world today. Cyclones which hit Southeast Asia and East Africa, as well as drought and famines in large portions of Africa have caused destruction of crops and food insecurity. We hope you will mark your calendars for the Estes Park Walk for the Hungry on July 17. Sponsor sheets for walkers to sign up sponsors will be available soon from churches and other organizations. Contact me by phone at 970-586-0578 if you or an organization you are a part of would like to be part of the effort. My address is 3816 Dollar Lake Drive, Estes

Custer Road UMC Choir Performance At YMCA Of The Rockies

Photo from Sr. High Revelation Choir Facebook page

The Sr. High Revelation Choir from Custer Road United Methodist Church in Plano, Texas, will be presenting a concert at Hyde Chapel at the YMCA of the Rockies on Friday, June 10th at 7:00 p.m. The concert is free and open to the public. The choir is on their annual Summer Choir Tour. They have been performing at different venues on their way to Estes Park, including retirement homes and churches. In Estes Park, they will be performing at the YMCA of the Rockies as well as at the Estes Park Performance

Park on Sunday, June 12th at 9:00 a.m. The 55 member choir is made up of high school youth, freshmen to seniors, who provide the music for the church’s 8:30 a.m. worship service every Sunday. Custer Road United Methodist Church is a congregation of approximately 3,600 members from the Plano area, 20 miles north of Dallas. To find out more about Custer Road UMC, please visit For a video of the choir’s past tour performance, please visit:

New Yoga And The Word Classes Offered By Alicia Cossota Alicia Cossota owner of Zoomet Yoga LLC is proud to announce weekly Yoga and The Word classes in two locations. The gentle non-denominational, faith based yoga classes are scheduled on Mondays at 11:30 at St. Francis Angelican Church located at 3480 St. Francis Way and on Thursdays at 10:30 at 600 S.

St. Vrain, Unit 1 in the Jazzercise location. Classes are donation based with no membership required. All experience levels are welcome. Come as you are and leave feeling rejuvenated; body, mind and spirit. For more information, contact Alicia at or visit her website at

Estes Valley Quilt Guild Meeting Estes Valley Quilt Guild Monthly meetings are held the second Wednesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. at Mountain View Fellowship, 1575 S. S. Vrain, Estes Park, CO. Each month will be a business meeting, members show and tell followed by a program. Guests are welcome, there is a $10 guest fee. Please come join.

Preamble Vs 2nd Amendment Next Topic At Quaker/Unitarian Meeting The Quaker/ Unitarian/Other group meets each Sunday morning at the US Bank meeting room (363 East Elkhorn Ave.). Quaker silence is from 10-10:30. Social time is from 10:30-11. Presentation and discussion is from 11-noon. This week’s discussion will be led by Bev Bachman. Bev is an education consultant who has helped groups write mission and vision statements. All are welcome to attend and listen to this most important discussion. If questions; contact Randy Maharry at 515-229-8299. Please be respectful of other attendees by having proper immunizations.

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Golf For Justice: Support Restorative Justice Through Tournament Sponsorship By: Denise Lord, Restorative Justice Manager/Executive Director

Whether working to repair the harm of a crime, bringing parties together to work out sustainable solutions, or providing proactive support to build community connections, elevate conversation or promote positive decision-making, Estes Valley Restorative Justice Partnership (EVRJP) helps build and repair relationships in the Estes Valley. The community benefits from enhanced cooperation, elevated understanding and stronger relationships as a result of the proactive and responsive processes EVRJP facilitates. As EVRJP gears up for its annual golf tournament fundraiser, we seek local support via sponsorship of the event. Help build capacity to engage restoratively by investing in the relationships that form the heart of our community. Support EVRJP in building and repairing community through sponsorship of the 11th Annual Golf for Justice Tournament. Various levels of event sponsorship are

available, and start as low as $150. Benefits include banner display, sign/logo recognition on the course, acknowledgment in the program, and name/logo featured on the tournament website. Sponsorship provides an opportunity for individuals, businesses and organizations to promote their services to tournament participants, show support for local restorative justice practices, and contribute to building and repairing community. The 2022 Golf for Justice Tournament takes place Friday, July 29 at the Estes Park 18-Hole Golf Course, located at 1480 Golf Course Road. Learn more about EVRJP and Golf for Justice Tournament sponsorship opportunities at Contact EVRJP staff by email at or by phone at 970577-3829 to explore ways to engage. EVRJP is a hybrid municipal/ nonprofit organization recognized as tax-exempt by the IRS under section 501(c)(3). Charitable contributions are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

Quilts Of Valor Seeking Local Service Members And Veterans The Estes Valley Quilt Guild will present Quilts of Valor to veterans before the Village Band Concert on the Fourth of July at Performance Park.

If you know a deserving vet, or are one yourself, please send an email to Last year we presented seven quilts.

Courtesy photos

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7th Annual Friends Of Folk Festival 2022

Honoring the Legacy of our late friend Dick Orleans On Tuesday, June 21, at 2 p.m., the Estes Arts District will kick off their 7th annual Friends of Folk Festival – even bigger and better this year – and it's built for the locals. Dick Orleans was always encouraging others to pursue their art whether music, photography, or whatever it might be... and he inspired many. The Estes Arts District strives to carry the torch forward with Dick's goal in mind of encouraging new artists to perform. He brought a spotlight to new talents and encouraged ever evolving musical influences into the Friends of Folk style of entertainment. This unique style encompassed classic, well loved music; mixed with fresh new voices to create an

exciting night of entertainment. This is what we strive to create with the Friends of Folk Festival. In addition, a scholarship fund has been established with Dick’s passions in mind. Origins: Dick hosted “Friends of Folk” on Friday nights – an open mic to encourage people to perform; followed by a headliner, or main act. Not long after his sudden and unexpected passing, the Friends of Folk Festival was started for locals, and it remains so. It is always on a Tuesday to promote locals coming into town when they might not otherwise (during peak season). Now in its seventh year, we continue to carry the momentum of the past while working to grow this event bigger and better for the future.

This year's musical lineup packs diversity and high quality talent; from the lyrical stories of Aaron LaCombe and high energy Americana of The Sweet Lillies, to the Jam Grass of local favorite Chain Station, plus add soul and hip hop from The Reminders, and the SweatySoul-Funk dance music of the nine-piece brass magic that is The Burroughs – one of Colorado's hottest bands. We want to promote untapped and unknown talent to the people of Estes Park. Our local musicians will be sprinkled into this diverse mix – and the diversity and better quality talent will draw more people – with our target demographic being 8 to 80 (+/-). Did you say scholarship? Yes! Our reach doesn't stop with the end of the festival. The scholarships we give out allow local artists to pursue needs and desires – from the simplicity of painting supplies; to a special lens for shooting wedding photography. One recipient used his scholarship money to pay his rent during the pandemic so that he could remain focused on his music. Another used her scholarship to for product development and marketing to expand her small batch line of sauces. Applying is simple and easy; visit and follow the buttons under the “Friends of Folk” drop down menu. Vendors will have a presence as well. As long as they file with the Town of Estes (a $25 special event licensing fee), we'll provide them a table on site to show off and sell their wares. (Music isn’t the only form of art we are supporting at Friends of Folk Festival!). This is a free event because we believe in everyone having access to live music, as well as celebrating locals for their hard work and dedication to the community, especially after this past year. WHAT? Friends of Folk Festival!

WHEN? Tuesday, June 21st- starting at 2, it will run until 10 p.m. WHERE? Performance Park - 435 West Elkhorn Ave. (a mini Red Rocks) TICKETS? You don't need tickets! It's FREE! FOOD & BEVERAGES? Food trucks will be on site, as well as craft beverages (no outside alcohol is permitted). The Estes Arts District is a 501(c) 3 and proceeds from donations as well as sales of craft beverages go back into the community as we strive to cultivate newer, better, and more art (and art programs) for the Estes Valley. The Estes Arts District would like to extend sincere thanks to the generous support of these sponsors: • Laura Jane Musser Fund • Town of Estes Park • Bohemian Foundation • Community Foundation of Northern Colorado • Kind Coffee • Quality Inn • Estes Arts District • Visit Estes Park • Avant Garde Aleworks • Snowy Peaks Winery • SnowyGrass • Rambo's Longhorn Liquor Mart • Tom Thomas Realtor First Colorado Realty • Heidi Riedesel Madison & Co. Properties • Otter Cares • Village Thrift Shop • Rations - Mobile Provisions • Mary Murphy Coldwell Banker Estes Village Properties, Ltd • Rocky Mountain Channel • Estes Park Rent-All • Estes Park News

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Lost Penny At Performance Park June 18

The Fine Arts Guild of the Rockies is about dogs and Elvis and they are about excited to present the first free concert in whiskey and Tennessee grandmas, this our summer concert series at Performenergetic band will have the audience ance Park! Lost tapping their feet Penny is an and singing along! Americana, Admission is free Bluegrass, and at this PerformCountry band ance Park concert led by frontSaturday, June 18th women Erin at 7 p.m. Dahlby on manFree will donadolin and Nations are accepted dine on guitar. for the Fine Arts Their harmony Guild scholarship focused style is fund for a gradubacked up by ating senior who clever and memplans to major in orable songwritthe arts. ing and includes Lawn covers that don’t chairs/blankets fit into any of are encouraged. those genres. As likely to sing

Estes Park Jazz Big Band To Present June 15

The Estes Park Jazz Big Band will present its first outdoor concert of the summer on Wednesday, June 15, starting at 7:00 p.m. The free concert will be held at Performance Park, Estes Park’s outdoor performance facility located on west Elkhorn Avenue. Audience members are encouraged to bring lawn chairs or blankets. Chuck Varilek will direct the local jazz band which is in its 31st year of providing music for Estes Park residents and visitors. The band will feature music from the Big Band Era with the swinging sounds of Duke Ellington, Les Brown, Benny

Goodman, Tommy Dorsey, Glenn Miller and Count Basie. In addition, newer music for big bands will also be performed. Wednesday’s program will feature popular favorites, including “You Made Me Love You,” “Oh, You Beautiful Doll,” “Jersey Bounce,” and “S Wonderful.” Jan McCown will be featured vocalist for this concert, singing “It Had To Be You” and “Satin Doll.” The Estes Park Jazz Big Band is made up of musicians from Estes Park and surrounding communities. For more information about the band or the concert, please contact Chuck Varilek at 970-227-8704.

Over 2,000 Trailblazers Now Have TRUE 1 GIG Blazing-Fast Internet

Register to stay informed 970.577.3770

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Newcomers’ Fire Mitigation Project Receives Two $5,000 Donations

Steve Neilson of the Estes Park Newcomers Club made a presentation about the hydrant marker project at the May 26 community meeting on the updated 2022 Community Wildfire Protection Plan. The meeting was organized in partnership by the Estes Valley Fire Protection District, the Estes Valley Watershed Coalition, the Town of Estes Park, Visit Estes Park, the Ember Alliance, the Larimer County Sherriff’s Office, and the Northern Colorado Fireshed Collaborative.

The Estes Park anonymous,” said Newcomers Club Neilson, treasurer of fire mitigation the Newcomers. project got an The Newcomers enormous boost bought the first 100 this week with two poles and began a separate $5,000 dofund drive to raise nations. The orgathe money for an adnization’s goal is to ditional 600 hydrant raise $20,000 to markers. put a four-foot The club is using fiberglass pole on GoFundMe crowdeach of the 700 fire sourcing as its main hydrants in the way of receiving doIf you would like to contribute to this Estes Valley Fire nations, but the orproject, you can use the QR code which Protection District. ganization will also will take you to the GoFundMe page or “We are just over take cash or checks. use the URL for the Estes Valley Fire Mithalfway there,” said igation Hydrant Markers page, www.go- The thin poles are Steve Neilson, who attached to fire the idea to tion-hydrant-markers. You can also send drants with a stainthe Newcomers and a check to Estes Park Newcomers Club, less-steel spring apto Chief David paratus that can PO Box 2282. Estes Park, CO 80517. Wolf. “We are celeflexibly bend and not brating the generosbreak with strong wind. The added ity of two donors who wish to remain height and the reflective marking on the poles help firefighters to quickly identify a fire hydrant buried by plowed snow or covered with tall foliage. The Newcomers are not directly selling the hydrant markers, The organization is raising funds so the markers can be ordered and shipped directly to the fire department for installation. Chief Wolf will prioritize where the poles go based on the Estes Valley Fire Protection District’s Wildfire Protection Plan which has designated certain areas of the community to be at highest risk. The goal is that all hydrants in the Estes Valley will have a marker attached by October which is national Fire Protection Month.

Bike Estes Day- Combining “Bike To Work Day” And The “Costume Bike Parade” Into One Day of Biking Fun June 22 Come join the fun with a full day of biking activities. Bike Estes Day celebrates cycling of all kinds by combining Colorado’s “Bike to Work Day” in the morning with the annual “Costume Bike Parade” in the evening to form a full day focused on bicycles and community fun. Bike to Work Day is a national event that Colorado celebrates annually in June and the Costume Bike Parade has become a fun Estes Park annual event. BIKE TO WORK DAY Start your day on June 22 by joining the community for Bike to Work Day at the town’s Visitor Center from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. Coffee and breakfast items and treats will be provided. There will also be activities for the kids, a bike maintenance stand, and information booths. So please stop by to show your support of biking and enjoy the festivities. All are welcome regardless of your mode of transportation!

COSTUME BIKE PARADE The Costume Bike Parade is a unique, fun filled opportunity for the whole family to dress up, decorate your bike and join your neighbors and community for a leisurely bike ride through downtown from the Visitors Center to Performance Park. Police will escort the riders, and at the end of the parade, there will be additional festivities. The fun starts at 5:30 p.m. at the Visitors Center, where there will be decorations on hand to help decorate your bike. At 6 p.m., the bike parade starts, with a police escort stopping traffic at all of the intersections. The parade ends at Performance Park. Don’t forget to wear a costume! For more information, contact Mike Lewelling, President of the Estes Park Cycling Coalition by email at

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Expect Aggressive Wildlife Behavior This Time Of Year From Mothers Defending Their Young Many birds and mammals give birth this time of the year. Now through the end of June, newborn wildlife will be found across the landscape and it is important that when they are observed, that people do so from a distance and never try to interact with them. Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials issue this annual advisory to avoid elk,

into what could be a dangerous situation. “As people are recreating for the next three or four weeks, they should be keeping their dogs on a leash or leaving them at home,” said Kristin Cannon, Deputy Regional Manager with CPW’s Northeast region. “They should be aware of their surroundings and should give all wildlife plenty of space.”

Photo by Robert Burns

People that feed, touch or remove wildlife from their natural environment actually cause them harm and are not helping the young animals. The best practice is to leave young wildlife alone, untouched in their natural habitat so they can grow and thrive in the wild. On Friday in Evergreen, wildlife officers had to take a fawn from a resident

Photo by Paul Marcotte

who thought it was abandoned. If you see a newborn fawn without its mother nearby, that is normal. Deer, elk and pronghorn mothers hide their young for long periods of time while foraging. Young that have been removed cannot be successfully returned to the wild, as the mother will not continue searching for a missing baby or reject it because it was handled by humans and may no longer smell like her fawn. How can humans help young wildlife?

Photo by Robert Burns

Photo by Kris Hazelton/EP News

moose and deer that have newborn calves and fawns this time of year. There have been two recent moose attacks that resulted in injuries to people in northwest Colorado, both of which were from cows exhibiting defensive behavior of their nearby calves. One was on a woman running on a trail in Breckenridge on May 26. The second was on May 31 in Grand Lake when a woman encountered a moose five-feet away in some willows near her home. As she started running away, she fell down and then felt the moose stomp on her back and head. These incidents serve as examples that wildlife are just that, wild, and they can act in unpredictable ways. CPW reminds the public to respect wildlife and their space, especially this time of the year. “Cows will be exhibiting normal protective behavior of their young,” said Shannon Schaller, Deputy Regional Manager with CPW’s Northeast region. “Give wildlife extra space this time of year. Be sure to keep dogs on leashes. Dogs can trigger aggressive behavior and both moose and elk will chase a dog right back to their owner, presenting a dangerous situation.” Having dogs off leash often escalates run-ins with wildlife from just a sighting

CPW produced a video illustrating how people can be safe and responsible around moose. The video is available on YouTube: E&t=2s Video of a newborn calf with its mother during the May 31-June 1 snow that hit Colorado’s high country:

Photo by Brad Manard

One way to avoid an unnecessary runin with a moose is to steer clear of thick willow habitat in riparian areas where they are likely to be found eating or resting. Their calves, born in a 3-4 week period from the end of May to mid-June, are often lying in the willows while their mother is off grazing. Calves, which weigh 26-28 pounds at birth, typically gain about two pounds of weight per day, reaching weights of 385-400 pounds by October.

Photo by Jason Clay/CPW Elk calves are typically born in locations where cover, forage and water are in juxtaposition in late May or early June. A single calf is typical, twins are rare. Calves weigh between 28-35 pounds at birth and are covered with small white spots for their first few months of their lives. On Wednesday, wildlife officers rescued a elk calf out of a window well in Genesee Village.

Do not approach, touch or feed wild animals. Enjoy wildlife from a safe distance. Keep your dog on a leash and on trails. If you find a wild animal that appears sick or injured, leave it alone. Call your local Colorado Parks and Wildlife office and talk to a trained wildlife official for guidance. For more information, please visit our website at for more spring wildlife advice.

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The Old Gallery in Allenspark Welcomes Four New Artists Four new artists will be featured at The Old Gallery in Allenspark this summer, joining 21 other regional and local artists. They are Eli Roehl, jewelry; Andrew Treaster, photography; Julie Zuniga, ceramics and David Duey, woodworking. Eleanor (Eli) Roehl creates one-of-akind jewelry in her remote studio in the shadow of a 14,000 foot peak in the Rocky Mountains. Very concerned about protecting our environment, she uses hand-built, recycled metal in abstract

Andrew Treaster

and expressionistic designs. Her designs compliment the stones she personally selects making each truly unique. The colorful, semiprecious stones in her designs often draw from the vibrant colors of the Caribbean, where she once lived. Roehl is currently incorporating Native American spirit and power fetishes in many of

her new designs. David Duey cut his woodworking teeth as a carpenter’s helped while he was still in high school With a lifetime of building and workshop experience, he now concentrates on small furniture and decorative boxes featuring urban harvested domestic woods. He frequently uses milk paint, quality fabrics, metal leaf, shell dots, carving, wood burning and plant-based finishes. Julia Zuniga is an art educator and ceramic

artist whose work is inspired by the colorful and chaotic streets of her hometown of Miami, Florida, as well as bold designs that are characteristic of preColumbian and Ukrainian pottery and textiles. “Historically pottery has connected people to the earth and has been celebrated as a vehicle for food and libations,” said Zuniga. “When creating my work, I think about this history and how it allows me to connect with my ancestors and community.” Andrew Treaster is a nature and

David Duey

Julia Zuniga

wildlife photographer specializing in the Rocky Mountains and American West. Through his extensive travels from his hometown in Kansas to Colorado (on family vacations), and then to South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia, Andrew developed a passion for capturing beautiful images and sharing them with

the world. When he moved to Colorado, he began focusing on documenting Rocky Mountain National Park and other U.S. National Parks. His goal is to transport the viewer through his art and to convey the same sense of wonder that inspired his creation of the image. “We’re very excited to have these four talented artists displaying their work at The Old Gallery,” said Stained Glass Artist and The Old Gallery Artists Chair Sally Van Der Kamp. The 25 regional and local artists who display and sell

Eli Roehl

their creations at The Old Gallery have been busy painting, woodworking, weaving and making ceramics in preparation for the summer season. She added, “There’s something for everyone here!” Other featured artists include Ann Barnsley, Kitty Burton, Darlene Bushue,

Patty Dwyer, Leslie Emerson, George Epp, Lyn Ferguson, Elizabeth Hake, Patti Harrison, Susan Krauth, Sheila Marie, Mary Morse, Juli Neri, Jennifer Nicholson, Cheryl Pennington, Lois Rentz, MaryLynn Schumacher, Linda Toukan, Merrie Wicks and Dawn Wilson. The Old Gallery is also home to The Rocky Mountain Nature Conservancy Store. It’s the only one located outside of Rocky Mountain National Park and on the west side of the park. You’ll find tshirts, mugs, children’s plush toys, guide books and more that celebrate Rocky Mountain National Park, Wild Basin and other favorite trails. The Old Gallery is a center for community, arts and visitors and is located at 14863 Hwy. 7 in Allenspark. The Old Gallery provides a wide range of services include the twice-monthly Community Cupboard Food Bank, Community Closet, concerts, yoga and wellness classes, tourist information and providing a home to 25 local and regional artists to display and sell their creations. It is only 20 minutes from Estes Park and Lyons.

26 » Friday, June 10, 2022

“YOU’RE IN MY THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS!” How often have we heard / read those words lately? We’ve heard them uttered by our President, Vice-President, Governor, police personnel and myriads of individual citizens. They are words that are timely and needed during our time of shootings, wars, fire and other natural disasters, and other group and individual tragedies. And these words are so needed, especially at a time when it seems like we…perhaps anyone…can do little else. Few viable ‘solutions’ seem to be forthcoming…but we can keep victims in our thoughts and prayers. However, there are some things which must be considered when we think about the prayers we and others are offering. First of all, are we…they…on ‘speakin’ terms with the lord?’ I shared in the past about someone asking me that question years ago. They needed God’s help and thought my prayers could help…but only if I was in a good relationship with God, ‘on speakin’ terms with the Lord’. So that is a question I should answer about myself and others who are currently asking help needed from the Lord. There are many whom we might ask… after watching their ongoing behavior, ‘is there ‘anyone else’ who can help me?’ David once said: “If I regard iniquity in my heart, God will not hear me!” (Psa. 66:18) And the same is true of me, you, or others who might be praying for our welfare without having maintained that good relationship with God. Why should we expect Him to answer…and help? J.B. Phillips wrote a bestselling book several years ago, entitled ‘Your God Is Too Small’. In his book he described the different ‘pictures’ that people have of God. Some see Him as a ‘Heavenly Policeman’, present to accuse and punish people when they fail. Some see Him as a ‘Heavenly Grandfather’ or ‘Santa Claus’ with an unending caring, forgiving, helping spirit. Millions more view God as “God in a Box”. Such a ‘God’ is tucked away but readily available to them whenever they need His services. (like Batman?) They ‘pluck Him’ out of the ‘box’ when they…or others…are in trouble, and tell Him their troubles, being confident that He will ‘deliver them’ from their distress. When the crisis is past they ‘put Him back into the box’ until they need Him again. I assure you that the God we deal with is none of these! So how do I know if ‘I’m on speakin terms with God?’ Let me suggest some things that can help us know. First of all, am I living a life that would show Him that I’m a friend of His? If my life is continually lived outside of His will, disregarding His law, shared freely in His Word, what makes me think that He is longing to meet my needs in time of trouble? Think of an estranged son, disregarding his father’s wishes continually, coming to his father with his ‘requests’ frequently. What response would he receive? Second of all, if, by my life, He knows that I am trying to please Him, I still have to ‘ask’! The writer James stated it plainly: “If you ask not, you receive not!” We need to be a praying people! Are those people we referred to above as concerned about our present ‘crises’, regularly ‘praying’ people? Are we? Several times we are encouraged to ‘pray without ceasing’, and especially when something is of great concern to us. Again, we know how it is when ‘our’ children come to us. If they ask for something one time, rarely mentioning it again, how do we respond, compared to when they keep on ‘begging us’ for something? When Jesus said: “Ask and you shall receive!” the word ‘ask’ means ‘keep on asking’, and you shall receive. For His children, God stands ready to meet their most dire needs, not just their whims. Third of all, ask for that which is according to God’s will. Again, James warns us about asking for things which we selfishly want. Jesus practiced, and taught, that we should ask ‘according to God’s will’. God knows what is best for us and others and longs for His children to ask for those things. Fourth of all, if you ‘are’ or ‘aren’t’ on ‘speakin terms with the Lord’, ask others you know, to ‘speak to Him’ on your behalf. Nothing pleases me more than for someone to ask me, or those of us who meet together on Fish Creek, to add their name to my / our prayer list. Or call me at 720530-6446 and we can meet and pray together for whatever is on your heart. Let’s all get on ‘speakin terms’ with the Lord. And then, let’s ‘speak’. He listens! And helps! Bob Lewis

Dakota And Ash Need New, Loving Homes Ash is about three years old. He really likes the girl kitty Dakota that we have. He was surrendered because he didn't get along with the male cat in the home, which could be just an environmental situation or because it was a rival boy cat, so a home without a boy cat is probably the best place for him. He is very loving and affectionate and an all around sweet and fun guy. He has lived with dogs and seems just fine with them. Ash is on a special diet for bladder stones and does great on it. Dakota is about two years old. She is a Russian Blue mix. She seems to do just fine with other kitties. A mellow dog would be okay. She has been waiting for her new home for about three weeks. She is up to date on shots and spayed. Dakota enjoys treats and catnip. Both of these sweet cats are currently living at the Pet Lodge. Call (970) 2861652 to meet either of these awesome kitties. All pets are offered through the Pet Association of Estes Park, a nonprofit organization that is your local humane society. You can make a tax-deductible donation to the Pet Association by sending your check to P.O. Box 4342, Estes Park, CO 80517.



Nebraska Picnic To Be Held July 10

June 10 - June 16



Mark your calendar so that you can attend the 3rd Annual Nebraska Picnic to be held Sunday, July 10th from 4-7 p.m. at the Lake Estes Marina Pavilion, 1770 Big Thompson Avenue. If you have any Nebraska connection, come meet your fellow Cornhuskers for a very fun gathering. Wear your “Big Red” gear proudly and sing along as the speaker system bellows out the Husker fight song. “Big Red” hot dogs as served at the sta-

dium will be provided (while they last), along with plates, napkins, utensils, and condiments. Kool-Aid, invented in Hastings, Nebraska, will be flowing freely at the Kool-Aid stand. Please RSVP to We request that you bring a potluck item to share, lawn chairs, and also additional beverages if desired. Donations will be graciously accepted to help defray the cost of the event.

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Growing Healthy Families With Community Gardening

EVICS Family Resource Center provides young children and their families with the opportunity to grow, harvest, learn about, and taste fresh vegetables. On Friday, June 3rd, families joined us as we moved our seedlings from their starter kits into the community garden plots. These families are on a rotation so they will all share the responsibility of watering and caring for the vegetables. We are so thankful to the Estes Valley Community Garden for giving us this opportunity to share with families, as well as providing educational support since many of us are new to high elevation gardening. We are excited for these little ones to get to see the results of their labor and learn where food comes from.

de inicio a las parcelas del huerto comunitario. Estas familias están en rotación, por lo que todos compartirán la responsabilidad de regar y cuidar las verduras. Estamos muy agradecidos Cultivando Facon el Huerto Comunitario del Valle de Estes por milias Saluddarnos esta oportunidad de ables con Jarcompartir con las familias, dinería Comunitaria así también, por brindar apoyo educaEVICS Centro de Recursos Familiares tivo, ya que muchos de nosotros somos brinda a los niños pequeños y sus famil- nuevos en la jardinería de altura. ias la oportunidad de cultivar, cosechar, Estamos emocionados de que estos peaprender y probar verduras frescas. queños puedan ver los resultados de su El viernes 3 de Junio, las familias se trabajo y aprender de dónde proviene la unieron a nosotros mientras trasladamos comida. nuestras plantas germinadas de sus kits



9CDEF90* (!GC6".9"H0* I9(!J

2 week notice prior to drop off. 3. If awarded, groups are willing to take photos of the event and complete a short event summary form after mitigation work is completed. 4. Currently, EVWC and Waste Management have four 30-yard containers that can be placed in neighborhoods in 2022. 5. Pinecones and pine needles MUST be bagged in paper yard waste bags before being placed in the container. 6. NO stumps or root balls allowed in containers. 7. Slash must be less than 6 inches in diameter and no more than 10 feet in length. 8. This container MUST be used for this slash or pinecones/pine needle dis-

are reviewed and determined at the sole discretion of the EVWC Board of Directors. To learn more about EVWC, please go to Eligibility Requirements 1. Limited to HOA's, neighborhoods, and properties in the Estes Valley (between Olympus Dam and RMNP). 2. If awarded, containers may be scheduled to be on site from 2-30 days with a

posal. If trash or household waste is placed in the container, your group will be disqualified for any future containers.

!"##$%&$'()*(+*#(,$-*+.(&+(#/$(#%"'/( *%(01%,'&)$(%$020-&+.3(!"##$%&$'("%$( /&))$+(&+(4*'#(#/&+.'(#/"#(-&./#(156( 4"7$(+*&'$6(*%(4*8$6($8$+(9/$+(+*#( 5-1..$)(&+3

.C#KGD*LFEC6 I723>:*B;>&*5:* 7B3&778*%5'@35:'* 78*'87<*%5'@3;J


!"#$%&'%(")*+$)%,'-.&/%0"1")2'-3%4"3&$%3*&$5 $%&' ()*+,,-*./*0123*45%%*671&)*(783*97%%5:; <<</%185=>8/78'?;7%5&<1;3>?@1A?@7B;>@7%&*


The Estes Valley Watershed Coalition (EVWC) is partnering with Waste Management for a third year of providing 30yard roll off containers for either slash or pinecone/pine needle disposal. In 2021, this partnership helped remove about 40 tons (or 80,000 lbs) of slash, pinecones, and pine needles across 315 properties. We have four 30-yard containers to distribute in 2022 and are now accepting applications. Eligibility Requirements are noted below, and you can access the application form by scanning the QR code below or go to EVWC is a grass-roots, Colorado nonprofit corporation that raises money and pursues grants to fund our mission of supporting the Estes Valley waters, forests, and wildlife. Project applications

!"#$#%&'()*&+, -.)/0.123)4&5"!*)6788.9):/22.17.;<

!"#$#%&'()*&+, -./01/2)03102345)16)4.789):;4:/<


EVWC 2022 Slash, Pinecone, And Pine Needle Disposal Project


!"##$%&$'("%$("(,&.(/":"%)(&+(#/$(#%"'/( "+)(&+(0*+8$+#&*+"-(%$020-&+.3 ;"7$(#/$4(#*(<"%&4$%='(!"#"$%&'()*"(+,)-"./0/+1 "#(>??@(A3(;"B#(C&--(D*")6( E*%#(F*--&+'3((A$$(0"$/2,$3&$45(&0/%6"(+,57"# G*1(0"+("-'*(%$020-$(,"##$%&$'("#(%$#"&-$%'('10/("'(!"##$%&$'(H-1'(!1-,'3



28 » Friday, June 10, 2022

We’re honored to be #1 in life insurance. Helping you protect your #1. State Farm® is #1 in individual life policies* because people trust us to help protect their families and the moments that are most important in life. Let’s explore your options. CALL ME TODAY.

Susan J Fereday, Agent 501 Saint Vrain Lane Estes Park, CO 80517 Bus: 970-586-9547


*Ranking and data provided by SNL Financial based on reported individual ordinary life insurance policies in force as of year-end 2014. State Farm Life Insurance Company (Not licensed in MA, NY or WI) State Farm Life and Accident Assurance Company (Licensed in NY and WI) Bloomington, IL

Invitation To The 2022 Free Tuesday Evening Annual “Burning Issues” Lecture Program At The Y “Y” campers and the public are invited to the 46th Annual Robert M. Lawrence Burning Issues Lecture Series for 2022, conducted at the “Y”, free of charge. The presentations will be every Tuesday at 7:00 p.m., June 7-August 9, in the Boone Family Mountain Center Presentation Room. Note the change of venue - directions are provided below. These lectures/discussions are delivered by professors and other highly experienced specialists in their fields. Some also are lecturers in the Colorado State University (CSU) Osher Life-Long Learning Institute a popular adult education program conducted in some 140 U.S. universities. For you who are interested in current domestic and international affairs, please join us in exploring: 6/14 “Drones and Statecraft - The New World Order,” Robert “Church” Churchill, a Drone, Artificial Intelligence and Techno-Terrorism Specialist. June 14: Robert “Church” Churchill, holds an MBA in Global Finance from Case-Western Reserve University and is a Senior Fellow at the Global Institute for Civilian Drones. He worked 35 years in diverse computer science fields with national defense contractors, aerospace, automotive, and global financial service businesses. His expertise includes developing artificial intelligence systems, business intelligence management, and international regulatory affairs. It includes work in Britain, France, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, plus a half-dozen US states. Recent work includes drafting civilian drone legislation for parliaments in Britain, France, Spain, Belgium, and the U.S. Congress. His latest book is On Dark and Silent Wings dealing with drone-based techno-terrorism. Abstract: Military, commercial, and recreational drone technology is rapidly developing. Highly advanced drone technology is now in the hands of billions worldwide. It has forced a change in America’s foreign policies and civilian governance in the same way locomotives changed the 19th century and airplanes changed 20th century American society. This presentation defines in fact-based terms the current military and civilian

drone technology impacting U.S.foreign policy and domestic affairs. Over 2.3 million civilian drones are operating in the skies over the U.S. The buzz you hear in the air might just not be your local honey bee. 6/21 “Search and Rescue in Rocky Mountain National Park. How to avoid needing to be rescued,” Climbing Ranger Mike Lukens. 6/28 “What Became of the Last Child in the Woods?” Dr. Del Benson, CSU Prof, Ret. 7/5 “Social Media: Pervasive, Invasive, and Persuasive,” Jim Isaak, President Emeritus of the IEEE Computer Society. 7/12 “The Greatest Good: Emergency Planning for Natural Disasters,” Dr. David Wolf, EV Fire Dept. Chief. 7/19 “Dr. Suess and the Consequences of the Military Competition between the US and the Russian Federation,” Dr. Robert Meroney, CSU Prof, Ret. 7/26 “Deploying the Hubble Space Telescope from Space Shuttle Discovery,” Col. Loren Schriver, USAF, Ret, Astronaut. 8/2 “Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park: Then & Now, revised edition,” Dr. James Pickering, Ret, and Derek Fortini, Director, EP Museum. 8/9 “Report on the U.S. Economy,” Dr. John Olienik, CSU Prof, Ret. Directions: In Estes Park, US 34 from Loveland intersects US 36 at MacDonald's and turns right. However, US 36 from Lyons turns left onto Elkhorn St. Follow “US 36” and “RMNP” signs to Moraine Ave and turn left. In two miles, cross the intersection at Mary's Lake Rd, and move to the left lane for 1/4 mile. County “66”, plus “YMCA” signs take you left onto Tunnel Rd/66. (US 36 continues west into Rocky Mtn. Natl. Park.) In 2.5 mi the YMCA entrance is on the right. From Tunnel Rd/66 to the “Y campus” is Association Drive which passes the tennis courts and mini-golf course on the left. Across from them is the first stop sign. Turn right and follow signs to “Boone Family Mountain Center.” Park in the large parking lot and enter the front doors of the Mountain Center. The presentation room is on the lower level.

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Estes Park Senior Citizens Center Menu

What Makes The F.O. Stanley Museum So Exciting? – R.J. Lara, Rotary Club Of Estes Park’s New Member, Can Tell You

Courtesy photo, Stanley Home Museum & Education Center

The Rotary Club of Estes Park is excited to welcome R. J. Lara, Executive Director of The Historic Stanley Home Museum & Education Center, as a

lively addition to our group. An avid museum curator, R.J. is excited to bring F.O. Stanley’s history alive. He explains that Estes Park is a perfect location for his interests, as Flora and F.O. Stanley had a remarkable eye for architecture, design, craftspersonship, and innovation that he can help exhibit to the public

R.J.’s specialty is objects that are windows into the past - the uses of materials, such as leather, materials and specialty papers like wallpaper that were part of peoples’ everyday lives. By bringing people together to experience, learn and share with each other, R.J. hopes to make history come alive through inclusive exhibitions and programs. Sponsored by Jim Whiteneck, R.J. is already hard at work in serving to make Estes Park better through Rotary service, as he quickly participated in this year’s Duck Race. The Rotary Club of Estes Park meets Thursdays at 11:30 a.m. at the American Legion Post 119, 850 N. St Vrain Ave., Estes Park for fellowship and lunch. The weekly program begins at noon. Visiting Rotarians and anyone with a zest for local and worldwide service are invited to visit. Learn more at: Like us on Facebook:

Crossroads Ministry Is Grateful For Community Support By: Brian Schaffer

The summer season is speeding up and we’re feeling the rush with a steady increase of new people coming into town. Some of the new workers are trying to “make ends meet” and are finding out it’s a little more challenging in real time to make their plan work out. We exist to step in the gap when the basic necessities of life fall short, so send people our way that you know who are struggling. Last week I met a young man from Oklahoma who was traveling to the northwest in search of a better life. We were able to get him a few bags of groceries and a fuel voucher to fill up his tank at a local gas station. On another day our Client Advocate, Jess Borries, met with a mother and her daughter to explore viable solutions for their current situation. As of last week they are camping and sometimes sleeping in their car while they figure things out. We’re here to help them in the process and stepping in with resources as it seems appropriate. Our Meals on Wheels Coordinator, Michelle Purdy, made special arrangements to meet with a couple who are homebound and desire to receive two hot meals every day that will be delivered to their door. We generally work on a sliding scale for payment for the meals depending on what they can afford. This particular couple is struggling in their retirement days and will need someone to cover the $6 per meal fee. We don’t mention this much, but if you’d like to adopt them for a month’s worth of meals it would be $180. You can donate online or send in a check with MOW donation in the memo. We would greatly appreciate your

help as we make sure no one goes hungry in our town. Speaking of feeding hungry people, Antonio’s Pizza prepared 30 large pizzas for families who are connected to Crossroads. It was an incredible experience for me to witness the cars that pulled into our parking lot to get their pizza; especially the ones that had their kids in the car. I personally delivered a few of the pizzas to the families and when I released them into the hands of the parents the kids cheered and excitement filled the car. As I approached the final car on Wednesday they were expecting to receive one pizza, but since they had a large family and I had an extra pizza, I asked if they would like two pizzas and the Mom said, “Really?! That would be so great! Thank you so much!” We were blessed to be the link that connected families to the generous provision of pizzas from Anthony DeSousa. To learn more about this amazing business owner, go to: In conclusion, I would like to share some very exciting news about our Neighbors in Need Challenge that was going on during the months of April and May. We had a goal of matching dollar for dollar the $100,000 that was given for this, and I can say “We did it!” It took many people giving individual donations ranging from $15 to $8,000. Each donation combined with all the others pushed us over the $100,000 mark. Thank you to everyone who participated in this! We are truly grateful for your support.

June 13 – 17 Monday, Jun 13

Bleu Cheese Bacon Burger w/ Homemade Chips

Tuesday, Jun 14

Fried Chicken (3 pc) w/ mashed potatoes, gravy & vegetables

Wed., Jun 15

French Dip Sandwich (topped w/ Swiss cheese) w/ Pasta Salad

Thursday, Jun 16 Chicken Parmesan w/ Spaghetti, garlic bread & side salad Friday, Jun 17

Trout (4 oz) w/ Baked Potato & soup of the day

June 20 – 24 Monday, Jun 20

BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwich w/ Baked Beans & coleslaw

Tuesday, Jun 21

Meatloaf w/ mashed potatoes, gravy & vegetables

Wednesday, Jun 22 Taco Salad w/ Chicken Thursday, Jun 23 Vegetarian Lasagna w/ garlic bread & side salad Friday, Jun 24

Shrimp Basket (8) w/ Homemade Chips & soup of the day

Meals are $7 for current 2022 EP Senior Citizens Center members and are by reservation only. (Or 3 meals for $20; use pre-paid meal tickets.) Exact cash or check payment required. Reservations must be made by 1:00 PM at least one business day in advance. Note, if you want to reserve a meal for Monday, June 13th, you need to call before 1:00 PM on Friday, June 10th. For reservations call 970-581-2195 and leave a detailed message. Pre-paid meal tickets and membership forms are available at the Estes Park Senior Citizens Center located at 1760 Olympian Lane and at

The Center is OPEN (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 10-1; Tuesday 10-2) TriFit (MWF 10:30-11:15); Yoga/Balance (TT 10:15-11:15) Mahjong (Tuesdays 10-2); Crafts (Tuesdays 11:30-1) Two Bridge Groups: 1st, 3rd, & 5th Wednesday of the month & Every Thurs 12:30-4 PM Reserved Meals-to-Go delivered to your vehicle or EAT at the Senior Citizens Center Check out our website: or call for the latest information

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Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church Welcomes Pastor Robert Stevens

Sunday afternoon, June 5, 2022, nine LCMS (Lutheran Church Missouri Synod) pastors joined in celebrating the Installation Service for Pastor Robert Stevens as pastor at Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church located att 950 North Saint Vrain, Estes Park. What a blessing to have Pastor Stevens

and his wife Laurie here, pastor serving as our new shepherd and to celebrate at Pentecost, the season of celebrating the Holy Spirit coming to Jesus’ disciples and start of God’s Word going out to all nations…all people. Oh happy day!

EPMS Honor Roll Students PRINCIPAL'S HONOR ROLL 8th Grade Mica Bertucci, Hanna Cousineau, Natalie Hernandez Rodriguez and Miles Wignall. 7th Grade Lian Applegate, Delaney Ash, Marlen Rojas Martinez, Geneva Thomas and Abigail Watry. 6th Grade Cora Cousineau, McKenna Henderson, Clara Hocker and Jed Kim. BOBCAT HONOR ROLL 8th Grade Ivan Acedo Cruz, Benjamin Adams, Grace Aldridge, Tayen Applegate, Martin Arvizu Rojas, Josephine Bachman, Alan Bernal, Neva Case, Madison Davis, Marli Davis, Mmax Edwards,Taylor Ellis, Jade Ertl, Brooke Fields, Lily Finch, Fernando Garcia-Leon, Maylie Gay, Jessica Guy, Alexis Hennig, Emily Hernandez Ortega, James Hocker, Charlotte Holmes, Ivanna Ibarra De La Rosa, Isaac Jonikas, Willow Manning, Evan Marcantonio, April Martinez, Kylie McCreeryCarter, Michael Putman, Abbi Scott, Iris Talamantes Montes and Lillian Yager. 7th Grade Natalie Apodaca Luna, Leo Balduzzi, Olivia Boynton, Benjamin Bryant, Eva Carosello, Nehemiah Cross, Brooklyn Florence, Brisa Flores Rodriguez, Haven Gaustad, Daisy Guadarrama Rojas,

Matthew Hambach, Jason Harders, Danna Hernandez Rodriguez, Cole Ingram, Aiden Jonikas, Drake Kearney, Isaac Kinley, Eliana Kostadinov, Dayton Long, Emmalee Lopez, Matthew Lopez, Adelyn Mabry, Colby O'Brien, Macy Powell, Hadlee Rasmussen, Quinn Reynar, Jennifer Rodriguez Trofimova, Leslie Salinas, Ethan Shay, Draven Thacker and Noah Webster. 6th Grade Leah Adkins, Renatta AlbarranKhametvalieva, Emmeline Anderson, Jaelyn Arnold, Aaron Arroyo Gutierrez, Miles Ashmore, Yolet Avitia Fernandez, Gabriella Bedford, Gunnison Berg, Mya Brese, Cash Bucci, Zack Carda, Daylon Collins, Bryson Dewey, Hailey Downey, Marcus Edwards, Caleb Estanol, Rocco Faillaci, Adalynn Gassmann, Carter Gooch, Harvey Griffith, Omar Guadarrama Avila, Jacob Harger, Scar Hightower-Parker, Kayla Johnson, Carrie Leivestad, Rylee Light, Ashlyn Marcantonio, Kylle McCown, Cruz Menoca, Liah Moore, Fin Pendergrast, Oliver Roberts-Roemer, Marjorie Rojas Guadarrama, Talisa Rushing, Autumn Siefford, Hanna Smith, Kaitlyn Smith, Maja Van Westen, Heidi Vargas, Eric Vega Alcantar, Zia Velani, Gabriella Voelz, Miles Weaver and Paloma Zarate Rangel. Congratulations to all! Have a great summer.

Estes Park Special Olympics Bowling At Chipper’s Lanes

Estes Park Special Olympics organizers are hosting bowling fun on Wednesdays from 3:30-5:00 p.m. at Chipper’s Lanes. All ages are welcome to participate. Cost is $5 for the first game including shoes and $3.85 for each additional game. For more information, contact Audri Smith at 970-451-3762 or email

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OPEN HOUSE Saturday, June 11 12-2pm 530 Hondius Circle $785,000 • Join Dan for a light lunch and tour this beautiful home. • One lucky person will win a $50 Amazon gift card! • You'll love the privacy of this neighborhood

647 Little Prospect Road

Scott Thompson

$899,500 | 3 beds 2 baths

970-590-9941 1692 Big Thompson Avenue, Ste 201 Estes Park, CO 80517

Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated

OPEN HOUSE Saturday, June 11 10am–12pm 512 Columbine Avenue • 3 bedrooms / 1 full bath • Nicely cared for ranch style home • Private backyard with basketball hoop • Close to schools & downtown

Welcome to The Solstice House, a stunning mountain contemporary with inspiring views to Marys Lake and Twin Sisters. Abundant southern exposure and in‐floor heat makes for superior energy efficiency. Beautiful simplicity in an open floorplan, featuring a soaring greatroom with warm woodstove and expansive windows that capture the views. Three bedrooms & two baths, including a private master suite with walk‐in closet and oversized shower. New kitchen of granite & finer appliances, with huge island and lots of storage. Rich in architectural detail with finishes of wood, tile, bamboo, and concrete. Amazing outdoor living spaces, with wrap‐around patio, firepit and expansive new deck. Oversized 2‐car garage with workshop completes the package. A great getaway or ideal year‐round home... $899,500!

Just $550K, Call Mike today!


1931 N Sharon Ct • 3 bedrooms / 3 bathrooms • Main level living & open floor plan • End of the road privacy, abuts open space • Needs some TLC & then you will be home! $530K, Call Mike today to get started on this great project!

CALL/TEXT 970-231-8570

New Listing



AbbeyPontius Broker

Judy Anderson GRI, MRE, ABR, Broker Associate

Mike Richardson

Mindy Stone

Aaron Busche


Broker Associate CMAS

Broker Associate CMAS, CNE

GRI, CNE, ABR, NAR Green Designation

(970) 215-2722

(970) 449-2645

(970) 470-9962

Eric Blackhurst Broker Associate

Fabulous established floral business in Estes Park in operation for 15 years. Custom wedding and funeral arrangements, fresh cut bouquets, and the most adorable live plants around! The Fairy Gardens are so special and unique. Located in one of the most desirable wedding and travel destinations in Colorado, this bright, cheery and creative shop can be yours. A wonderful book of business, rental supplies, and history in the community that would be a wonderful investment for you. Only 275k, plus inventory. Great location and a calendar full of events already! Showings by appointment only. Call listing office for details.


246 TAHOSA SOUTH RD, ALLENSPARK Wonderfully wooded and flat lot ready for you!Nestled near the Deer Ridge Natural Landmark, close to RMNP and Roosevelt National Forest, easy access and close to Estes Park,Allenspark or an easy commute to the valley. Aspen and evergreen treesenvelop the land of approximately 3.69 acres. Perfect gentle grade lot,deemed buildable by Boulder County. No electric, water or septic on site.Blank slate for your dream spot in the Rockies! $250,000

170 S. St. Vrain, Estes Park, CO 80517

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Mountain Brokers 1200 Graves Avenue, Estes Park

Office: 970-586-5324

The Mountains Are Calling... We'll Guide You Home – RE/MAX

Open House Sat., June 11 1–3pm $899,000 Call Kirk $295,000 Call Kirk

1695 Brook Ct. $765,000

1930 N. Sharon Ct $1,350,000 Call Gene

1555 Raven Circle Unit D $599,000

Call Kirk

New Price $1,075,000 Call Kirk

3 bed 2 bath • 2 decks with Mountain Views

Call Carla

Open House Sun., June 12 12–4pm 639 Park River Pl $830,000 3/3

212 Valley Rd. $1,420,000 Call Javier or Maria

337 Virginia Dr. $455,000 Call Dave Lasota

Close to RMNP, Town and the River

Call Carla

Under Contract

New Price

Open House Sun., June 12 1–3pm 246 Picacho Place, Drake $620,000 Call Javier or Maria

Kirk Fisher Broker Owner CRS, CMAS, CLHMS


1269 Chasm Dr. $1,395,000 Call Becky

447 Skyline Dr. $799,900 Call Renee

Peggy Lynch

April Allen

Javier Gomez

Maria Gomez



Broker, CRS, CMAS


Broker, SRES, ABR






Dave Kiser

Dave Lasota

Kim Lemirande

Cindy Miller

Becky Robbins



Broker, SRS, CMAS, GRI

Broker, ASP, ABR, CDPE







Renee Hodgden

Carla Spreng Webb Broker 480-695-9293

Gene Whannel Broker


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3490 Saint Francis Way $1,200,000 MLS # 965326 • Gorgeous home in desirable Little Valley. • Beautifully remodeled in 2015 • 3000 SF, 3 bedroom, 3 bath • Attached greenhouse • Garage for your RV

Back On The Market

Scott Thompson 970-590-9941 1692 Big Thompson Avenue, Ste 201 Estes Park, CO 80517

Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated

TOM'S TEAM AT FCR First Colorado Realty


r Where the Estes Valley has been coming for real estate solutions since 1985!

1052 Streamside $550,000


1925 Homestead Ln $1,200,000

0 Fox Creek Rd $525,000


640 MacGregor #8 $599,000

1315 Hill Rd $995,000


225 Curry Dr $1,055,000














THE GLOBAL STANDARD IN LUXURY REAL ESTATE World Class Properties • World ‐ Renowned Service

320 E. Elkhorn Estes Park, CO 80517 •



Each office independently owned and operated

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How Should You Respond To A Bear Market? 425 BIRCH AVENUE

Alissa Anderson


Javier Gomez Broker 970 213-8692

Maria Gomez Broker

970 213-9479

Mountain Brokers

Under Contract

212 Valley Rd

1200 Graves Avenue, Estes Park

246 Picacho Place 3 Bed/2 bath cabin on aprox 9 acres. End of Road privacy. Quiet neighborhood with great views. Wildlife galore!! Rare combination of meadow & trees plus it borders national forest. 30x50 garage for car enthusiasts or for a multi use shop. Separate detached 1 car garage. Main floor remodeled within the last 2 years; new paint throughout, new appliances & counter tops installed. Hot tub included. well & septic. Listed at $620,000


Find beauty, peace, solitude and privacy in this 8.9 acre property with a 3 bed 2 bath true log cabin. This heavenly parcel is mostly wooded with pines and aspens and has a pond and seasonal stream. It includes a heated 2 car garage with separate apartment above, a second garage for an RV with space for a shop or additional storage and a general purpose barn with hay loft and 2 stalls plus a loafing shed. Perfect Open House Sun., June 12 12–4pm for a farmlet or just a place to get away from it all. Wild life abounds or you can bring your horses, goats, chickens, llamas. Great views of Mount meeker and Taylor Mountain, Isolation Peak and others. 5 Minutes from Wild Basin area of RMNP. 20 minute drive to Estes Park or Lyons. 35 minute drive to Nederland and skiing at Eldora. A must see! Listed at $1,420,000

So far, 2022 has not been a good year for investors. In fact, we’re moving into bear market territory. What should you know about bear markets? And how should you respond? To begin with, a bear market occurs when a stock market index, such as the S&P 500, falls at least 20% from its most recent high point. You might think this type of drop is rare, but that’s not actually the case. Historically, bear markets have occurred every few years and are a normal feature of the investment landscape. We experienced a bear market fairly recently, from mid-February 2020 through late March of that same year. What causes bear markets? Each one is different, but the current one is largely the result of several factors, including high inflation, rising interest rates, the war in Ukraine and global supply chain problems. When will the financial markets again start moving in a positive direction? No one can say for sure, but in any case, it’s not really a good idea to make investment decisions based on what may happen next in the financial markets. Instead, consider these moves: • Be patient. It can be challenging to look at your investment statements during these days. But you’ll help yourself by taking a long-term view. Consider this: From March 2009 until the end of 2021, the Dow Jones Industrial Average gained more than 460%. So, if you’ve been investing for a while, compare where you are now to where you were 10 or 12 years ago. You’ve probably made pretty good progress over this time – and 10 years from now, the current downturn may not look like such a big event, either. • Review your risk tolerance. If you’re

having a hard time coping with investment losses – even if they’re just “paper losses” for now – you may want to review your tolerance for risk and see if it’s still the same as it was when you began investing. Even without a bear market, people’s risk tolerance can change, especially as they approach retirement. • Review your goals. A bear market is not meaningless, but by itself, it shouldn’t cause you to change your long-term goals. And if your goals haven’t changed, neither should your investment strategy. • Look for buying opportunities. During a down market, you can find quality investments at attractive prices. So, you could take this opportunity to fill gaps in your portfolio or add shares of investments that you already own and that you believe have good prospects for growth. • Get some help. When trying to navigate a lengthy market downturn, it can be useful to get some support and guidance. Consider this: Among investors who work with a financial advisor, 84% said that doing so gave them a greater sense of comfort about their finances during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a survey conducted in 2020 by Age Wave and Edward Jones. And getting professional help may provide the same type of reassurance during the current market turmoil. A bear market is never enjoyable. But taking the long view and making moves appropriate for your needs can help you get through this period and look ahead to better days. This article was written by Edward Jones for use by our local Edward Jones Financial Advisors. Edward Jones. Member SIPC.

Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings AA of Glen Haven- Every Monday night at the Town Hall at 6:30 p.m. Early Worms-Monday thru Saturday at 7:00 a.m. (Tues., Thurs. & Saturday hybrid meetings with Zoom #796 839 839 PW:Worms20) at St. Bartholomew Church, 880 MacGregor Ave. Fall River Group Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are held at 453 West Elkhorn: Sunday 6:00 p.m. Mon., Weds., Sat. Noon Fri. Noon and 7:00 p.m.

Zoom Meetings-Everyday at noon Zoom #999 829 166 (no password needed). Monday Zoom Big Book study at 7 p.m. #654 598 884 (no password needed). Wednesdays at 7 p.m. Zoom #999 829 166 West Side Estes Park AA, meets at 2515 Tunnel Road, Estes Park and it takes place Saturdays at 2:00 p.m. in the Dannen Library - located on the lower level of the Legett Christian Center.

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What’s Happening At The Estes Valley Library SUMMER HOURS Mondays-Thursday, 9 a.m.-8 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Sundays, 1-5 p.m. Library 2-Hour Parking Library patrons may use any of the 7 free parking spaces marked “Library Reserved” during open hours. The spaces offer a two-hour time limit, for use while inside the library. These are located along the library’s northeast perimeter. No payment or permit required. SUMMER READING PROGRAM Oceans of Possibilities Read for pleasure and earn prizes. Listening to a book, or being read to, counts as well. This year’s theme: “Oceans of Possibilities.” Visit for full details and log reading time. Made possible by the Library Friends & Foundation.

NATURE TALKS Exploring nature with Kevin Cook Monday, June 13, 4-5:30 p.m., Hondius Room A monthly series on how to engage with the wonders of Life on Earth. Nature instructor Cook explores how “knowing the facts” is essential for harmonious interactions with wild plants and animals. Sign up at WORKSHOPS Journaling and Ocean Mindfulness Wednesday, June 15, 10-11 a.m., outdoors and on Zoom Join instructor Diana Laughlin for centering practices, guided meditation, and journaling with prompts. All levels welcome. Sign up at (attend in person or via Zoom). LIVING ROOM CONVERSATIONS The Future of Work: a Living Room Conversation

Thursday, June 16, 3:30-5 p.m., Hondius Room What happens when automation and robots take over traditional jobs? Will we have more leisure time, or feel displaced and without purpose? Will human workers be left behind economically? Let’s discuss. Sign up at KIDS & FAMILIES Storybook Explorers: “Ocean Animals” Saturday, June 11, 11:15 to 11:45 a.m., Hondius Room Preschool families are invited to Storybook Explorers, where children ages 2.5 to 5 will enjoy activities and receive a take-home copy of the book. Sign up at Kids Ocean Mindfulness and Movement

Tuesday, June 14, 10:30-11:15 a.m., outdoors Join instructor Diana Laughlin for games and stories, with kid-friendly mindfulness and yoga activities. For ages 4 to 10. Sign up at Book and Fun Club: “Little Dolphin Rescue” Wednesday, June 15, 2 to 3:30 p.m., Hondius Room For kids entering 1st through 3rd grades. Join in the ocean activities, games and crafts. Sign up at and receive a copy of the book. Library Storytimes Preschoolers: Thurs., Fri., and Sat. at 10:30 a.m. Baby Storytime: Thurs. and Fri. at 10 a.m. Read to Therapy Dog “Bo:” Tues., June 21 at 10 a.m. Outdoor Storytime at Stanley Park: Wed., June 29 at 10:30 a.m.

TEENS & KIDS Watercolor Bubble Art Wednesday, June 15, 4:30-5:30 p.m. We’ll provide all the supplies for unique and colorful make-and-take artwork. Sign up at Make Your Own Mermaid / Sea Dragon Egg Wednesday, June 22, 1-2 p.m., Hondius Room Whether it’s the ocean egg of a sea dragon or mermaid, decorate your oneof-a-kind artwork, glitter and sparkles provided. Sign up at Ocean Games Free Play Saturday, June 18, 3-4 p.m., Hondius Room Repeated Tuesday, June 21, 4:30-5:30 p.m. Enjoy board games and video games, inspired by the ocean: bingo, pin the tail on the octopus, indoor fishing, and more. Sign up at Squid Dissection Thursday, June 23, 1-3 p.m., Hondius Room

Marine science through exploration of oceanic regions, analysis of marine samples and classifications, and squid dissection. For ages 10 and up. Sign up at Rainbow Celebration Friday, June 24, 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m., Hondius Room Rainbows signify the colorful spirit of celebrating with pride. All ages are invited for face painting and rainbowthemed crafts. Sign up at Book vs. Movie Club: “Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief ” Saturday, June 25, 11:30 a.m. (español), Hondius Room Saturday, June 25, 1:30 p.m. (English) Book or movie—which do you like best? We’ll discuss the book, then watch the movie adaptation. Snacks and refreshments provided. Sign up at Glow in the Dark Ocean Painting Tuesday, June 28, 3-4 p. m, Makerspace Repeated Thursday, June 30, 1-2 p.m. Create your own stunning take-home artwork, using glow-in-the-dark paints on black paper. Sign up at BOOKS & AUTHORS What a Fish Knows Friday, June 30, 6-7:30 p.m., via Zoom or watch in person Author Dr. Jonathan Balcombe takes us under the sea, through streams, and inside aquariums to understand these surprisingly capable creatures. Sign up at to watch on Zoom on the Hondius Room big screen. FRIENDS & FOUNDATION Cliffhanger Used Books Cliffhanger Used Books, located next to the Post Office, is operated by the Library Friends & Foundation, offering gently-used books, movies, and music at discount prices. Now open daily for summer hours, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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Journaling, Mindfulness, And Movement: Summer Workshop To Stay Calm And Centered As you plan summer activities, give yourself the treat of reading for pleasure. Whether it’s under a shade tree, in a comfy chair or hammock, or listening to audiobooks when walking or doing chores, reading is healthy for the mind and spirit—allowing us to relax while stimulating our minds and creativity. This year’s Summer Reading Program at the Estes Valley Library makes reading easy, with prizes and programs for all ages.

levels of experience are welcome, including beginners. For ages 4 to 10, “Kids Ocean Mindfulness and Movement” takes place in the outdoor Yoga Deck on Tuesday, June 14 from 10:30 to 11:15 a.m. Kids will learn how to stay centered through sea creature games and stories, along with kid-friendly mindfulness and yoga activities. Diana Laughlin from Estes Park Yoga

Inspired by this year’s reading theme, “Oceans of Possibilities,” the library has invited local yoga instructor Diana Laughlin to lead two upcoming workshops, one for adults and teens, and one especially for kids. For adults and teens, “Journaling and Ocean Mindfulness” takes place Wednesday, June 15 from 10 to 11 a.m. Participants may attend in-person at the outdoor Yoga Deck, or attend via Zoom. Like the ocean, our minds can be turbulent at the surface, yet calm and still in the depths. Through centering practices, guided meditation, and journaling with prompts, attendees will explore the oceans of our minds to practice staying centered in an ever-changing world. All

has been teaching meditation and yoga in Estes Park for 10 years. She studies Shambhav/Ananda Yoga, which teaches that yoga connects us to the divinity of the inner self while simultaneously making us more functional in the outer world. The online sign-up information includes location details of the outdoor Estes Park Yoga Deck, for those attending in-person. Backup plans are in place in case of inclement weather. Visit to register up for either workshop, and learn all about the Summer Reading Program, log your reading time and earn prizes now through July 30.

Journeys Into Nature: Kevin Cook Discusses Knowing “The Facts” “Grandma advised feeding the baby birds with bits of bread dunked in milk,” remembers nature instructor and writer Kevin Cook. “I did, but they all died by the next day. Grandma was wrong about feeding baby birds, dead wrong from the baby birds’ perspective. Obviously, Grandma didn’t know the facts about baby birds.” Kevin Cook will be the guest at the library this Monday for the next program in a series of monthly nature talks. “A Naturalist’s Desiderata: the Facts” takes place Monday, June 13 at 4 p.m. Participants can choose to attend in-person or to watch live via Zoom. Nestlings of horned larks, like those pictured in the photography by Kati Fleming, are among the discoveries that nature enthusiasts of all ages might chance upon, whether on a trail or searching the trees in one’s backyard. Our human interface with these alluring species is impacted by the knowledge, awareness and self-discipline we bring with us on these encounters. Cook will share stories from his life’s journey into nature and how that may inform our present and future interactions. “Desideratum” is a term referring to something needed, wanted or desired, and more fully as the ideals by which a person guides passage through life. During 2022, Cook is applying 12 monthly

desiderata to the journey of the nature enthusiast. This month’s talk is focused on “The Facts.” Since earning his degrees in biology and wildlife biology from Western State College and Colorado State University, Kevin Cook has worked full-time as a writer-naturalist. He has explored Colorado to experience its wildlife firsthand, with a special focus on addressing the issues that arise between people and the natural world. For 37 years, Cook served as a nature columnist for the “Fort Collins Coloradoan” newspaper. He writes natural history columns for many other publications and leads wildlife observation tours. He teaches wildlife classes and

presents regular lectures at several Colorado venues. To sign up for this month’s program, visit the Library Events Calendar at, where you can choose the in-person or Zoom sign-up option.

Casting Lessons At Scott Ponds

Andrew Limmiatis will be offering free casting lessons at Scott Ponds from MayAugust on the last Friday of each month from 10:00-11:00 a.m. Dates will be June 24, July, 29 and Aug 26. These lessons are put on by Trout Unlimited and Andrew will have Trout Unlimited

brochures for anyone that is looking to join. A limited number of rods will be available for use or those interested may bring their own. For any questions please call Andrew Limmiatis at 970-473-4555.

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The Coming Changes By: Judi Smith

As I write this, we are headed out of California toward Northern Nevada. As we drive, the blanket of clouds is indicative of a storm – but there is no water involved. I never really understood the term “dry storm” – or rather – I thought it only applied to my teenage years in West Texas. Here, we see miles and miles of dead, dry grass dotted with irrigated oases of apricot, pistachio, and almond trees – but even the vegetation under the trees is dry and brown. We wonder what kind of irrigation causes this. Maybe, some type of drip system to direct water to precisely where it is needed? Neverthe-less, as we drive eastward there are significantly less cars on the road; the earth is greener; the sky is bluer. The difference is invigorating. It has been 13 years, give or take, since we have been to the San Francisco-Oakland metropolitan area which I remember as always a relief after a week or two in the Greater Los Angeles complex. Until last Tuesday, our daughter lived in Lafayette, CA, a relatively affluent community of about 25,000. We used to consider Lafayette “out” of the city smog. We were not prepared for the atmospheric changes. Greenhouse gases do more than increase the temperature. They are insidious and pervasive. I had forgotten the “side effects” of extended time in thicker air. Nothing seems to stay clean. I could feel the difference in my breathing, despite the air conditioning purifier and my mask. If this is indicative of our future – I do not want it! Greenhouse gases (ghg) do more than simply increase the temperature. They affect the food supply, the business world, education, dehydration, and daily life. Schools and businesses in many parts of the world are changing their usual hours to avoid the afternoon heat in non-air-conditioned buildings. Without sufficient water, some fields are left fallow, even in the USA. I knew this, but to see it is to believe it. Thankfully, the world is changing. Driving across Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming we saw large, obviously airconditioned barns, along with huge solar arrays and elegant windmills creating

the electricity to run them. The recent snowpack melt left Wyoming grassland green and inviting. Across Wyoming, solar panels in isolated locations ran lights, signals, electronic speed limit signs, road cameras, and cell towers with microwave dishes. We used the Internet to research what we saw as we traveled: In 2007-8, Nevada Gold Mining built a coal fired electrical plant. In 2020, they began to convert it to “dual-fuel” production, incorporating natural gas to produce half the required energy. Now that this adjustment is nearing completion, the next step they are planning is the introduction of a 200 MW solar array, converted (presumably to replace coal) in two 100 MW sections. Their other plant, near Reno, already produces energy from natural gas and solar. However, the most interesting discovery we made as we traversed I-80 was the canal system in Elko County, Nevada. Built off the Humbolt River, the canals are used for drainage, farming, and electricity. Piped water from the Elko Reservoir creates lush green fields in the high desert of Nevada. With the trends to work from home, people will drive less. electric vehicles and public transportation will also help reduce ghg on our highways and in our cities. Solar and wind are avenues to improved energy sources (both public and private). We saw a major site in Nevada that draws power from hot springs, but heat pumps also employ geo-thermal energy. Progress on new laws will address the proliferation of single use “stuff ” and create a circular economy to limit landfill use. But all of this only works if the populace participates. We must do more than just vote. We must accept the necessity. We must invest in the solutions. We must shut off the faucet; walk the extra steps to the “right” trashcan; educate ourselves, then share with our families and our friends. We must protect what We have, before it is too late to reverse the changes. Agree? Disagree? Comments

Estes Park Men’s Golf Association Results For Week of June 6, 2022 Team Scramble Congratulations to all winners! Score Ken Czarnowski/Tony Fink 57 Ed Myers/Scott Dorman 58 Robert Wilczek/Mike Bryson 59 Dave Lasota/Mark Campbell 60 Tom McNeil/Brad Anderson 60 Tony Palmer/Guy Tritico 60 Tom Keyworth/John Tessler 61 Matt Quinn/Greg Fyfe 61

Brian Kelly/Wayne Anderson 61 Tony Paglia/Steve Nagl 62 Jeff Lindberg/Dave Van Wert 62 Mike Williams/Dave Williams 63 Dennis Bryan/Charlie Griffin 63 Bill Sweet/Gary Siler 63 Steve Poznic/Jim Toresdahl 64 Chuck Slicker/Drew Webb 64 Stan Osborne/Steve Wirrig 64 Josh Tracy/Frank Bartholomew 64

Mary Jo Heyen

On Sunday June 5, 2022, Mary Jo Heyen died peacefully at home with Joe, her high school sweetheart and husband of 52 years, by her side. These past few weeks our home has been filled with tears and laughter, grief and gratitude. Her desire for her obituary was that it be kept simple. A quote from one of her favorite mystics, Teresa de Avila, “The closer one approaches to God, the simpler one becomes.” Mary Jo enjoyed a wonderful 30 year career as a high school Spanish teacher and is still in close relationship with many of her students. At age 55 she returned to her life’s calling and that was to explore sacred relationships that come in our dreams and help us remember our soul self. She was a Practitioner of Natural Dreamwork, working with clients throughout the world and hospice patients and families to help them find the healing medicine in every dream. Her experiences of this are shared in

her book, “Dreaming into the Mystery: Explorations into the Dreams and Visions of the Dying.” A friend recently asked Mary Jo, “Are you going to have a Celebration of Life?” She said, “I already did! And what’s so delicious is that I got to attend. During these past few weeks there has been such an outpouring of love and support from so many beautiful people. They shared their memories of me and what my presence has meant to them. I got to hear all this sweetness while I’m still here to receive all this love. Their words and love help carry me over this next threshold.” Both Joe and Mary Jo express deep appreciation to Drs. Norris and Payden and the entire staff at Timberline Medical and to Nancy Bell and Kathleen Theriault at Hospice of Estes Valley. Please visit to leave a message to Joe and family. To be continued…

Estes Park Women’s Golf Association Results for June 7th, 2022 The game was “Better Nine,” taking the lowest net score on your best nine holes. Tied for 1st Stacey Harding Claudia Irwin Tied for 2nd Pam Vendegna Laura Mulder Dot Dorman

Tied for 3rd Diane Butler Johanna Gengler We invite any women golfers to join our Tuesday group at the 18 Hole Course for some fun and a little competition. Contact President, Carla Spreng-Webb for more information,

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Beverly (Bev) Jeannette Schreck On Thursday, May 26, 2022 Beverly (Bev) Jeannette Schreck, loving wife and mother, passed away at the age of 72. Beverly was born on January 21 1950 in Chicago, Illinois to John Schlechter and Rosie (Coe) Schlechter. She studied British Literature at Willamette University for one year prior to marrying her grade school sweetheart, John Schreck. The two married November 20, 1971 and raised children Heather, Erica, James, and Brianne. Beverly was an avid reader, the family genealogist, and equestrian. She loved showing and raising Irish Setters, hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park, and enjoying a good concert. Later in life, she indulged her love of travel and traveled to Ireland,

Scotland, England, Australia, and New Zealand, where she bungee-jumped from the Auckland bridge! She was known for her loving personality and gentle kindness. Beverly was preceded in death by her father, John, and her mother, Rosie. She is survived by her husband, John, sister, Pamela, children Heather, Erica, James, and Brianne, sons-in-law, grandchild Henry, and several cousins, nieces, and nephews. A memorial service will be held Friday, July 1, 2022 at the St. Peter's Anglican Church 4044 Duffield Ave, Loveland, Colorado at 10:00 a.m. Flowers or donations may be given to St. Peter's Anglican Church in remembrance of all the parish's support of the family.

Doris Joan Shoemaker

Doris Joan Shoemaker of Estes Park passed on January 6, 2022. Joan was born November 3, 1932 to the parents of Charles and Bertha Johannes in Creston, Iowa. Joan graduated in Creston, Iowa in High School 1950. In November of 1950 she married her husband of 69 years, George E. Shoemaker. She had three children. Joan graduated from Northeastern Junior College in Sterling. She graduated from CSU, Fort Collins with Bachelor Degree with Honors and then earned her first Masters Degree. She also, earned a Masters Degree in Library Science from DU. She taught Junior High School for many years, then, went on to be Librarian for Sterling High School until she retired. She was an active member of the Presbyterian

Community Church of the Rockies. She was a Deaconess and served were needed. Joan enjoyed Delta Kappa Gamma Society International as Southwest Regional Director 1996-98. Joan was proceeded by parents and her five older brothers and four sisters. She is survived by Greg Shoemaker (Bridgetta), daughters, Jeanette Urdahl (Merrill), Linda Knoche (John). Joan has 14 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren and one greatgreat-grandchild. A Memorial Service will be held at The Presbyterian Community Church of the Rockies June 18th, 2022 at 10:00 a.m., reception to follow in The Fellowship Hall. Go to to leave a message to the family.

Dr. Don Seedle

Clyde Donald “Don” Seedle, DVM, of Estes Park, Colorado died June 1, 2022. He was 82 years old. He was born on November 23, 1939 in Great Bend, Kansas to Clyde M. Seedle and Evelyn Wagaman Seedle Ringer. He moved to Longmont with his parents and sister in 1945 where he attended Lincoln, Central, and graduated from Longmont High School on main street in 1957. He then attended Colorado State University and received his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 1963. He joined the U. S. Army where he served as an officer for over 21 years and he retired in 1984 having served in Japan, Vietnam, Italy, Yugoslavia, Denmark, Germany, and several assignments in the United States. He commanded the largest veterinary unit in the U. S. Army during his 13 months in Viet Nam. He received many awards and decorations including the prestigious Army Medical Department Order of Merit, Legion of Merit, Meritorious Service Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster, Joint Services Commendation Medal, plus numerous others. After military retirement, he immediately joined Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine faculty where he was a professor of veterinary public health for 17 years and was recognized nationally and internationally as an expert in his field of veterinary public health. At the time of his death, he was retired. He was very active in Masonic Organizations and was a 32 degree Mason and Past Master of Lafayette Lodge #16 in Manhattan, Kansas as

well as a member of Shriners International, Fort Riley Chapter of Sojourners, and Heroes of ’76. He was preceded in death by his parents and is survived by his sister, Mrs. Susan Branch and her husband Robert of Ft. Collins, CO; two nieces, Betsy Edwards and her two children of Ft. Collins, CO and Katie Zwetzig and her husband Randy and their five children of Fort Collins, CO; and, one nephew, John Branch and his wife Cathy and their two children of Novato, CA. He was very active in the Allenspark Community serving on many committees, elected offices, as well as a volunteer in Rocky Mountain National Park where he had over 14,500 hours of volunteer time over his 32 years of volunteerism. After moving to Estes Park, he became very active in the Estes Park Police Department Auxiliary where he was a sergeant. He truly loved the profession of veterinary medicine and cared deeply for all creatures great and small. A private family burial service will be held at Longmont Cemetery and a memorial service will be at the Allenspark Community Church at 2 p.m. on Tuesday, June 14, 2022. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to the Longmont Humane Society, The Allenspark Community Church, First Congregation Church of Longmont, or the Morning Optimist Club in Manhattan, KS in care of Ahlberg Funeral Chapel in Longmont.

Memorial Service For Pastor Rex Roth You are invited to the Memorial Service for Pastor Rex Roth at the Allenspark Community Church on Friday, June 17th, 2022, at 2 p.m. Pastor Rex served our church for 40 years. If

you are able to attend, please bring a remembrance of Rex that can be given in the service. Allenspark Community Church, 303-747-2821.

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Guidelines for Equal Pay for Equal Work Act

2515 Tunnel road estes Park, Colorado, 80511

Tire Technician

Bilingual Spanish/English Patron Services Assistant

Perform tire related and light automotive services. $15 - $20/hr depending on experience. Flexible time off options, at cost vehicle repairs. Valid drivers license required. Apply in person at 1633 Raven Ave or call (970) 586-8085 or email

Salary Range: $14.91 - $22.32 / hour, 32 hours/week Benefits: Medical, Dental, Vision Insurance. Includes vacation/sick time accrual. Closing Date: 8 pm, Monday, June 13, 2022, or until filled.

Liquor Store Clerk & Cashier Full Time/Part Time available Starting wage $17 hour

Only online applications with cover letter and resume will be accepted. EEO.

Ayudante de Biblioteca Bilingüe Español / Inglés Escala salarial: $14.91 - $22.32 / hora, 32 horas semanales Beneficios: Seguro médico, dental y de la visión. Los beneficios incluyen días de vacaciones y enfermedad. Fecha límite para la solicitud: 8 pm, lunes, 13 de junio del 2022, o hasta que esté ocupado

Sign on bonus! Employee discounts! Please stop by for an application (970) 586-1930

Silver Saddle Inn Now hiring: Front Desk Clerk Evenings required, Full time $17/hr - $20/hr DOE, Benefits Must be non-smoker.

Maintenance yMCa OF THe rOCKIeS 2515 Tunnel road estes Park, Colorado, 80511

Laundry Manager



Favor de leer la convocatoria entera y envíe la solicitud a través de

1480 Golf Course Rd

La Biblioteca Pública de Estes Valley sigue las normas de Igualdad de Oportunidades Laborales.

Responsible for ensuring the delivery and operation of audio-visual equipment in all auditoriums and meeting spaces. $15.38 - $18.25/hour with full benefits and employee perks.

Help Wanted


Review full job description and apply at



Breakfast, Lunch and dinner shifts available

Responsible for operating the Industrial Laundry by efficiently and effectively scheduling, motivating, and training staff. $16.58 $19.80/hour with full benefits, childcare assistance, YMCA membership, and more.

Full time Apply in person: 1260 Big Thompson Ave. or email resume:

Carpenter needed will pay for good skills and dependable person. Wages based on ability. Call 970-679-7938.

yMCa OF THe rOCKIeS 2515 Tunnel road estes Park, Colorado, 80511

HOuSeKeePIng Crew Leader Responsible for leading a housekeeping crew with an emphasis on quality, accountability, efficiency and timeliness. $18/hr. with full benefits, childcare assistance, and employee perks.

NOW HIRING Surgical Services Department Registered Nurse OR Circulator or PreOp PACU PRN or Full Time Positions Available

Rams Horn Village Resort has a year round full time position available in our Engineering/ Maintenance Department: $17-22/hour, plus a summer bonus up to $2000 and benefits package for full time employees. We are looking for an experienced, dependable person who is able to perform physical labor and who has strong customer service skills. Fill out an application at Rams Horn Village Resort, 1565 Colo. Hwy 66. EEOE

$20,000 Sign On/Retention Bonus available

Full Time Housekeeper for Solitude Cabins Pick up application or call and ask for Kay. 970-577-7777 1885 Sketchbox Ln.

Delivery Jobs in Estes Park (FT/PT) Hiring Immediately Competitive pay. Must be able to lift up to 70 lbs. Clean driving record. Vehicle supplied. Email contact information to

Apply online at

Photo by Tim Buck

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EMPLOYMENT » Place and View Ads at « EMPLOYMENT Rocky Mountain Conservancy

Member & Donor Services Associate Seeking an experienced team player to assist the Conservancy’s philanthropy team in database operaƟon and giŌ processing.  Year-round, full-Ɵme, 40 hours with benefits

Seeking Servers lunch and dinner shifts, must be able to work weekends. Also need Host/Hostess - $15/hr plus tips.

Call Erin 970-586-5376 to apply.

 Strong oral/wriƩen communicaƟon skills  Experience with Raiser’s Edge, data entry

systems and customer service preferred

See full posiƟon descripƟon on our website before applying

Center Operations Director

Salud is looking for a Center Operations Director in Estes Park • Bachelor’s degree in health-related field strongly preferred or equivalent combination of education and experience • Supervisory experience working in Healthcare

is hiring Sales Associates for part and full time shifts. The successful candidate will provide top quality customer service, help maintain the store, stock shelves and maintain the food prep area according to health code regulations; maintain cash draw securing all funds in safe and register; conducts loss prevention observations; set priorities and meet deadlines; demonstrate safe work and risk management practices and complete all duties as assigned. to apply to go Parkland USA

• Housekeeping

• Landscaping and Hot Tubs

• Experienced Maintenance

Starting at $16.00 per hour

Email cover leƩer and resumé, and any quesƟons to:

Located at 860 Moraine Ave, Estes Park, CO

• Front Desk Starting at $16.00 per hour

 $16 – $19/hour with potenƟal for promoƟon

Harts Gas & Food

NOW HIRING! Full-Time and Part-Time Positions Available for

Salud Offers: • Starting Annual Salary Range $59,357 - $68,261 • $10,000 Signing Bonus • Comprehensive Benefits Package Apply at

Starting at $15.00 per hour

Starting at $17.00 per hour

Apply at, mail or email resume to: Fawn Valley Inn, 2760 Fall River Road, Estes Park, CO 80517 Email: Night Auditor Part Time, Year Round

Front Desk Seasonal - thru October

Contact Rhonda at 970-586-2358

The Bird’s Nest

Coffeeshop, Bakery, Pizzeria, Event Space. Hiring line cooks, prep cooks, and dishwashers. Please email info@thebirds–


An American Bistro

yMCa OF THe rOCKieS 2515 Tunnel road

yMCa OF THe rOCKieS 2515 Tunnel road estes Park, Colorado, 80511

Delivery Manager Responsible for all catering and refreshment deliveries, while also training and supervising relevant staff. $17-$19/hour with full benefits, childcare assistance, family membership, retirement fund, and more.


estes Park, Colorado, 80511

BuilDing MainTenanCe TeCHniCian This position is for the maintenance and repair of all aspects of the Estes Park Center facilities. Includes on-site housing, hourly pay, full benefits, childcare assistance, and family membership.


NOW HIRING Physical Therapist Rehabilitation Full Time, WedSun, 8 hour shifts Pay Range: $35.05-$43.89, plus weekend shift differentials

Please apply at

Full details on open positions can be found at Full-time Events Maintenance Worker I Facilities Manager Grants Specialist Mechanic II/III Street Equipment Specialist I/II/III Water Project Supervisor Civil Engineer I/II Groundworker Planner I/II Seasonal Positions Events Maintenance Worker Event Coordinator Assistant Community Service Officer The status of applications will be communicated via e-mail. By choice, the Town of Estes Park is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.

Business Manager FT, non-exempt, flex schedule $52,000-60,000 annually Oversee Club activities and supervise Club employees at American Legion, Post 119 Drives sustainable development & acts as community liaison. Ideal candidate will be experienced with and capable of: Event scheduling & management, publicity, vendor relations, resource management, financial analysis, and more. Full job description found at Send cover letter and resume to EEO

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EMPLOYMENT » Place and View Ads at « EMPLOYMENT

From the Branch to the Backcountry

Silver Saddle Inn

We’re Redefining How Careers in Banking Look

Seeking Bartenders - must be able to work nights and weekends, handle cash, serve customers and staff.


Call Erin 970-586-5376 to apply.

Join our team! Hiring Full-Time Teller Ideal candidates will have prior cash handling and customer service experience. Additional requirements include attention to detail, strong computer and problem solving skills, and the ability to work in a fast-paced, team oriented environment. $17-19/Hour. Excellent benefits including medical, dental, 401(K) and paid time off. $500 hiring bonus after 90 days. Please apply at:


is seeking a reliable worker for cleaning and light landscaping duties. Pay rate starts at $12.50 - $18.00 per hour depending on experience. Contact Jerry at 970-631-4823.

estes park, Colorado, 80511

5/13/22 4:38 PM

Now hiring Non-CDL drivers

CaTering Manager Responsible day to day operations of the catering depart that operates within the Food Service Dept. $19 - $20/hour with full benefits, childcare assistance, YMCA membership, and more.

Part-time starting at $17/hr plus tips, $2/hr shift differential pay for mornings and nights. Office Full time seasonal- $17-$18 an hour. Apply within at: Estes Park Shuttle 551 South Saint Vrain Ave

2515 Tunnel road estes park, Colorado, 80511

ConFerenCe CoordinaTor Responsible for assisting conference and family reunion groups by providing information, knowledge and support to all Conference services. $18.50 $19.25/hour with full benefits, childcare assistance, YMCA membership, and more.

HIRING – CDL Bus Drivers $27.49/hr after training. Will train for CDL. Cleaner/Fuelers $17.38/hr. Pre-employment health screens and background checks. Seasonal work June-Oct 2022. Varied shifts, part-time or more, RMTM of Estes Park. Info call 970-577-7477

Historic Crags Lodge Front Desk Supervisor $20/hr. Benefits start Day 1 $1000 Hiring bonus.

Housekeeper Part Time, $16 an hour $500 Hiring Bonus! Stop by and see us or call us at


Seeking part-time, Full Service Handyman for busy downtown commercial property. Insurance required. Request skills in tile and general contracting for wide range of maintenance. Please call (970) 481-1932 and leave message.

yMCa oF THe roCKieS


Customer Service Representative

300 Riverside Drive Estes Park, CO 80517

Technology Arts Librarian Salary Range: $18.04 - $25.25 / hr Full Time: 40 hours/week Benefits: Single/Family Medical, Dental, Vision Insurance. Includes vacation/sick time accrual. Closing Date: 8 pm, Monday, June 20, 2022

Only online applications with cover letter and resume will be accepted. EEO.

2515 Tunnel road estes park, Colorado, 80511

Laundry SuperviSor (pM)

Seeking Dishwasher - must be able to work nights and weekends.

Call Erin 970-586-5376 to apply.

Please apply at

Send resume to:

Village Goldsmith, Inc. We currently have job openings for jewelry art lovers in our workshop/gallery Assist our staff in jewelry repair, polishing, casting, sizing, and design. Prior experience is preferred.


Fine jewelry retail sales Training provided, no prior jewelry knowledge necessary. Open every day; summer hours are into the evening. We offer competitive pay, summer bonus potential, flexible scheduling. 235 West Elkhorn Avenue (970)586-5659

Rams Horn Village Resort has year round full time and part time positions available in our Guest Services/ Housekeeping Department: $16-18/hour, plus tips, a summer bonus up to $1500, and benefits package for full time employees. We are looking for energetic, dependable people who are able to perform physical labor and who have strong customer service skills. Fridays and Saturdays are required. Fill out an application at Rams Horn Village Resort, 1565 Colo. Hwy 66. EEOE


Review full job description and apply at

yMCa oF THe roCKieS

Equal Opportunity Employer

Experienced General Manager


2515 Tunnel road


Now hiring:

Jerry's Landscaping, Hauling & Handyman

yMCa oF THe roCKieS

ESTES PARK 533 Big Thompson Ave. 970.586.8185

Responsible for assisting with operations in the industrial laundry by efficiently and effectively motivating and training staff. $16.58 - $18.47/hr. with full benefits, childcare assistance, and employee perks.

Enrollment Specialist Salud is looking for a Enrollment Specialist in Estes Park. • High school diploma or GED required • Bilingual English/Spanish required Salud Offers: • $17.90 to $19.40 per hour • Monday to Friday – 8 am to 5 pm • Comprehensive Benefits Package Apply at

Full and part time jobs available. 970-518-4001

EMPLOYMENT » Place and View Ads at « EMPLOYMENT

Friday, June 10, 2022 « 43

YMca of The rocKies 2515 Tunnel road

Seeking a CO licensed Hairdresser/Barber

estes park, colorado, 80511

Building & grounds Technician – sTaff housing specialisT This position focuses on the maintenance and repair of staff housing with special emphasis on Glacier Lodge, the year-round staff housing neighborhood. Hourly pay, full benefits, childcare assistance, and family membership.

Looking for an experienced Prep/line cook for our busy kitchen. Must have ability to follow recipes, hand cut steaks, and availability to work all days of the week. Overtime possible but not mandatory, morning hours required.

for established Barber Shop in Downtown Estes Park. Generous terms and well maintained on-site downtown Studio Apartment available for $800/mo. Please call (970) 480-5458.

Call 970-586-5376 to apply.

Rocky Mountain Conservancy nOW HIRInG Maintenance and evening Front desk AM and PM shifts available. Top pay for experience and knowledge. Email at or call 970-825-3587.

apply at 854 dunraven Street, estes Park CO 970/586-1085

StyleSt Wanted Good Location - Good Pay Happy Shop! 970-231-3997

Visitor Center Retail Clerk

Seeking an experienced team player to assist the Conservancy’s sales department as a retail clerk in RMNP visitor centers.  $16.50 – $17.00/hr with potenƟal for promoƟon

Primary responsibiliƟes: ConducƟng retail transacƟons, and maintaining a clean and inviƟng sales area.  Fun and social working environment  Some weekends and holidays may be required

See full posiƟon descripƟon on our website before applying Call 970-586-0121 for applicaƟon informaƟon, quesƟons or to apply, or e-mail:

Join Our Ore Cart Team! Now Hiring CDL Drivers Seasonal/ part-time starting at $23/hr plus tips $5/hr shift differential pay for evening and nights. Call Nick at 970-980-9023

Full-time, Part-time and Seasonal Positions Available. Hours are from 8am - 8pm with flexible shifts. Ideal candidate has great people and communication skills. Weekends and Holidays are required. Bilingual Spanish/English is a plus. Call or email today to schedule an interview. 970-888-1438

 Year-round, FT/PT & seasonal posiƟons available Murphy’s River Lodge is looking for Front Desk Agent Starts at $16/hr and pay will be based on experience! Apply at 481 W Elkhorn Ave or call Stephanie at 1-970-480-5081 for interview.

FROnt deSK aGentS needed.


Full-time positions available. Handle reservations, inquiries, cancellations. Answer phones, emails, texts, asst guests w/questions. Strong telephone, customer service and computer skills. Learn SkyRun software. $16 - $17 per hour. FT employees eligible for health ins.premium reimb Apply: estes-park-skyrun-vacationarentals/job/reservationist

Full Time - Part Time Good Pay, Summer Bonus, Paid Vacation Apply in Person

The Ore Cart Rock Shop 119 W. Elkhorn • 970-586-3577

diversity engagement Coordinator. DEI outreach work in the nonprofit sector. Must be bilingual and live in Estes Valley. App deadline May 27. $18.50-$19.50, 12-20 hours per week, visit

WorldMark estes Park now Hiring all Positions!! Starting at $17!! Offering a diverse range of comprehensive health and welfare benefits to meet your needs and support you throughout your career with us. Benefits include: Medical, Dental, Vision and Resort Discounts!

HIRING TODAY! COMMeRCIal dRIVeRS $22/hr in estes Park, CO

Help us help others. Become a CAREGiverSM • Starting at $19 • NO Medical Background Required • Flexible Schedule • Training & Local Support Provided • Rewarding & Meaningful Job!

Apply online at or call for more information


Each Home Instead® franchise is independently owned and operated. © 2022 Home Instead, Inc.

Shift: Monday - Friday 5-6am start with Rotational Saturday Combo Commercial & Residential routes

REQUIREMENTS 18 years or older to apply $4,000 sign on bonus for all driver positions in Estes Park Class A or B CDL required Knowledge of Service area is a plus

Competitive Pay, Great Benefits & Opportunities for Growth!


Equal Opportunity Employer: Minority/Female/Disability/Veteran

We’re hiring for the following positions starting at $18.00/hr.: • Drive-up & Go Service Helpers • Checker • Courtesy Clerk • Day-Stocker • Overnight Stocker • Bakery Clerk • Deli Clerk • Produce Clerk • Seafood Clerk • Cake Decorator • Meat Cutter Get your application at: After your application has been completed, please call our hiring manager Ann at 970.586.4447.

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Commercial Rentals

Piano Tuning

Garage Sales

Estate Sales

Misc. Sales

OFFICE SPACE 6 Offices/Whole 2nd Floor 850 sf, Yr. Lease Min. Private Parking, Bathroom, Kitchenette, A/C. Reasonable Rates. Quality Finishes. Located on River. Call Bret Freedman 970-215-2494

Susan Novy, local piano tuner. Call for appt. 577-1755 www.estesparkpiano

OFFICE SPACE For Rent 970-290-4488


OPEN-HOUSE SHOWINGS SATURDAY MORNING 385 Riverside Dr-3+2 & GRG, ON RIVER 1/4mi to town, lg yd, pet ok with dep, $2175/mo w yr lease AVAILABLE FOR OCCUPANCY 6/13/22. Text 805 279-5240 for application.



3 BR, 2 BA Condo Long Term Lease, NP, NS. $2500/mo. 707-706-3781

Apartments Downtown Furnished Studio on Riverwalk. Has Jacuzzi, gas fireplace, balcony and kitchenette for one adult. One adult for 1year lease at $900/mo +; NS/NP. 1st, Last and Deposit to move in July 1. Please call (970) 481-1932 and leave voicemail.

Commercial Rentals Three person professional Class A office. Located in Bank of Estes Park building on Saint Vrain. Previous attorney occupied for over 20 years. Two private offices with reception, onsite parking. Adjacent tenants are State Farm and Edward Jones. $1,600 per month plus utilities. Contact Thom at Verus Commercial, Inc. 303-589-1543


Commercial Spaces for sale and lease. Call Eric. Anderson Realty. 586-2950

BUSINESS Rocky Mountain High End Cleaning Residential-Vacation Hotels-VRBO We are locals, and we clean it all! 970.617.3967 www.rockymountainhigh

Home Repair/Service

Business For Sale $40,000 Hair-Nail Salon 30-years in Business 3 Stations-1 Nail Table Call Bret Freedman Estes Park Home Finders 970-215-2494


Gutter cleaning, repairs and new 5” or 6” gutters. Regular cleaning is crucial Garage Sales to maintaining good gutters. Yard Sale Saturday, June Call or text 720-340-1720. 11, 9:00–2:00 Keutzer residence, Gutter Cleaning, Repairs 751 Ramshorn Dr. in & Replacement. Carriage Hills Book Now for Summer Antique dishes & (970) 830-3411 glassware, women’s clothes sizes 6-8-10, misc. household goods.


One person professional office located downtown Rock Point Landscape on north side of Bond Mowing, Shrub removal, Park. Completely power wash, rock work, remodeled recently. flagstone,& More! Conference room, coffee 970-308-0049 bar, copy machine are available. $550.00 per month, all utilities included. Sewing/Alterations Contact Thom at Verus Commercial, Inc. Remixed Custom Sewing 303-589-1543 Services Cushions, campers, Office Spaces for Rent outdoor furniture, 1191 Woodstock Dr. benches, leather and Newly Remodeled Industrial Repair. 1200 Sq. ft w/ great Local - call Beth parking. Near Hwy 7 & 970-492-5446 Fairgrounds. Call 402-730-4080 or 970-420-4388

July 17, and 18 starting at 8am. Garage/Estate Sale. All household belongings, crafts, toys, jewelry, clothing. All must go... 800 Moraine, (Event Center) HUGE yard sale! Lots a cool old things. Many FREE. Also ‘93 Nissan truck project. Sat. June 11. 8:00 am. 920 Little Prospect Rd.

GARAGE SALE Fri 8-12 Sat 8-2 June 11 & 12 Follow Org & Grn Signs 8 am – 3 pm 667 Little Prospect Rd. Explosion of stamping and (corner of Peakview & scrapbook tools & Marys Lake Rd) materials, Cuisinart and Kitchen Aid accessories, Patio & Lawn Furniture, Bakeware, small Q Log Bed, Victorian appliances, luggage, too Furniture, Longaberger many types of household Baskets, Collectibles, Turn items to list. Table, Rugs, Sewing 1620 Raven Circle Machine, Craft Table, Craft Items, Jewelry, Framed Art, Games, Ping Pong Estate Sales Tble, Road Bike, Costumes, Tools, Barbed 3141 FISH CRK RD Wire Collection, FRIDAY ONLY 8-2 Lawnmower, Wheel Barrel, Estate Sale Yard Tools, Work Benches, Mobility items, LG Cut Wood, Wagon Wheel, wash/dry, puzzles, cat Bird Bath, Fire Pit & More. items, lg refrig, ESTATE/MOVING SALE bread maker, ice maker, Need to have one, but misc. sm appliances, seems overwhelming. furniture, microwaves, We do the work, you make DVDs the $. Local, Affordable, References. CALL JUDI 970-215-5548

FINAL CHANCE to own a vintage AB Chase grand piano $995. Call 970-232-6882 for info & pics. Buyer must move.

PUBLIC NOTICE REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS This Upper Thompson Sanitation District (Owner) is seeking Requests for Proposal (RFP) for construction manager at-risk (CMAR) services for the WRF and Lift Station Improvements Project (Project). Proposals will be reviewed and evaluated by the District and a short list of up to three (3) contractors will be identified for interviews/teaming assessments. Information regarding the interview process and selection criteria will be provided to the short-listed contractors. Certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) are encouraged to propose. At the completion of the interview process the Owner will select a contractor (Contractor) to award the CMAR Services. Proposals will be received at until July 12, 2022, at 10:00 AM local time. The work will include preconstruction and construction services for the construction of the following four (4) project elements: A. Fish Creek Lift Station (FCLS) B. Wapiti Lift Station (WLS) C. WLS Force Main D. Water Reclamation Facility (WRF) Requests for Proposals can be obtained at The Owner reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, to waive any information in any proposal, to readvertise for proposals, or to withhold the award for any reason the Owner determines. Upper Thompson Sanitation District, Chris Bieker, District Manager, June 7, 2022

LEGAL NOTICE Estes Park Housing Authority (EPHA) will close the waiting list for all EPHA properties from May 16, 2022 to June 27, 2022. During this time, we will not accept new applications for housing. We will use this time to update our waitlists. You may submit a new application to Estes Park Housing Authority as of Tuesday, June 28, 2022. You may contact Estes Park Housing Authority at 970 591 2535 or via email at with questions. Equal Housing Opportunity and Equal Employment Opportunity. Additionally, the Housing Choice Voucher/Section 8 waitlist will be open with Loveland Housing Authority only from June 28, 2022 to June 30, 2022. Information and Applications can be obtained from Completed applications should be submitted to Loveland Housing Authority via, in person at 375 West 37th St., Suite 200, Loveland CO, 80538, or faxed to 970 667 2860. These applications will not be accepted at Estes Park Housing Authority. Contact Loveland Housing Authority at 970 667 3232 with questions. Equal Housing Opportunity and Equal Employment Opportunity. La Autoridad de la Vivienda de Estes Park (EPHA) cerrará la lista de espera para todas las propiedades de EPHA del 16 de mayo de 2022 al 27 de junio de 2022. Durante este tiempo, no aceptaremos nuevas solicitudes de vivienda. Usaremos éste tiempo para actualizar nuestra lista de espera. Puede enviar una nueva solicitud a la Autoridad de la Vivienda de Estes Park a partir del martes 28 de junio de 2022. Puede comunicarse con la Autoridad de la Vivienda de Estes Park al 970 591 2535 o por correo electrónico a si tiene preguntas. Igualdad de oportunidades de vivienda e igualdad de oportunidades de empleo. Además, la lista de espera del Vale de Elección de Vivienda/Sección 8 estará abierta con la Autoridad de la Vivienda de Loveland solo a partir del 28 de junio de 2022 al 30 de junio de 2022. Se puede obtener información y solicitudes en Las solicitudes completas deben enviarse a la Autoridad de la Vivienda de Loveland a través de, en persona en 375 West 37th St., Suite 200, Loveland CO, 80538, o por fax al 970 667 2860. Estas solicitudes no se aceptarán en La Autoridad de la Vivienda de Estes Park. Comuníquese con la Autoridad de la Vivienda de Loveland al 970 667 3232 si tiene preguntas. Igualdad de Oportunidades de Vivienda e Igualdad de Oportunidades de Empleo.

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970-586-2557 ARCHITECTURE



Dr. Amber Busche


970-586-4418 600 S Saint Vrain Ave - Suite 5 •equipped to evaluate macular degeneration, glaucoma and cataracts •same day appointments for eye pain and emergencies •referral access to specialized surgeons & advocacy for the best care •full service optical for specialized eyewear Comprehensive Eyecare Right Here in Estes Park!

Sweep & Mop Cleaners LLC Sweep & Mop Cleaners LLC

Cleaning Company *20 years of experience


Cleaning Company

*Clean, honest and guaranteed service * commercial cleaning *Residential Cleaning *Vacation rentals *deep & construction cleaning

* call or text for a free estimate! * (970)-430-7678


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HEARING & TINNITUS CARE Cory D. Workman, Au.D. Phone: 970-586-5255 • Hearing Aids / New & Repair • Hearing Evaluations • Hearing Protection • Ear Care / Wax Removal • Dizziness / Balance

1186 Graves Ave., Ste. B Estes Park, CO 80517 Fax: 970-577-7260


D Licensed & Insured

DIAMOND D HANDYMAN SERVICE Home Maintenance & Repairs Yardwork & Mowing

“Consider It Done!” Dave 303-877-2007




Cajun Handyman Services No Job Too Small! Office: 970-586-2109 Cell: 970-443-5613


970-586-1685 Custom Homes, Additions, Kitchens, Baths, Historic Renovations, Remodels and Design Work

Charles Santagati 1191 Graves Ave Full service general contracting since 1998


7DKRVD UDQFK#JPDLO FRP /,&(16(' ,1685('

Calls Returned Same Day! Brian Thibodeaux - owner

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REAL ESTATE Simply. Elevated. Real Estate.

Aaron L. Busche, CNE Broker Associate Cell: (970) 470-9962 255 Park Lane, Ste 203 Estes Park, CO 80517






Call us for all of your painting or staining needs!

• Residential/Commercial • Log Homes/Decks • Free Estimates • 4 Year Warranty

• Free Estimates / 24 Hour Emergency • Tree Trimming & Removal • Fire Mitigation / Year Round Service

• Interior/Exterior • Power Washing • Local References • Licensed & Insured

• Pine Beetle / Mistletoe Management • Scenic View Enhancement • Fully Insured • 30 Years Experience 10% Senior Or Military Discounts Business........................................................ 970-586-4046 Cell.............................................................. 970-568-6685

Tim Stolz, Owner • 970-518-4001• 26 Years Experience e-mail: •



Alpenglow Custom Blinds and Shades

Local Sales, Installation, Service, and Repair

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT ESTES PARK ELK VIEW PROPERTY MANAGEMENT AND CLEANING SERVICE • Long Term Properties • Vacation Rentals • Construction Clean • Residential • Cabins • Carpet Cleaning Call 970-646-8234 or 970-685-7740 Mark Matson and Elvira Matson - 970-235-1133

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Local Knowledge Local Experts 17 Devils Cross Road

Listed by Christian Collinet



71 Pinyon Trail


Listed by Christian Collinet




647 Little Prospect Road

Listed by Christian Collinet



1720 Moss Rock Drive

Listed by Christian Collinet

541 Lone Pine Drive


Listed by Tom Thomas

2115 Ridge Road

Listed by Tom Thomas


655 Park River Place

Listed by Brad Barnett


$2,239,000 285 Alpine Drive

1292 Miller Fork Road

Listed by Christian Collinet


Listed by Lori Smith



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