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Materiality The eight material issues that make up our matrix are the result of the process of identifying, evaluating, and prioritizing relevant topics that may affect our generation of value in the short, medium, and long term. Approved by our Executive Board in 2020, our materiality matrix was developed based on the issues that most impact our business, using our stakeholders as a reference. Our materiality was reviewed in accordance with the Reporting Principles of the GRI Standard (Global Reporting Initiative Standards) and aimed to: - Understand our impacts, risks, and opportunities in relation to these topics; - Improve our vision as to how the company generates value; - Increase transparency, with more ample communication of the most relevant topics to our stakeholders, for a better assessment of our performance; and - Evaluate whether, based on changes in the context of the period, there were changes in material topics. The selected topics were those that reflect significant impacts, whether they are environmental, social, economic, or influence the assessment and decisions of stakeholders, whether through our own activities, products, and services, or as a result of our business relationships with other entities. Additionally, during 2021, we observed the main manifestations of our stakeholders to assess the relevance of making adjustments or not to the material issues that have been guiding our strategy, management and reporting.

>> Information on the statements received from our stakeholders can be found in the chapter on Active and Transparent Communication.