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ESTADO D’ALMA® Aveiro | Portugal


Introduction Trademark The essence of shape, space, color and material texture are the main goals of Estado d'Alma design. Its pieces are specially designed for spaces which seek the importance of decoration combined with versatile storage. Its natural and honest design are some of its most desirable features.

History Estado d'Alma started in 2008 by the hand of designers Alexandra Oliveira and Pedro Saraiva, with the development of a project, based on a model of his authorship in a contest of Industrial Equipment Design. The wish of showing the creativity within their soul (alma) shaped new ideas and concepts into high quality pieces of furniture. In 2009, Estado d'Alma (state of mind) began as registed brand.


Mission The main goal was do design peaces of furniture that would be unique to your home, in an innovative and personalized way, with the choice of materials, colors or vinyls.

Values Our values are the refletion of all our work as demonstrated. design . creativity . functionality

designer Alexandra Oliveira

designer Pedro Saraiva



“Romeu e Julieta”




Bem me Quer






Torcido sideboard The accuracy of a simple and honest design, combined with the beauty an sensuality of nature are some of the features that make this piece unique. This piece consists of two drawers and a central module, slightly rotated according to its central axis. The drawers have lacquered finish in white and green, and the remaining parts are in oak and walnut.

Dimensions Width: 120 cm Depth: 50 cm Height: 112 cm Weight: 110 kg | 242.5 lb


Duquesa sideboard “Duquesa� sideboard unites its classic and more contemporary design in one piece. Its interior reveals a bold look with its bright colors. All of its components are available in a major variety of colors and materials to identify with your own taste.

Dimensions Width: 160 cm Depth: 50 cm Height: 102 cm Weight: ... kg | ... lb



Imperatriz showcase Imponent, sober and superior, the “Imperatriz” showcase is one of our most powerful pieces wherever she is found. She’s intended to store your most precious items and at the same time displaying them to everyone. It’s divided in four parts, the legs inspired by its ancestors, two models with a glass door and one more with two draws.

Dimensions Width: 50 cm Depth: 40 cm Height: 160 cm Weight: ... kg | ... lb



Verona sideboard With the will to avoid uncomfortable positions while bending down, this sideboard has a leaning module to store books and bottles, combining these two pleasures in one piece. There are two models with a draw and a door where you can storage glass cups or other items.

Dimensions Width: 170 cm Depth: 50 cm Height: 98 cm Weight: ... kg | ... lb


Capuleto media unit Short and long, "Capuleto" will be prepared to bear with one of the best friends of Man, the television. It has two shelves where you can get the DVD / Bluray player and other entertainment devices. In addition, it has two drawers to get what you want

Dimensions Width: 130/198 cm Depth: 50 cm Height: 44 cm Weight: ... kg | ... lb



Rosalina side table Graceful and elegant as their "parents", "Rosalina" is the smallest member of the family "Romeo e Julieta". Born with a view to supporting everything and everyone, always on our side. Loves to be leaning to the sofas and beds, always willing to keep in its small drawer your things.

Dimensions Width: 60 cm Depth: 60 cm Height: 50 / 70 cm Weight: ... kg | ... lb



Bem me Quer dressing table With inspirations from other times, this dressing table will be faithful only to you, a guardian of your favorite jewelry. The contrast between the classic design of the legs and top contemporary, this piece creates an impact worthy of the collection "Romeo and Juliet", but is inside the drawers that color wins women's role, giving it a personal touch.

Dimensions Width: 130 cm Depth: 55 cm Height: 91 cm Weight: ... kg | ... lb



Paixão desk Passion is a very powerful feeling, so that undermines individuality, identity and reasoning power of the individual. Despite intense and sweeping, is a fleeting feeling. The “Paixão” desk came to counteract this feeling, came to mark and leave everything and everyone caught up with the simplicity of their romantic lines.

Dimensions Width: 159 cm Depth: 83 cm Height: 81 cm Weight: ... kg | ... lb




“Atenção que desliza”






Clique Claque

Sra. Doutora



VaivĂŠm sideboard The "vaivĂŠm" unit is both versatile and independent, being mostly used for the storage of DVDs, books, magazines, but also used for supporting bigger objects like a television. The bookcase plays a fundamental role in a time to avoid the accumulation of objects and sense of disorder. It was also intended to create a piece of furniture where repetition and symmetry of the bookcase shelves would allow the user to configure this piece in the most pleasing way.

Dimensions Width: 197.5 cm Depth: 47 cm Height: 60 cm Weight: ... kg | ... lb



Escondidinha center table Why “escondidinha� ? We can say that this piece of furniture has two types of storage, one on top, and two beneath. One of the lower storage is hidden dew to sliding shelf, which can be moved from one side of the table to another.

Dimensions Width: 120 cm Depth: 50 cm Height: 27 cm Weight: ... kg | ... lb



Corredor sideboard Run “corredor” (slider) run! With plenty of energy and will to slide, the “corredor” cannot be unnoticed. Be careful of its tricky personality for it likes to confuse you, or hide you most precious items.Designed with minimalistic lines, it can easily be displayed in any home. There’s a possibility of choosing its finishing touches, making this peace one of your own.The display of graphical elements is optional, as is the choice of drawing them yourself.

Dimensions Width: 120 cm Depth: 44 cm Height: 80 cm Weight: ... kg | ... lb



Caixote center table Where are the matches? Maybe they’re in the “caixote”? With an unusual inspiration in a matchbox case, we designed a center table following Estado d’Alma’s concepts. Its geometric design implemented two draws which complement its exterior design. It can be seen as a big canvas waiting to be painted upon.

Dimensions Width: 140 cm Depth: 70 cm Height: 30 cm Weight: ... kg | ... lb



Clique Claque sideboard The “clique claque” unit seems quite peaceful, but that is no so! With a simple “clic” it opens its wings, showing its simple but wide storage abilities. According to the “less is more” principle, this piece is well balanced within is different models. In this sense, the more squared pieces have more storage capabilities and a cleaner look.

Dimensions Width: 140 cm Depth: 50 cm Height: 70 cm Weight: ... kg | ... lb



Sra. Doutora desk The “Sra. Doutora” desk has two draws and storage spaces on each side of the table so you can have everything nearby while working. To brighten up your workhours, “Sra. Doutora” has a wide range of choises on vinyls and other finishing touches.

Dimensions Width: 150 cm Depth: 65 cm Height: 74 cm Weight: ... kg | ... lb


Preguiça bed There’s no better place to dream then in your bed.”Preguiça” makes a difference by having two bedsides which hide underneath. This option allows you to have a better and wider perception of space.

Dimensions Width: 190 cm Depth: 209 cm Height: 70 cm Weight: ... kg | ... lb



Incógnita shelf

In this piece, the spaces are covered with lids which don’t open like doors or draws. The intention is to choose which spaces are left opened or closed. Hence the name “incognita”.

Dimensions Width: 143 cm Depth: 45 cm Height: 168 cm Weight: ... kg | ... lb




“Não toques que desafina”

Segura que Cai

Quebra Cabeรงas



Sempre em pé hanger Don’t worry if it tilts with the weight of our clothes, the “Sempre em Pé” will always return to its original position. By being so complex beings we have to surround ourselves with more simple objects. The search for simple and functional design gave birth to this piece where its looks are one of its main features.

Dimensions Width: 70 cm Depth: 25 cm Height: 180 cm Weight: 17.5 kg | 38.6 lb


Quebra cabeças coffee table Due to its boldness, this piece doesn’t like to be unnoticed. Your coffee won’t be forgotten on this table. The disposition of the wooden plans create a complex and distinctive design piece.

Dimensions Width: 70 cm Depth: 70 cm Height: 43 cm Weight: ... kg | ... lb



Entrelaรงado cabinet The cabinet "Entrelaรงado" has as its main inspiration the bricks that line the facades of older homes. It's in the doors and drawers that stands out that inspiration, as those hiding behind the complex interlocking design, a refined bar prepared to store your glasses and bottles of favorite wines. This bar is fully configurable in the type of wood, type of lacquer and their color.

Dimensions Width: 90 cm Depth: 45 cm Height: 176 cm Weight: ... kg | ... lb




Edição Limitada | Limited Edition


D. Manel II


Ziguezagueante sideboard The "Ziguezagueante" is the first piace of the limited edition of Estado d'Alma brand. With lines inspired by modern architecture, the sideboard "Ziguezagueante" will not be seen as just a piece of furniture, but as a piece of art. With a creased crop, compound with three drawers, two in wood and one in black lacquered with a staircase effect, has a single personality. A specific structural form with broken lines, which form alternately projecting and receding angles, color and unique design.

Dimensions Width: 160 cm Depth: 55 cm Height: 70 cm Weight: ... kg | ... lb


D. Manel II cabinet Make history with its many nicknames, "The Neat" by the concern he has with the organization of the goods inside, "The leggy" due to the revolution created in his legs twisted and colorful, "The Great" because of its majestic appearance, worthy of receiving a bow in all the passages in front of him. It has two large doors that hide inside two drawers and five shelves for storing all kinds of objects.

Dimensions Width: 100 cm Depth: 40 cm Height: 140 cm Weight: ... kg | ... lb



finishes woods





black oak


lacquered opaque/glow


















Custon furniture Our furniture is designed and manufactured with you in mind. We don't intend to make two pieces alike, so there's a personal configuration to your taste. There are many options to be chosen from like, the type of lacquer (matt / gloss), the color of lacquer, wood type, and, if you wish, the appliance of a vinyl in your furniture. Some of our models also have the ability to configure the position of the furniture as you like.

Bespoke furniture Furniture sometimes doesn't have the exact size we want to fill a space. Knowing this, we give the possibility of a customized furniture design budget. We'll go to your house, if necessary; to take the measurements of the space you wish to change.

Delivery and assembly To give more comfort to our customers, our prices already include delivery and assembly, for orders over 1000â‚Ź (Portugal). We are responsible for unpacking, assembly and placement of furniture in your home.


Delivery time By having all of our products uniquely customized to each customer's taste, our stock is limited. Thus, our delivery time may vary between 3-4 weeks depending on the accumulated number of orders at the time. In case we have the furniture you want available, delivery will be made as soon as we have delivery service available.

Payment conditions All payments are made after confirming the order, the entry value is 50% of the final price. Once the pieces of furniture are ready to deliver, we will be in touch with the client and the remaining 50% will be paid for.


2012 catalog  

Estado d'Alma | 2012 catalog

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