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resources for inner peace, health and healing

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All Light Ministries, US & INTL. Presents Dr. Michael Ulm, D. Min, CCI International Healer, Teacher & Intuitive

Healing Miracles Seminars I & II Monday, June 18th to Saturday, June 23rd 2012 I – Blueprints to Your Transcendent Self - Learn Healing for yourself and others II – God, Faith, Miracles and You - Find deeper meaning and healing powers Location of Seminar Series: Lake Harriet Spiritual Community • 4401 Upton Ave. South • Minneapolis, MN 55410 For more information contact: Rev. Kay (612) 418-1825 or www.alllightministries.com

Can teeth and disease really heal through Holistic applications or God’s love spontaneously?

Experience for yourself the information, gifts &/or blessings you’ll keep in your heart forever.

Healing Services The Universe is filled with possibilities. Find out what happens when you open your heart and mind to the unlimited possibilities of God’s loving, healing energies. Wednesday-June 6th Friday-June 8th Saturday-June 9th Saturday-June 23rd, 2012 7-9:00 PM

Location of Healing Services: Lake Harriet Spiritual Community • 4401 Upton Ave. South • Minneapolis, MN 55410 For more information contact: Rev. Kay (612) 418-1825 or www.alllightministries.com Additional Healing Service

Thursday, June 7th, 2012 7-9:00 PM

Location of this service: Epworth United Methodist Church • 3207 37th Avenue South • Minneapolis, MN 55406 For more information contact: Rev. Kay (612) 418-1825 june 2012



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Use Ayurvedic principles to clear and calm the mind BY KERI MANGIS 16-19 Therapy dog Albert works with the mentally ill BY BARBARA PIECHOWSKI PELTON

22-27 Belief in an afterlife helps in healing of grief BY KENT SMITH

32-35 Experience the perfect mess of this perfect moment BY MICHAEL PAUL STEPHENS

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healing the mind, body, and spirit in harmony with nature

A Professional Practice Based on Traditional Naturopathy, Herbalism, and Compassion

Start an amazing adventure of discovering the rewards of a healthy and balanced you. When headaches, stomach disturbances, and sleepless nights become a constant, it is time to bring health and harmony back into your life. By focusing on lifestyle changes, transitioning to whole foods, herbal remedies to heal the body, and different forms of stress-relief and exercise, existing imbalances in the body, mind, spirit, and mental processes are within your reach.

Debbie Engelmann, BS, NHD is a Doctor of Natural Health, Herbalist, And Traditional Naturopath For More Information Please Visit

www.createdbynaturewellness.com Created By Nature Wellness, LLC 190 S. River Ridge Circle, Suite 317 Burnsville, MN 55337 Phone: (952) 237-8145 Fax: (952) 388-1370

Email: createdbynaturewellness@charter.net

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Use Ayurvedic principles to clear and calm the min


Y U RV E D A IS a science of self-healing that dates back over two thousand years. Its essential philosophies have remained unchanged for all this time while its healing potential has been proven

across time and space. Ayurveda is a holistic, natural, and all–encompassing system of healing which recognizes the mind as the root of all imbalances; therefore working to heal the mind is of primary consideration. A healthy mind is defined as having clarity regarding our life purpose, a strong connec-

Rajas, one of three Ayurvedic states of mind, manifests in the mind as turbulence, activity, restlessness, agitation and lack of clear purpose.

Tamas, another Ayurvedic state of mind, manifests as dullness, lethargy, heaviness, and lack of motivation, like a dirty, stagnant pond.

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tion to the Divine, and a reservoir of inner peace and joy within us. AYURVEDIC STATES OF MIND: RAJAS, TAMAS, SATTVA

Ayurvedic psychology recognizes three basic states of mind that we all experience throughout our lifetime. These qualities are

When sattva permeates the mind, we have clarity, inner peace and stillness. To cultivate sattva in the mind is the highest goal of Ayurvedic Healing.



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Therapeutic Coaching速 Certification Program The Meta Institute is now in its new home in New Hope The Meta Institute Presents:

Therapeutic Coaching速 Certification Program, an intensive 15 month, weekend program that brings together the best and most effective aspects of life coaching and therapy. Learn the newest cutting edge skills and techniques to assist people in achieving their goals This program will offer you skills from a wide variety of fields such as: If you are interested in adding to your present skills or considering a career change, call for an information package and application. Early payment discounts & payment plans available!

Emotional Intelligence Hypnosis Quantum Physics, Business Management & Consulting

Systems Theory Experiential Learning Past Life Therapy NLP Team Building & Leadership

Family Therapy Developmental & Life Cycle Stages Motivational Counseling, & so much more!

Applications being accepted for September 2012 Class Free Information Session, Thurs., June 14 (6:30-8:30) please call to register

Reiki Trainings & Other Workshops Reiki I

Reiki Master Teacher

June 30, 2012 (Sat. 10am-6pm) $75

Aug. 7 & 8, 2012 (Tues./Wed. 2-part evening class 6:30-10pm) $300

Reiki II

Intuitive Readings by Mary Beth Tracy

July 1, 2012 (Sun. 10am-6pm) $150

Reiki Master Class

30, 45, 60 minute readings by appointment only

July 31 & Aug. 1, 2012 (Tues./Wed. 2-part evening class 6:30-10pm) $300

Individual, Couples, & Family Coaching Available

NEW NUMBER (763) 533-6527 E-Mail: Meta@metainstitute.com or visit our website www.metainstitute.com

5121 Winnetka Ave., Suite 200 New Hope, MN 55428

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HEALING THE MIND & EMOTIONS Use Ayurvedic principles continued...

rajas, tamas and sattva. Rajas, made of wind (air), manifests in the mind as turbulence, activity, restlessness, agitation and lack of clear purpose. Like a constantly moving, unpredictable lake on a windy day, when rajas prevails it drives us to do more and more. But without a sense of purpose behind our actions, we eventually become exhausted,

burned-out and overwhelmed. The second quality, called tamas, is made of earth and water, manifesting in the mind as dullness, lethargy, heaviness, and lack of motivation, like a dirty, stagnant pond. We can’t see the beauty in and around us, and we are disconnected from our inner truth. We don’t have faith or trust in a higher pur-

pose to our lives. With tamas in the mind, we withdraw from life-giving activities and people. When either rajas or tamas dominates in the mind, there is little clarity or peace, our connection to the Divine is impalpable, and imbalances begin to take root. Finally then is the quality called sattva. Sattva is like a clean, still pond into which you

HOW TO INCREASE MIND CLARITY O Each of us can benefit from cultivating more sattva in the mind. To do so, here are just a few simple things you can do each day to gently increase the quantity of sattva, the ground of healing. The existence of rajas, tamas or sattva in the mind directly affects our health and wellbeing. It is only sattva that can break through the stagnancy of tamas and calm the waters of rajas, providing the environment for lasting healing, happiness, and fulfillment.

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can see your reflection. When this quality permeates the mind, we have clarity, inner peace and stillness. This is the starting point for correcting imbalances, re-establishing our connection to the Divine, and receiving clarity for our life purpose and mission. In this place, we tap into our inner reservoir of healing, joy, peace and inner-knowing. To cultivate

sattva in the mind is the highest goal of Ayurvedic Healing. Keri Mangis is an Intern Ayur veda Practitioner ser ving the Minneapolis area. She has over 800 hours of study in both Ayur vedic medicine and Ayurvedic bodywork. Her work in Ayurveda is based on knowledge, intuition, and trust, as she works closely

with clients to gently uncover their true Constitution. She believes in the time-tested, ancient wisdom and sees the benefits for our busy society. Keri is a caring professional who will guide you on your journey with compassion and wisdom. 6 1 2 - 5 9 9 - 9 6 6 8 . www.elementsayur veda.com; kmangis@elementsayurveda.com

OR SATTVA • Meditate daily: 5 to 10 minutes is great to start. • Find a body/mind practice you enjoy such as tai chi, qigong, yoga. • Spend time in nature, learn to appreciate beauty in and around you. • Read inspirational or spiritual writings/poetry each day. • Undertake creative outlets such as writing, drawing, singing or dancing.

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Yoga Teacher Training and Yoga Study Deepen your study and share your passion... Oldest Yoga Teacher Training program in Minnesota. Weekday and Weekend programs 200- and 500-hour levels Accepting applications now Chanhassen ~ Eden Prairie ~ Eagan ~ Costa Rica Yoga Alliance registered More information: MuselanYogaTeacher.com

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Heal mind, body, spirit. Holistic Health Studies Program • Earn a Master of Arts degree or one-year Graduate Certificate • Explore discoveries about health, healing and wholeness • In-depth study of complementary and integrative therapies • Enriching experiences for professional and personal development • Supportive and diverse learning community • Convenient evening classes open to women and men To learn more, call 651-690-6933 or visit stkate.edu/holistic

Henrietta Schmoll School of Health

St. Catherine University — Holistic Health ad 2012 Essential Wellness 7.25 x 4.5” 4c

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Therapy dog Albert work with the mentally ill


NIMAL ASSISTED Therapy is quickly becoming a positive therapeutic alternative to the rapidly growing number of diagnosed mentally ill patients. Danny, 27, has a history of “huffing” and as a result of that he has severe brain damage and is considered mentally ill and dangerous; he’s currently living on an acute care unit at a state operated forensic facility. Unfortunately, Danny has been so assaultive that he needed to be placed in an isolated area to provide safety for himself, unit staff, and other patients. One of his last and most violent assaults resulted in a security staff having his eyeball punched out of the socket.

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As a member the treatment team for Danny and rehabilitation services, one of my responsibilities is to offer Danny activities that will not only provide educational opportunities but also activate minimal social skills to enrich his daily life without provoking or triggering a psychotic episode. This can be challenging because we don’t know the triggers—which may be anything from the smell of certain colognes, to the look on someone’s face, or the sound of keys jingling.

Albert, a Jack Russell Terrier, is a therapy dog who works with mentally ill people.


Each week as I walk onto Danny’s living unit I must prepare myself with pure focused positive mental strength to be in this bleak setting where many of these 20 patients feel as though

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A Patient


My Pet Therap y Started At A Yo As a child I ha

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security. I love and loneliness. remember feel

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to relieve my st

, re I didn’t enjo y the compan y of my dogs. I ople would sa intelligent dog. can y you have a ve I took our dogs ry w el l-trained dog, to their vet ap and a very pointment, br As an adult I en ushed their fu ded up going r and teeth, an to prison, and d clipped thei my pet therap r nails. the dogs for th y continued th e handicap pe er e. I was respon ople. I would sible for trainin teach the dogs to heal, to hurr g lots of differen y which mean t co m mands like ho t to go potty, w to speak, sit, wait for the do dogs lived at th ors to open th e prison with en go in the inmates. In and many othe r things. The 2011 I met m was about eigh y friend Alber t years old and t who is a Jack was abused whe Russell Terrier n he was youn . He I would think ger. He doesn’ it would be nat t bark at all whi ural to want to ch is sad becaus bark. Al was re who is a RT do e scued from a sh wn the hill, an el te r by a woman d now takes ca named Mary re of Al all the On Thursday time. afternoons Bar b meets Mary, and picks up A Unit 900. Eve l to bring him ry Thursday I to come and se get butterflies e us here on in my stomach I just love it w be ca us e hen I am able I ge t ex ci te d to see my bu to go to cante ddy Albert. en and buy m his tricks, and e and Al a trea gives me kisses t to sh ar e. when it is tim I also love it w e for Al to leav hen Al does comes to visit. e. I can feel su I have a big sm ch a difference ile on my face in me when A , and I get a w l in through the arm fuzzy feel door with a cu in g inside when A te toy in his m l comes runnin outh. I can rem nervous and sh g ember when A ook a lot; he do l fi rs t came to see us esn’t shake anym he was very ore and comes can tell he love running in wit s coming just h a big smile on as much as I lo his face. You ve him comin he comes and g. I also enjoy I also enjoy ta getting Al som king Al out to e water to drin go potty when k when picture with A he has to. This l in front of th pa st Christmas I e Christmas tr took a very go ee, and every and puts me in od time I look at a very happy w th e pi ct ure it puts a sm orld. ile on my face ing so proud of

Available with pe

rmission to D r. Adam A and

myself when pe

Barbara Pelton


Love, JoAnn

june 2012


HEALING THE MIND & EMOTIONS Therapy dog Albert continued...

there is no hope for their lives. Because of this lack of hope Danny sometimes will stay in bed for days on end without getting up. The staff has tried many different ways to reach him with no success. Pet Therapy on the other hand has been a god-send for Danny because he responds so well to animals and in particular dogs. This catalyzes him to get up from his bed where he spends the majority of his time. I remember the first time I was able to come onto Danny’s living unit with Albert, the therapy dog. The staff said, “It won’t do any good. He’s been in bed for almost a week and we can’t get him to move.” Albert barked and Danny hearing this immediately jumped out of his bed, nearly tripping over a chair and came running to the dog. Between his metal bars and down and on his knees, Danny buried his head into Albert’s fur. After hugging Albert for a few seconds he lifted his head and with this huge smile said jokingly, “He smells like a dog.”

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I have noticed things that activate the patients in a new way when interacting with the animals. For example, for some patients it is the feel of the fur. For others smell, touch, or just watching the other patients

play activates a calmness within them. For some it is the opportunity to play fetch, or get the dog to do tricks, or just hug the animal that they know will not judge them for what they have done. With some just looking

Barb Pelton and her own dog Bella, a Pappion.

June 14-16, 2012 Guest Teacher & Sanskrit Scholar Professor Nagin Sanghavi From Mumbai, India

at the dog sparks positive memories of themselves as a child with their own family dog. Because of the positive work that has been provided with “Albert,� the therapy dog, more trained therapy dogs have been brought onto the campus with curriculum that teaches the patients how they would take care of their own pet once they are released back to their own communities. Animal Assisted Therapy appears to bring out the good in these patients in a way that is not possible with any kind of human intervention.

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Devanadi Yoga

Theory of Karma, Social & Spiritual Implications

Om Collective

Gita as Scripture of Yoga

All are Welcome! More info: www.devanadiyoga.com



Barbara A. Pelton is an education and behavior specialist with a state operated forensic facility and is a pioneer in the development of Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT). Through hands-on interaction with pets, patients have shown a marked improvement in daily function and their ability to cope with their circumstances. Pelton has a mission to spread the joy of pet therapy to educate those individuals that would like to institute an animal assisted therapy program within their facilities. Patients and clients in a limitless spectrum of institutional settings, including group homes, hospitals, hospice care, mental health facilities, nursing homes and schools, enjoy the benefits of AAT. In addition people benefit from educational and therapeutic sessions with horses, dolphins, and farm animals in sites designed for these interactions. http://www.animalsfortherapy.com/ june 2012


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it’s time

Time to take the health of your body back into your own hands.Time to prioritize your health, well-being, and the daily habits that will foster that. Time to make time for YOU. To schedule your complimentary 15-minute consultation and find out how Ayurveda can help you get on the road towards healing, call or email Keri Mangis today at 612.599.9668, kmangis@elementsayurveda.com or visit elementsayurveda.com for more information.

elements Ay u r v e d i c c o n s u ltAt i o n s


Ay u r v e d i c B o dy w o r k

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Belief in an afterlife helps in healing of grief


N EVENT that touches us all is dealing with the death of either someone we’ve loved, or the impending experience of our own mortal being. And there is no greater need for healing of the heart, mind, and soul than facing this event and how we make it through—all the stages of grief—till we are at peace or acceptance. Possibly, it was a child who didn’t quite make it to the age of five, or a middle-aged gentleman who still had their health. Possibly, it was an addict who escaped a fatal car accident where a valedictorian was found dead. Plain and simple, the mysteries surrounding death can leave us despondent, angry, depressed, and withdrawn. Not only do we have to deal with our loss, but we must also deal

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with the unknown, and all the whys that surrounds it. Needless to say, “accepting” the unknowns is not easy to achieve. However, these experiences don’t need to leave us baffled any longer. HIGHER TRUTHS OFFER GREATER PERSPECTIVE ON DEATH

We can finally begin to understand these events that have happened throughout the history of mankind and that have deeply touched us. Though the answers may not take away all the heartache, knowing the larger picture helps to dispel the sense of hopelessness and despair that accompanies the loss. In the latter part of the 20th century, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross did a wonderful job of helping us through the grieving process that we must go through when facing death. But now in this new millennium,

the human’s consciousness is evolving to possibly accept even higher truths. And what’s surreal is that intellectually the overall higher truth is a thought that has been around for centuries. Aside from the fact that we’ve always been told, “we don’t die,” much more is becoming known about this transition we call death as both scientific and spiritual knowledge expands and evolves. As an example, the Christian Bible tells us: Behold, I tell you a mystery; we shall not all sleep [die], but we shall all be changed, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet; for the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised imperishable, and we shall be changed. —1 Corinthians 15:3.

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612.824.4041 | calhounnaturalmedicine.com 3033 Excelsior Blvd, Ste 585, Minneapolis, MN 55416

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HEALING THE MIND & EMOTIONS Belief in an afterlife continued...


Isn’t it interesting that science tells us energy can never be created or destroyed, it only changes form? Those who are aware of their out-of-body experiences (OBEs), an experience we all have each night, and near-death experiences, are keenly aware of having more than one body. Science tells us there is nothing but energy. And, when you feel your immortal body, subtly but intensely, vibrate while in a very relaxed state, then we are also aware that this other body is vibrating at an energy level much higher than the denser physical body we use as a vehicle while in this dimension. Have you ever watched the propeller of an airplane move to a speed where you can no longer see it with your physical eyes? Yet, it is still there. Our spiritual body vibrates at a speed that most cannot see with their physical eyes but, just like the propeller, it is there. While existing in this dimension, we also stay connected to this other body via an etheric silver cord much like a fetus is

physically attached in the mother’s womb. When we shed this denser body, the etheric cord is severed and the spiritual body continues to exist on another level of being. Like the energy that it is, it just changes form. Subsequently, it’s comforting to know that we, nor our loved ones, will ever really be six feet under. Furthermore, there is a new age of inquiring minds that want to know more about

dissipate and the knowledge that’s achieved will help us during our challenges on Earth, as well as being more prepared for the hereafter Kent Smith Adams is the author of Love Promised: A Future Life Revealed, and founder of Universal Life Strings LLC. ULS is an organization that promotes the understanding of death as a part of life, and brings a higher level of aware-

Our fault is not that we fear death, but that we don’t respect it as a miracle.

—Deepak Chopra, MD

this life after, or the afterlife. And, possibly it’s time we embrace the theory that has long held its roots in many other major religions of the world—reincarnation. Having multiple chapters in our own book of life can possibly explain why the five-year-old, the middle-aged man, and the valedictorian left this dimension of duality when they did. And, why the addict is still here. As the unknown becomes known, our fears will

ness where life and the afterlife meet. Kent is a medium and grief coach; her passions have led her on a lifelong study of metaphysics and more recently, theoretical science. A NASA contractor for 24 years, Kent now works as an Operational Psychology Coordinator in the human spaceflight operations program, supporting astronauts and their families. She currently lives in Houston, TX. www.UniveralLifeStrings.com

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Healing Through The Heart Psychology with a Holistic Perspective

Learn personal power tools and holistic skills for self-care, support, and successful living. • reduce stress • increase energy

Jill Ann Marks, M.A. Licensed Psychologist 4317 Upton Ave. So. Suite B, Minneapolis, MN 55410

Phone 612-740-6777


• manage crises & life challenges • decrease anxienty & depression

• improve health, well being & brain function

• Classes and Individual Sessions offered Call for a brochure or visit the web site for more info


VIRTUWELLSWAP.COM For more info click here

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Find your

Holy Grail in England July 30th - Aug 8th, 2012

Trip includes:

• 10 nights lodging, breakfast included • All transportation • one dinner during our tour • Group Sound/FAC sessions and discussions on drawing power while at the sacred sites

• Entrance to selected sites • Access to Stonehenge inner circle Trip cost: $3400 double occupancy, airfare not included

Email or call Jaci Loos for more information or to sign up. msloos777@comcast.net 651-436-1418

I am also available for Private healings and readings. Call or email me for an appointment. www.wavedancebodywork. byregion.net

We will be visiting Scorhill in Dartmoor National Park, Cornwall - St Michael’s Mount, Megalithic stone sites, Tintagel, St Nectan’s Kieve, Boscastle, St Ives, Penzance, Port Issac, Southwest area of Wilshire - Glastonbury, Avebury, Stonehenge - inner circle, crop circles and other sites of interest.

Workshops/Classes • Healing Space for Healing Professionals weekly classes

& Healing

• Mindful Heart, Body & Soul Couples Workshop • Embodiment Process Groups for professionals & graduate students

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Shamanism Training Program Healing the Wounded Spirit, Soul Retrieval, Recovery From Trauma, Space Clearing, Depossession Soul Retrieval Class Isanti, August 6-10, 2012 12 month Shamanism Training Isanti, starts October 6, 2012 Contact Mary Stoffel 763-444-8146 mlstoffel@innovatord.com www.humanimal.com www.practicalshamanism.com

“Assisting People to Achieve Powerful Shifts in Consciousness”

Transformational Healing Akashic Readings House Clearings Travel Tours Classes Wave Dance Bodywork Jaci Loos (651) 436-1418 msloos777@comcast.net www.wavedancebodywork. byregion.net

Set Sail: A Personal Feng Shui Credential Program Want to learn more without becoming a professional consultant? Carole’s Set Sail virtual program begins in September. Contact Lisa (lisa@windwaterschool.com) for more information.

Blending Feng Shui with Harmonics

Carole and Grammy winning producer/musician Jeff Bova present a workshop/concert on July 14, 8:30–12:30. Normandale Community College, Bloomington, MN. Register at http://normandale.augusoft.net. 612.823.5093 | carole@carolehyder.com | www.carolehyder.com

Cur i ousabout Hypnosi s?

Change your mind. Change your life. Call for your free one hour consultation!

Communicate with your subconscious mind to create healing alignment in mind, body and spirit! www.infinitemindhypnosis.com 651-216-0085

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Experience the perfect mess of this perfect mom


T’S NEW Year’s Eve 2011. I have a wife and two kids, $500 bucks left in my bank account, $1,500 bill for school fees near due, every corporate contract I have about to expire simultaneously, no contracts in the pipeline, and little in the way of alternative income on the horizon. Oh dear.

the now and places it then, next week, the next event: The improbable-possible-horrible-future. We bury our self in a place that doesn’t exist, at a time that hasn’t happened, in an imperfect world where we struggle against events that might happen, in the firm belief that they mustn’t. We become victims of the idea that now can be wrong.



This describes the perfect mess. It is also the perfect moment. Staring down the barrel at economic implosion is, for many, the ultimate terror. It is also a common reality. We remove our mind from the present moment and place it in some future horror movie where everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong, and all hell is breaking loose. Fear drives the mind from

Look again. What are your emotions really telling you? Why are there? What is the true power of their message? Can any experience really be wrong? Most people misunderstand emotions. We use the mind to work out why we are hurting. We suppress the sensation and “take it like a man.” We blame an

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HEALING THE MIND & EMOTIONS Experience the perfect mess continued...

event, person, or our own self for our feelings. But you are a tolling bell. Your emotions are the vibration of that bell within you. They are not random. They are an experiential message informing you of just how disconnected you have become from your awareness of now. IT’S TIME TO START FEELING

Where do your emotional reactions come from? Not from the event. Not from an external person. They arise inside you. This is good news. It means that the ultimate power to feel good about your life is your own. You are in control. But what you are not in control of are external events. As soon as you rely upon external conditions for your happiness, you will never be happy. You will blame your emotions on the world. Your mind will be stuck regretting the past, frustrated at the present, or afraid of future possibilities.

34 www.esswellness.com

You become a victim at all your emotions become tsutimes. namis, engulfing you with no message at all except “Something is wrong and I must put REST IN THE PERFECTION OF THE PRESENT MOMENT it right.” Your ego kicks in and Life is chaos and you can- the pattern repeats forever. not tame it. Acceptance of the Nothing is wrong. Nothmess that is now is enough. ing is broken. There is nothLike the sensation of float- ing to fix. There is only the ing in a swimming pool, the perfect mess of the perfect only peace you can attain in moment and your best life life is by learning how to rest is your fullest experience your mind in the perfection of it right now and forever. of the present moment. Relinquish the notion that you Michael Paul Stephens is a British are the creator and become author, spiritual guide and corthe connoisseur of the created. porate coach currently residing in If you accept the present Phuket, Thailand. He has dedimoment for what it is, then cated his life to creating inspirayou can deal with how you tional spiritual and motivational feel about it and let go of the books as well as designing wellness expectation that your present workshops and retreats that ofmoment must be one way or fer people practical experience of another. You can embrace the how to create genuine happiness true nature of nature: Chaos. in life. Email: mike@michael If you are a leaf on the sur- paulstephens.com Tel: +66 (0) face of that change, your emo- 81 446 7714 Skype: michael-stetions become the messages tell- phens. For more information visit: ing you “Stop holding on. Let www.michaelpaulstephens.com or go.” But if you do not listen, http://www.provolutioncenter.com

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Live Well. 36 www.esswellness.com

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June 2012 Essential Wellness  

June features Healing the Mind & Emotions

June 2012 Essential Wellness  

June features Healing the Mind & Emotions