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Assisting people in recognizing their resources in order to maximize opportunities for growth and success in any area of their life. We offer an array of services and training activities, from one-day workshops to 15-month intensive certification courses

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8–15 Soul senses attune us to other dimensions BY JANICE CARLSON 18-23 Declutter your thought system, lifestyle to become peaceful BY JANE BRUSS 24-29 Know your Soul as the Christ Light within BY TERRY NEWBEGIN

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Heal mind, body, spirit. Holistic Health Studies Program • Earn a Master of Arts degree or one-year Graduate Certificate • Explore discoveries about health, healing and wholeness • In-depth study of complementary and integrative therapies • Enriching experiences for professional and personal development • Supportive and diverse learning community • Convenient evening classes open to women and men To learn more, call 651-690-6933 or visit

Henrietta Schmoll School of Health

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Start the amazing adventure of discovering the rewards of balanced physical and spiritual health Debbie Engelmann, BS, NHD Doctoral Degree in Natural Health, Herbalist, and Survivor of Life-Changing Events

When anxiety, headaches, fatigue, lack of focus, and sleeplessness become constant, it is time to bring health and harmony back into your life. Mother Nature has given us countless natural gifts in the form of whole foods, herbs, flower essences, sunshine, and water to help each of us heal not only the body, but our mind, emotions, and spirit. We are what we think, breathe, and take into our body.

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Soul senses attune us to other dimensions


A BIG part of evolving the soul is learning how it communicates with other souls. We hear a lot of talk about people being “soul mates”; for instance, but what does that really mean? Primarily, I think it refers to the ability to communicate without words, to be on one another’s “wavelengths” almost effortlessly. When I was researching my upcoming book, SOUL SENSING: How to Communicate with Your Dead Loved Ones, I was compelled to find some science-backed answers to what form such communications take. We living humans, like almost everything else that sur-


their behavior, because they cannot be observed with our physical senses. Some subatomic particles, for example, can be in two places at once. They can move through solid surfaces, such as walls and closed doors. They can also disappear, then reappear, almost instantly, in another location. Scientists studying the behavior of subatomic matter in Victorian England asked themselves, “What have we seen or heard about that can do all of these things?” And their stunning answer to this was “ghosts!” GHOSTS: THE STORY For millennia, reports of disOF SUBATOMIC embodied souls have occurred PARTICLES in every country on earth, yet These particles are even the behaviors described are all smaller than atoms. They’re so amazingly similar: minute and speedy, in fact, that Continued Page 10... scientists must define them by rounds us in this world, are composed of atoms. They make us appear to be solid, but an atom actually consists mainly of space: a positively charged nucleus that exerts an electrical attraction on one or more electrons in orbit around it. This means that every creature on earth is made up of little more than very fast-moving energy. Thus some physicists have concluded that the answer to what composes our souls is subatomic particles.


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EVOLVING THE SOUL continued...

ber or friend somewhere else Clairalience (“Clear smellat exactly the same time.” (In ing”): smelling scents associated two places at once, like some with a soul when he or she was subatomic particles can be). alive, such as cigarette smoke or a particular perfume or aftershave. SOUL SENSES But the subatomic matter that composes our souls is active when we’re alive, as well as when we’re dead. That’s why we all possess what I call “soul senses”: Clairvoyance (“Clear seeing”): the ability to see

“One second, a translucent human form appeared, then it vanished.” (As some subatomic particles can.) “The form seemed to glide, rather than walk. Then it floated and even flew, like an angel.” (Not as bound by gravity as heavier, more physical matter is.) “The form moved right through a wall or closed door.” (As some subatomic particles can.) “A dying relative was in one place, yet his or her spirit appeared to another family mem10

disembodied souls and/or the images they wish to convey. Clairaudience (“Clear hearing”): hearing the voices and

thoughts of souls.

Clairgustance (“Clear tasting”): receiving taste impres-

sions from a soul. Claircognizance (“Clear knowing”): know-

ing, with mysterious certainty, whether a message from the spirit realm is accurate or inaccurate.


Our soul senses are able to tap into other people’s souls, feeling”): feeling sensations, because they, like disembodied emotions, or the sentiments spirits, function on the subinstilled by a soul. atomic level. Unlike our physiClairsentinence (“Clear cal senses, soul senses are not consciousness or clear watchbound by the usual laws of graving”): correctly determining the ity, time, or space. This is why physical problems or ailments some of the messages we receive a soul suffered before he or she from them foretell future events. died. In addition, our soul senses do

Clairsentience (“Clear

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Integrating the best of western and eastern medicine.

17408 Minnetonka Blvd., Minnetonka, MN 55345 952-473-1239 Kaaren Howe, DVM, MBA Leilani Hotaling DVM, CVA, CVC, CCRP Amy Everly, DVM, CVA


“Assisting People to Achieve Powerful Shifts in Consciousness”

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EVOLVING THE SOUL continued...

not rely on physical stimulation in order to gather information. While our brains can only process about 2,000 of the 400 billion pieces of information our physical senses take in per second, our soul senses can gather and process more. Even more amazing is the fact that matter itself is affected by our perception of it. When we are not looking at an object, for example, its atoms form a wave. But, when we are looking at that same object, our focus causes its atoms to coalesce into something substantial. In other words, our perception of them actually makes them more solid! Thus we, as observers, play an inextricable role in the process of soul sensing. If you’ve ever felt you were being watched, but you could not put your finger on who was watching you or from where, you’ve experienced this form of clairsentience firsthand. The very act of that party’s observation sent signals to your atoms to become more concentrated. 14

The subatomic activity caused by this told your brain, “I’m being watched. I’m not alone here.” Ghost hunters often report getting the “sense” of a presence in the settings they’re investigating, but they can’t document what they’re feeling until they employ electronic equipment and their readings confirm their hunches. This is the nature of the subatomic world all around us, as well as our own subatomic abilities to perceive it. These perceptions are so minute and fleeting that we have to work at making them register in our brains. We must learn to pay attention to them and not just write them off as being products of our imaginations or mere coincidences.

physical ones. Once we accept and become attuned to this subatomic level of ourselves, we open the door not only to telepathic communications, but also to our loved ones in the afterlife. Having lost two parents to death by the time I was 10, I can assure you that such afterlife communications not only greatly help to ease grief, but they better enable survivors to move forward with their lives with the certainty that most human souls do not perish, but continue to be in contact with us on a spiritual level.


Ja n i c e Ca rl s o n h a s b e e n a medium and psychic for 20 years. Her book, SOUL SENSING: How to Communicate SOUL SENSES with Your Dead Loved Ones, ALLOW US TO will be published in August. OPEN TO OTHER To reserve a personally autoDIMENSIONS Our seven soul senses are graphed copy, please visit: just as legitimate as our five

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Scoundrels of Sabatage

Do you often have negative thoughts?

Do you put other people’s needs before your own?

Do you feel like nothing ever works out?

No More! Come and learn about the 9 scoundrels of sabatage and how to release them to live the joyful and successful life you were meant to live.

May 16 • 6:00pm - 9:00pm $59 • Class ID: 25616 or call 952-358-8343.

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Declutter your thought s lifestyle to become peac


MID OUR crowd of over 700 dancers celebrating Luni Gras in Henderson, Louisiana, the Cajun band’s lead vocalist stared at his phone’s lit screen (still playing the accordion) and blurted, “We just won a Grammy!” While the band continued, he texted back to Los Angeles, and then finished the song with a reeling riff. All the while his phone was still on and glowing. Information and adverts bombard us 31,536,000 seconds every year. All day long information flies through the air and into our homes, literally, even if we’re not wired. Every-


thing is sent by signals that penetrate the walls of our homes, vehicles, and bodies. The effects are always there—new emails, more friend requests, vids of the latest global conundrums, jpgs of social outings, countless televised programs. Net result? Clutter and distraction, affecting the flow of qi (energy), bogging down our minds and lives. CLEANSE YOUR LIFESTYLE OF UNDUE CLUTTER

De-cluttering impacts our mindset and surroundings, improving the energy flow and quality of life. Simply organizing and letting go validates the realization that things don’t have to be how they have been. Yet, how do we begin the process?

First, recognize that a lifestyle cleanse is rewarding and liberating, eliminating the nonessentials that hold you captive. Your internal clutter—the worries, should haves, buried emotions, attachments, and repetitive stories that populate your mind—robs you of clarity and enthusiasm for your goals. Letting go means choosing to move your attention away from (and loosen the grip of ) a non-essential thought, mindset, or feeling every time it arises. You choose what you want to nurture with your most precious resource, your attention.

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system, ceful

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“I believe art is an action word that involves movement, choice & interaction with the materials & the image.” ARTSelf is for anyone interested in personal growth & wanting to explore art in a non-traditional way. ART Together offers workshops, retreats, family gatherings & business collaborations.. ARTSelf & Art Together combine visual & moving meditations that expand authentic expression. Lisa Schlingerman M.A., expressive art therapist Tai Chi & Qigong teacher 651-433-5498 &

Shamanism Training Program Healing the Wounded Spirit, Soul Retrieval, Recovery From Trauma, Space Clearing, Depossession Contact Mary Stoffel 763-444-8146


Reduce anxiety, let go of emotional baggage, learn to love yourself, forgive, challenge limiting beliefs, weight loss, smoking cessation, confidence and more! Call for your free Consultation: 651-216-0085 may 2013


EVOLVING THE SOUL continued...


• Next, while breathing slowly and deeply, take each thought pattern, emotion, item, and memory that holds your attention and pose these questions: • Do I need this? Is it essential or redundant and burdensome? • Does it serve me? Is it helpful, useful, and joyful or irritating, harmful, and toxic? • Am I attached to it? Can I let it go, being open to new experiences? • By holding on will a memory perpetuate? Does the memory serve my goals? • If I’m uncomfortable or confused, not ready to let go, what will tip the scale? If you feel anxious, stop being hard on yourself and instead ask these questions: Is that situation relevant now or am I blowing it out of proportion? Was that situation in or out of my control? Is there unfinished business that needs to be addressed? What is in my control


to change? Will it help me with ship with yourself. You’ll retain what supports your self-care, closure? self-respect, and self-worth in LIST YOUR UNPRODUCTIVE stead of stagnant, self-defeating THOUGHTS, THEN emotional patterns. Plus, you’ll REPLACE THEM retain people in your life who One way to help change dis- support and encourage your perempowering or old thoughts is sonal growth, giving you energy by creating a list. Take a sheet instead of blocking you with of paper, making two columns. dysfunctional vortices, manipuIn the left column, write down lative dynamics, and outdated unproductive thoughts. Each scripts. You’ll create a more baltime this memory comes up, re- anced work-life, viewing your place it with a productive one. life and work with invigorating Have compassion for yourself and inspiring gratitude. You’ll be and those involved, not pity or open to a range of opportunities hate. Don’t fool yourself. You that fill your life with nurturing are in control of your emotions truth, gratitude, humility, joy, and resilience. You are in con- and well-being. It could be jourtrol of you. It’s true that many naling, mid-day napping, walkof life’s changes are bewildering, ing briskly, smelling the aromas heart breaking, and even physi- of the seasons, learning to play cally challenging, but your life an instrument, or learning a doesn’t stop. The goal is to strive new dance style. And it could be for gratitude and tranquility to- cherishing simple things, such wards the experience, the old as breathing slowly, calmly. story, and recognize how everyone involved strengthened your SIMPLIFY YOUR psyche’s muscle. De-cluttering your mind ELECTRONIC INPUT also improves your relation- Simply turn off your phone.

Remove your ear buds. Back away from your computer and telly. Now, assess your wellbeing. When you are motivated by goals that have deep meaning, dreams that need completing, and pure love that needs expressing, you truly live. Life is an energy exchange. Everything and everybody is vibrating at different frequencies. You choose the vibration you want to resonate with and manifest that choice through your actions. Remain focused ahead, glancing in the rearview mirror of your memory only to see how far you’ve traveled, not to move backwards. To be the self you were meant to be, remain turned forward in the direction of the line of dance, towards the glowing light of your dance of life. Jane Bruss (, Adjunct Professor, author, speaker, and advocate, specializes in Wholistic, Sustainable Living. may 2013



Know your Soul as the Christ Light within


ROM READING my books, people have asked me if the soul is real or a myth. Religion teaches that we have a soul but a soul that cannot be understood because it can be destroyed by God (Matthew 10:28). This style of teaching can only assume that after death, the soul, the “I” in “self,” can no longer perform, thus, leaving you in limbo where you are either waiting to reunite with your body in some new world in which death is eradicated or that you no longer exist because of bad behavior. I have been a businessman for over 41 years and yet, my greatest passion has always been with the mystical side of life. I have written three books on the subject of Earth’s beginning, 24

its ending, and I have revealed the true core essence of God, Satan, humanity, sin, and the true nature about how to arouse the soul in manifesting miracles to experience. However, in the way religion portrays the soul, no wonder we struggle over the definition of it more than the physical body housing it.

THE SOUL IS REAL, WELL, ALIVE My friends, the soul is real, alive, and well, and the best part, the soul cannot be destroyed for it is one’s completeness as a sovereign self-governing Godlike being where one’s wisdom highlights one’s consciousness not to be ruled, enslaved, or controlled by beliefs systems and rituals. Once we awaken to the wisdom that we are a divine human and that our core essence is of spirit

first, before time, space, and physicality, the first thing we awaken to is the fact that our soul is the “Christ,” thus we are equal to God and not less than. We have completely forgotten that we were born of spirit first and not of physical form. Hence, the first explosion was not the creation of the universe or earth. It was the implosion and explosion of the Spirit of One, breaking up into gazillions upon gazillions of pieces of her, where each piece was gifted the same divine creative abilities as the Spirit of One. Because of how the Spirit of One shattered into pieces of herself, the Spirit of One is no longer, for she became her children in expression. And, that is when we, the children of the Goddess, beContinued Page 28...


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How does Universal Law operates in our daily lives and in relationships? How do the Laws of Abundance and Attraction interact with the Laws of Reincarnation and Karma? Explore Soul Ages and Stages. What role do Spiritual Guardians play and how can we contact them? Learn the difference between Meditation and Channeling. Discover the akashic record – how do our past lives influence our current existence? Determine how messages, signs and information can be obtained; use the easy reference guides for sign interpretation. Available at, or in soft or hard cover and ebook

Past Life Recall

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Marie Savage

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Now you can experience this life-changing type of hypnosis for yourself! Find answers to difficult problems... Learn about your soul’s path and life purpose... Expand your awareness and consciousness!

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EVOLVING THE SOUL continued...

came aware of “all that was” in topped the mind, for it became the beginning, was just us souls the center for mental impresplaying with energy. sions that perceived itself as the source of power. However, all that the mind did, lifetime after TRUE IDENTITY lifetime, was generate thoughts, BECAME feelings, ideas, and opinions CONFUSED It was from that beginning based on a force of a dualistic where we became very confused nature, reason, and logic that about our true identity, thus now defines us as sinners. This creating a consciousness of a makes us vulnerable to a God, a deceptive and susceptible op- Devil, and to others that love to posing mentality that created control our actions. the framework where our soul manifested the environment, YOU ARE THE a physical body, and a lifetime MASTER OF story to perform the task of ex- YOUR LIFE ploring many possibilities, good You are the master artist of and bad, so as to understand your life, for you are the mysour choices. This gave our soul tery and the secret behind God the freedom to grow in wisdom, and his miracles, and those in consciousness, and the ability miracles exist only through you to learn about physicality, about and not some God above you. our spirit, and how the mind It is you, and only you, that works with energy at an acceler- can bring miracles into your life. When you learn to invite ating rate. It was a rate so fast we be- your soul into your life as the came stuck in a physical world “Christ” you are, and leave beof rigid beliefs about God, and hind the God of perception and that our name, intellect, reli- discernment, that is when the gion, and our family history miracles will flow into your life. are “who we are.” But nothing If you continue to believe that

your name, personality traits, and your family history is all that you are then you will never know life other than what you are experiencing right now. We all have the power within ourselves to gift to ourselves whatever we would love to experience, be it rich, poor, health, or non-health. These experiences are all hidden under our strong belief in a God that is not there, in this opposing energy of two, and in the belief that our mind is the recipe for freedom. Let it be known, when one applies the mind, hope, and prayer as the formula for receiving miracles then they will actually become the prevailing force in one receiving and living out those miracles. Terry Newbegin, born in 1948 in Maine, now lives in Tennessee and is a pioneer in New Energy Consciousness. Terry works with the Ascended Masters where he focuses on the “New Energy of Four versus the old vibrational energy of two.”, email may 2013


Live Well.


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