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How does Universal Law operates in our daily lives and in relationships? How do the Laws of Abundance and Attraction interact with the Laws of Reincarnation and Karma? Explore Soul Ages and Stages. What role do Spiritual Guardians play and how can we contact them? Learn the difference between Meditation and Channeling. Discover the akashic record – how do our past lives influence our current existence? Determine how messages, signs and information can be obtained; use the easy reference guides for sign interpretation. Available at, or in soft or hard cover and ebook

Past Life Recall

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Marie Savage

CHT, QHHT Intuitive Reader Reiki Master

(Dolores Cannon Technique)

You’ve read her books…

Now you can experience this life-changing type of hypnosis for yourself! Find answers to difficult problems... Learn about your soul’s path and life purpose... Expand your awareness and consciousness!

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