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EVOLVING THE SOUL continued...

not rely on physical stimulation in order to gather information. While our brains can only process about 2,000 of the 400 billion pieces of information our physical senses take in per second, our soul senses can gather and process more. Even more amazing is the fact that matter itself is affected by our perception of it. When we are not looking at an object, for example, its atoms form a wave. But, when we are looking at that same object, our focus causes its atoms to coalesce into something substantial. In other words, our perception of them actually makes them more solid! Thus we, as observers, play an inextricable role in the process of soul sensing. If you’ve ever felt you were being watched, but you could not put your finger on who was watching you or from where, you’ve experienced this form of clairsentience firsthand. The very act of that party’s observation sent signals to your atoms to become more concentrated. 14

The subatomic activity caused by this told your brain, “I’m being watched. I’m not alone here.” Ghost hunters often report getting the “sense” of a presence in the settings they’re investigating, but they can’t document what they’re feeling until they employ electronic equipment and their readings confirm their hunches. This is the nature of the subatomic world all around us, as well as our own subatomic abilities to perceive it. These perceptions are so minute and fleeting that we have to work at making them register in our brains. We must learn to pay attention to them and not just write them off as being products of our imaginations or mere coincidences.

physical ones. Once we accept and become attuned to this subatomic level of ourselves, we open the door not only to telepathic communications, but also to our loved ones in the afterlife. Having lost two parents to death by the time I was 10, I can assure you that such afterlife communications not only greatly help to ease grief, but they better enable survivors to move forward with their lives with the certainty that most human souls do not perish, but continue to be in contact with us on a spiritual level.


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