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EVOLVING THE SOUL continued...

ber or friend somewhere else Clairalience (“Clear smellat exactly the same time.” (In ing”): smelling scents associated two places at once, like some with a soul when he or she was subatomic particles can be). alive, such as cigarette smoke or a particular perfume or aftershave. SOUL SENSES But the subatomic matter that composes our souls is active when we’re alive, as well as when we’re dead. That’s why we all possess what I call “soul senses”: Clairvoyance (“Clear seeing”): the ability to see

“One second, a translucent human form appeared, then it vanished.” (As some subatomic particles can.) “The form seemed to glide, rather than walk. Then it floated and even flew, like an angel.” (Not as bound by gravity as heavier, more physical matter is.) “The form moved right through a wall or closed door.” (As some subatomic particles can.) “A dying relative was in one place, yet his or her spirit appeared to another family mem10

disembodied souls and/or the images they wish to convey. Clairaudience (“Clear hearing”): hearing the voices and

thoughts of souls.

Clairgustance (“Clear tasting”): receiving taste impres-

sions from a soul. Claircognizance (“Clear knowing”): know-

ing, with mysterious certainty, whether a message from the spirit realm is accurate or inaccurate.


Our soul senses are able to tap into other people’s souls, feeling”): feeling sensations, because they, like disembodied emotions, or the sentiments spirits, function on the subinstilled by a soul. atomic level. Unlike our physiClairsentinence (“Clear cal senses, soul senses are not consciousness or clear watchbound by the usual laws of graving”): correctly determining the ity, time, or space. This is why physical problems or ailments some of the messages we receive a soul suffered before he or she from them foretell future events. died. In addition, our soul senses do

Clairsentience (“Clear

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