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Spring clean your emotio house to restore balance


E TEND to collect things. At least, I know that I do. Things that we like such as keepsakes, heirlooms, mementos, books, and rocks. These are fairly innocuous, until they become a burden to maintain, store, and move. What most of us don’t realize is that we also tend to collect things from other people. This can be opinions, judgments, beliefs, emotions, goodwill, and even pieces of their life-force or life energy. Often the interaction is so subtle we don’t even realize it is happening. Many of us started our collections of other people’s stuff when we were growing up— learning how to survive, cope, and thrive. And we continued this behavior into adulthood because it was what we knew and


it was familiar. In our modern society very little consideration is given to the rightness or ethics of this practice. And hardly anyone is concerned about the long-term effects this can have. DELETE STUFF TAKEN ON FROM OTHER PEOPLE

Shamanism is the spiritual aspect of healing and a shamanic session is mainly concerned with restoring to a person the life-force or soul-essence they have lost, usually through a traumatic experience. But a number of factors have combined to convince me that getting rid of those things we have collected from others can be just as important. Being an empath myself, I know how natural it is to take on what others feel, assuming that it is my own. So what better time to address this than now, during the season of spring cleaning.

There are ancient shamanic techniques used to extract something that has become attached to a person. Sometimes you are aware of it—a feeling or a knowing that something is not right. But usually the person does not know about it. It may have been with them for so long that it seems normal. I am not talking about anything that has negative or evil intent here, although that can happen. Today, I can give you some techniques that you can use to clear yourself, your aura, and your space of anything that does not belong to you. You can also do preventive measures to avoid attracting stuff in the future. FIRST STEP IS TO EXAMINE SELF

First, a little self-examination is in order. Do an inventory Continued Page 34..

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Apr 2012 Essential Wellness  

Holistic magazine, april features healing with nature, herbs, shamanism

Apr 2012 Essential Wellness  

Holistic magazine, april features healing with nature, herbs, shamanism