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Psychic/Medium Kelli Miller “The Heartland Medium�

appearing on the Psychic & Healing Panel at the Psychic symPosium Saturday, March 7, 2015 Earle Brown Heritage Center Kelli Miller is a Down-to-Earth, Hilarious, and Professional Psychic/Medium, Life Coach and Transformational Speaker As a psychic, I can provide you with guidance and direction in areas where you feel lost and confused. As a medium, I can receive messages from your deceased loved ones in spirit and your spirit guides. Therefore, using my abilities as a psychic and medium, I can help you connect with guidance from both energy and spirit to help you heal your life, your grief, your relationships, your career, your financial issues, your body and even your soul. As a spiritual adviser and life coach I can share insight into your own talents and strengths, helping you to maximize your potential.

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Heal mind, body, spirit. Holistic Health Studies Program • Earn a Master of Arts degree or one-year Graduate Certificate • Expand your view of health and healing • In-depth study of complementary and integrative therapies • Evening classes open to women and men • Apply now to start in February or September To learn more, call 651-690-6933 or visit stkate.edu/holistic

Holistic Health Studies

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Achieve harmony between your mouth and body

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Reboot Your Body For 2015 By Doing What You Love BY DIANNE BISCHOFF JAMES


Transform Relationships With A Card Game BY BRANDT MORGAN


Life-Between-Lives Hypnotherapy Going Beyond Past-Life Regression BY JILL HENDRICKSON


Hidden Treasure: Feng Shui in the Garage BY CAROLE HYDER

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Essential Oils: Nature’s Living Energy Experience the remarkable therapeutic and medicinal powers of nature– from the undisputed “World Leader in Essential Oils.” Aromatherapy Stress-reducing Improve sleep Improve respiratory function Focus and clarity Eliminate airborne germs Reduce anxiety Enhance spirituality

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Reboot your body for 2015 by doing what you love


STOOD BAREFOOT on the cold scale in my doctor’s office, the metal weights swung up and down, settling in at 192 pounds. I felt nauseous and embarrassed, devastated. I had been struggling with obesity since childhood, but gaining 45 new pregnancy pounds after the birth of my third child was a living nightmare. Not a fan of calorie counting, self-control, or overt food deprivation, I tuned into my body’s natural communication system and practiced a feast and famine model, losing 55 pounds without cutting out any food groups. These simple rules will help you put a lid on overeating, restore your inner guidance system, and put a

smile on your face when you RULE 2: YOUR BODY IS TALKING… ARE YOU look in the mirror. LISTENING?


My rapport with food was certifiably bipolar. At first every morsel was a sumptuous, tantalizing reward, a friend, and lover. Then moments later, it was a villainous perpetrator. I ate to feel better about life, but the more I ate the more I fell into a pit of self-loathing. In order to get healthy and begin a journey toward weight loss, I first had to change my core beliefs. A pint of Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Therapy is not a pacifier, a friendly hug, or compassionate ear. Food is not love; food is fuel.


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Many of us have lost touch with two basic body impulses— the stomach growl and the gentle feeling of satiation. In order to lose weight, you must be able to feel and respond to your innate Hungry/Full meter. The best way to do that, is to ask yourself a simple question, “Are you physically hungry right now?” Be honest. If the answer is “No,” grab a glass of water, a cup of tea, or piece of gum. Wait until your stomach talks before you feed it and stop the minute you feel full.


By Dianne Bischoff James

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Despite what our society promotes, three full meals a day is too much of a good thing. When we’re young, our food consumption is directly related to activity levels and natural cravings. After a morning playdate, a toddler will grab large bites of hot dogs, peas and apple chunks and then eat lightly for dinner, naturally balancing calories. As we age, our metabolism decreases and less food is required to function. To get lean, focus on eating two significant meals per day and make the third meal a medley of light, healthy snacks.

Since we are more active during the daylight hours, a hearty egg breakfast and hamburger for lunch is readily metabolized as functional calories. Conversely, a heavy dinner gets stored in the hips and stomach as body fat. To lose weight quickly and easily, “lock” the refrigerator figuratively after 6 p.m. If you get hungry later in the evening, eat a heaping of fresh fruits and steamed vegetables. The pounds will simply fall off.

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When I was at the top my weight class, I was fortuitously cast in a local musical theatre production of Oliver and joyfully danced and sang every night for months preparing for opening night. Miraculously, 30 pounds of fat melted away and stayed away. It never fails, when you are emotionally happy, eating less, and physically active, losing weight happens all by itself.


When it comes to keeping weight off, it’s critical to utilize large body muscles for at least 17 minutes every other day in activities such as biking, swimming, or Zumba. If you get on a treadmill and jog while watching your favorite reality show, the time will pass quickly and both your heart and waistline will thank you.

to the plan. You are in charge of food and not the other way According to traditional around. height/weight charts, everyone has an ideal weight range that Dianne Bischoff James, M.S., remains the same throughout is an acclaimed, motivational life. Armed with your perfect speaker who specializes in life “champion number,” consider enhancing transformation and the scale to be an honest friend encourages audiences to crewho had no personal opinion ate a reality that is prosperous, regarding your size. Hop on deliberate and meaning ful. every morning before eating She is author of the awardor drinking and monitor your winning book, The Real Brass weight without any emotional Ring- Secrets of a Midlife attachment. Remember, fat R e b o o t , a S c r e e n A c t o r s cells like to return back to their Guild actor, marketing conoriginal state, so even if you sultant and founder of Live binge for a day or two, Your Everything, a sanctuary get back for midlife transformation at RULE 7: MAKE THE SCALE YOUR FRIEND


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; Master Intuitive ; Healing Practitioner ; Energy Healer ; Ghost Buster ; Master Crystalogist ; Qi Gong Practitioner ; Aura Photos & Readings ; Intuitive Development Classes ; Past Life Regressions & Life’s Progressions Sessions HELPING YOU HEAL CENTER, 5898 Omaha Ave N, Ste 2, Oak Park Heights, MN 55082 651.247.0719 helpingyouheal@msn.com www.UnemployedAngelForHigher.com



Contact Annette Bruchu for your private healing session

Integrating the best of western and eastern medicine.

17408 Minnetonka Blvd., Minnetonka, MN 55345 Kaaren Howe, DVM, MBA info@minnetonkaanimal.com Leilani Hotaling, DVM, CVA, CVC, CCRP 952-473-1239 Amy Everly, DVM, CVA www.minnetonkaanimal.com Preeya Patel, DVM

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Transform relationships with a card game


GLANCED AROUND. Everyone was sharing and celebrating: jokes, belly laughs, hugs, tears—all four players at the table seemed gripped by a powerful spirit of joy and excitement. An almost palpable sense of relief and new possibility surrounded us. I’d seen it before, but I still marvel: How does this happen? How is such dramatic change possible in such a short period of time? Just an hour ago, Danny was feeling so low he didn’t even want to be here. It’s possible we all felt like Danny at the start. The card game we were to play was based on the transformative power of the Five Agreements and the

work of don Miguel Ruiz and his son, don Jose Ruiz and the premise that we could improve any relationship in minutes by honestly applying their wisdom. What did we have to lose? Thus, following the rules of the game, each of us had chosen a relationship and rated it on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being miserable and 10 being fantastic). During a few minutes of silence, we had chosen one of the Five Agreements cards: 1) Be impeccable with your word; 2) Don’t take anything personally; 3) Don’t make assumptions; 4) Always do your best; and 5) Be skeptical but learn to listen. Finally, we’d scribbled key words and phrases on a notepad that gave us insights into how


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we really felt and what was not right about the relationship— as well as how we’d feel if we looked at it from the viewpoint of the new agreement. “My relationship with myself sucks,” Danny had muttered when the game started. “On a scale on 1 to 10, it’s a 5.” But now, 20 minutes later, he was laughing uproariously—mostly at himself. With the help of the Fourth Agreement (“Always do your best”), he’d upped his relationship rating to a 10, and the only drug in sight was a deck of Toltec Agreements cards. A similar transformation had taken place in Carol. “I realize I love food more than feeling good,” she’d confessed. “I find every excuse to eat the


things I shouldn’t: carbs, dairy, sugars, you name it.” Now, after applying the wisdom of the First Agreement (“Be impeccable with your word”) and a few encouraging suggestions from her fellow players, she’d resolved to walk every day, drink kale and spinach shakes

in the morning, and leave the funky foods behind. The room resounded with applause, then with Carol’s laughter, and no one escaped the warmth of her all-embracing hugs. “This game creates intimacy,” she gushed. “Everybody who plays it falls hopelessly in love!” I’ve facilitated many of these games, and strange as it may seem, people do seem to “fall in love” when they play it. Why? Because it was designed to help you let down and relax—and in that space of relaxation to let go of old blocks and beliefs. For a few precious moments, it creates a “safe space” where you don’t have to protect and defend yourself. When those walls come down, you feel free to use your

imagination to envision new possibilities. Then anything can happen. By the time they were done, everyone’s relationships had improved more than 50 percent. All with nothing more than a deck of cards, a dash of courage, and a little help from our friends. Truth be told, we were all feeling a lot more lighthearted after playing the game. The game we’re referring to is The Five Agreements Game: A Chivalry of Relationships, published by Findhorn Press. If you are interested in playing it, using it as a therapeutic tool with groups, or even becoming a facilitator click here. www.five-agreements-game.com

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Mind Body & Spirit jewelry | stones & crystals herbs, oils & incense unique gifts | books & music original artwork | soaps & candles Native American items body & energy work guest speakers spea classes & workshops intuitive/psychic readings

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QuestFields, Inc.

The power to change your life

Intuitive Development Program Private Healing Sessions Intuitive Readings

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Life-between-lives hypnotherapy Going Beyond Past-Life Regression


EGRESSION HYPNOTHERAPY IS a way to go back in time to assist in healing and resolving current life problems. There is no doubt that regression hypnotherapy, whether current or past life, can be beneficial to someone looking for resolution and answers. But is there more? The answer lies in lifebetween-lives hypnotherapy. This is an application of hypnotherapy that goes beyond past life regression into the time between your lives. Some may call it heaven or the other side. I call it a place to heal and

reconnect to your source and all those involved – passed loved ones, spirit guides, soul mates, kindred spirits, soul group, high council, or angels. It is a place to find ultimate healing and unconditional love. It is a place to find answers to those nagging questions like “why do I keep getting stuck?” or “why did I choose this life?” or “what do I need to know for my highest good right now?” So many of those who have taken the journey to the time between lives find the answers are simple yet so profound. A life-between-lives hypnotherapist acts as your guide from this dimension and leads you, as you journey through


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the other side. As you experience the in between, it is easy to get distracted from your initial intention. Anything from intense healings to deep conversations with your spirit guide(s) can take you away from what you thought was important before the session. The hypnotherapist is there to help you stay grounded in your purpose for being there as well as to be your guide to different areas on the other side. The key to any successful hypnotherapy session is being open to whatever is shown to you. No, you don’t need to believe in past lives or the other side for hypnotherapy to work. You only need an open mind,


loving heart, and an intention of what you want to learn. Then, just allow the answers and healing energy to flow in. Jill Hendrickson has been a certified Master Hypnotherapist since 2010 and is a member of the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapist. She specializes in regression and LifeBetween-Lives hypnotherapy. She currently works in the Twin Cities south metro area. For more information, please contact Jill by phone at 952807-2551, or email her at jill@natureshealingroom.com. www.natureshealingroom.com

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Hidden treasure: Feng Shui in the garage


IFE ISSUES, SUCH as money, health, relationships, etc., each have a specific location in a space based on Feng Shui principles. The condition of the physical space corresponds to the condition of the issue. If the space is “in order” or “in chaos” then the issue will undoubtedly reflect the same situation. In the Western version of Feng Shui, the money area is located in the back left corner of a space.

middle of a true financial crisis. Her work as a realtor had become non-existent and Will had been down-sized. They were living off credit cards to make ends meet every month. Of course, we moved immediately to the back left corner which landed in their attached garage. What I found were boxes, furniture, recycling, and old bikes all randomly piled up. Most of the boxes hadn’t been opened since they had moved in five years prior. There was so much stuff in the garage that they had to park their cars WEALTH CORNER LOCATED IN BACK LEFT outside. This is an issue under OF SPACE any circumstances but because When I met with Jeanette their wealth area was located and Will, they were in the here, it was even more impera-


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tive that they address this issue of clutter. When Jeanette and Will got to work simplifying and de-cluttering two events occurred: Jeanette’s real estate business picked up within a few days and, in the wealth corner, they found her grandmother’s valuable china wrapped up in boxes. They had it appraised and, because it had little meaning to Jeannette, sold it for nearly $5,000—a welcome addition to offset their financial deficit. Will was initially excited about the garage project and its potential for changing their life together. Finding something they could instantly monetize was a good impetus for him to continue the clearing-out


process. Yet, whenever the garage would get cleared enough for them to use, Will would manage to find other stuff to put in there. Meanwhile, his attempt to land an appropriate career position for him continued to be elusive. Jeannette pointed out the obvious—that he seemed to be self-sabotaging his prospects by keeping the garage cluttered. It took some time before Will realized that making a lot of money had the potential of alienating him from his family, so he unconsciously found ways to make sure his money prospects were limited. Will likewise discovered that when he

worked very intentionally to keep the garage in order he always found work that paid him well. Will can always tell if he’s falling back into his old limited ways of thinking by the state of the garage. Clutter and dysfunction reflected a corresponding clutter and dysfunction in his life. Carole Hyder has been a Feng Shui consultant since 1992. She has authored three books, two DVDs, and most recently two CDs combining music and Feng Shui principles. Carole is the founder and president of the Wind & Water School of Feng Sui. www.carolehyder.com

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Live Well.

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