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If real estate and construction are vital sectors in our region then (good) architecture is no less important – both in economic terms and to safeguard our living environment and quality of life. In this feature we ask a selection of leading architects on the Costa del Sol for their thoughts on the latest design and development trends sweeping Marbella and surroundings. WORDS Michel cruz Photography kevin horn

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Modern architecture feeds creativity and innovation

Serranofont Architects Juan Antonio Serrano Tirao

An architect with town planning specialisation who worked for the Marbella planning department for many years, Juan Antonio Serrano knows design and construction in this region like the back of his hand. Though a large part of the work of Serranofont Architects focuses on luxury villas, this expertise remains highly valid, as does his passion for design, construction and getting your boots dirty on site. “We work on quite a diverse range of projects but in all of them we maintain a very personal link that focuses not just on design but also on all the details that subsequently go into making it a success once completed,” says Juan Antonio. It is exactly this variety of disciplines that attracts him to architecture, and while he readily admits that the levels of specific knowledge required nowadays are such that you have to work with competent technical partners, here is an architect who very much likes to oversee what is happening once his designs leave the drawing board.

“The link between a design and its application is often undervalued, but it is fundamental to creating a home that works on an aesthetic as well as functional level. And as always it’s the details that really make the difference between a property that is nice and one that is truly impressive.” Another factor he enjoys is the individuality of the projects he works on. “A fashion designer produces a collection, but as architects we have the fortune to work on one-off creations of which no two are identical. This is a privilege, and with it comes a responsibility to get it right whether you are

designing a luxury villa or creating the urban plan for a town.” In those projects where he designs residential complexes for property developers, Juan Antonio stresses the ability to also see the end product through the eyes of the client, and as a result he thinks along with them to produce a living environment that meets the investors’ objectives while offering buyers style and value for money. “Modern architecture allows you to do that because its aesthetic and technical features enable you to create something impressive, yet it must also be a cosy, welcoming home.” An architect therefore juggles a great many different factors and considerations before creating the designs that we tend to regard as mere stylistic exercises. “Getting the balance right is what ultimately defines good architecture.”



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