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Choice Unlimited. INFORMATION, SERVICES, IDEAS, PRODUCTS AND INNOVATION For disabled people, older people and carers

Choice Unlimited.

What is Choice Unlimited?

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Choice Unlimited is a UK wide road show on independent living and the first of its kind nationally. Aimed at disabled people, older people and carers, Choice Unlimited showcases the diversity of information, services, products, ideas and innovation that is available to support independent living all under one roof. Choice Unlimited is a unique event led by disabled people to empower disabled people and benefits everyone involved: •Disabled People enjoy an exciting event to learn about the •services available to them on their doorstep and to support •them to live independent lives. •Organisations enjoy the opportunity to showcase their wares •and increase awareness about their services to an ever •increasingly powerful customer base. •Professionals enjoy the opportunity to learn about the diversity •of services available so they are better able to support their •disabled clients. Entry is always free at the events and a huge choice of exhibitors cover:


Domestic Support

Education and Training

Health and Wellbeing

Lifestyle and Leisure

Personal Support

Repairs and Maintenance Services

Services for Carers

Staying Independent

Support and Advice


Work and Voluntary Support

Choice Unlimited.

Why Choice Unlimited? Following the government’s commitment to put in place new ways to support disabled people, it became clear to LCiL (Leicestershire Centre for Integrated Living) that this required a new way of responding to the opportunities and challenges this presented. The response had to be one which started with the individual and their circumstances rather than the service. With a history and proven track record of supporting disabled people, it became evident through LCiL’s work that there was a fundamental gap in the knowledge that existed, not only with disabled people, but also with organisations, businesses and professionals.

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As an organisation established by disabled people for disabled people, LCiL’s mission is to empower disabled people, by promoting the benefits of disabled people. LCiL do this by providing or encouraging the provision of services that facilitate independence for disabled people in daily living activities and in active participation and full integration into society. We strongly believe that the Choice Unlimited concept is a powerful and innovative catalyst in thinking about social care, support and independent living in an entirely different way. Here is what our visitors and exhibitors had to say about Choice Unlimited 2012: "We really enjoyed the day and made many connections. Lots of interesting stalls. Please note that we would be interested in attending further exhibitions." Area Manager, Macintrye.

"I think that this was the best organised and attended event that we have ever attended and we will certainly be interested in having a stand next year." Director, Care and Repair.

"Aspiro is a social enterprise providing employment support and often with our type of service we can fall through the cracks in terms of mainstream marketing. The 2012 Choice Unlimited event was a particular success for our business as we engaged with over 20 service users as potential customers and we talked to 60 professionals about our services – not bad for a day’s work." Managing Director, Aspiro.

"I really appreciated being part of the exhibitors and promoting our organisations to others. I also got the opportunity to network with other exhibitors. I would really want to be involved in future exhibitions." Estate manager, Hanover Housing Association.

Choice Unlimited.

Choice Unlimited: The Benefits for Professionals

123 Professionals need to know about the range of information and services that are available to best support disabled people, older people and carers. Professionals from a range of backgrounds have attended and benefitted from all that is on offer at Choice Unlimited. These have included not only health and social care staff, but directors and commissioning leads from local authorities and the NHS, councillors, police officers, car companies, care agencies, holistic therapists and sports clubs to name a few.

Choice Unlimited attracts a wide range of service providers all under one roof that support choice and control. This is crucial to ensure the right support is offered to disabled people for continued wellbeing and independence, as well as their continued engagement with professional services in a positive way.

Choice Unlimited is packed to the brim with learning and development opportunities and has included speed networking sessions for professionals which provides the opportunity to meet many providers and learn about their services in a short space of time. A number of seminars and interactive sessions also take place through the day aimed at contributing to wider professional development and knowledge.

Choice Unlimited.

Choice Unlimited: The Benefits for Businesses and Organisations Changes in the way disabled people receive money from the government to buy services means a new client or customer base for organisations and businesses. For businesses and organisations, Choice Unlimited is not only a commercial opportunity but it allows them to demonstrate their commitment to social responsibility, particularly in a tough economic climate.

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The business case for being part of Choice Unlimited: •It makes good business sense to do business with disabled •people. •It makes good business sense to recognise that disabled •people are influential customers with an annual purchasing •power of £80 billion. •It makes good business sense to meet the needs of a growing •section of our population. There are a number of ways you can get involved. For further information about exhibition space and exhibitor packages, please contact LCiL Events on 0116 222 5005 or email us at

Choice Unlimited.

Marketing & Promoting Choice Unlimited

LCiL Events has cultivated a successful marketing formula for Choice Unlimited that brings advertising to the consumer by targeted messages through a range of media from print to online promotion through a dedicated website and event booking system. This has resulted in attracting and retaining a diverse audience for Choice Unlimited and has amplified the services that are on offer from the wide range of businesses and organisations that attend. Choice Unlimited has maintained, and in some cases grown, its diverse audience as a result of our straightforward approach to marketing. We avoid industry jargon and simply ask the question “Why should you attend?� and then outline the value proposition in no uncertain terms.

Choice Unlimited.

Choice Unlimited Partners

Choice Unlimited.

How to Contact LCiL Events Telephone: 0116 222 5005 Text: 07910 864 594 Email: Website: Twitter: @choiceUnLtd Visit us on Facebook

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