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An introduction to ESPA Life Wellness the ultimate in preventative healthcare and integrated treatments. ESPA Life Wellness offers our guests integrative medicine within the luxury spa environment. Our mission is to go beyond luxury spa treatments by adding complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), selected orthodox medicine practices, a Sports Injury and Rehabilitation Clinic and an effective Gym with exceptional personal training to enhance healing and relaxation. In this way we optimise wellbeing and promote recovery from compromised health.



Our specialised team consists of naturopaths, traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncturists and herbalists, osteopaths, physiotherapists, personal trainers and spa professionals. These globally acclaimed holistic health professionals, influential specialists and outstanding spa therapists have been hand-picked from across the globe for their exceptional knowledge and expertise. They will work closely with you to find the best combination of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), spa treatments and fitness sessions to help restore balance and achieve your desired health and lifestyle goals.

OUR TEAM. ............................................................................ 3 THE GATEKEEPER. ......................................................... 4 LIFESTYLE PROGRAMMES................................... 5 COMPLEMENTARY & ALTERNATIVE THERAPIES. ......................... 10 FITNESS & REHABILITATION. ........................ 13




To oversee every step of your journey from initial assessment to optimal health, the Gatekeeper is an experienced naturopathic practitioner and will expertly guide you through the complementary medicine therapies and wellness programmes we have to offer.

Our Lifestyle Programmes help to optimise your wellbeing and vitality. They address everyday health and lifestyle issues such as stress, sleep problems, lingering fatigue, detox and fertility. Following a consultation with your Gatekeeper a suitable programme will be tailored to your individual needs, ensuring optimal results are achieved. To complement your programme and enhance its results, you will receive full access to the spa and its facilities, including 10% off food and beverages in the Spa Lounge for the length of your programme.

During an in-depth consultation, your Gatekeeper will take a full medical, nutritional, emotional and physical case history along with an Iris Diagnosis in order to best assess your current health status. Your lifestyle will also be reviewed in order to decide upon the ideal treatments or programmes to help you regain optimal wellness. Your Gatekeeper may wish to perform certain necessary functional medicine tests* at this stage. These are an important part of identifying the true cause of any health issue and allow us to treat the cause, rather than just the symptom.

Independent Lifestyle and Health assessment

55 mins

* Please note, functional medicine laboratory tests and prescribed supplements are an additional charge and can range from ÂŁ50 to ÂŁ600. Test results can take up to 14 days to be returned to ESPA Life, however your Gatekeeper will advise when your programme or treatment can commence.




Optimal Vitality

1 month

Our Signature Lifestyle Programme in which your Gatekeeper will assess your overall health and wellbeing, prior to creating a completely bespoke programme to address any imbalances and resolve any concerns discovered during your assessment.

Woman’s Health

Sleep More

1 month

We will analyse, diagnose and address any concerns you have with your sleep cycles. Our team works with you to find solutions to ensure deep, restful sleep, allowing you to awake feeling restored, refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

1 month

Optimise your health and address issues directly affecting your lifestyle and wellbeing. Key areas this programme will focus on are menstrual function, menopause, ovarian, breast and bone health, as well as stress and work-life balance; all areas which affect your day to day enjoyment of life.

DETOX We have two highly effective Detox Programmes, based on established naturopathic detox principles, that provide a deep cleanse at cellular level. The initial session with your Gatekeeper will determine your suitability for either of these programmes.

Intensive Detox Men’s Health

1 month

Tackle the issues which affect your lifestyle with this programme dedicated to men’s health. It will help to address any problems with stress, fitness, strength, vitality and help achieve any personal health goals you may have. Our team will provide effective and specialised integrative treatments for optimising sexual and prostate health, male hormones, weight, virility and cardiovascular health.

Relaxation and De-stress


On the first day our specialist CAM team will create a Detox Programme tailored to your needs and lifestyle, with a healthy food plan and suitable fitness regime integrated into your detox. You will work through this programme for the following seven days, before returning to the spa for your final consultation and detox assessment.

Complete Detox 1 month

This programme targets the effects of modern day living and the impact that stress has on your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. Your programme will be tailored to ensure your immune system, endocrine system, nervous system, and psychological functions are in harmonious balance and equilibrium is restored.

9 days

6 weeks

This ultimate detox will start with an in-depth assessment with our Gatekeeper to determine your needs and to tailor the six-week plan for maximum results. After completing this programme you should have boundless energy, renewed vitality, healthier skin and hair, and feel revived, deeply refreshed and energised. This programme requires commitment and determination, and we will provide all the necessary help and support you need.


Optimal Weight

1 or 3 months

This comprehensive programme will help you understand the reasons for being overweight and offer solutions, which includes a full analysis of your lifestyle, and a look at the emotional, biochemical and endocrine reasons for weight gain to ensure a programme is tailored to support your short and long term weight goals.

Men’s Belly Buster

Fertility and Conception

1 month and ongoing

Enhance the chances of a natural conception with this nurturing and peaceful programme which addresses all issues affecting female and male fertility. Making full use of the luxury spa environment, we welcome you to re-connect and celebrate the journey you are about to embark on. Specialists in this field will assess any concerns you may have and create a tailored programme to optimise your health and chances of conceiving. This programme consists of a month of intensive therapy with the option of an ongoing care package. 1-3 months

Restore your sense of pride in the male physique by achieving a flat and contoured stomach profile. This programme helps to undo years of dietary excess and good living all of which contribute to surplus weight.

Biological Age Reduction & Rejuvenation

Pregnancy and Post Natal

3 months

In this innovative ESPA Biological Age Reduction (BAR) programme we help our guests to effectively turn back the negative effects that time has had on their health, energy and their bodies. We employ a natural science based approach to reducing the overall age of the body by working on the cellular level to rejuvenate and heal. Our mission is to undo the excesses of the past.

50+ Health and Fitness


These bespoke programmes will provide expert knowledge to ensure you enjoy a healthy pregnancy and childbirth. It can also aid post natal recovery and help restore your former body shape. Necessary dietary advice, suitable fitness routines and personal training guidance, as well as emotional and physical support will be provided during pregnancy and through the post-natal stages.


1 month

Engage fully with your health and wellbeing as you pass 50, by optimising your vitality, strength, flexibility and energy, whilst aiming to reduce typical health issues including osteoporosis, fatigue, elevated blood sugars, reduced mobility, joint inflammation and pain.

1 month and ongoing

1 month

Ensure you look and feel your best and stand out from the crowd. Whether you are preparing for your wedding day, a red carpet or premiere appearance this is the ‘must have’ programme. Our team will work with you towards your goal - whether you need to lose weight, sculpt your body or enhance your complexion we will be there every step of the way to ensure success!

Action your Corporate Medical

1 month

In this unique programme we work with you to action the results of your latest corporate health check. We provide natural solutions to any present or future health risks flagged during the health check with a combination of complementary and alternative therapies, spa treatments and personal training.



Naturopathy (The Gatekeeper)

Our integrated complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) team are on hand to identify and address health conditions and promote optimal wellness. You can book any of the following complementary and alternative therapies independently. If you require further information please contact the ESPA Life reservations team.

Naturopaths are often described as a natural GP or nature doctor. Naturopathic medicine is a distinct form of primary health care which places a strong emphasis on disease prevention through the use of dietary changes, lifestyle corrections, nutritional supplementation, Western herbal medicine and homeopathy to promote optimal health and wellbeing.

Nutrition and Diet

Consultation & first treatment 55 mins Further sessions 25 mins

Consultation & first treatment 55 mins Further sessions 25 mins

We use advanced dietary analysis software to create a dietary programme that is personalised to your needs by adding health promoting ingredients, avoiding specific foods and providing nutritional guidance and supplement advice. We will also analyse your eating patterns and make recommendations on how to optimise your diet, maintain a healthy weight and achieve ongoing wellness.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine)

A traditional Eastern holistic care system, which has been practiced for over two thousand years and takes into account your mental, emotional and physical health. The acupuncturist will administer fine needles and will combine this treatment with the necessary Chinese medical herbs to restore the body’s natural equilibrium and energy flow.


Consultation & first treatment 55 mins Further sessions 70 mins 40 mins

Consultation & first treatment 55 mins Further sessions 25 mins

Focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal disorders, and the effects these conditions have on your general health and lifestyle. Osteopaths will use gentle manipulations of the spine, joints and of the skull to relieve tension and pain. Our osteopath also offers cranial sacral therapy.




Health conditions our CAM practitioners regularly consult on. Our CAM solutions focus on common health problems that can be addressed successfully though the application of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). Please see the Gatekeeper for an initial Lifestyle and Health assessment to decide on an integrated wellness plan for you. Arthritis


Blood lipids

Insulin resistance

Blood pressure

Irritable bowel IBS

Our personal trainers and fitness professionals combine their expertise to create individual fitness programmes for you through their understanding and knowledge of fitness, complementary medicine and ESPA treatments. These range from preparation for life-changing sporting events, to the creation of a new fitness routine, all using our state-of-the-art gym and innovative spa facilities. Rehabilitation & Sports Injury


Leaking gut

Cardiovascular health



Menstrual irregularities

Chronic pain

Metabolic syndrome





Erectile issues



Polycystic ovaries

Food allergies

Prostate health

Gastric ulcers

Fitness & Personal Training

We offer an integrated solution to pre and post operative care, combining physiotherapy, acupuncture, nutrition and personal training. Our practitioners focus on orthopaedic procedures and sports injury rehabilitation and deliver optimal results using the latest rehabilitation equipment to monitor progress. We use the latest innovation in monitored rehabilitation equipment, ‘MR Cube™’, to help build strength, balance and coordination while improving patient compliance and to objectively document performance. Physiotherapy

Skin (psoriasis, acne) Ulcerative colitis


Our physiotherapists use the latest monitored rehabilitation methods and equipment, liaise closely with the team of personal trainers, osteopaths and acupuncturists to treat musculoskeletal issues and to optimise both pre and post operative care and recovery.


Consultation & first session 90 mins Further sessions 60 mins

Consultation & first session 55 mins Further sessions 25 mins

Consultation & first treatment 55 mins Further sessions 25 mins


Total Fitness


3 months

This programme will accelerate your fitness level, energise, motivate and enable you to sustain performance at a high level. An initial fitness assessment will be conducted, a training plan created, and then intermittent fitness assessments scheduled to challenge your fitness throughout the programme.



Nail Studio

Monday to Friday 06.30 – 22.00

The extensive facilities at ESPA Life are situated over 4 elegant floors and consist of exclusive separate sex Spa Changing and Heat Experiences; Dramatic Sauna, Steam Room and Lifestyle Showers are situated in the Female Spa Changing and Sauna, Tepidarium and Power Showers in the Male.

A glamorous studio dedicated to manicures and pedicures, with a refreshment menu including freshly squeezed juices, tisanes, Champagne or beer.

Saturday and Sunday 07.30 – 21.00

SPA TREATMENT TIMES Monday to Friday 08.00 – 21.00

Injury and Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

1 month

This programme combines osteopathy, physiotherapy and personal training with CAM treatments to help optimise recovery, recuperation and healing. Each programme will be bespoke to your needs and personal goals.

Pre-Season Training

Sunday 09.00 – 20.00


1 month

Train like a professional and get match ready for your summer or winter sports. Ideal for football, rugby and cricket enthusiasts preparing for victory and glory.

Ski Fit

1 month

Increase your fitness and muscle strength for optimum performance and energy on the slopes.

Marathons, 5 km and 10 km Prepare for a strenuous, yet rewarding, challenge and embark on a training plan focused on enhancing your stamina, fitness level, muscle strength and diet to keep you on track for finishing with great success.

Summits Prepare your mind and body for an extreme trek or climb with this dedicated programme, which will help you to achieve your goal and celebrate.


Saturday 08.00 - 20.00

For further information on any of our Lifestyle Programmes and complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) treatment courses, please contact the ESPA Life reservations team who will schedule an initial appointment with the Gatekeeper. All treatments, courses and packages will need to be guaranteed with a credit card.


Length of programme dependent on fitness level

Please allow sufficient time before your treatment to complete a Spa Consultation Form and/or Health Questionnaire. Please be advised that late arrivals will result in a reduction of treatment time.

Thermal Floor The dramatic Thermal Floor consists of an Amphitheatre Sauna, Steam Room, Feature Showers, Ice Fountain, Pool, Vitality Pool with various air and water massage jets, marble heated lounges and relaxation bays.

Gym A state-of-the-art gym equipped with the ‘LifeFitness’ cardio vascular and strength machines, Powerplate, free weights area and private personal training pods. ESPA Life personal trainers are on hand to help you prepare for sporting events, specific goals or assistance with the creation of a life-changing fitness routine.

Length of programme dependent on fitness level


Spa Lounge Offering nutritious cuisine for breakfast, lunch and tea focusing on a ‘Taste of Health’. Freshly squeezed juices, smoothies, tisanes, Champagne and fine wines are also available.

Daniel Galvin Hair Salon An exceptional team of dedicated colour specialists and stylists are on hand to cater to your every hair request.




Full access to all spa areas including the ESPA Life Gym is reserved for guests who have reserved programmes or treatments that exceed three hours. Access to the Thermal Floor and Gym may be arranged with a Spa Experience Pass. Please contact the ESPA Life reservations team for more details.

A 100% charge will be incurred for any treatment not cancelled at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled time. Late arrival will shorten your treatment time.

To continue your spa experience at home, most products and supplements recommended by your Gatekeeper are available at ESPA Life reception.



Guests who have reserved ESPA Time or treatments between 1 and 3 hours can enjoy the exclusive Spa Changing and Heat Experiences and the beautiful facilities within.

Our spa environment is one of relaxation and tranquillity. Please respect all spa guests’ right to privacy and serenity. In light of this, the spa is a mobile phone, Blackberry, pager, camera and smoke free zone.

ESPA Life accepts no responsibility for loss of valuables and jewellery at any time on the spa premises.

Due to obvious time constraints, guests who have reserved a treatment of 1 hour or less will be escorted directly to and from their treatment room and do not have access to the Spa Changing areas, Thermal Floor or ESPA Life Gym.

CHILDREN’S POLICY We are delighted to offer CAM and spa treatments for children under 16 years old however they must be accompanied by an adult for the whole duration. Please contact the ESPA Life reservations team for details on treatments available for our young guests. Access to the rest of the spa including the Spa Changing, Heat Experiences, Thermal Floor and Gym are restricted to over 16’s.

LOST PROPERTY HEALTH CONDITIONS Kindly advise us of any health conditions, allergies or injuries which could affect your choice of treatment when making your reservation.

All lost property found on the premises should be handed in at ESPA Life reception. Items will be stored for four months, if they are not collected within this time they will be donated to local charities. Liquids, under garments and hair brushes are kept for 24 hours only.

PREGNANCY We have specially designed treatments for expectant women or nursing mothers. Please allow our Gatekeeper to guide you in selecting which treatments are most suitable during this special time.

GIFT VOUCHERS An ideal gift for someone special. Please contact the ESPA Life reservations team for details.


PRICES All prices are quoted in GBP and are subject to change at any time. Gratuities are not included and are welcomed at your discretion.

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