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It’s our honor to introduce our BSSS Final Report, Special thx for our great family “ IFMSA-Egypt family “. Special thanks also for our BSSS Family and all our external partners for the year.

Mr. Hatem Shohdy

BSSS Ex. President

Mr. Mohamed Ezzat

BSSS Ex. Sec. Gen

Mr. Amr Gamal

BSSS President

Mr. Eslam Samy

BSSS Sec. Gen. & LORP

Mr. Mohamed Mounir

BSSS Treasure & LOME

Mr. Hossam Salah


Mr. Ahmed Hanger


Mr. Mohamed Ashraf


Mr. Ahmed Hafez


Ms. Israa Abdelmonem


IFMSA-Egypt TNT Venue: Benha University Date: 31/1/2011 Aim: To get well-trained IFMSA-Egypt members to be able to conduct needed trainings for all IFMSA-Egypt family as they are our backbone for all our achievements.

1st SCOPH National Meeting It was our honor to organize such event and to host this meeting. Venue: Benha Faculty of Medicine Date: Attendance:

1st SCOPH National Iftar & BSSS annual Iftar Venue: Sama Village Benha Date: Attendance: IFMSA-Egypt NPO Mr. Fekry Elbagory and other SCOPHians from different LCs “ SCMSA, ZMSA , TSSA “

Faculty Graduation Party We shared as OC in this party for our graduates’ party hoping success for them in their future career.

Renal Failure Marathon Venue: Benha Road Date: Aim: as a part of our message and duty for our society, we tried to help in increase public awareness about Renal Failure disease by organizing this marathon which attracted attention to this problem.

Incoming students: AF No U Origin NMO


Czech Republic 77561 No (IFMSA CZ) Czech Republic 77556 No (IFMSA CZ)

01-072012 F 31-072012 Botelho de 01-08Viveiros 2012 F Cardoso 31-08Filipa 2012 03-07Skret 2012 M Michal 03-08(place with Beata Strus) 2012 01-08Stepniewski 2012 M Piotr (place with Michal 31-08Wrobel) 2012 01-08Wrobel 2012 M Michal 31-08(place with Piotr Stepniewski) 2012 03-07Strus 2012 F Beata (place with Michal 03-08Skret) 2012 02-07Podedworna 2012 F Izabela 29-072012

Poland 72678 No (IFMSAPoland) Poland 72691 No (IFMSAPoland) Poland 72689 No (IFMSAPoland) Poland 72686 No (IFMSAPoland) Poland 72692 No (IFMSAPoland)

Student Name

Feriancekova Lucia

Desired Accepted 01-072012 31-072012 01-082012 31-082012 03-072012 01-082012 01-082012 31-082012 01-082012 31-082012 03-072012 01-082012 02-072012 29-072012


IL IL EF Req Sent

Benha university hospital

Yes No


Benha university hospital

Yes No



Yes No


Benha university hospital




Benha university hospital





Yes No



Yes No


Summer School preparations and release: We made the exchange budget needed for the summer school and we released the summer school through fliers to the incomings and through the FB. Finally we got two applications from two student but one of them canceled due to private issue and the last one canceled just before the clerkship. We will work to activate our summer school and to have more applications next year.

Events attendance:          

IFMSA-Egypt General Assembly October 2011, Mansoura. IFMSA-International Online WDD meeting November 2011, Skype. IFMSA-Egypt WDD celebration event November, Zagazig. IFMSA-EGYPT 3rd Winter Camp February 2012, Ismailia IFMSA-EGYPT 1st National SCOPH Meeting February 2012, Benha. IFMSA-EGYPT GA May 2012 , El Azhar IFMSA-Egypt No Smoking Conference (Kasr Ainy Faculty) December 2012, Cairo, Online WDD International Meeting October 2012. 1st National SCOPHian Iftar in Benha 6th of August 2012 3rd National SCOPH Congress Ismailia 21st & 22nd September 2012

Participation in National teams & Taskforces:    

SCOPH Bylaws 2012: Amr Gamal Mohamed SCOPH Strategy: Amr Gamal Mohamed 3rd SCOPH Congress: Amr Gamal as head of Scientific team. Almost all national project publication teams: Rami Abdallah Essa

Participation in International sides:  HY5 representative in MM12 Ghana 2012: Amr Gamal.

Hand Hygiene HY-5 project Project Coordinator: Ahmed Tawheed Mowafi Aim: Increase awareness among the population focusing on school ages group, also to teach the right ways of washing hand and to train and provide the medical students more medical knowledge of hand hygiene and hygiene Topics in general, Always remember wash your hand with some modification to stress more on the medical and Para-medical workers in the hospitals beside the children and the food handlers.

Time:  El Shoban School: 13th October from 9:00 am till 1:00 pm    

El Salam School: 17th October from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm Faculty Survey: from 16th October till 21st October Cavallo Restaurants: 25th October HY5 awareness session & campaign for medical students and health workers in our faculty on 5th of May 2012

Target group: Schools: pupils aged from 8 to 16 years old Faculty: medical students, doctors and nurses Restaurants: Food handlers.

Messages concerned on: 

The proper way for hand washing and its 10 steps.  The problems and risks of bad hand hygiene. 

Advantages of proper hand washing.

Slogans: Save lives ... clean your hand. Our world HY day.

World Diabetes Day Project Coordinator: Ahmed Hany Wahdan

Aim: World Diabetes Campaign is a project concerning awareness of the simple public people against the dangers of Diabetes and how to avoid it and how to overcome its complications and acting against it.

Time: Barshoom El Kobra village: 22nd November from 8:00 am till 2:00 pm Asnette village: 25th Novmeber from 10:00 am till 5:00 pm

Target group: Public people aged from 15 till 80 years old

Messages concerned on: 1) Early symptoms of Diabetes 2) Complications of Diabetes 3) Treatment and prevention of Diabetes 4) Simple Examinations

Slogans: Let's make it in Blue "Egypt free of Diabetes�

Outcome: Number of Health educated persons (estimated Number)

Villages (500) Mosques (350) Streets (150) Total (1000)

Smokingologist Project Coordinator: Amr Gamal Mohamed Aim: Smokingologist is a project covering medical students, staff and public. The project aimed to increase awareness of the danger and effectiveness of smoking in killing lives; also it encourages the community population on different age ranges and educational level to stop smoking by different ways and attitudes.

Time: Attendance of No smoking conference in Kasr Ainy Faculty, Cairo with Supervision of WHO. Waiting newer updates for establishing this event in our faculty as the Deadline is still available and we can do it. Having a deal with the managerial office in our faculty to have our hospital free of smoking beside putting the non-smoking signs in different places in the hospital starting from 25th of May. Attendance of the non-Smoking TNT Attendance of the non-smoking Holding an awareness campaign in Meet Kenana village near Benha in the youth center there.

Target group: Medical students, Medical doctors and Public.

Messages concerned on: 1) The proper way for stoppage of smoking. 2) The problems and risks of smoking. 3) Advantages of proper health without smoking.

Safe Liver “Hepatitis� Project Coordinator: Ahmed Hany Wahdan & Mohamed Ashraf Ahmed Aim: It aims to save our precious organ in our body which is our liver, we here in this project aimed to protect our colleagues as medical students, doctors and paramedical workers from getting infected by that virus which only needs one infected blood drop which is easy in our hospitals. We also aimed to raise the public awareness about that problem in Egypt.

Time: 1) Attendance of a national hepatitis workshop in the National Hepatic, Shebin El Koom 2012. 2) Registration for vaccination in the faculty hall May 2012 3) 1st Dose HBv vaccination May 2012 4) 2nd Dose HBV vaccination June 2012 5) 3rd Dose is planned to be in December 2012

Target group: - Medial Students and Doctors - Paramedical workers - Public

Messages concerned on: 1) The proper way to protect yourself from HBV infection. 2) The problems and risks of HBV. 3) Advantages of vaccination process.

Healthy Life Style Project Coordinator: Ahmed Hany Wahdan Aim: Aiming to have better healthy life style among our population we organize this project to start by the young children in the schools to teach them the proper healthy life style and the advantages of the healthy balanced nutrition in different visits. Plus taking care by the elder people by a national celebration concerning a visit to them and spending the day in a sportive way together.

Time: Attendance of National celebration of HLS Alexandria April 2012 Schools visits were as:

Target group: Schools; pupils aged from 8 to 16 years old. Elder people in sporting club

Messages concerned on: 1) The proper way to get healthy life style. 2) The problems and risks of bad nutritional system. 3) Advantages of balanced healthy nutrition.

Target group: Schools; pupils aged from 8 to 16 years old. Elder people in sporting club

Messages concerned on: 1) The proper way to get healthy life style. 2) The problems and risks of bad nutritional system. 3) Advantages of balanced healthy nutrition.

Renal Failure Campaign Project Coordinator: Fatma Hassan Khawaga Aim: Spread the awareness among the public about the risks and the problems of the renal failure disease and how to avoid it and control it. We also wanted to stress on the psychiatric part in supporting the renal failure patients by their visits and collecting some money for them from the volunteers in the marathon specified for the renal failure awareness spread among Benha University.

Time: - Attendance of Renal failure National Workshop in Ghoniem center Mansoura in January 2012. - Renal Failure celebration Marathon for all faculties in Benha university for about 5 km ended by a celebration March 2012. - Public awareness within the marathon. - Renal Failure campaign in our faculty. - Collection of donation for the renal patients and their visits.

Target group: - Public - Medical students - University students - Patients for psychological support

TB Campaign Project Coordinator: Ahmed Magdy Aim: Keep the low rates of TB incidence among people and prevent this infection by increasing the awareness among youth and children.

Time: - Attendance of TB National Workshop - Awareness Campaign in Meet Kenana village - Awareness among children and youth in Benha Sporting club

Target group: - Youth - Children - Adults

Messages concerned on: 1) The proper way for early detection of TB. 2) The problems and risks of TB infection.

Mental Health Campaign Project Coordinator: Shaimaa Ragab Aim: Serving and supporting the mentally affected patients by visiting them and being beside them in many of their celebrations and making them part of our huge society. Beside removal of any dilemma concerning this point among public and to make them share in all activities of population as a normal part of Egyptians.

Time: - Attendance of Mental Health Workshop in Pre-GA Mansoura - Attendance of Mental Health Celebration in the mental and psychaitiric hospital in Abbasya 6th of April 2012.

Target group: - Mental patients: supporting them - Public: removal of dilemma

Messages concerned on: 1) The mentally affected patient is a normal patient. 2) The problems and risks of their removal from society.

SCOPH Manual Project Coordinator: Hend El Shafie Aim: Collection of all activities, projects and partners of SCOPH committee locally and nationally to facilitate the handing over process at the end of each term and to ensure of continuity of the committee forever.

SCOPH Media Project Coordinator: Rami Abdallah Essa

Aim: Having a corporate identity within IFMSA-EGYPT and to facilitate the work of the national coordinators. Besides having members a national teams to raise their skills especially in designation process.

HBV Vaccination 3rd dose Project Coordinator: Whole SCOPH team Aim: Protection of medical students, doctors and paramedical personnel from infection by HBV as they are the most predisposed group for infection.

Methodology: It was preceded by HBV awareness campaign and it was done with VACSERA as the source of the vaccination.

Target group: Medical students – Medical doctors – Paramedical workers.

Messages concerned on: 1) The proper way for avoiding infection by vaccination. 2) Advantages of proper vaccination against HBV.

Needle Stick Injury NSI Project Coordinator: Amr Gamal M. Aim: Another national campaign aiming to solve a lot of problems facing many doctors and patients on usage of syringes as transmitted blood infections as HBV and HCV…etc. Another aim was to make cooperation with SCORA team to make more harmony between all BSSSians, by adding awareness against HIV (AIDS).

Time: - Postponed to February month due to Ahmed Harara celebration and exams.

Target group: Medical students – Medical doctors – Paramedical workers.

Messages concerned on: The proper way for avoiding infection. The problems and risks of HBV, HCV and HIV. Advantages of proper technique to deal with syringes.

Pink steps towards a healthy life Time: 21st of October 2011 Venue: El-Gezera Club Attendance: 49 Students representing BSSS. Aim: To support Breast Cancer through A march with public characters.

FGM (Female Genital Mutation) 1- FGM Core Training: Time: 9-13/10/2011 Venue: RCT in Cairo Attendance: 1- Hatem Shohdy 2- Rania El-Sadek

Aim: 4 days FGM updated curricula delivered by RCT and 1 day on Peer education and Youth leadership by IFMSA.

Step down training: Time: 5-7/12/2011 Venue: Integrated Women's Services Center in Benha Attendance: 29 Students Aim: FGM Local Training by Benha`s trainers who attended the Core training in RCT to form a team lead the massage in coming campaign.

Youth Volunteerism Day Time: 2/11/2011 Venue: Sakiet El-Sawy Attendance: 1- Ahmed Hanger 2- Ahmed Habshy

Aim: Celebration of United Nations by Egypt youth and spirit of volunteerism they have.

***** HIV-AIDS HIV/AIDS Core training: Time: 29-30/12/2011 Venue: Fever Hospital in Alexandria Attendance: 1- Ahmed Hanger 2- Ahmed Mowafy

Aim: Make a new trainers aware about the new Slogan called ``GETTING TO ZERO``.

HIV/AIDS Local Training: Time: 9/4/2012 Venue: Integrated Women's Services Center Attendance: 30 Students. Aim: Make a new Students aware about the new Slogan called ``GETTING TO ZERO``.

HIV/AIDS Local Campaign in co-operation with SCOME: Time: 6/5/2012 Venue: Benha Faculty of Medicine Aim: Make a new Students aware about the new Slogan called ``GETTING TO ZERO``.

Winter Camp 2012 and BSSS-SCORA project Fair (Ismailia)

International Women’s Day Time: March Venue: Online Campaign Attendance: By 2 moderators represented BSSS on Facebook and Twitter. 1- Yossri Malik on Facebook 2- Rania el-Sadek on twitter

Aim: raise the awareness among women about Decision making under the name `` Make your Decision... Make Your Life``

National Projects Human Rights Day Aim: To increase the awareness of both medical students and public about their rights and encourage them to fight for them by all ways they can

Target Group:  Medical students.  School students.

Share in National workshop about Human Rights held in Mansoura Attendance:  Ahmed Hanger  Kareem Reda

Further steps:    

Online Campaign to share the message of Human Rights More than 600 Human Rights Declaration was distributed Faculty and School campaigns were achieved Moderator for National SCORP Movie about Human Rights Recorded during Winter camp  Share in Human Rights project fair in winter camp

***** Autism 1O1 Aim: To pay attention for public and also medical students to patients having this disorder in order to early discover them and help them to have normal life as much as we can

Target Group:  Medical students

 Public

Steps of the project:  Share in MSSA-Mansoura workshop about Autism

Attendance:      

Eslam Samy Ahmed Hanger Ahmed Hany Nelly Talaat Kareem Reda Yossri Melaik

Share in World Autism Awareness Day with about 50 members

 Our BSSS Autism workshop was on Sunday 22-4-2012.

Orphan’s Day Aim: To share Orphan’s in their day ant try to give them help as much as we can not only in the orphan’s day celebration but try to make it the whole year

Target Group: Orphans Steps:    

Hold donation campaign for the sake of Orphans Celebrate with them in Benha sports club Made awareness campaign for them about TB Regular visits for the Orphange

Peace Day Aim: To help to share the peace message between people and try to stress on peace culture and how we can raise the peace spirit up

Target Group:  Medical students  Non-Medical Students

Steps:  Distribution of peace questionnaire “about 500 Q were distributed “  Share in peace TOT held by Master Peace by 2 members. Hossam Eldin Hemdan Rami Abdallah  Share in celebration of world peace day.  Attend online meeting for the preparation of the celebration day  Help in online promotion for the Meet the Hibakusha event.  Propose for the event OC team  Workshop “Unfortunately “was delayed to the next term due to our Trainer’s exams!!!

Local Projects:  Local workshop about Human Rights

 57357 visit and donation campaign for the sake of hospital

 Urgent Blood Donation Campaign at 22-11-2011 for the sake of leakage in Kasr Aleiny to face sudden circumstances in Tahrir and Mohamed Mahmoud  Regular Blood donation campaign held at 10-4-2012

National Events:  Peace TOT “two members”  World autism awareness day “about 50 members”  Preparation and publication for the Child Protection Conference more than one time  Human Rights National workshop

National Meetings:  BSSS was represented in all IFMSA-Egypt GAs and winter camp.  We were also represented in almost all SWG online meetings held in the beginning of the year

National Taskforces:  IFMSA-Egypt SCORP newsletter 3rd edition editor in chief.  Human rights movie director in winter camp.

National Projects: -

NAC ( Research ) Post-Graduation Opportunities Booklet SCOME Pen Friend Students and Stress EPA

Local Projects: -

Three 1st Aid Courses (Jan-August-September) Scientific Article Competition BSSS SCOME wall magazine House Officer Qualification

Event Attendance: 1) IFMSA-Egypt General Assembly October 2012, Mansoura. 2) IFMSA-EGYPT 3rd Winter Camp February 2012, Ismailia 3) IFMSA-EGYPT GA May 2012, El Azhar. 4) National SCOME meeting, Zagazig

Participation in National teams & Taskforces: - SCOME manual TF - National Coordinator of Post-graduation Opportunities Booklet - National coordinator of Wikipedia in Arabic

Event Held: - NOME visit

National awareness campaign Local Coordinator: Ahmed Magdy Target group: Students of Benha faculty of medicine

Steps:  Online campaign  Information desk and flyers distribution in our campus  Workshop which was held in our faculty conference hall at 20/3/2012

Students & Stress Local Coordinator: Rami Abdallah Target group: Students of Benha faculty of medicine. Methodology:  Local training  Online campaign  Awareness among students  Information desk & flyers distribution Out Come:  Our message had been delivered to about 250-300 Students

House Officer Qualification Aim: Help Benha medical students to make their study easier and effective to build a clever doctor generation. We finished our first step in collection of the important data for first and second years. Second step had finished as this project had been accepted in the faculty board meeting.

EPA Aim: SWOT analysis of medical studying in Egypt. We completed 2 phases which were questionnaires about Curriculum and teaching &learning. But unfortunately that project had been stopped

Post-Graduation Opportunities Booklet Local coordinator: Ahmed Magdy Aim:

This booklet provide an easy guide to every post graduated person to get his chance from any foreign fellowships.  This project has been finished totally from data collection and designs.  We are now waiting for printing of the booklet and distribute it.

SCOME Pen Friend Local coordinator: Rania El Sadek

 This project we shared in every step in it either online meetings or data collections.  The paper of the Doctor Patient relationship released in last April.

1st aid courses Aim: To provide quality assured qualifications and awarding services along with advice consistent with current medical guidelines for the benefit of all whom might need to provide emergency medical care.

Training for participants on dealing with emergency situations: -How to do different forms of injection? - How to deal with shock? - How to deal with coma? - How to deal with chest pain? - How to deal with burns? - How to deal with asthmatic patient? - Fluid Therapy - Different medications that used in first aid and emergency - How to stitch, CPR, IV inject and cannula

January: * In cooperation with the Egyptian Red Crescent Society and the faculty of nursing. (January) *starting at 30/1 and finished at 10/2

August: - Held from 5/8 to 15/8 - We trained about 70 trainees.

September: - Held from 1/9 to 10/9 - We trained about 85 trainees.

NOME visit

- Mr. Ahmed Ezz visited BSSS in an Official visit to motivate members and to see if they need anything or if there any complains.

BSSS End-Term Report  
BSSS End-Term Report  

Bsss End-Term Report for the end of the year 2012