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Selected Selected Design Works of Elaine S. Khuu

Movement Map, Texture Rubbing | Undergraduate, Design 1

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Color 1: Color Diamond Problem | Color-Aid and Soft Pastel

Graduate Work In Fall 2012 I began my enrollment in the Masters of Industrial Design program at Pratt Institute. I continue to develop my understanding of design principles, design process, color use, drawing techniques, etc. Thus far, my projects have been completed at a more personal scale than before. The following projects were completed in the first Semester


Challenge Create a set of 3 dishes for food presentation. They must stack, and be made from spun metal.

Left to Right: Mock-up model, Concept Sketches, Production Sketches

Stacking Dishes ID Tech, Metal Spinning

Final Model: Spun Aluminum

Stacking Dishes ID Tech, Metal Spinning

Design Solution The 3 dishes can be used and stacked in a variety of combinations. They stress versatility and simplicity; focusing attention on the food presented.

Drawings ID Drawing 1

Ideation Page Pencil, Marker, Pastel

70% Design Change Sketchbook Pro, Wacom Tablet

Drawings ID Drawing 1

Ideation Page Pencil

Refined Designs Pencil, Marker, Pastel

All the Pieces

De/Re-constructed Object

ID Workshop, Recycled Object

Challenge Deconstruct a man-made object. Rearrange the resulting materials into a new object. The new arrangement must be appropriate for all the pieces used the pieces must feel natural in their new context.

Solution Using more black and red wire, like that found in the camera, and select pieces, the camera became a necklace and hanger.

De/Re-constructed Object ID Workshop, Recycled Object

Concept A camera is typically worn around the neck. A camera produces photographs. Photographs are objects of memory. While the photos are shown to others, the memory is carried with the person throughout her life, subtly shaping her personality and beliefs. In a way, she wears her memories. To reflect this, the camera's reconstruction turns it into an object of adornment, a necklace.

Glass Etching ID Workshop, Sand Blasting

Design Using sand-blasting, design a set of 6 drinking glasses that graphically represent social or environmental issues. Brochures give more information about the chosen topics. These glasses talk about the Monsanto [Fertilizer] Suicides in India, the Financial Crisis, and the problems associated with the Banana Market.

This Page: Process work | Facing Page: Final Presentation

Glass Etching

ID Workshop, Sand Blasting


Share a Drink, Share the Information

Two glasses together form one image that represents the Monsanto [Fertilizer] Suicides, the Financial Crisis, and the Banana Market. The image is humorous in order to generate curiosity about the topics instead of creating feelings of repulsion. The glasses are presented as gifts; the tags containing issue information. Their presentation plays with the idea of sharing: Two glasses, two people; sharing a drink, sharing a conversation; sharing information about undiscussed topics. Then, hopefully, through discussion, and sharing, social and environmental issues will be widely addressed.

Challenge Create an experience in 3 steps. The whole class must be able to participate, individually or in groups. Give directions without verbal or written instruction. Design as much as possible. Partner: Juan Jacobo

Eat Dirt!

ID Workshop, 3-Step Process

Eat Dirt! ID Workshop, 3-Step Process

Solution The class would make the dessert Dirt, a mixture of chocolate pudding, crushed oreos, and gummy worms. Expanding on the idea of dirt, an "underground" environment was created. Participants had to "Dig" upwards to retrieve their ingredients suspended from the ceiling. Groups had to navigate the process wearing shared aprons that restricted the use of certain hands.

Eat Dirt! ID Workshop, 3-Step Process

Solution: Steps 1. Pick & Follow a Map. The map divides the class into groups. Groups then use the map to find their apron, then to go back to the environment. 2. Find & Mix the Ingredients. With the apron, each group is assigned a symbol. These symbols are attached to each set of ingredients. Podiums correspond with apron color. A card at each podium shows how to mix the ingredients. 3. Serve & Enjoy. When the mixtures are complete, they are brought to the center podium where they are combined with gummy worms. The dirt is ready to eat. Rocks from clay for crushing the oreos, 4 total

Cups depict the order of mixtures, Spoons made from bamboo skewers

Maps and Directions are lazer-cut into chipboard

Spoons for Eating vs. Mixing are differentiated by length

Sketch of a Hong Kong Shoreline | East Asia Study Abroad Program

Undergraduate Work In Fall 2007, I began my undergraduate studies in Architecture at the University of Florida. For the next four years, I built a strong foundation in design concepts, computer modeling, and a curiosity for physical model-making. This section highlights three major projects; two program-related, one personal.


Desert Project Design 4, Final Project

narrative The sun presses upon them like a hot iron. Skin singed, clothes sweaty-cries for relief erupt silently into the still air. Only labored breathing and dragging feet can be heard for miles around. They press on-suddenly haunted by the sound of water quietly lapping against a shore. Looking about wildly, they notice the ground forming into a wall. Sand seemingly held back by bones of a mammoth creature. Curious, and with few alternatives, they follow-encouraged by the distant, but distinct sound of water Eventually they reach the heart of their skeletal guide. A huge overhang reaches out to greet them, bringing shade and instant relief. Inside they find other travelers basking in the cool of the darkness around a clear pool of water. They take a long drink. However, this is not the sound of water they heard on their journey. They continue exploring. There is another level above the entry hall, brighter. Some sunlight has been allowed into these spaces. The travelers are more social, exchanging stories, regaining strength. Still, this is not the sound of water they had heard, or continue to hear. They find a remote stair-the air floating up feels fresh and cool. They descend. Again it is dim, but not unpleasant. Others stand or sit on the stone floor-meditating. A single pool of clear water occupies the room. The sound of it lapping against the stone steps echoes throughout the space. This is the sound they had heard.

Desert Project Design 4, Final Project

Inspiration Imagine the ocean dry as lavender Imagine branches ceasing to be perches for the birds And then on the horizon imagine death in its pallor of pallors letting the dead live again (Chedid 1978, 7)

Materials Piano Wire, Stacked Newspaper, White Chipboard, Acetate with Stickyback

11th ave

parking affordable housing

market rate housing

market rate housing (penthouses)

commercial school K-8 PS 51

commercial affordable housing + commercial

10th ave

New York City Block design 7, Final Project


45th street 44th street

Section overlay by Matthew Cujini

Local city dwellers call for community. relief from the towering giants looming over their six-storey city blocks. However, the city cannot resist the demand for more housing. Building UP is inevitable. building thoughtfully is imperative. This design organizes commercial buildings, a local public school, and both market-rate and affordable-housing apartments into clusters. The commerical buildings buffer the apartments and school from the noise and distraction of the 10th and 11th avenues and amtrak; although at certain moments in the site, sound may be amplified and celebrated. together, the apartment towers and commercial buildings hold the school in the heart of the site. The ground is left open for the public to enjoy. Modular building creates regular roof terraces, which establishes vertical communities through the towers. Through the use of module [living pods], this design gives root to the growth of community. Partner: Matthew Cujini

New York City Block design 7, Final Project


Overlooking School, Day


Site, Night

mid-level floor

New York City Block design 7, Final Project

1.affordable housing 2. market rate housing 2a. penthouses 3. commercial building






4 2 1 4b 3


ground ground floor floor 1. affordable housing affordable housing 2.1.commercial building 2. commercial building rate housing market rate housing school 4a. gymnasium 4a. gymnasium 4b. library 4b. library

design 8 new york city block48

1 2 3 3


upper-floor upper-floor 1. market rate housing 1. market rate housing 2.2.affordable housing affordable housing 3.3.commercial bullding commercial bullding



3 1 3



mid-level floor floor mid-level 1.affordable housing 1.affordable housing rate housing market rate housing 2a. penthouses 2a. penthouses commercial building 3.3.commercial building

Section Showing Elevators

New York City Block design 7, Final Project

Section through Residential Buildings

Urban Daddy Bear

Creature-Making Independent Work

Concept Made from Socks, Buttons, Stuffing, and other Found Materials, these creatures embody the personality of the person for whom they are made. Designed to be the most suitable companion; each creature is One-of-a-Kind.



Discussion Sketches by Mr. Lai Shen, Design Supervisor

Internship After graduation in May 2011, I spent one year interning at Shenzhen Creative Space Decoration Design Co., Ltd, a local Chinese firm in Shenzhen, China. At Creative Space, I gained experience in Interior Design, Facade design, and Graphic Design. My Mandarin also improved, and I was responsible for translating text between Chinese and English. I contributed to a variety of projects in different ways over the year. Here, I have selected three major projects.


About Given an existing design for the Huofa Group office building in Yunnan Province, China, the firm was to create a new facade concept. The design should be unifying, modern, and bold. Then, each floor plan would be addressed; I was responsible for designing the fitness center. project site: 17,988.5 m2 number of floors: 19 Client-Provided Images

Huofa Group, Office Facade + Fitness Center Design

Facace Sketches by myself (Red) & General Manager, Mr. Yanming Yin (Black)


Facade Proposal

Huofa Group, Office

Facade Design


Facade Proposal

locker rooms yoga room

fitness center ping-pong billiards

Firm-Generated Plans, with fitness center this page: Floor Plan | Facing Page: Ceiling Plan

Huofa Group, Office

Floor Plan Design

Huofa Group, Office Fitness Center

About The office fitness center had to hold billiards, ping-pong, yoga, and locker rooms; in addition to treadmills and other exercise equipment. Challenges included placing the locker rooms while maintaining open space. To solve this problem, an independent billiards room with a curved corner was added to the floor plan. The curve softened the circulation, while the use of perforated walls kept the space open. The ping-pong room employed the same design strategy to create a unified feeling.


Fitness Center Firm-Generated Render

About In the design of the Huofa Group Fitness Center, I also designed a graphic for the space. The image combined the theme of the space, terraced farming, and exercise. General Manager, Mr. Yanming Yin later asked me to apply the graphic to a scarf, worn by him in the fashion segment of the 2011, 9th Annual Modern Decoration International Media Award Ceremony; then to the firm-event T-shirt Junior designer wearing the firm T-shirt

Graphic Design

Company T-shirt + Event Scarf

Top Row: Scarf + T-Shirt | Bottom Row: T-shirt Graphic, cropped

Client-Provided Images

About Given a 96m2 show flat within the Manjing Hua building complex in Shenzhen, China; I was to design an open, modern, and engaging space in collaboration with design supervisior, Mr. Lai Sheng.

Manjing Hua, Apartment Show Flat Design

Firm-Generated, Floor Plan Proposal

Manjing Hua, Apartment Show Flat Design

This Page Floor and Ceiling Plans were created in collaboration with Mr. Lai Sheng

Elevation Sketches were drawn based on the apartment concept images

Manjing Hua, Apartment Show Flat Design

Renders: Firm-Generated Render

Master Bathroom

Master Bedroom

Living Room

ResumĂŠ Elaine Khuu about me:



(718) 938-2931 | | I am a creative individual who takes great pleasure in creating and constructing at every scale. Able to objectively mediate ideas and to compromise, I work well in teams. However, regardless of whether I am working with friends, strangers, or alone I always strive to complete a task to the best of my abilities. As a designer, I continually work to have my designs become increasingly intelligent, relevant, and useful. I aim to never stop creating or learning. 2012 Pratt Institute, New York City, New York, USA Enrolled in Masters of Industrial Design Anticipated graduation, May 2014 2007-2011 | University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, USA Graduated with Honors, 3.86 GPA Bachelor of Design, School of Architecture, College of Design, Construction and Planning, Minor in Environmental Studies East-Asia 2010 Summer Program, School of Architecture Completion of Honors Program 2003-2007 | Brecksville-Broadview Heights High School, Broadview Heights, Ohio, USA Graduated with Honors, 4.32 GPA High School Diploma Completion of AP European History, AP English, AP Physics, AP Calculus, AP Biology available upon request



2012 | Pratt Institute, New York, New York Photo Studio Technician, Rapid Prototyping Technician 2011-2012 | Private English Tutor Hired by local Shenzhen residents to help improve their English 2011 - 2012 | Shenzhen Creative Space Design & Decoration Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, China Intern: Chinese/English translations, interior design, product design, graphic design 2010 | Barrels of Hope, Earth Bag Demo Build Participant in the construction of an earth-bag home to demonstrate its 2010 | Architrave Magazine, University of Florida, School of Architecture Advertising Manager, responsible for contacting local businesses about advertising in the magazine 2010 | East-Asia Program Gallery, UF School of Architecture Co- Coordinator, I was part of the team selected to organize & install the gallery for the 2010 East-Asia trip. 2010 | Student Design-Build, University of Florida Participant in the student-directed construction of a functional kiosk for Studio Percussion, Gainesville, FL. 2009 | Habitat for Humanity Weekly volunteer in the construction of low-income housing in Gainesville, FL.


Adobe Creative Suite Microsoft Office Rhinoceros/V-Ray Auto CAD Sketchbook Pro Form Z Physical & Digital Model Making

Native English-speaker Intermediate in Mandarin and Cantonese Proficient in French Beginner in Japanese

Backgroung Image: Structures, Space Truss


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Selected Design Works Undergrad-Grad, 1st Semester

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