Why Luxon Is Going To Scuttle Seymour's Referendum

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First, read what Michael Bassett wrote HERE Julian Batchelor responded by saying.... Michael, you say “Christopher Luxon has one hell of a challenge ahead of him! But it has to happen, despite the threats.” This is the jewel in the crown of what you have written. Gut feeling? Luxon will cave in. Activist Maori all over are threatening mass protests, even violence if Luxon stops the gravy train. They are deliberately trying to put the willies up Luxon. Why? Because it worked with John Key. Watch THIS. What does ‘cave in’ mean? Luxon is going to scuttle Seymour’s referendum. He is going to implode under pressure from activist Maori intimidation, bullying, threats of protest and even violence. But he is also predisposed. How do we know? Think about it. First, Luxon has a Maori adviser. Why? He’s trying to tune in to what’s known as ‘the Maori world view’. Why the need? What does he not understand about He Puapua and the stated goal of Maori to be in complete control of the country by 2040? He’s already thinking “Maori and the rest” which is how activists think. Second, he’s learning Te Reo. Why? To curry favour with Maori. The only Non-Maori who speak Maori are the woke. Third, he’s pulled in many Maori MP’s into his team. New National Party MP Potaka (right) shadows Luxon everywhere. Potaka was a strategic acquisition for Luxon. Why? Luxon wants Maori MP’s all around him when he makes co-governance and Maorification announcements. Luxon thinks it will be a good look. But in reality it’s just window dressing. Fourth, Luxon has already said that he’s ‘for’ cogovernance with Iwi with respect to natural resources. Why is special preference being given to Iwi? What is special about them? Fifth, he’s already been deceitful changing the name ‘co-governance’, renaming it ‘co-management’ trying to put the public off the scent. This is a big one. Why? It shows he is not honest. These were the kinds of tricks the ousted Labour government used regularly. Switch and bait. Read THIS

Join the dots. The writing is on the wall. Luxon was never going to change anything. Essentially, as I have said, he’s woke. Such a fool. Such a foolish thing to do to keep cogovernance going. Why? Labour was voted out precisely because they were fuelling the radical Maori agenda. Does Luxon think he can continue with that which sunk Labour and get away with it? What will the New Zealand public do if Luxon picks up the co-governance agenda and runs with it, all because he’s cowardly and pre-disposed to do so? The anger and Ire of the non-Maori population, and even many anti-cogovernance Maori, will rise fast. He’ll be punished at the polls if he does. Nothing fuels Kiwi anger more than being tricked at the polling booth. Kiwis can’t, and won’t, take more of this. They voted Labour out to stop co-governance, to stop the Maorification of New Zealand. They didn’t vote Luxon in to tinker with co-governance and Maorification. No. They want it expunged. Gone. Forever. They want a return to full blown and unadulterated democracy. If Luxon keeps it all going, even by degree, in the name of not wanting to create division, which is just smokescreen for cowardice, running with cogovernance and Maorification, feeding it, fuelling it, he will catapult the country towards one inevitable tragic outcome. Civil war.

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