Why Maori Activists Revert To Bullying, Intimidation, Threats and Violence (PART ONE)

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Maori Default To Their Biggest Tricks To Stop The Act Party Referendum : Threats, Bullying, Violence, And Intimidation. First up, read THIS article. ----------------------------------------------In case you hadn’t noticed, activist Maori have a bag full of tricks.. These tricks are pulled out and used according to the need of the occasion. Most often it’s lying and deceit, like Iwi Chairs Forum Chair Bill Hamilton (left) who was recently caught out bold faced lying in a radio interview. You can read the details HERE But they have other tricks like bullying, intimidation, and threats. They pull these out when they are cornered and all their lies and deceit are about to be uncovered. The best example I have seen in a long time was seen in a Stuff article published last night, which I have asked you to read at the beginning of this article. 1

You will have noticed that it was jam packed with threats, intimidation, and bullying. I call these the big three. What’s interesting is that all Maori on the street (not just activists) were pulling out the big three. The issue? They don’t want a close examination of the Treaty. Why? Because if it (The Treaty) were to be examined, in the way David Seymour wants to examine it, which is to go back to the original Treaty in Maori, and understand it as it was always meant to be understood, before activists, over the past 45 years, twisted it and fraudulently manipulated it beyond recognition, then the gravy train would come to a grinding halt. This is the worse nightmare for Maori activists. The only way they know to put their nightmares to rest is to pull out their tricks. So how do they react? Instead of mature debate and discussion, as mature adults would engage with each other, they pull out their big three tricks: bullying, intimidation, and threats of violence. Why these three? First, they observed John Key when he caved in to threats and intimidation. Really it was shameful just watching Key be so cowardly. 2

You can watch the footage HERE What Key said and did – in the footage you have just seen – is actually encourage violence, bullying, intimidation, and threats. How so? Well, Maori soon found out by watching Key cave in that these tricks work. They reasoned “Hey look. That white man caved in when he was threatened. Threatening, bullying, and intimidation works!” What is the second reason Maori revert to bullying, intimidation, and threats to get their way? Well, they have nothing else. They are incapable of debating the issue. When children are toddlers, and they don’t get their way, they throw a tantrum and throw all their toys out of the cot. Good parents will tell you that when they do this, it’s crucial not to cave in to them, otherwise those parents will fertilise bad behaviour. i.e. the tantrums will come with greater frequency and intensity. What are the threats of the activists today? Violence, massive protest, civil unrest and disobedience, city shut downs, even War. (interestingly, Julian Batchelor was criticised heavily for using the word ‘war’ in his seminars, yet Maori can used it without impunity. I want you to note that). They try to make what they are ‘planning’ to do as scary as possible, all for one purpose. And what’s that? 3

They do it in the hope that politicians, like lily livered Luxon, principles of steel Seymour, and slippery Winston Peters might cave in. It’s all about painting a picture in the minds of politicians of chaos and trouble. Most politicians don’t want trouble, because it’s a bad look, and bad looks dampen future election chances. They all want to be remembered for being a messiah who brought peace and harmony, prosperity, and stability. It’s an impossible dream. Real leaders lead, and when they do, there is usually trouble because the road to a truly wonderful country is littered with trouble, with upsetting some people. Why is this? There are bad people in every country and they must be confronted for the sake of the majority good people. As the saying goes “Woe to you when all men like you” Luxon will cave in, for sure. He has already shown himself to be a pussy, and over the next three years like the pussy flower in Asia, he will bloom into the fullness of pussyness. He loves to be liked, and hates to be not liked. This is a fatal flaw for a leader, and Luxon has it. 4

Really, this fatal flaw disqualifies him from being called a leader in the truest sense of the word. He becomes a manager not a leader. Luxon says he doesn’t want division, so won’t be, like a wise parent, be strong and firm with his toddler constituents. Really, his call for ‘unity’ is a cover for cowardice. Herein is another flaw which disqualifies him from being called a leader. In contrast, Seymour is a gutsy guy. He’s brave and courageous. He will hang on like a pit bull. He is a leader. Winston Peters? Probably he will cave in too, but not because of the big three. He will cave in because it was David Seymour’s idea. Winston hates that – that Seymour is calling the shots and hogging the lime light. He doesn’t like competition for lime light. To get the lime light back, he will likely come up with plausible excuses as to why he won’t support the referendum. Ok, back to the activists. Why their pathetic infantile behaviour? Answer? As I said, because they don’t have anything else. Toddlers are too under developed intellectually and emotional to debate whatever the issue is. It’s the same with Maori activist. They are toddlers intellectually and emotionally. Our prisons are filled with violent Maori. Really they are toddlers in adult bodies. Watch THIS video. What psychologist Greg Newbold is saying is that Maori, statistically speaking are a violent race of people, and they revert to violence as a first response. 5

This Stuff article is a graphic example of how quickly Maori revert to violence. Nearly all those interviewed were advocating violence. I thought about this. Why is the paper called Stuff? Answer? Because it’s stuffed full of BS. Where in this Stuff article are there dollops of BS? I will go through them one at a time. Let’s follow the bull around this article and examine carefully the droppings.

The first dropping? Look at this quote: “But when it comes to what our tūpuna – that have passed on – have put in place: nah.”

By tupuna, he means the chiefs at Waitangi on the 6th of February 1840. What did they put in place? Democracy. In a democracy there is free speech, one person one vote, all votes of equal value, and equality. Racism and apartheid are incompatible with democracy. Now, in New Zealand in 2023, the activists inside and outside Parliament promote racism and apartheid as though both are wonderful and mandated in the original Treaty. They were not. But that’s not all that happened on February 6th 1840.


On that day, the chiefs also ceded sovereignty to the Queen. What does this mean? It means Maori gave up their right to govern. In fact, they gave the British the right to govern them. By them, I mean the Maori race of people. But Maori today want to renege on the Treaty. They want to breach it. They want ‘self determination’ and ‘self government’ etc etc. These ideas were never in the original treaty, Te Tiriti. In the 1860’s in New Zealand the idea of a dual government was viewed by the British as treason (i.e. the Kingitanga movement). And rightly so. The government of the day put down the rebellion. So how is it today that government and the press are not calling this out, this desire by radical Maori for ‘self determination’ and ‘their own parliament’? This is why David Seymour wants the referendum. Why? To stop these outrageous breaches of the Treaty by activists. They have been going on for 45 years, and David Seymour, rightly, very rightly, wants to stop them. Ironically, the tupuna of the past would scold today’s Maori for their trashing of the true meaning of the original treaty. Today’s Maori activists are literally trashing their tupuna who signed the Treaty. Shame on them.

Second lie? 7

Here is another lying quote: “Māori gained political rights through the Treaty, because they were tangata whenua, of the land.” No. The political rights they gained through the Treaty were as I have just described, nothing more nothing less. It was not because they were tangata anything. By the way, tangata whenua means ‘original people of the land or indigenous’. We know Maori are not indigenous. They are settlers here like everyone else. We are all equal. It’s well documented that other people groups were here before Maori arrived. As I said, telling lies is another trick of the activists, and the lie that ‘we are indigenous’ is a whopper.

Third lie? They give an opinion of Seymour. “I think he doesn’t think it’s crazy; I actually think he’s oblivious that division may happen.” Oh really? So Seymour is about to create division through the referendum? The activists are too intellectually lacking to realise / see that it is their own ilk who have created massive division over the past 45years. “Maori only” this and that are appearing more and more frequently. HERE is just one. Virtually every piece of legislation that has come out of parliament over this period has spawned racism, apartheid, and separatism.


And the general public are seeing it everywhere and are pissed off about it. They have had enough. David Seymour, the real hero, is actually that guy putting the brakes on these things by calling for equality, which is exactly what the original treaty in Maori promoted and mandated (Article three). Nothing more, nothing less.

Lie number four? Quote “The vast majority of people hadn’t bothered to read the Treaty”, she said. “And these people are going to be able to tick a box to determine my relationship with the Crown?” It’s obvious that the person who said this knows nothing about the Treaty. How do we know this? Because if she knew the Treaty, she would not be objecting to Seymour’s referendum. Rather, she’d be embracing it, rejoicing that he was going to lead the country back into the truth of the Treaty. But no. She is accusing others of not knowing the Treaty. This is another trick of the Maori activists. What’s that? Bluffing. Really, it’s bull shitting. It’s a big dollop. It’s pretending you know something but really you don’t know. Maori specialise in this. Sadly, many Kiwis get sucked in by these lies, and fail to see through them and stand against them. 9

Lie number five? Quote: “It was like getting married “and your neighbours saying ‘we don’t like your marriage vows, so we’re just going to redesign them for you.” No. The opposite in fact. The chiefs at Waitangi and Hobson and co were the ones who were married, as it were. But the activists have come along over the past forty five years and redesigned those original vows made. That is to say, twisted the original meaning and intent of the Treaty beyond recognition. Once again, the activist who said this is speaking lies, trickery, and deceit, twisting the truth of the matter. But this is entirely to expected. After all, they are activists.

Lie number six? Quote: “New Zealand is a nation founded on a treaty between English and Māori, where, in true Kiwi fashion, the two versions – in separate languages – don’t line up.” This is the biggest lie of all. The fact is, the final English draft (the Littlewood draft) and Te Tiriti, the translation of this draft into Maori, line up perfectly. There are only two differences between the two. One is the date. The Littlewood draft is dated the 4th February. The Treaty in Maori the 6th. This difference is to be expected. The other difference between the two? 10

The other difference between the two? The word ‘Maori’ was inserted into Article 3 of Te Tiriti by the Treaty translators (Williams father and son) i.e.“In return for the cession of their sovereignty to the Queen, the Maori people of New Zealand shall be protected by the Queen of England and the rights and privileges of British subjects will be granted to them.” The word “Maori” in this article is in the Maori version. The reason this activist said what he said? He is comparing a rogue James Freeman version of the Treaty in English with the true Treaty in Maori, Te Tiriti. The former is not the final English draft from which the Treaty in Maori was constructed. The rogue James Freeman version can’t possibly be the final English draft because it was written after the Treaty in Maori was constructed. Think about that. But officially it is the final English draft, so right there is huge fraud, Mt Everest size. So no wonder there are differences. This fact is actually one of the key issues Seymour is fighting to correct. He wants to reinstate the true English draft which is, one might say, a mirror image of the Treaty in Maori. The activists would not have a clue about this issue. And why would they? 11

They don’t read or study. They prefer to bully, intimidate, lie, threaten, get violent, twist truth, bluff and bluster, and get all their facts mixed up. Which perfectly qualifies them to be a Stuff journalist.

Lie number 7? Quote : “Thus, the direct treaty text itself isn’t included in laws. Instead, principles capturing the spirit of the texts are applied in courts, legislation, the Waitangi Tribunal (although these are not legally binding).” Wrong. The reason the ‘principles’ were introduced? Answer? Because the Treaty was too clear and concise and activists realised that they could not twist it and fraudulently manipulate it as it was. So what did they do? That’s right, they introduced non defined principles. Which meant? Which meant that activists could make the Treaty say whatever they wanted it to say. For what reason? So that it would be easy to defraud Kiwis of cash 12

and assets by making up what the Treaty was saying. Does this make you angry? It ought to. It ought to make you furious. Read THIS about how fraudulent the principles of the Treaty are. Which is precisely, and rightly, why David Seymour wants to shut this tragic fraud down. You see, if you define the principles, lock them down, they can’t be twisted any more. Bravo David!

Lie number 8? Quote: “Hemopereki Simon, Research Fellow at the University of Waikato, said ACT’s referendum was trying to merge both Treaty versions into one, in a way that would “absolutely” deny Māori self-determination.” Research fellow is code for “I got my degree out of a Weetbix packet.” How do we know this? Well, he obviously has not studied the Treaty, because tino rangatiratanga, which is the phrase in Maori in the Treaty from which activists get the idea (wrongfully) of ‘self determination.’ The idea of Maori self determination is simply not in the Treaty. You can read the correct meaning of Tino Rangatiratanga HERE. Stuff wants us to think, and Maori want us to think, and activists want us to 13

think “Oh, it’s a Maori University research fellow talking. He must be right.” It’s well known in academic circles that Maori are awarded their degrees not for their excellent scholarship but because of the colour of their skin. This is one reason our universities are now rated among the lowest in the world. Internationally, they have become a joke. This is another trick. Always look carefully at the name of the person being quoted. If it’s a Maori name, it’s Ok to yawn.

Lie number 9? Quote: “If you take an underlying look at what they’re saying in the ACT Party, [it] is a call to full assimilation.” They are saying assimilation is bad. What is the truth here? In any cultural group, the people who do well are the ones who assimilate. What does this mean? Assimilate means becoming an integral part of western society. In other words, they westernise. They take on Western habits, attitudes, and lifestyle. This does not mean they lose their cultural identity. There are 160 cultures living in New Zealand and among all those cultures, the people who have done well and flourished are the ones who have 14

assimilated AND kept their cultural identities. The other 160 cultures in New Zealand have assimilated and kept their culture, so why not Maori? Answer? Because Maori have worked out that assimilation takes work. And Maori are averse to such things. Prolific author and Maori commentator Alan Duff affirms this when he says “Not a single

Maori voice, not even in leadership – if it can be called that – is saying that if we are to make anything of ourselves then we too must be putting in an effort, not sitting around fatly on our chuffs spouting cultural bullshit as we stuff our mouths. Not having hui after hui wind-bagging, waffling about ancestry (yet again) having go-nowwhere discussions on matters which require action, not hui-talk.” (Alan Duff. Maori. The Crisis and The Challenge. Harper Collins. page 12)

Second, they have worked out that complaining pays big dividends. But what do activists want to do? They want to separate, not assimilate. They want to self manage and self govern. The is cultural suicide. It will never work and has never worked anywhere in the world. Duff states in his book how many Maori escape to Australia, running from Maoridom in New Zealand. In Australia they find a new life, westernise, and find huge success. In New 15

Zealand they get sucked into the quicksand of cultural separation, and eventually sink to the bottom of the barrel. And who pays for all the people at the bottom of the barrel? You know the answer.

Lie number 10?

Quote: “Using a referendum to define principles “did away” with decades of scholarship and court decisions by people who spent their lives studying the issue, he said.” No. Having a referendum as Seymour describes will do away with decades of fraud and corruption caused by people who have spent their lives studying the issue of how to shaft New Zealanders of their cash and assets. This is the truth of the matter.

Lie number 11? Quote: “Te Tiriti isn’t up for a bloody popularity contest.” This is Marama Davidson. But what would you expect? Her comment here is truly coming from the lips of the ignorant. She doesn’t know what to say, so she chooses to say something stupid. At least she’s being consistent with everything else she’s said in her political career. It’s not a contest at all, you ning nong. Really David’s referendum is a debate about truth. Marama does not get this. It’s the truth of the original treaty, versus the lies and deception about the Treaty that have evolved over the last 45 years. 16

How should we conclude? Maori activists have a big bag of tricks. Not one of them is about truth. It’s always about lies, deception, bullying, threats, intimidation, bluff and bluster, twisting the truth. Violence. The overarching tricks are heavy manipulation and control. Their end game is to take control of the country and all the people who live here and they are using all these tricks to do it. So why do Maori revert to threats of violence? Well, think about it. If Maori were trusting in the truth of the Treaty, what it actually says, they would not live in fear, because truth always wins. There would be no need for their bag of tricks. They would be able to rest and trust. But they are not standing on truth, but on lies and deceit so all they have is their tricks. All they are standing on is Treaty fraud, which is precisely what Seymour is targeting. They have to revert to violence because that’s all they’ve got. They know that lies and deceit won’t survive a truth stress test. 17

The Treaty Stress Test is the Treaty referendum which Seymour is carrying in hand. One day the Maori activist house built on sand will be hit by a storm and will be washed away. And that day is now. The storm is Seymour. Well done David Seymour and the Act Party. We are 110% behind you. Let’s get this sorted once and for all. And if Maori revert to violence, so be it. We have a police force and an army. They will be there if needed. Great leaders, great nations, never cave in to bullying, threats, intimidation, and violence.


Rather, they put a premium on Truth. In fact, when true leaders see the bag of tricks Maori activists have, it gives great leaders strong clues as to where corruption and fraud are present in their nation, and they zero in on it to root it out. Which is precisely what Seymour is doing. Ultimately, building a nation on truth is vastly more important than appeasing a gaggle of toddlers throwing a tantrum, than allowing a minority gang to hold our country to ransom, than a mad bull strutting a paddock spraying his BS in all directions. Discipline the toddlers, de-fund the gang, and shoot the bull. Job done David.


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