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THE VOICES THAT MATTER Padma Priya, co-founder of the Indian podcasting platform Suno India, shares insights about the new but quickly growing media platform


By Manvi Pant

adma Priya had been a journalist and avid podcast listener for several years before she launched a podcasting platform herself. “The seed was germinated at a time when my husband Rakesh [Kamal], our dear friend Tarun Nirwan and I were all in our respective full-time jobs,” she narrates. The force behind the platform was a pressing need to have a more authentic and human approach to disseminate information. “We wanted to eliminate all the noise and deep dive into issues that demand attention,” she shares. That’s how Suno India was born in 2018, based in Hyderabad and Delhi. The trio launched the platform alongside their first and India’s only podcast on adoption, Dear Pari, which transpired from Padma’s and Rakesh’s own journey of having adopted their daughter, Prakruti. Born and raised in Hyderabad, Padma spent a significant part of her childhood in Delhi as well. She was 13 when her family moved to Trin-

idad and Tobago. “My stay at this beautiful Caribbean island country opened me to different cultures. And Trinidad and Tobago share a historical connection with India. That got me hooked to its history.” She shares her own snippets of history about the word podcast. Fifteen years ago, The Guardian writer Ben Hammersley while writ-

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