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Newsletter of East Sussex Disability Association Issue 44 - May 2012

What is Elder and Disabled Abuse? ‘the mistreatment of an Older or Disabled person’ Action on Elder Abuse defines abuse as:

ESDA defines abuse of a Disabled Person as:

‘a single or repeated act or lack of appropriate action occurring within any relationship where there is an expectation of trust, which causes harm or distress to an older person’.

‘any act or acts where harm is caused emotionally, physically or financially to a disabled person, which often, is also an infringement of their human rights’.

Are there different kinds of abuse? Yes, people can be abused in different ways w Physical abuse w Psychological abuse w Financial abuse w Sexual abuse w Neglect Where does abuse happen? Abuse can occur anywhere w someone’s own home w a carer’s home w day care residential care w a nursing home w hospital w outside clubs Who abuses? The abuser is usually well known to the person being abused, they may be: w a partner, child or relative w a friend or neighbour w a paid or volunteer care worker w a health or social worker w other professional w a person in a position of trust Why does it happen? There are many reasons why abuse occurs and these may vary with each incident. Many of its causes are not yet fully understood. Abuse may range from a spontaneous act of frustration to systematic premeditated assaults on an older or disabled person. What to do and who to contact: If you are being abused or are concerned about someone you know, it is very important to talk it through with someone without fear or guilt. However, you should always be aware that, despite your concerns, any person has the right to decline assistance from any source. If you feel the problem is very serious and warrants immediate action (for example if a person is at imminent risk of harm) you should contact the police. The number of your local police station will be in the telephone directory. In an emergency you should dial 999 Action on Elder Abuse helpline: 080 8808 8141 Age UK: 0800 169 6565 Adult Social Care Direct: 0345 60 60 191 Police non emergency number: 101 Created in association with Action on Elder Abuse

actively empowering and supporting disabled people

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Aware - May 2012

Contents Elder/Disabled abuse.............Cover Editorial .........................................2 View from the Chair.......................3 RADAR Transport Guide ...............4 ESDA services ........................5/6/7 News from Local Groups 8/9/10/11 Karten..........................................12 Volunteering at ESDA .................13 Home Trust Loan.........................14 Letters - Notices ..........................15 Events and Contacts...............Back

Editorial Nick Tapp CEO ‘What to write about for this edition of Aware?’ That’s the question I’ve been asking myself since Julia started asking me for my article. There is so much going on for disabled people at the moment both locally and nationally that I could write about. There are the changes this year to benefits such as working tax credit, Employment Support Allowance and Income Support for some lone parents. And next year there is the replacement of DLA with PIP and the total weekly benefit cap to contend with.

establishment of HealthWatch through to the many concerned about the increased scope for privatisation and the proposed speed and scope of the reforms (amongst other issues). Then there was the budget with the proposal that the state pension be taxed at source with the resulting ‘Granny Tax’ headlines across the media. Additionally the Chancellor announced a cap on tax relief for major donations to charity. Large donors or philanthropists give 45% of all money raised by charity so this potentially will have a huge impact on the sector. The National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) have launched their ‘Give it back George’ campaign in a bid to get the Chancellor to reverse this decision. There is no doubt that charities are facing very tough times and ESDA is no exception. Donations are drying up and large donors are facing more and more requests. Local councils no longer have money for grants and whilst we may get contracts to provide services they rarely cover all our costs. ESDA has seen a huge rise in demand over the past 12 months. More desperate people are turning to charities as a last resort. One charity in Brighton says it cannot continue to support the 60+ families who seek its help each week. We recognise that times are tough for everyone but ask that you do what you can to support the local charities that help you or your loved ones. This help could be in the form of a donation (either one off or regularly by standing order or direct debit); making sure you Gift Aid any donations you make (if you are a UK taxpayer) ; a gift in your will; run a fundraising event (small or large); go on a sponsored walk/slim/headshave; sign up for the marathon etc. There are hundreds of ways to help us to continue to provide services to disabled people and we’d love you all to pick one and make a difference. Of course I’d love for that support to come to ESDA but then I’d be a poor Chief Executive if I thought anything else! n

You must have been living in a cave not to have heard something about the NHS White Paper and proposed reforms. Everyone seems to have an opinion about this ranging from welcoming the strengthening of the voice of the public and patients via the 2 ESDA - actively empowering and supporting disabled people -

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Aware - May 2012

View from the Chair Sarah Playforth The amazing legacy of Vik Finkelstein Last December, disabled activists were sad to hear of the death of Vik Finkelstein, but it was hard to find much publicity about his achievements. We have Vik to thank for the Social Model of Disability, which underpins all that ESDA does. Vik was a disabled writer, academic and anti-apartheid activist from South Africa. On being exiled to Britain, he co-founded the Union of the Physically Impaired Against Segregation (UPIAS) in 1972 and cocreated the Social Model of Disability. This approach was seen as revolutionary, with its vision of access for disabled people to mainstream services and support, at a time when disabled people were mostly invisible to the rest of society and ‘cared for’ either at home or in institutions. ‘Vik’s ideas influenced and inspired a generation of disabled activists and gave rise to the development of the Disabled People’s Movement through the formation of Centres for Independent Living, Coalitions of Disabled People and disability arts groups. His work also inspired the creation of Disability Equality Training, Direct Payments and the campaign for civil rights legislation. The ready acceptance of the Social Model of Disability by government and public bodies, however flawed the implementation, means that the focus is now on barrier removal and enabling people to live independently in their own homes. For this radical departure

from post war approaches that emphasised welfare over rights, disabled people collectively owe much to Vik Finkelstein.’ (Rhian Davies, Disability Wales) How can we all ensure we put the Social Model into practice throughout the whole of ESDA and in our personal lives and encourage others to do the same? The basic principle is that the ‘problem’ of disability is not the impairment(s) someone has, but the barriers society, i.e. people and organisations, put in their way, in attitudes and assumptions; in the physical environment; in communication and information; and in institutional and organisational policies and practices. Every time someone says or does something that minimises the value of a disabled person, be it by seeing them as people only to be ‘cared for’; not as equal citizens; by using discriminatory language; by doing something that reduces their humanity, it works against the Social Model. It is even more important to uphold the Social Model approach at a time when disabled people are portrayed in the media, confusingly, both as a burden on the economy and as benefit scroungers and also as brave paralympians and people ‘overcoming odds’, as well as being targets for abuse and worse. ESDA is an organisation that has responded positively to changes in society since its inauguration in 1938 as the East Sussex Voluntary Association for the Care of Cripples* and much of this is due to the adoption in 1998 of the Social Model to underpin all our policies and practices. As one of very few user led organisations in the County it continues to meet change and challenge with the full involvement of disabled people themselves. Thank you Vik Finkelstein for showing the way. *“Older than the NHS – seven decades of ESDA” Vin Tapp 2008 n

ESDA - actively empowering and supporting disabled people -


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Aware - May 2012

News Radar release new public transport guide for people with disabilities Ahead of this year’s Paralympic games, Radar (The Royal Association for Disability Rights) have created the free guide ‘Doing Transport Different’ – How to access public transport – a guide for everyone with lived experience of disability or health conditions’. The guide is written by and for people with lived experience of disability or health conditions to let them know about what kinds of accessible public transport are available, help them plan their journeys, and work out what to do if things go wrong. The publication is full of traveller’s tales – real experiences of using buses, coaches, trains, undergrounds, light railways, ferries and more. Paul Maynard MP, member of the Transport Select Committee said “’Doing Transport Differently’ is an innovative and important publication which provides practical advice and support so that disabled people can take advantage of public transport in the same way everyone else often takes for granted.” The newest in our Doing Life Differently series of guides, ‘Doing Transport Differently – How to access public transport – a guide for everyone with lived experience of disability or health conditions’ has information and travellers’ tales to inspire people to use all types of public transport. Today disabled people can travel much more independently. Still around a fifth of disabled people report having difficulties related to their impairment or disability in accessing transport, but there have been improvements: from low-floor wheelchair access in buses (which went up from 53% of buses in 2004/5 to 89% in 2009/10) to training of underground staff, bus drivers and railway staff. Radar has published ‘Doing Transport Differently’ to let people with any kind of disability – learning difficulties, mental health conditions, visual impairments, hearing impairments, wheelchair users, mobility impairments and more – know what kind of access is out there, how to plan your journeys, and what to do if things go wrong. The guide is written by and for disabled people and is full of travellers’ tales – real experiences of using trains, buses, coaches, undergrounds, light railways, ferries and more. Download your free copy of Doing Transport Differently now! n


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Aware - May 2012

ESDA Services Information Service PIP and DLA If you are currently receiving Disability Living Allowance (DLA) and you are between the ages of 16 and 64 you will be tested under the new benefit rules/conditions for PIP between April 2013 and 2016. If you pass the conditions for PIP you will be moved/migrated onto it. You will not have to meet the PIP three month qualifying period but you will have to satisfy the 9 month prospective test. Note: Transfer to PIP from DLA is not automatic. You must make a claim for PIP. The DWP will write to you about making a new claim between October 2013 and March 2016. New claims to Personal Independence Payment From April 2013 Bootle Benefits Centre will start accepting new claims for Personal Independence Payment from claimants in areas including Merseyside, North West England, Cumbria, Cheshire and North East England. The remaining network of benefit centres currently administering new claims for Disability Living Allowance (DLA) will start to take on new claims for PIP from June 2013, when evidence is in place that processes are working as intended. In addition this network will handle continuing DLA claims for children.

Reassessing existing Disability Living Allowance claimants for Personal Independence Payment A person already getting DLA will need to make a claim for the new benefit. The DWP will write to them to let them know when and how they can make a claim. If a person’s DLA award becomes subject to change after October 2013, for example if they have a change in their condition, or new evidence comes to light which means that the DWP may need to look at their entitlement again, the DWP will ask them if they want to claim PIP. It will not be possible to review their DLA award. If they decide not to claim PIP, their DLA award will end. Blackpool Benefits Centre, formerly known as the Disability Contact and Processing Unit, based at Warbreck House, Blackpool, will administer all reassessment activity. April to October 2013: April: DWP starts to accept the first new claims for PIP from claimants in parts of Northern England. June: Other benefits centres administering new claims for Disability Living Allowance (DLA) will start to take new claims for PIP). October: (until March 2016): DWP starts re-assessing existing DLA claimants for entitlement to PIP. n

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Aware - May 2012

ESDA Services Daily Living Centre As promised in the last edition of Aware, we can now update you on some of the changes that have occurred recently. As you can see, we have changed our name to the Daily Living Centre, which we feel better reflects the service we provide and makes it clear that our services can be used by anyone who needs advice on assistive technology to live life independently, i.e. individuals enquiring for themselves, on behalf of a relative or friend or someone they care for or professionals on behalf of clients. Our new Occupational Therapy Assistant, Liz Sharma started with us in January. We are pleased to announce that with Liz on board we are now able to offer one to one appointments each weekday. For enquiries and to make appointments please ring 01323 514515 Monday to Friday 9am to 12.30pm

Drop-in mornings. Regular drop-in morning on the first Thursday each month between 9.30am and 12.30pm are starting on Thursday 3rd May. If you would like a general overview of the areas covered in our display please feel free to come along - NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY FOR THESE SESSIONS ONLY We have recently acquired a Flip video camera, which we can loan to clients before their appointment to record the layout of problem areas in the bathroom or kitchen. This has proved to be a useful tool in helping describe a home situation enabling the Occupational Therapist to offer more appropriate advice. Product information days are being arranged at the moment. Details will be posted on the DLC page of ESDA website as they are finalised. Some comments from our feedback forms: ‘The OT was very welcoming and friendly. She helped me realise that I would benefit from owning a bath lift.’ ‘We could try using the equipment without any pressure to buy it. We can now go and buy with confidence.’ ‘This service was very helpful, especially when you are a first time person, trying to adapt to your disabilities.’ ‘This being a new step for me (planning a wet room) I was enabled to see what was available and given to understand better what my options are.’

Sharon Pummell DLC Admin Assistant: Left Jan Beney OT: Middle Liz Sharma OTA: Right


And from 3 OT Students: ‘Being shown how adaptions can make people’s lives easier was a great practical experience’ n

ESDA - actively empowering and supporting disabled people -

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Aware - May 2012

ESDA Services ESDA Coaches


Spring has Sprung – Outings to be done!

ESDA needs your help:

Did you know that ESDA Coach Services can help you to plan outings and provide affordable fully accessible coach transport for eligible non-profit making social clubs and organisations in East Sussex?

Why should I fundraise for ESDA?

Our friendly drivers have many years of experience in assisting older and disabled people. 30 seat coaches with tail lifts mean wheelchair passengers can travel with the group, the tail lifts are also used to board those who find steps difficult to manage.

You can have a tremendous impact on the people we help. We do our best to raise funds and awareness, but we cannot reach everyone. With your help, we can connect with people we couldn’t otherwise reach. Your friends and family want to support you; by donating to your fundraising efforts, they are supporting both you and ESDA. At your home: Book club - Garage sale - Clothing swap Book sale - Auction - Board game or card game tournament - Cook-off - Fashion show At your place of work

Our unique door-to-door accessible coach service has been in operation for more than forty years. With this experience we are able to offer advice on suitable accessible venues. We are happy to make a provisional booking while you find out how many friends or fellow residents would like to go on an outing and can also supply a poster/booking form to display on your notice board, if required. ESDA Coach Service’s Board and staff are dedicated to providing a friendly, reliable and professional service. We welcome feedback and ideas on how we can improve our service. Call Wendy Hiscox on 01323 514512 for quotes and advice (Tuesday to Friday 9am to 3pm) or email anytime

In addition to generating donations at events, many employers match funds raised by their employees. Increasing numbers of companies are also establishing employersponsored payroll-deduction giving programs. A donation from you will ensure the best possible service is given to disabled people in East Sussex. Whether large or small your donation will count. n Gift Aid it! --------------------------------------------------------If you are a UK taxpayer, please tick the box; we can receive an extra 25p from every £1 you give at no extra cost to you.

o I am a UK taxpayer and would like all donations I have made to East Sussex Disability Association for the four years prior to this year and all donations I make in the future to be treated as Gift Aid donations. Name of Taxpayer_____________________________ Today’s date__________________________________ Address______________________________________ _____________________________________________

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Aware - May 2012

News from local groups DELTA On a grey foggy morning, DELTA members and friends set off to London to visit the British Museum. As we did not have a full compliment of passengers, three extra people from Ringmer were included in this outing as a ‘thank you’ to them for helping us in various ways in the past. They included Richard who had given us a talk on Gatwick recently and his wife Thelma, and Joy who is a friend of DELTA and helps us with teas and coffees at our Table Top sales.

Although we had been to the museum twice before in 2004 and 2006, there is always so much to see that many visits are possible. After a very good journey thanks to Bill our driver, we soon found ourselves at the museum gates. Here we showed a special pass and in we went and parked right in front of the many steps leading to the main entrance. For wheelchair users there is a special lift which soon had us all on the ground floor level of the museum. Our day began with a visit to the museum café and it was there that we had our first moment of excitement. Apparently, three unclaimed bags had been found near the café so the whole area was cleared and the bags taken out and blown up! Richard and Thelma witnessed this as they had elected


to eat their sandwiches on the museum steps and watched the proceedings! For the rest of us it meant transferring to another café to buy our lunch. After being fed and watered, off we went to view the exhibits.

Coralie and I had decided to go and look at the medals for the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics being displayed to the public. The Olympic medal was impressive but we were disappointed with the design of the Paralympic one. After this experience we wandered around the third floor viewing exhibits from the ancient world. The standard of the artistic talents on display was incredible and one realised that the people who had made the various objects were just as clever as modern man but just lacked our technology. We finished our tour with a walk around a clock exhibition which was fascinating. Apparently, a church in Bishopstone, Seaford has one of the earliest know sundials on its wall (circa 500 AD!). All too soon our visit came to a close. We went to the shop and bought a few knick-knacks to remember the day and then went outside and enjoyed the sunshine as it had turned into a wonderfully warm Spring day. Soon it was time to get back on the bus and make our way through London (always an enjoyable experience) to the south coast again. What a super day! n

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Aware - May 2012

News from local groups Seaford Kurling We have been quite active since our AGM in October, 2011. We had our annual Christmas lunch at the DROVE Newhaven. As in the past, the food and the atmosphere were superb. They really know how to do a job really well. All the trimmings for a real party mood and no rushing to get out. Over the winter period we held our annual in-house tournament. It went on for longer than is normal. This was partly due to the bad weather and partly to members’ illnesses!! The result was WINNERS – JOYCE LANE AND BARBARA BRADLEY RUNNERS UP - BARBARA CHAPMAN AND EDNA DUDLEY. CONGRATULATIONS TO THEM ALL. At the 2011 AGM, it was proposed that we introduce an annual membership fee of £5, payable in January each year. After a vote it was decided that this should be introduced as from January, 2012.

group do decide to go, take a tip and book a guide. It does make a difference. Seaford Kurlers continue to be successful – some members leave for a while, but we are always getting new people. We continue to hire the whole of the Downs Leisure Centre sports hall for the year. We will see if the members’ numbers still warrant this. In May we will be refereeing for the Seahaven Lionesses. They have a sports tournament between the Lioness branches in the South East. The Seahaven branch host the Kurling competition. As last year, we agreed to referee for them. This will be our third year. Later in the year we will be helping Wave Leisure to host a para games day. They did one last year together with SEARCHLIGHT – a disability charity at Newhaven. That was so successful that they have organised something similar for 2012.

Just before Christmas we had our mince pies and a box of chocolates for the Wave Leisure staff morning. They are all really helpful to us. Nothing is too much trouble for them. In January we organised a visit to the Brighton Ice Show. This year’s was really spectacular. We hired the newest ESDA coach and travelled in style. With air conditioning – thank you ESDA. Our most recent outing was to Chatham Dockyard on April 19th, 2012. Once again ESDA transported us there. Chatham Dockyard is a superb place for a visit. If any

Kurling Christmas Party

For details for Seaford Kurlers contact – Mrs. June Wood, tel. 01323 895376. Or email n

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Aware - May 2012

News from local groups Eastbourne Group In January members and friends helped Nellie Condon celebrate her 104th Birthday at the Palm Court Hotel, Burlington Place, Eastbourne along with the Mayor of Eastbourne and Eastbourne’s Got Talent Winner 2011, Carl Parsons. Carl Parsons, 12 years old sung a few songs including Happy Birthday and We’ll Meet Again.

The Eastbourne group continues to grow, welcoming new members. Before Christmas and in the New Year the Eastbourne group arranged two additional trips to the pantomime in Eastbourne and Hastings and invited members from other ESDA groups surrounding Eastbourne. Recently the group also arranged a trip to Glyndebourne to see Gold Run a performance by learning disabled and marginalised artists inspired by the history of the Paralympic Games. This was well attended and enjoyed by all. We have carried out some joint fundraising with the Polegate & Willingdon group and had an information table and small table top sale in the Langney Shopping Centre. We also have two days booked in the Eastbourne Arndale Centre, one in May and another later in the year. n

Polegate & Willingdon Group

Nellie was born on January 29 1908 in Tower Hamlets. She married in Shoreditch Church in 1929. Nellie has been resident in Eastbourne since 1939 and worked as a Nurse at St Marys Hospital in Old Town for some 14 years before moving into private nursing. Nellie retired when she was 75 years old. For many years Nellie volunteered with the ESDA Eastbourne District Committee as an escort and helper. She is now the group’s oldest member.

The Polegate & Willingdon group has doubled in membership over the last twelve months so that they now require two coaches. The group go out every month and during the warmer Summer months go out twice a month. This reflects the wishes of the group’s members so that we can cater for local lunch outings and during Summer longer day trips. We have spent time networking in the Polegate & Willingdon community to raise our profile. Businesses and services in the community have been very welcoming of posting fliers and letting people know about the group. We are pleased to say that Polegate Town Council recently awarded the group a grant of £350 for the service we provide to disabled residents in the community. n

10 ESDA - actively empowering and supporting disabled people -

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Aware - May 2012

News from local groups Crowborough Group The Crowborough group has been resurrected and started outings again in February 2012. We have had lots of positive feedback and with current members telling their friends we have had a steady trickle of new members joining the group. Thanks to the support and knowledge of members we have been able to access local pots of money in the community and are pleased to say we received a donation from the Good Companions (a sub group of the Townswomen’s Guild) as well as a generous donation of £400 from the Crowborough Vale Drama Group. n

Sedlescombe & Westfield Group We are working hard to raise the profile and membership of this group and actively networking in the local and surrounding communities. The group go out every month for lunch at local venues and are coming over to ESDA in August to visit the Centre and enjoy a fish and chip lunch as well as watch some of Airbourne. n

Uckfield Group We have managed to secure some funding through Wealden District Council to enable us to resurrect the Uckfield group and I am putting together a programme of outings for the rest of the year with a view to starting again in June. If you live in the Uckfield area and are keen to join please get in touch with me. n Contact Marianne Colliard for further details or 01323 514531


Disabled Adults Wealden North Social Flying the Flag for ESDA Contact Jo Keel on 0775 994 8788 n

Message from Marianne Colliard Volunteer Services Co-ordinator It’s been a real pleasure working with these groups despite not having a committee which has meant a lot more work for the volunteers here at the office and myself in supporting them to develop and grow. I feel very positive about the future of the groups and am reminded on a daily basis from talking to members and taking referrals just how valuable a service all of our local groups provide to disabled members of their community as well as often providing respite for family and carers. Just as importantly when members have any problems we can provide advice and guidance through ESDA’s Information Service and refer them to our Daily Living Centre for equipment enquiries and solutions for daily living. n

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Aware - May 2012

Karten Computer Training at ESDA

We have had a busy start to the year in the Karten Centre. We were delighted to be part of the New Year, New Online You! campaign which ran from 23rd January until the 17th February 2012 with the aim of inspiring and encouraging people to access government services online. The campaign focused on three online services: Jobseeker’s allowance, pension information and NHS Choices. We had a stream of new learners attend.

Training runs on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and is open to all. Learner Andy Evans of Hampden Park said: “I felt a bit daunted at first but everyone was very welcoming. I haven’t got any computer experience but they asked me what I was interested in and helped me to get online. So from being very nervous I now have a bit of confidence. I did a bit of research on pensions and it’s incredible what you can actually do online.”

As a registered UK Online Centre we can offer computer training to all members of the community including disabled people. With volunteer computer buddies we can provide one to one support in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Learners are able use a wide range of resources, guides and short courses on the Go ON website.

Why do I need to get online? There are many reasons to get online including: • Keep in touch with family and friends • Make your life easier • Save money • Find jobs • Shopping Access to ESDA Karten Centre Training is FREE - for more information please call 01323 514531 n

12 ESDA - actively empowering and supporting disabled people -

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Aware - May 2012

Volunteering at ESDA Energy help Energy bills too high?

In February 2011 the charitable agency I worked for closed. I had been working 30 hours a week (plus!) and I wasn’t ready to stop working completely. I needed structure in some of my days so I decided to look around and see what was available. After checking the volunteer website I found several charities in the Eastbourne area that needed volunteers and so I applied to ESDA. I come in for two afternoons a week and usually undertake the reception duties on one of those afternoons answering the telephone, transferring calls, taking messages, receiving visitors to the centre and stamping the post. On the second afternoon I do various jobs such as typing up the minutes of meetings from a recorder, compiling sets of labels, checking and updating information on a database, photocopying, putting packs of information together and sometimes joining the other volunteers to help with stuffing envelopes for a mailshot. I have enjoyed working at ESDA with the other volunteers and because I still feel involved with the world of work. Being a volunteer is a two way process – we both gain because I get enormous satisfaction from being able to be involved with the Association and from having the opportunity to meet up with staff and volunteers. Christine ESDA gain by having a volunteer who is very capable and confident in the work that she carries out for us, at which point I would like to say a huge thank you to all volunteers who help ESDA. Julia n

Insulate your home this summer and be prepared for next winter. A number of utility companies are currently offering discounts and grants for loft and cavity insulation before their schemes change later this year. Contact Downs Energy on 01444 460110 to find out what offers are available. Are you online and know a relative, neighbour or friend in fuel poverty who is unable to access advice? National Energy Action is an independent charity that tackles heating and insulation problems of lowincome households. There is an on-line practical tip section with advice about what to do if fuels bills are too high, switching suppliers and useful contacts For free, independent and local energy savings advice, call Wealden District Council on 01323 443321 or go to our website The website provides information on a range of energy saving topics and other advice on council services. n

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Aware - May 2012

Other news The total cost of the work was a figure which she could not afford on her own.

East Sussex residents and property owners could get financial help with some home repairs. Residents in the Lewes area and surrounds are able to apply for financial assistance to help complete house repairs they couldn’t otherwise afford. The Home Trust Loan scheme is being run by not-for profit organisation Parity Trust in partnership with councils in Lewes, Brighton & Hove, Wealden, Eastbourne, Hastings and Rother to help people across the area to carry out home repair and improvement projects. One beneficiary is a 60-year-old pensioner who needed work doing to a conservatory and utility room in her home which were leaking and structurally unsafe. n

Loans from Parity Trust, which is a socially responsible, ethical lender, can be used for a wide variety of projects. Loans can be offered to improve quality of life by, for example, repairing or replacing central heating or windows or even to adapt a property to make mobility easier within the home. Home Trust Loan officer Emma Larby who works across Brighton & Hove and East Sussex has said: “The scheme has come at a time when many local authorities have had to cut back on some of the financial assistance they are able to provide. The scheme ensures that homes within their areas continue to be maintained and that the homeowners are able to afford the repairs. We are in a position to offer a dedicated loans officer from the initial enquiry right through the loan process and we are also able to show people how to choose a reputable contractor. Most local authorities will come out and inspect any works carried out, so our clients can be assured that works have been checked to make sure they are of a satisfactory standard”. For more information about the scheme, visit or call 02392 375921 n

14 ESDA - actively empowering and supporting disabled people -

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Aware - May 2012

Letters- Notices

Obituaries Ann Curd

Dear ESDA ESDA has been a life saver for me, all the staff are very friendly and helpful. They helped me plan ahead. Thanks for your support. Mrs M. P.S. keep up the good work.

Dear ESDA Of all the services I have been able to access regarding my disability ESDA have been by far the most informative, supportive and proactive. I can’t thank you enough. The only improvement I would suggest is to re-enforce your profile. Kind regards, Mr P.

Dear ESDA Thanks for the useful information given in a non-biased way with no pressure, it was very helpful. Going to visit the DLC and being able to see and try out the stair lift was so helpful. My husband and I were treated with utmost courtesy and respect, our independence was valued and we were not patronised or spoken down to. The visit changed my decision regarding stair lifts in a positive manner. We cannot praise the service highly enough. Anon.

40 years ago, Ann Curd, a member of the soroptimists, asked for volunteers to take disabled people for tea and a ride out in their cars. The uptake for this was extremely good and before we knew it we had more people who wanted to take up this generous offer. A committee was then formed and Ann became the chairman and it meant that ESDA could take out at least eleven disabled people. Ann was a passionate member of the Bexhill on-sea Branch for ESDA and it was Ann’s idea to take out the disabled people once a month to different hotels for lunch and other social events. Thanks to Ann and her committee members, Bexhill ESDA now take out sixty members each month to different venues. Ann was a kind and gentle lady, always ready to give good advice which made her special in every way possible. Ann will be remembered for her good work and her kindness to all. We shall miss her. Megan Traice - Bexhill on Sea n

Jack Ashley: A personal and professional appreciation Lord Jack Ashley, who has died aged 89, was, according to the Independent, the most significant British politician of the last 40 years not to have held ministerial office. For disabled people he was our champion and achieved hugely significant changes in legislation to our benefit. It was due to his wife, Pauline, that when Jack lost his hearing, he did not give up his seat, but made use of his own experience to enhance greatly his contribution to politics. Many words have been written about his achievements but my personal delight is the introduction of captions to television – now available on almost all programmes. I was fortunate to meet Jack on several occasions, he always left me with a lasting impression of true humanity, huge emotional intelligence and strength of character. A real loss to us all, but what an unforgettable legacy he has left us. Sarah Playforth - ESDA Chair n

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Events and Contacts Open Garden, in order to raise funds for ESDA Head Office and Hailsham Group Hailsham Grange, Vicarage Road, Hailsham BN27 1BL by kind permission of Noel Thompson. Saturday 7th July 2012. Open 10.30am ‘til 4pm Cream Teas and Ploughman’s lunches available. Plants for sale plus Tombola and many other stalls We’d love to see you, your friends and family at this fundraiser - do please try and come along. The garden is beautiful, we always have a good range of stalls and lots of tasty cakes and snacks. Nick Tapp.

Santander and Sussex County Cricket Club Disability Cricket day. If you have interest in cricket, whether it be playing, scoring, watching on the television, OR if you think cricket might be fun and you’d like to see what it’s all about, come along to the Santander and Sussex County Cricket Club Disability Cricket day. at The Probiz County Ground, Hove

Thursday 24th May From 9.30am - 1.30pm Facebook@ ESDA For those of you who have a facebook account please like the ESDA page of facebook, sign into facebook and search for East Sussex Disability Association then click like.

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