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25T H A N N IV E RS ARY CE LE BRATIO N A N D R E T I R E M E N T D I N N E R H O N O RIN G D R. RICH A R D L A ND S ATU R DAY, J U NE 8, 2013 H I LTO N S K Y LI N E BA LLROO M, HO USTO N, TE XAS WELCOME > Richard Piles, Trustee Chairman ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF SPECIAL GUESTS > Stephen Long, Trustee Vice Chairman READING OF SELECT LETTERS > Barrett Duke, Vice President for Public Policy and Research PRAYER > Mark Marshall, Pastor, ClearView Baptist Church, Franklin, Tennessee

D IN N E R IS S E RV E D ETHICS & RELIGIOUS LIBERTY COMMISSION RESOLUTION > Richard Piles, Trustee Chairman SOUTHERN BAPTIST CONVENTION EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE RESOLUTION > Frank Page, President SOUTHERN BAPTISTS OF TEXAS CONVENTION RESOLUTION > Jim Richards, Executive Director SCRIPTURE READING > O.S. Hawkins, President, GuideStone Financial Resources INTRODUCTION OF VIDEO AND GUEST SPEAKERS > Richard Piles VIDEO CELEBRATING RICHARD LAND’S LIFE OF MINISTRY TEXAS GREETINGS > Ed Young, Pastor, Second Baptist Church, Houston CONVENTION GREETINGS > Fred Luter, Pastor, Franklin Avenue Baptist Church, New Orleans President, Southern Baptist Convention

S P E AK E R Jimmy Draper, President Emeritus, LifeWay Christian Resources PRESENTATION OF GIFTS > Glen Owens, Chairman, 25th Anniversary Committee PRESENTATION TO RICHARD LAND CENTER FOR CULTURAL ENGAGEMENT > Richard Piles PERSONAL REMARKS > Richard Land CLOSING REMARKS > Richard Piles

Sbc dinner program