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Erkan Sutculer

Hi, I am Erkan Sutculer, I am your partner or contributor to succeed in your professional life. As Erkan Sutculer, I pursue software projects in business and nonprofit with exponential growth potentials. When a massive transformative purpose inspires Erkan Sutculer, he invests his time to test and enhance it. Erkan Sutculer's primary motive to take action is his curiosity for the unknown, the excitement to defy the status quo, and to serve you and your customers with software. Feel free to connect and drop a note to Erkan Sutculer if you feel like to discuss: Furthermore, you can reach Erkan Sutculer from his Profiles at: or or Some important remarks about Erkan Sutculer: ► His name is Erkan Sutculer, founder & chief trainer of International Scrum Institute™. ► Erkan Sutculer is married for over 12 years, and he has a daughter at the age of 11. ► Erkan Sutcule