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Evaluation and Measurem ent

Executive Summary

Mary Kay is based on the principle of inspiring women to take control of their lives. Spark understands the necessity to carry out this value for generations of beauty consumers to come.

Our concept is aligned with Mary Kay’s mission of helping women achieve personal growth through honesty and integrity. Spark has developed this integrated marketing communications campaign to meet the needs of 18 to 25 year old beauty consumers who are evolving their style and looking to create their own personalized look. They are looking for guidance on how to highlight their best selves and how to exude confidence during this period of their lives. The campaign focuses on this need to help individuals find the products that achieve this goal. We deliver this message to our consumers through a variety of traditional and digital media outlets paired with exciting personalized brand activation. Spark is confident that the key insights that drove our creative strategy and brand activations will engage and capture our audience by building consumer awareness.

Agency Mission When it comes to telling your brand’s story, only passion can ignite a fire. We are a unique team of strategic creatives and artistic planners, drawn together to create powerful connections between your brand and the people you want to reach. After all, the best ideas start with a Spark.


SWOTAnalysis Strengths • • •

Opportunities • •

A top global brand with high-quality products Customized, relationship-driven shopping experiences Range of product lines to meet most skin tones, budgets, and needs

Mary Kay can position itself to a younger audience who have limited experience with the brand Increased use of social, mobile and digital technology can be leveraged to engage younger audiences Gen Y values relationship based experiences that lessen their FOMO (fear of missing out)

Competitive Forces

• •

• •

Some women are distrustful of salespeople and direct selling IBCs are free agents, giving Mary Kay less control over brand message In-store makeup salespeople offer similar services New technology is constantly changing the way women buy beauty products The beauty industry is a saturated category, with many brands competing for attention Online shopping detracts from the personal selling experience


Situational Analysis

• Accessibility and affordability of drugstore beauty products • Department and specialty store beauty experts • Consumer fixation on value causes retailers to focus on price promotions and loyalty rewards programs

Economic Forces

• Consumers will decrease spending but consumption will stay the same over the next few quarters • Beauty industry continues to have consistent annual growth despite downturned economy • Consumers expect instant gratification and immediate access to products

Legal Forces

• Beauty companies that source ingredients from endangered environments are facing legal consequences • Beauty advertising is scrutinized for over-Photoshopped, unrealistic models • International regulations on direct selling are leading to lawsuits for brands such as Avon

Technological Forces

• Online and mobile shopping quickly growing as a method for beauty purchases • Consumers engage with brands on social media • Retailers build brand identity and loyalty through online and mobile experiences

Socio-cultural Forces


• Environmental impact of companies is an important in the purchase decision • Tween consumers are buying prestige products earlier consideration in their lives • By 2020, multicultural and mixed-race women will make up over 40% of the US population

s e i v s i y t l i a t e n A Comp looked e marketplace, we th in n io sit po y’s y Ka mpetition within To understand Mar ose Mary Kay’s co ch e W s. or tit pe m about market at six key co from our research n io at rm fo in on d our target base oduct offering. messaging and pr in s ie rit ila sim d an share



High-quality allergen and fragrance-free products that nourish skin Focus on adding to existing beauty; product rather than consumer-centric messaging • Diverse product offering, from makeup to skin care, matches that of Mary Kay most closely with our target • •

Bare Minerals

High quality, natural products with a higher price point than other competitors Emphasis on mineral-based makeup, but also offers less popular skin care products • Makeup product line is a major competitor with a large share of our target’s wallet •


Product line is solely unscented skin care known for sensitive skin Emphasis on moisturizing and anti-aging • Fresh Effect product line shows young women embracing their natural, unenhanced selves and is Olay’s closest competitive line for our target • •


Offers affordable skin care and makeup #1 dermatologist recommended brand • Messaging focus on bringing out natural beauty, rather than altering • Use of models and celebrities set unrealistic expectations of beauty • Acne/skin cleansing product line is the most direct competitor in our target • •


Highlights relatable celebrities with strong personalities and relevant partnerships Product line consists of only makeup; widely available in a large variety of stores • Used by a large portion of our target because it’s considered good quality at a low price • •


Although Sephora is not the “typical” competitor, it serves as a key resource for consumers to purchase makeup and seek advice: Sephora’s knowledgeable Beauty Advisors increase our target’s confidence in learning about, trying, and comparing products.


h c r a e Res



to a new introducing Mary Kay We were tasked with ness, -25 by increasing aware audience of women 18 Mary Kay and consideration for positive perceptions, opportunity. Our goal: products and the IBC within this segment. increase market share


TECHNIQUES - Table Trials -Sentence Completion �I Feel Beautiful When...� (42 People)


(343 People)

d into three categ Our research is neste rking Mary Kay, and IBCs. Wo perceptions of beauty, using ts igh ins red ve , we disco from general to specific The research techniques. a variety of inventive that led us ts igh ins y ght the ke following pages highli internal , creative strategy, and - Focus Groups (24 People) to our target summary -Personal Journals (7 People, 5 Days) suggestions.

Perceptions of Beauty

Perceptions of Mary Kay

Perceptions of IBCs

EARCH SECONDARY RESues, secondary research

Target Summary & Profiles

Creative Strategy & Big Idea

- Interviews (20+ People) -Party and Event Observations (5 Parties / 2 Events)

In addition to creative primary techniq data, helped to guide our insights. Using keyword analysis, Simmons research studies, and news sources we gained more knowledge about the industry, our target, and our competition.

Internal Recommendations

s n o i t p e y c t r u e a e P of B We conducted on-street interceptions with our target to discover how they feel about their own beauty and their relationship with the beauty industry. These insights were supported by secondary research findings.




Sentence Completion “I Feel Most Beautiful When...” We asked 42 women to finish a simple sentence: “I feel most beautiful when…”. Initially, many struggled to answer the prompt, but they eventually wrote down traits, events, or habits that had nothing to do with physical beauty. Some of their responses were:

Table Trials Over the span of three days, we intercepted 343 women in our target and asked how they relate to different beauty advertisements. Of the six ads with branding removed, four featured celebrities, two used models, and one used a beauty blogger. Overwhelmingly, women said they related to an ad featuring Emma Stone, indicating they liked her down-to-earth persona over her physical appearance. Many women struggled to relate to celebrities or models at all.

“I’m not walking around like Ellen Degeneres or some model with eyelashes out to there.”

- Carissa, 22


Every woman experiences beauty as an individual, not as part of a homogeneous group.

s n y o a i t K p e y r a Perc M of Four focus groups allowed us to discover our target’s beauty habits, perceptions of the Mary Kay brand, its relation to competitors.. A five-day beauty journal tested seven women’s preconceived ideas of Mary Kay against their actual experiences using a set of Mary Kay samples we sent to them.


Focus Groups

When asked to match photos of women with what brand they would use, Mary Kay was paired with an older woman. Covergirl was matched with a woman in our target.

We asked participants to fill out a bio of who they thought the Mary Kay brand was if it were a person... Average age: 44


Beauty Journals

Before Trying




“Mid-40s but tells people she’s 39” Where she lives: “In a big house in a midwestern suburb with lots of corny decorations” What she does in her free time: “Drinks wine at her book club with the rest of the car pool moms” Words that describe her: “Conservative”, “proud”, “supportive”

Mary Kay...

“Old” “Sophisticated sewife” “Simple” “MakeupHou Parties” After Trying...

“Great & Reliable” “Amazing! Perfectio “Makes me look bea n!” utiful!”

All participants said they would want to buy Mary Kay and would reco mmend it to their friends without hesita tion. Our research led us to conclude that our target is interested in using Mary Kay @ Play products but they don’t want to be limited to a single product line. They are potential customers for all Mary Kay products.

Mary Kay @ Play

“Younger girls play around with make up, but now that I’m a little older I’m more committed to what I put on my face and ` focus on what makes me look best.” - Lauryn, 24


Our target doesn’t know Mary Kay, but after trying it, they love the products and use them to highlight her best features.

s n o i t Percep of IBCs


We understand that IBCs are crucial to the success of Mary Kay. We attende d five Mary Kay parties, and a regional bridal tradesh ow. In additon to obvservations, we con ducted interviews to understand the relationship betwee n IBCs and our target. This also helped us to better understand what it means to be an IBC.


Our Target

The IBCs

Our target needs an expert to help her make decisions that are best for her.

IBCs are beauty experts.

“You focus on what their needs are. Maybe they come in “I’m really trying to find someone I trust completely. and they need eye cream, or if their face is dry, you I’m jealous of relationships, like with hairstylists, really talk about the product and how it’s going to help.” where I can get advice on any beauty issue.” - Marcia, 42

Relatability: Successful IBCs recognize differences

- Jill, 22

and tailor their selling strategies to them.

She wants her individual needs to be addressed in an honest, personalized way.

“If you’re looking at a large group of college students, you might do more makeup and lotions, and if you’re doing it for an older one you would focus on anti-aging and detox. When you know your audience you can tailor the products and presentation to them.”

“I tend to be a little wary of people who are trying to push a product in my face. I trust them if they’re honest with me and will say, ‘Oh, that color is not the best,’ or ‘that product probably isn’t great for your skin.’”

- Cheryl, 38

- Shawna, 19


IBCs’ struggle to relate and sell to our target creates a disconnect.



s r e n i f e d e R e h t


Females 18-2

Beauty is an important part of her life, but how she looks is not her whole life

Her Mindset

Always being connected gives her life a sense of urgency where every minute matters. She doesn’t know what’s coming next, but is ready to take on the unexpected. Constant change drives her to achieve her goals as she enters a stage of self-discovery.

She’s Redefining Beauty She’s not interested in covering up her flaws – instead, she highlights her features. Buying beauty products should be both simple and personal. She seeks advice from friends, family and digital personalities who understand her unique style. Her individuality, interests and passions define her. In the grand scheme of beauty, our target falls somewhere between these two quotes... Casual & Comfortable

Everyday looks with a twist

The Seeker

“I’ve found what works, but when I want something new I’ll go into Sephora, feel overwhelmed and leave.”

Chic & Trendy

What she pins on Pinterest

The Trusted

“People often ask me to do their makeup or for advice because I’m known as the beauty junkie in my group”


The Latina segment is an optimistic and driven sector of our target and is not to be overlooked. She spends more money to achieve the look she wants, and believes her appearance reflects her inner confidence. She seeks advice from people who speak her language and understand her community-driven lifestyle.






t r e p x e y t u a e b a t ” n . a t i w I w o n k t ’ n o d t s u j I but THE BIG ID


Revolution of Real

Welcome to the


r e w o p m e IBCs

eir h t d n to fi n e m wo by y t u a e unique b hem with t g n i h c t ma let t a h t s t produc ace their br m e m e th ty.

i l a u d i v i d in

You seek authenticity. Your Mary Kay IBC gets that. She helps you highlight what makes you unique, not hide it.

n o i t u l o v e R e h Start t Follow th e campa through ign these 14 0 charact er tweet de scription s.

Phase 1


Every gre at move ment sta an upris rts with ing. Our s is the disti powered nctive tr by aits media k now-how and social of our ta rget.

The Unrest

Our campaign will begin with a week of women sharing what makes them unique, ending with an event that will encourage them to sign up for the Revolution of Real through an interactive digital billboard in five key market areas (KMA). Each day, a street team will pass out postcards with stickers in mass transit locations and public spaces near our billboard. The postcards will encourage women to share the real things they do, whether it’s being a total gearhead, breaking into fits of laughter with friends, or taking improv classes after work, because it’s the little things that make them beautiful. The billboard will have a countdown to the event and aggregate social media posts with #RealWomenRealThings. On the day of the event, the digital billboard will become a virtual petition where women can sign up for the revolution. Street team members will pass out samples and encourage women to go to, a mobile site that will allow them to digitally sign their name using their finger on their smart phone or at iPad stations. Each woman’s signature will appear on the billboard, then fade back into an image of #RevolutionofReal.

Phase 1: The Unrest



Showcase Your Face We will time the launch of our Tumblr, “Showcase Your Face,” to coincide with our kickoff event. Street team members will photograph the makeup stylings of women at the billboard and post them to our Tumblr. After the event, Mary Kay will create and post content, as well as encourage women to submit their best makeup looks.

Phase 2: The Uprising

Phase 3: The Victory

s t n e m e s i t r e v d A t Prin Side B: Relatable models with achievable looks are the focal point of this campaign.

Side A: A gatefold of translucent vellum paper allows the viewer to almost see the ad hiding underneath, which prompts her to open the ad and unveil the message.


The copy highlights specific Mary Kay products while speaking to our target’s unique beauty and the customized experience that can only be achieved with an Independent Beauty Consultant.

We invite the reader to join the revolution by going to the website to find an IBC.

Phase 1: The Unrest

Phase 2: The Uprising

Phase 3: The Victory

Vellum Overlay: “Don’t be afraid to sparkle. “



Four girls share three different beauty-centric struggles: the desire to stand out, a longing for individuality, and the struggle to find a skincare regimen. Their stories intertwine and are all resolved with the help of a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant. Together they create a long-form advertisement to be used for speciality buys and digital content, but can be utilized individually in smaller :30 second spots.

Vellum Overlay: “Don’t battle your skin.”

Phase 1: The Unrest

“People forget we’re not the same person.”

“I never wanted to blend in, but I did.”

All four girls begin to write a nondescript phrase with lipstick while elaborating on their desire to be individuals.

Slowly, one walks away revealing our call to action, “Join the Revolution.”

Phase 2: The Uprising

“I could only see my flaws, so I tried to be invisible.”

Phase 3: The Victory

Facebook App: Digital Beauty Consultant


g the day a ucts can make facin od pr ty au be ht rig ok—it’s on us! Finding the you your perfect lo nd se y Ka y ar M t Le little easier. A trend that we found repeatedly in our research was our target’s strong desire to sample products before making a purchase. We combined this finding with our target’s heavy use of Facebook by creating an interactive quiz that gives them a personalized, one-timeuse sample card. The quiz takes the user through her daily skincare and makeup routine and gives her tips that best fit her needs. An animated IBC will guide the user through the quiz, but real IBCs will curate the sample cards and advice. How IBCs can effectively follow up with users is outlined in the internal recommendations on page 21. Real-time data will allow us to create a truly personalized experience. For example, if a user lives in a cold climate and answers that she’s concerned about dry skin, her samples and advice would be different than if she took the quiz on a weekend night and mentioned that she’s preparing to go out with friends.

The Selfie Project The challenge? Use Mary Kay’s skincare line for 30 days. The catch? Share a selfie at the end with no makeup on. #freshfacedselfie We will send 25 beauty influencers a 30-day supply of skincare products and challenge them to put their freshest face forward by using only Mary Kay for a month. IBCs will also be encouraged to participate. On the last day, we will ask them to take a makeup-free “fresh faced selfie”, and dare them to post it on their social media accounts. We will then open the challenge up to women in our target. The first 5,000 to post a photo on social media using #freshfacedselfie will receive skincare sample kits to complete the challenge.

Mother’s Day Research showed that mothers serve as the first source of beauty advice for most girls, alongside their friends and sisters. Mary Kay will collaborate with for Mother’s Day 2015 so our target can recognize the important women in their lives. Mary Kay will create limited edition rose bouquets colored to match the True Dimensions collection lipsticks. Mary Kay + Pro Flowers join to offer Mother’s Day flowers in Mom’s favorite lip color to celebrate her real beauty influence in your life.

Phase 1: The Unrest

Phase 2: The Uprising

Phase 3: The Victory

l a t i Dig



Skyscrapers ng These eye-catchi e ur at fe ill w s ad to en om w r simila print. Skyscraper ads will invite n consumers to “Joi ” n. tio lu vo Re the

Using our pre-existing video content, we created a banner advertisement that will break through the clutter. The viewer sees a model writing on her screen with lipstick. The shot zooms out to reveal the call to action “Join the Revolution.” The user is then directed to find out more about Mary Kay.

RecTANGLE ADVERTISMENTS These advertisements present the sentence “my favorite feature to highlight with make up is _____.” Users then are able to type in the last word. The selected word will be used throughout the rest of the copy. The advertisement will direct the use r to the to find an IBC.

Phase 1: The Unrest

Phase 2: The Uprising

Phase 3: The Victory

t i s n a Tr




Her Campus Site Ta

community written lar online and offline Her Campus is a popu lists. Creating a site female college journa entirely by motivated of our target. We the collegiate sector takeover will draw in ts to help spell the shapes of the produc will cleverly utilize the nner ad, users will By clicking on our ba headline of the site. ependent Beauty to find an Ind be directed to maryk Consultant.

Bus Advertisements King Kong bus advertisements in our KMAs and run on specific routes that our target frequents. The advertisement features three of the women who have “Joined the Revolution.” We then prompt the audience to join the conversation using the #RevolutionofReal.

Bus Terminal ts Advertisemen This bus shelter ill advertisement w ce fa g in us work by nology. recognition tech es As she approach , the ad e th at s and look e to the watercolors mov era is side and the cam picture used to reveal a of her in the ad.

Phase 1: The Unrest

Phase 2: The Uprising

Pandora Skin

pular music sites for a, one of the most po or nd Pa lize uti ll wi We Pandora skin. We creating an engaging by , hic ap gr mo de r ou makeup to attract del wearing Mary Kay mo ble ata rel a e tur fea relate the unique n. Through copy, we tio en att ’s er en list the tine, highlighting the listener’s makeup rou the to sic mu of e tur na t. The user is then dent Beauty Consultan en ep Ind an of fits ne be Join the Revolution gh to the website to ou thr ck cli to d ite inv and find an IBC.

Phase 3: The Victory

Phase 2

g n i s i r p U e h T

16 party theme

Grab some friends and spend your afternoon at Mary Kay’s Pop-Up Party. Build a sample box and get to know some of our IBCs.

Mary Kay’s Pop-up party The Revolution is gaining traction and followers. Our target told us that she prefers to shop for beauty products in-store; our PopUp Party introduces Mary Kay in a familiar shopping environment. IBCs will help women design personalized sample boxes filled with the Mary Kay products best suited for them. To remove the pressure to buy, Mary Kay products will not be available for purchase at the Pop-Up Party. Through iPad stations set up throughout the store, women can easily connect to a local IBC and schedule a consultation. Women can also use iPads to send sample boxes, along with an inspiring message, to friends who could not make it to the party, all of which will be shared in real time on social media. For one weekend in May, pop-up shops staffed by local IBCs will be set up in five KMAs creating a fun and welcoming environment. At the party, visitors can snack on popcorn and sip pink lemonade, bob their heads to our DJ’s beats, and snap pictures in our themed photo booth.


Beauty Box Message on itati

y Inv Part

Phase 1: The Unrest

Phase 2: The Uprising

Phase 3: The Victory

Hulu Pre-Roll

se the estion that will choo qu e on er sw an ll er Consumers wi personality. The us cials to match her ls cia er m m co Mary Kay commer ss t to bypa en gm se ng lo a ct mercials can then sele four separate com tch wa to ct le se or for her show eam. throughout the str

Educate to EmpoweR THE REVOLUTION

Share how you are a powerful and unique woman by applying for a scholarship from Mary Kay.


Mary Kay is unique because it is an evolving brand that has always stayed true to its core values. The Revolution will further Mary Kay’s ability to liberate women through personal growth and financial success by giving academic scholarships to women across the country. 100 women who personify the values of Mary Kay will receive $2,500 to put toward starting college, finishing a degree, or continuing their education.

Pre-IBC Program

Mary Kay recruits college leaders to be the face of the Revolution of Real on campus across the nation.

Qualify ing Questions This program will introduce college-aged women to Mary Kay business opportunities. Women will be selected for the program based on leadership skills and experience. Ambassadors will work with local IBCs to host events and promotions with on-campus organizations, career services, and womenspecific groups to introduce Mary Kay products to our target.

Print Advertisements will also be included in Phase 2 without the vellum page.

Phase 1: The Unrest

Phase 2: The Uprising

found at a party? y moves! Where can you be floor, showing off m e nc da e th of e dl 1. In the mid nfident. ends and feeling co 2. Chatting with fri outfit! one-of-a-kind new 3. Showing off my p diva? Who’s your inner po r bold style! he ve 1. Rihanna - I lo wless. 2. Beyonce, she’s fla end! like she’s my best fri el fe 3. Taylor Swift, I

Phase 3: The Victory

18 In an unexpected partnership, Mary Kay and IKEA join forces to give women a unique experience with products that change as they do.

IKEA Partnership At first glance a partnership with IKEA seems unexpected, but dig a little deeper and it becomes clear they are the perfect pairing for this campaign. The IKEA brand resonates with our target, and their new product line, the PS Collection, is designed especially for 20-somethings. In the same way that an IBC adapts to her clients’ needs, IKEA grows with its customers as their lives change. As uncovered in research, the target is constantly striving to express themselves.

uch. We will Beauty Rest happen on the co ns tio sa er nv co pink couch, The best tup with a comfy se om ro g in liv to draw women place a high traffic areas in , EA IK by ed a break from furnish passersby to take e ag ur co en ill w hile relaxing, in. IBCs on the couch. W em th in jo d an y estions, and their da ty stories, ask qu au be e ar sh ill w the IBC. women mendations from m co re d an s tip we will generate receive ized interaction, al on rs pe is th h lationship. Throug ess of the IBC re en ar aw d an e dg knowle

Come Sit and Sample: The main element of this partnership will be guerilla events where IBCs hold their famous parties in IKEA showrooms. This aligns with quirky events IKEA has done in the past and exposes consumers to Mary Kay in an entertaining, memorable way. Samples will be placed in IKEA’s showrooms, allowing shoppers to envision themselves using Mary Kay in their everyday lives. Cross-promotional efforts will inlcude IKEA hosting Mary Kay banner ads on its home page, and vice versa, and both will promote each other’s upcoming events and promotions across social media.

Unique Faces in Unique Spaces



Unique Spaces Unique Faces in agram, will call on ch will run on Inst hi w t, es nt co is Th in their home w a favorite room ho e ar sh to en post pictures or wom look. Women will ue iq un r ei th s ct refle agram explaining emselves on Inst th o of os de vi t or sh eir own. The phot ade the space th m y ve Ka ha y ey ar th M w d ho onalize es will win a pers with the most lik rd. ca ft gi d an IKEA beauty bundle an

Phase 1: The Unrest

Come sit with us!

Phase 2: The Uprising

Phase 3: The Victory

Phase 3

The Victory

Celebrate the important women in your life. Here’s to the next 50 years of Mary Kay and extraordinary women.

History of Women The revolution is entering its final phase. To sum up our campaign, we want to honor incredible women like Mary Kay Ash and highlight Mary Kay’s long-running commitment to supporting female leaders. A short film posted on YouTube and social media sites will showcase powerful women, from politicians and innovators to businesswomen and celebrities. It will also include content women have submitted and posted on social media throughout our campaign.

Phase 1: The Unrest


Refresh Lounge Women can relax and revive their look with Refresh Lounge, a pop-up makeup lounge where they can get beauty advice from IBCs. Set up in downtown KMAs near restaurants and shops, IBCs will staff the lounge and provide samples and personalized service. Friends can pop in after work, on their way to dinner, or during a long day of shopping. Since this event takes place in the winter, IBCs can provide samples and skincare tips specific to cold weather.

Relax, recharge and get free beauty advice and samples in one of Mary Kay’s Refresh Lounge.

We will relaunch the Digital Beauty Consultation, print and transit advertisement to round out our campaign.

Phase 2: The Uprising

Phase 3: The Victory

s e i g e t a r t S l a i Soc

en rength t s o t s gy i l strate by providing ts a i c o s en ur rs al of o stome al elem e h The go hips with cu though soci aign, t l s p A n . o t m i t a n a c e l t re on our lling c ghout compe rated throu ne tactics. lo eg are int g are standa in follow

IBC YouTube Series Women in our target want expert beauty advice but would rather get it from someone they know and trust, which was the inspiration behind creating this series. In order to make IBCs more relatable to younger women, we’ll create a YouTube series that introduces individual IBCs. In addition to talking about Mary Kay, IBCs will relate their personal interests outside of beauty, truly allowing viewers to get to know them.



ay’s ith Mary K w t e rg ta e ay’s miliarize th to Mary K t fa s e to ic o rt v o ff ir ge ys a the ur ongoin s to lend for five da o C y f a IB o K t rt c ry a a le p e As gage r @M ill s s, and en l take ove del, we w n il o o w ti m s s e g C u in IB q ll r se osen ts, answe count. Ch auty secre e b Twitter ac ir e th tweet ers. a time to ay’s follow K ry a M h wit

l Tak IBC Socia

Facebook and Twitter

For this campaign, these assets will be used primarily to promote brand activations and share links to more content. Mary Kay should aim to constantly update and maintain these platforms, using different content for each.

Instagram Revolution Beats This Mary Kay-branded Spotify playlist will be the soundtrack to our target’s life. The list of 60 songs will motivate young women as they get ready for the day, go out with friends, or hit the gym. With a focus on successful female artists including Beyoncé, Shakira, and P!nk, the playlist will inspire women to conquer their everyday lives.

Instagram’s demographics more closely resemble our target’s than any other social media site. There is a huge opportunity to create high-quality, inspirational content and see strong levels of engagement as a result. We can use both images and short video clips on Instagram in the following ways: • • • •

Teasing and introducing new products Strategically timed posts based on when women are using beauty products; for instance, skincare products would be shown on weekday mornings and going-out looks would be posted on Friday afternoons Tag names of products and individual shades in pictures so viewers can look them up or ask their IBC about them Give a look with instructions on how to achieve it

s e i g e t a r t S Internal s n o i t a d n e m m Reco IBC Profiles


“stalking” 14.2 minutes a day of ge era av an d en t expresses Millennials sp d Instagram. Our targe an r, itte Tw , ok bo ce everyone to people on Fa l media and expects cia so gh ou thr es liti out someone their persona nt to know more ab wa y the en wh so , ges on Mary do the same ling. Updating IBC pa og Go rt sta to is ct tin re pictures, their first ins media profiles, with mo l cia so ble em res to erests will Kay’s website IBCs to share their int for e ac sp d an nt, nte r to them. multimedia co s in a way that’s familia IBC to t ec nn co to t ge be an essential allow our tar be optional, but it will ll wi le ofi pr w ne the Switching to of our campaign. to take full advantage tool for IBCs who want



We will involve IBCs from the start of our campaign by sending them a Revolution of Real branded flash drive. These will be pre-loaded with a campaign kick-off video and an overview of what’s to come, as well as materials to help IBCs best sell to our target. The flash drive will also allow IBCs to opt-in to receive sales leads generated from events, take part in activities like Pop-Up Party, or work with a pre-IBC college ambassador.

Email Campaign Location information and email addresses will be collected from women in our target through several of our brand activations. Mary Kay will use this data to send an introductory email on behalf of a particular IBC. After the first email, the IBC will take over and does what she does best: sell Mary Kay. This will help to close the gap between sampling, consideration, and purchase. Mary Kay will maintain email lists to announce new products, share tips and tricks, and give company updates.

Selling Strategy Updates We learned from talking with IBCs that they like to put their own twist on selling Mary Kay. Educating IBCs on how our target shops for beauty products will allow them to continue to do this in a relevant and informed way. The essence of the traditional Mary Kay party appeals to our target. The following suggested selling strategies will enhance the parties to continue to match their needs and lifestyle. • • •

Demonstrate how to highlight features or achieve a specific look versus applying a full-face of makeup Emphasize products that fit into a personalized plan instead of generic bundles of products Host shorter parties to keep our targets attention WEbsite All of our creative executions and brand activation tactics drive our audience to the Mary Kay website. We want to ensure the website is consistent with the campaign when they land there so they can find out more information about how to “Join the Revolution” and find an IBC.

a i d e M Objectives


Strategies Use a mix of print, television, digital and out-of-home media to reach 18-25 yearold women. There will be an emphasis on digital media planning to reach our target where they spend most of their time.

KEY MARKET AREAS The key market areas were chosen to reflect populations with a higher number of college students, an emerging population of young professionals, and a strong hispanic market.

Place media in college towns and cities full of young professionals.

g marketin Achieve h a $10 goals wit udget million b

Gain an effectiv e reach of 80% with an effectiv e frequency of 6

Select media that captures our audience during relevant times during their media consumption throughout the day.

As large cities tend to be inundated with advertising, we chose areas in or near these cities that have a higher target base than the large cities themselves. Therefore, our campaign will be able to reach more of our target with a higher impact.

Place media in outlets that enhance user experience rather than provide interruptions.












one year Launch a n campaig e id w n natio g in beginnin 2015 February $4,312,326

s e c i o h C a i d e M

Out-of-Home Cinema: The cinema has become a place for our target to escape their busy lives and provides a place to disconnect, focus, and yet still be entertained. Online viral video content will be the basis for these cinema ads, creating a captivating viewing experience. The content will be aligned with our brand activation tactics, ensuring a cohesive campaign. After the movie ends, Mary Kay IBC’s and ambassadors will be present outside the theater with samples and more information.

Television Our target makes it a priority to tune into certain live television events for the purpose of participating in the conversation on social media. During select live shows, such as the finales of highly rated drama and reality TV shows, our target is watching while simultaneously being highly involved in a second screen conversation. Our placements are strategically chosen to reach our target when and where they are watching and participating.

Mail Sampling: Throughout our campaign, we will pair samples with online purchase orders from select retailers, surprising our target with an unexpected sample. These samples will include brand messaging that ties in with a current Brand Activation tactic to ensure a cohesive campaign. Samples will include both makeup and skincare, timed to arrive during seasons when our target is more likely to purchase these respective cosmetic products. Transit:

Mary Kay can be a part of the conversation in real time, utilizing their social presence to reach people on their second screens.

Our campaign features transit advertising in all 17 KMAs - including buses, subways, and shelters. These transit ads will be seen not only by those who utilize public transportation, but also by those who pass by buses and shelters throughout their day.

Magazines To kick our campaign off strong, high impact print ads will be alternately placed in all eight magazines throughout the first two months. Throughout the rest of the campaign, select issues have been chosen to display regular print ads in specific issues that resonate with our brand messaging.


Digital Sponsored content: Our target is more likely to engage with advertising content when it is integrated in and relevant to what they are already reading. We will sponsor content on editorial sites that give users engaging content from Mary Kay in the style of their regular articles. Website takeovers: Website takeovers immediately capture our target’s attention and help to ensure that we will not get lost in the clutter of other display ads. These takeovers will be specifically targeted to our audience through web analytics and cookies.


Mobile Examples: Lonely Planet , Uber, The W eather Channel, Can dy Crush Since our targ et spends so m uch time on mobile devices and in apps, mobile display advert ising will ensure a hi gh reach and frequency for our These rich med campaign. ia display ads such as adhesion b anners, pushe s, sliders, full-pag e flexes, and filmstrips will be placed in ap ps our target is al ready using an d will lead users to our mobile site .

Video Pre-roll: Our target consumes online video more than any other age bracket. Therefore, will place video pre-roll advertisements in front of YouTube and Hulu content our target is likely to watch. This content will provide an interactive ad experience that engages our target, and will promise an ad free hulu experience after their participation. We will leverage Google’s demographic information to ensure that ads are placed before content that features women and that our viewers can relate to. Display advertising: Examples: Hello Giggles, Huffington Post, Fandango, Upworthy, Refinery 29 In order to gain awareness, we will kick off our campaign with display ads on a wide variety of websites our target frequents. These websites are not necessarily beauty sites, as our target has a variety of interests. During our Educate to Empower the Revolution brand activation tactic, display advertising directing users to the scholarship landing page will appear on scholarship search websites.


Media Schedule

Evaluation OBJECTIVES We will gauge increases in awareness by... Evaluating brand activation participation. By tracking the amount of people that engage with our brand activation tactics, we will have concrete numbers that represent our audience’s awareness. Monitoring earned media coverage. Any coverage that we have will prove the virality of our content and awareness of our message. By estimating the impressions of these media chan-nels, we will continue to see the reach of our campaign.

We will monitor increases in positive perception through… Tracking online sentiment. Seeing how Mary Kay is talked about in the social space is a strong indicator of overall perceptions, especially in our target. Net Promoter Scores. These demonstrate the value of positive perceptions by showing how likely a person is to recommend Mary Kay to a friend, which is crucial in continuing to boost consideration in our target.



We will gauge consideration for the Mary Kay business opportunity by...

14% oveR one year

Local IBC surveys. Working with sales directors, we will en-courage IBCs to periodically gauge the interest level of their cus-tomers in becoming an IBC. Tracking interest level will help di-rectors tailor recruiting tactics. Online business opportunity requests. While becoming an IBC through a current IBC is the most common way of recruit-ment, we will continue to track online requests for information through

We will track consideration for product purchase by analyzing… Website visits. Using cookies to track website visits and searches on by our target will demonstrate if more people are moving closer to making a purchase. Requests to find an IBC. Looking at the number of women in our target who look for an IBC in their area will show the effectiveness of our call to actions and campaign in general.



sales growth from campaign (18-25)

organic sales growth

(14% percent increase) SALES PREDICTION $3.6 billion % AVERAGE SALES INCREASE 10 dience $144 a year Buying Power of Target Au ase Mary Kay (954,200) Convert 5% of target to purch BY $137,404,800 CAMPAIGN INCREASES SALES * Based on past numbers given

in case study.

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Mary Kay Advertising Campaign  

Over the course of four months, my team of 26 people and I organized ourselves into an agency and developed an integrated advertising campai...

Mary Kay Advertising Campaign  

Over the course of four months, my team of 26 people and I organized ourselves into an agency and developed an integrated advertising campai...