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“War Eagle” is Auburn’s battle cry

Auburn University

The most popular story about the battle cry

began majestically circling the playing field. As the eagle soared, Auburn dates began a back to steady the first time march Auburn met Geortoward gia on the football Georgia end field in 1892 and the zone for a thrilling centers around a spectator who was victory. Elated at their team’s play a veteran of the and taking the bird’s Civil War. presence as an omen In the stands with of success, Auburn him that day was students and fans an eagle the old began to yell “War soldier had found Eagle” to spur on on a battlefield their team. At the during the war. He game’s end, the eagle had kept it as a took a sudden dive, pet for almost 30 crashed into the years. According ground, and died. But to witnesses, the the battle cry “War eagle suddenly Eagle” broke free and lived on to become a “One y symbol m of of the e it r o fav proud Auburn Auburn s traditionespirit. e is s e th ing Lourdes Betanzos eagle flrye Associate befo Professor Foreign the homae ll games. if d d tb n foo inspiring a It is awe- ferent each time.”

“Bodda Getta”


Auburn University Auburn, Alabama 36849 Phone: (334) 844-4000

“...ever to conquor, never to yield ...”

“ I believeI that this is a practical and that I can count only on what I earn. Therefore, I believe in work, hard work. “... believe in world Auburn and love it” I believe in education, whichToomgives me the knowledge to work wisely and trains my mind and my Aubie hands to work skillfully.

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“Warrrrrrr Eagle , Hey!”

Rolling Toomer’s Corner

Auburn’s costumed Tiger mascot is in his 24th season as a er’s Corner spirit leader and goodwill ambassador for Auburn University. is at the center n I , of town, where the AuA popular character among 45 n burn University cam19 ubur sor rie ich y- les , Auburn fans and one of the t wh I ncannot if cip win A without I believe honesty truthfulness, and confidence of pus in meets theand City of idrespect fese Pewhich ts the a u n o d n r s i e a more animated mascots in the e r g p d Auburn and where Color cre ome nd p stu ed is d is e a G n e lege Street intersects a c n country, Aubie has been on the r e a ot to be liefs ubur his c urn Magnolia Avenue. It has my fellow wr w men. b e job since 1979. His crazy anu b ll A i. T long been the gathergreet of to a lumn of Ar of tics and mischievous personn e s a ing place for Auburn athrit ng mmo and spi emb i letic celebrations. After ality helped transform Aubie co ulty, y the ry m e any football win, and sigc d . v into the mascot we all love ly fa bo in e mi nificant victories in other d afaspirit em e I believe in a sound mind, a sound body, and that is not afraid, and in clean that o today. Some sports of his endeavors, t ect urn sports, Auburn students b fl re e Au and citizens alike join forcas well as his constant promoth qualities. es to “roll” the trees (and develop these tion of Auburn spirit, are why anything else that doesn’t Aubie was selected as the move) at Toomer’s Corner with toilet tissue. Celebra#1 collegiate mascot in the tions after significant entire nation in 1991, 1995, 1996, 1999, and 2003 by Shakeer Abdullah, football victories can go Dir, Multicultural Center I on believe in obedience law because it protects the rights the of Universal all. Cheerleaders Association. for hours and leavetothe heart of town looking like a “My favorite AU tradition is the Auburn Creed. blizzard passed Each I really love how George through. spring, Petrie was visionary in a Founder’s his aspirations for the Daymutual celebraI believe in the human touch,family which and cultivates Auburn set sympathy with my fellow men and tion is held in goals for us all to asAuburn. As part of pire to. The Creed has stood the test “My and of time and brings is still happiness relevant. It isall. for this celebration, the helpfulness for favorite that reason that ‘I believe in football team plays a AU traAuburn and I love scrimmage game that y dition is it’.” rl o a gives Auburn fans a chance rolling e t e l m Toomer’s to preview the Tigers before e th al T h n i H g Corner after t i e the fall. Fans comeIfrom over al k : wh AnbecauseritW n h I bein my country, and home, and that canallbest eitllis my sown winning a gamelieve because egabecause i en Aubu is a land of freedom w b to see the A-Day game.Program e Perosto Consed h w S rn tradition whic A sta it al- lows the fans to continue to Council brings events to celebrate om diu uburn r e f v k to celebrate the victory and it i players would wal r m mercy, D the week, known as “Tiger Nights.” s e rshows v e how thatproud country by “doing justly, loving and walking humbly with my God.” and we are of our fans would line Donahue Events include an outdoor cartoonist, athletes and it’s a tradition that hypnotists, fireworks and bands on the anyone can participate in.” campus for students to enjoy.

Auburn University Traditions Brochure  

This brochure contains mini explanations of the popular tradations at Auburn and also include quotes from Auburn fans. Created using Adobe I...

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