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connecting people to a world of opportunities

Data Network

connecting people to a world of opportunities

connecting people to a world of opportunities

Connecting people Connecting people with others, connecting people to places, connecting people to their lives and dreams. And, in the process of connecting, we're also enriching lives, in more ways than you can imagine.

Data Network is a data network platform, catalysts to many plug & play applications namely, YouTube, Google Map, Google Calendar, Slideboom, Picasa, Slide and many more. Data Network not only help connect people and places, but when data are integrated brings about exciting events and attractions real time. is setting a Data Network Icon benchmark, integrating free internet application for Live Communication, Broadcast, Social & Business Network. A world of opportunities We believe people are the one who could make a difference in our culture and give us the competitive advantage. We embark on train the trainer program and make use of Group Intelligence to create Micro Contents for the people by the people.

Information & Communication Technology connecting people to a world of opportunities

Since the introduction of Web 3.0, the internet have changed the way people think about office productivity tools-first word processing documents and spreadsheets and then slide show style presentation. Communication tools like Skype, MSN and Google Talk changes the way we communicate via multiple devices. Google Map and Calendar is a must have applications in our day to day business environment. We are fully aware that ICT ● ● ●

Connects and collaborate anyone to everyone in real time Users interact with others or to change content Increases productivity and effectiveness

With a large investment in the ICT infrastructure, and increased emphasis on the use of ICT, everyone is expected to be competent and effective in utilizing these tools. However are all of us ready and making full use of the ICT? The main obstacle that hinders the adoption of ICT yesterday are:1. 2. 3.

Software Platform Opportunities

1. Software Today Introduce

Technology Education

connecting people to a world of opportunities

Transforming academic, professional, entrepreneur skill to Digital Skill ●

Free Open Source Software FOSS is used to described software which can be used, modified and redistributed with little or no restriction and it is free. Web based Software Web based Software is an online Applications Program that are accessed from a web browser, both the software and data are stored on the service provider servers Portable Software Portable Software is a computer software program that runs from a Thumb Drive without installing programs to the system Mobile Software Mobile software is designed to run on handheld computers and Smartphones 1. Save on Proprietary Software 2. No Renewable or Group Licensing Fees 3. Avoid Infringing Copyright 4. Software is always current 5. Software is Interoperable

2. Platform Today Introduce

e Directory & e Offize

connecting people to a world of opportunities

Data Network - Integrating Free Internet Applications to LIVE Communicate, broadcast & Network ●

e Directory SEARCH for Live collection of Information – Profile, Live Chat, Links, Map, Looking for, Bookmark 1. Dynamic 2. Interactive 3. mapping

e Offize BROADCAST Live Presentation, Video, Video Streaming, Audio, Slide Show, Brochures, Coupons, Calendar, Advertisement, Shopping Mall 1. Reuse Data 2. Real Time 3. Intelligence

e Directory & e Offize user friendly, just 1. Hyperlink & Embed 2. Copy & Paste 3. Drag & Drop

3. Opportunities Today Introduce

Crowd Sourcing

connecting people to a world of opportunities

Business Match Make - Projects that make use of Group Intelligence CREATE ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Micro Content Viral Marketing Business Content Mobile Content Gaming Video Clips Audio Clips Interviews

Huge Market ● ● ●

Micro Advertisement Mapping Translation CEO Erik Chang


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