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Erika Wulff Jones

Austin, United States

Erika Wulff Jones is a figure of multifaceted talents and deep commitment. A devoted mother and wife, she stands out as a skilled yoga instructor in Austin, TX, where she has been a resident for 18 years. Born in Omaha, NE, her journey has been significant for her personal and professional growth. She is married to a prominent figure from, an alternative media outlet, and together, they navigate the complexities of life in the public eye. Her diverse interests, encompassing yoga, music, tennis, travel, and philanthropy, paint a picture of a woman dedicated to a rich and varied life. Her passion for yoga is not just a profession but a calling. As a certified yoga teacher with over a thousand hours of practice, she has transformed a casual interest into a fulfilling career. She began this journey in college at the University of Washington, where an initial intrigue in yoga blossomed into a profound commitment. Her business, New Order Yoga, is a testament to her wellness philosophy, offering personalized sessions that emphasize the uniqueness of each individual's journey. Music has been a lifelong companion for her since she was 13 when she acquired her first guitar. Her musical journey has seen her play in various bands, reflecting her enduring love for this art form. Similarly, her affinity for tennis, nurtured from childhood, remains a constant source of joy and activity, with over 35 years of engagement in the sport.