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Our mission is to collaborate and mobilize leadership, expertise and resources to sustain business, create jobs, grow investment, enrich lives and improve the prosperity of the region.

Young Erie Professionals is an organization dedicated to providing its members the opportunity to network professionally with their peers while actively participating in their community and region, with the goal of attracting, retaining and supporting young talent in the local workforce.

ERCGP Board of Directors and Officers Marsha Marsh – Chair Tom Tupitza, Esq. – Vice Chair David M. Tullio – Secretary Michael Weber – Treasurer Dr. Jay Badams John C. Bloomstine Carl M. Carlotti, Esq. Gary L. Clark Michael Colpoys Mark Denlinger, Esq. Mark Fatica Jeff Favre Jim Fiorenzo Dr. Ralph Ford Charles “Boo” Hagerty Tim Hunter Bruce Kern Charles G. Knight Lisa Koshan John Leemhuis, Jr.

William Lillis, Jr. James E. Martin Bob Mazza Jack Munch Ken Nelson Rick Novotny John Oliver James Rutkowski, Jr. Brenda Sandberg Greg Sbrocco Nick Scott, Jr. Ron Steele Dr. Keith Taylor, Ph.D. Russell S. Warner, Esq. Scott Whalen, Ph.D. Scott Wyman

ERCGP Staff Barbara Chaffee – President/CEO Regina Smith – VP, Chamber Division Jacob Rouch – VP, Economic Development Division Benjamin Pratt – Executive Director, Growth Partnership Division Nadeen Steffey – Executive Director, Marketing & Communications Linda Robbins – Financial Officer Brett Wiler – Manager, Erie Business Action Team Steve Walters – Sales Manager Susan Ronto – Membership Coordinator Cathy Noble – Event Coordinator

YEP Board of Directors Bill Lillis – Chair R. Jason Wieczorek – Vice Chair Matthew Wiertel – Secretary Rick Gagnon Thomas Tredway Erin Sekerak Carrie Ennis

YEP Executive Committee Christopher Arkwright – President Paul Loncharic – Vice President Brian Sechrist – Secretary

Committee Chairs Lindsey Scutella – Marketing Chair Gisele Littrell – Membership Lesley Ridge – Community & Civic Engagement Bill Lillis – Social Matthew Jorden – Policy



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Port Erie Plastics’ bread and butter is injection molding but the company has expanded into other processes to meet customer needs. Port Erie extrudes PEX pipe in diameters ranging from 3/8” to 2” for Zurn Industries.


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Barbara Chaffee | President/CEO

We hope you enjoy our first edition of our digital magazine – Erie Edge! There will be six Erie Edge editions each year with your next edition arriving in December. Erie Edge has more cost-effective advertising opportunities, and for our Marketplace advertisers, readers will be able to click on your ad and link directly with your website. Steve Walters, our sales manager, would be happy to show you the new options. Every digital magazine edition will have a listing of our members by business sector for our members to connect with you. We believe this will be a useful tool for our member businesses to do business with each other. Please take time to read about our Erie Business Showcase, Erie Homecoming, Annual Meeting and Celebration of Excellence – mark your calendars for Wednesday, October 26!



PROMISE OF PLASTICS Since the 1930s, the plastics industry has given shape to countless ideas, millions of products and one city. Today, it continues to mold the futures of employees of more than 50 manufacturing firms in Erie County – makers of plastic compounds, parts, machinery and equipment. The industry hasn’t been without its challenges, from foreign competition and currency manipulation to cheap labor overseas. However, as seen over the span of different generations of local company owners, the right moves up front still result in the right product at the end. “In fact, Erie, at one time, was considered the plastics center of the world,” said Joe Prischak. In Erie, Joe Prischak is to plastics what Henry Ford is to the nation’s automotive industry. He’s not the first, he didn’t invent it, but his name is synonymous with this vital component of the region’s manufacturing base. His career in plastics began 67 years ago, and he still believes in his industry and in the community where he learned his trade. Prischak, founder and chairman of The Plastek Group, started in the tool room of George Richard Fryling’s Erie Resistor Corporation, a pioneer of the nation’s plastics industry. Fryling introduced Germany’s plastics injection molding technology to Erie in 1935; his was the

“Erie is fortunate to have a large network of skilled professionals to support our supply chain. Not many other regions have that asset.” – Tom Tredway | Erie Molded Plastics


second plastics injection molding machine in the U.S., Prischak said. After a few years at Erie Resistor, he took $4,000 and started Triangle Tool. Today, his Plastek Group’s eight divisions supply plastics packaging worldwide and employ approximately 1,200 in Erie County and hundreds more in North Carolina, the United Kingdom, Brazil and Mexico. Fortunately for Erie, Prischak was not alone in recognizing the potential for plastics. As the country’s standard of living grew, so too did demand for the modern conveniences injection molding made possible. Numerous Resistor employees also set out on their own and supported each other. When one company couldn’t meet demand for an order, it looked to another to fill it. Erie Molded Plastics was formed by this organic growth. Established in the early 1980s, it found its niche in stock closures and stock packaging. Tom Tredway, vice president of sales and a second-generation owner, credits the region’s wealth of manufacturing resources as a factor in the plastics industry’s success. “Erie is fortunate to have a large network of skilled professionals to support our supply chain,” he said. “Not many other regions have that asset. “Most colleagues say they are experiencing steady growth,” Tredway said. “But plastics faces the same challenges as most industries — need to innovate, access to capital, staying at the forefront of technology and scarcity of talent. I think talent will continue to be the biggest challenge.”

Annalie Fitzgibbon, a junior in the Penn State Behrend Plastics Engineering Technology Program, stands by an ARBURG injection molding machine. She is learning how to set up a stable process and troubleshoot common part defects. “It feels very natural to me when I am working on the machines,” she said. “I am excited about this career because engineers of this specialty are in demand. I like knowing I don’t have to worry about finding a job doing what I love and really understand.” She is right. Behrend’s Plastics Engineering Technology Program’s job placement rate is 100%. 3

Manufacturing Production Employment

14 .9% 9% ERIE


Regionally, manufacturing employment outpaces national numbers. A Bureau of Labor Statistics’ May 2015 report found Erie’s production employment totaled 14.9%, well above the 9% share nationally. But our plastics industry played an even greater economic role. According to the Economic Research Institute of Erie at Penn State Behrend, manufacturing employment fell by 7.6% from March 2015 to March 2016 and continued this decline between March and April 2016 at 1%. But plastics employment grew, albeit slowly, compared to 2013 and 2014, when total plastics employment fell below 4,000. The ERI report showed an unchanged employment figure of 4,300 month after month since December 2015.


Fortunately, both Tredway and Prischak see a center of excellence here at home to help with that challenge. “Penn State Behrend’s Plastics Engineering Technology Program is one of the best plastics engineering schools in the world,” Prischak said. He should know. He helped start it. Jonathan Meckley, associate professor of engineering and the program’s chair, explained Prischak was one of Erie’s plastics employers to approach Behrend in the mid-1980s to develop engineers from within. “They were having trouble finding and retaining engineers and wanted a homegrown source that specialized in injection molding,” he said. The program gives Erie a unique advantage, Tredway said. “The campus boasts tremendous resources and every year they graduate another batch of talented engineers. The entire plastics industry reveres the Behrend program and we’re lucky enough to have it in our backyard.” This Penn State degree only is offered at Behrend and is one of a mere four accredited programs in the country. Behrend also offers ongoing training at its Plastics Training Academy where local manufacturing engineers, technicians, designers and processors enhance their skills. Erie’s plastics industry supports both programs and recommends

courses that mirror their needs. Weathering plastics industry challenges over the years, has had its upside. “Those Erie companies that held on as cheap molds were being sent to China have become even stronger,” Meckley said. “It was tough, but those that stayed alive are growing strong as a result of reshoring.” Tredway said rising infrastructure costs is the biggest obstacle to continued growth. “Most plastics companies compete on a global scale so we get hurt badly when the cost of doing business rises in the U.S.,” he said. “Every increase in health care, energy and taxes means we have less money to put back into our business.” That said, both Tredway and Prischak remain positive about the future of the nation’s plastics industry. “Erie has educational and supply chain assets that other regions can’t match,” Tredway said. “Our biggest challenges will be filling the skills gap and keeping infrastructure costs down. If our public and private industry leaders can make progress addressing those issues, I think plastics will continue to be a growing force in Erie’s economy.” “I’m still very excited about plastics; I want to see it grow again in Erie, and I think it will, Prischak predicted. “I’d like to see more people take the risk to start more plastics companies here.”

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Manchester Bidwell Training Center

from the CHAMBER OF COMMERCE by Regina Smith I’m excited about my new role here as Vice President of the Chamber Division because of the opportunity and challenge it presents. The livelihood of all our citizens are intertwined and directly affected by the success of our business community. The Chamber Division is the revenue– producing arm that supports all of our divisions. That means your investment in us supports the entire local business ecosystem. And with that we are ALL shaping the future.


It’s important to us that you realize the value of your membership in the Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership. Consequently, we are always looking for more opportunities to engage our members. We’d love to hear what’s important to you and how we can enhance the value of your investment in us. While the benefits of membership are numerous, the reasons for our existence are simple: There is strength in numbers and diversity. We want our member businesses to succeed. We want our community to grow.


by Ben Pratt In 2015 the Growth Partnership was identified as the community liaison between the National Center for Arts & Technology and Erie stakeholders. We are looking forward to wrapping up the feasibility study to determine if Erie has the essential attributes for a successful, sustainable Center for Arts & Technology. Unemployment among adults and high drop-out rates among youth lead to a general sense of hopelessness and disenfranchisement, especially in underserved communities. A steering committee of public and private community

partners have come together to try to address this need. Manchester Bidwell Corporation’s model, which has already been replicated in eight cities across the United States, has succeeded in creating a better way forward for those who are most affected. The combination of Manchester Bidwell Training Center’s youth arts education and adult careertraining programs has proven successful in addressing the need to redefine and strengthen local communities, families and support networks. Next steps should be announced by the end of October.


On Wednesday, October 26, the Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership is hosting an unprecedented day of networking, education and celebration of Erie and our business community at the Bayfront Convention Center. From 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. we will be hosting two concurrent events, Erie Homecoming and Erie Business Showcase. Both events are open to all of you and your employees – as well as the public. Erie Homecoming is an initiative to develop purposeful engagement with former Erie residents to assist in the Erie evolution. It

will feature panels of professionals sharing expertise and insight on a wide array of subjects – higher education to health care to investing to co-working spaces. Erie Business Showcase is an opportunity to build awareness regarding the diversity, capacity and sophistication of our business community – creating opportunities for business-to-business networking and to celebrate those creating jobs in our community. Our businesses will have booths displayed, creating value and opportunity for businesses and providing a forum to network with each other and the community. Save October 26. Join us in celebrating Erie’s business community!



An estimated 84 million people tuned in to watch the first debate of the 2016 presidential election on Monday, September 26, 2016. In terms of the social nature of the debate, there were 17.1 million Twitter interactions from 2.7 million people in the U.S. related to the “Presidential Debate� during the debate according to Nielsen.

320 The number of species of birds identified at Presque Isle State Park, not counting many owl, woodpecker and heron species. Source: eBird

The Millcreek Mall is among the largest shopping malls in the U.S. at #13.

Source: largest-malls-in-the-us.html

How Erie beaches ranked among USA Today readers for best freshwater beaches in a 2016 survey.

6,000,000,000,000,000 The number of gallons of fresh surface water in the Great Lakes of Superior, Huron, Michigan, Ontario and Erie. Collectively the largest body of fresh water on Earth, it accounts for more than 20% of fresh surface water on our planet. Sources: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Live Science



Wagner Giblin Insurance Agency | March 15, 2016

Beer on the Bay

Honey Baked Ham and Cafe | March 21, 2016

Beer on the Bay

weCreate | July 8, 2016

ERCGP Golf Outing

ERCGP Golf Outing

Fall Member Fest

Marsha Marsh Real Estate Services | February 17, 2016

Bostwick Design Partnership | May 12, 2016

Beer on the Bay

TownePlace Suites | June 21, 2016

Fall Member Fest

Goodwill Attended Donation Center | August 9, 2016

HANDS Freedom Square and Goodrich House Campus | June 24, 2016

Beer on the Bay

Affordable Dentures and Implants | March 5, 2016

YEP Annual Kickball for Kids Charity Tournament Winning Team - We Got the Runs!


E vents Business After Hours

A monthly members-only networking event of the ERCGP. On average, 250 to 300 business professionals attend. October 20, 5-7 p.m. Mill Creek Coffee 1222 Linden Avenue November 17, 5-7 p.m. Altair Real Estate Services & Renaissance Center 1001 State Street December 15, 5-7 p.m. Erie Homes for Children and Adults 226 East 27th Street Check out our Calendar of Events to register!

ERCGP Annual Meeting

October 26, 9-10 a.m. Bayfront Convention Center • Election of the Board of Directors and Officers • ERCGP Program Updates • Keynote Speaker – Joel Deuterman, VNET • Keypad Polling on Issues of the Day RSVP by October 12.

Celebration of Excellence October 26, 5-8 p.m. Bayfront Convention Center

• 5 – Cocktail Reception • 6:30 – ERCGP Presentations and Program • 2016 Athena Powerlink Participants • 2016 Louis J. Tullio Award Recipient • Keynote Speaker: John Rice, Vice Chairman – GE $700 Table Sponsor, $100 Individual Ticket RSVP by October 12.


R ecognitions The Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership welcomes Regina Smith, Vice President of the Chamber Division. Regina replaces August Schiava who retired September 9. Ms. Smith has an extensive managerial background along with communications and marketing experience. She was formerly the Chief Operating Officer at DevelopErie and prior to that position was the director of community and economic development for the 49th senatorial district under former Pa. Senator Jane Earll (retired). Welcome to the team!

The Erie Playhouse kicked of its 100th season! One of the oldest and largest community theaters in the nation, the Playhouse is recognized as one of the 10 best community theaters in national competitions. Congratulations, here’s to another 100 years! Tall Ships Erie was a huge success, exceeding expectations with a net profit of approximately $320k. An estimated 90,000 visitors, with 45% of those visitors coming from outside of Erie County, up from 35% in 2013. The local economic impact to local area businesses is estimated at $8 million. Congratulations!



Welcome New and Upgraded Investors joining us from December 2015 through September 19!

E arnings

Silver Level Investor Arent Fox LLP Career Street Erie VA Medical Center

Logistics Plus Rog’s, Inc. Velocity Network, Inc.

Bronze Level Investors Brevillier Village Data Inventions, Inc.

Hunter Erie Truck Sales Kane Innovations

Investor Level Members

6 Mile Cellars, Affordable Dentures and Implants, AIG Financial Network, All Aboard Erie, Alzheimer’s Association, Andrea’s Interior Design Gallery, Arete Quality Industrial Solutions, LLC., Arthur J. Gallagher & Co., Bayfront Maritime Center, Bourbon Barrel LLC., Braserie, Dearie!, Chautauqua Region Economic Development Corporation, Circulatory Centers, CJL Engineering, The Comfort Connection, CTC Packaging, Dale Evanoff Videography, Erie Audiology, Inc., ErieMultimedia, F W Millworks, Financially Fit, Gibbens Creative, Good’s Counseling Services, LLC., Great Lakes Insurance Services Group LLC., High Point Products, IGS CNG Services, Infinity Resources, Inc., ITC Lake Erie Connector LLC., Kiwanis Club of Erie, Labor Ready Temporary Service, Le-Vel, Logistics Plus Linguistic Solutions, MBS Solutions, ManorCare Health Services, Megagrafix Inc, Millcreek Brewery Company, Occu Medica, LLC., Panera Bread 4646, Paychex Payroll Services, Peach Street Dental & Dentures, Prime Communication, RendrFX, Inc., Salus Integrative Medicine, Stark Consulting, T2 Management Solutions, LLC., The Craige Pepper-Victor Family Foundation, The Embroidery Shoppe, The Juice Jar, The UPS Store, TM Industrial Supply, Inc., Unishippers, West End Hardware, LLC., Voodoo Brewing Company, Werkbot Studios, Woodforest National Bank.
















Erie Ind








FMC Tech First Engy


















































Source: ETN 9/29/16



BUSINESS AFTER HOURS ANOTHER ERCGP MEMBER BENEFIT Business Afters Hours is the Erie business community’s most well attended membersonly monthly networking event with an average attendance of 200 to 300 business professionals. The events are hosted at a different location each month, giving guests an opportunity to see a behind-the-scenes view of the host business. View our Calendar of Events to make plans to attend these popular events! For detailed information about hosting a Business After Hours event, please contact Cathy Noble, Event Coordinator, at or 814.454.7191 x146.



Did you know? As a member of the Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership, our Ribbon Cutting service is offered to new or expanding businesses commemorating a milestone! Contact our Event Coordinator Cathy Noble, to get more information and set your date! We look forward to celebrating with you!

Molly Brannigans February 23, 2016


May 31, 2016

Alzheimer’s Association July 13, 2016



On Wednesday, October 26, the Bayfront Convention Center will be buzzing with ERCGP activities from our two signature events. The Annual Meeting will be called to order at 9 a.m. with election of the 2017 Board of Directors and Officers, Keynote Speaker Joel Deuterman, President of VNET, as well as keypad polling on issues of the day. The Celebration of Excellence is scheduled to begin at 5 p.m. and will feature the Louis J. Tullio award winner, Athena Powerlink Participants and Keynote Speaker John Rice, Vice Chairman - GE. Enter – Erie Homecoming! The event, which is an initiative to develop purposeful engagement with former Erie residents, will take place at the BCC from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on October 26. Erie Homecoming is built on the concept that Erie needs to better utilize its network to identify new opportunities and leverage the “alumni network” of Erie to help address challenges

Showcase YOUR business! 16

and speed our plans for transformation. It will also be an opportunity to share Erie success stories and plans for the future to those returning “home” as well as those who reside here and want to know more. Erie Homecoming will feature individual breakout sessions and panel discussions. Speakers include a combination of both past residents as well as those who are at the center of exciting new developments right here in Erie. They will share their stories of success and insights in a variety of fields including medicine, technology, politics, manufacturing, tourism and education. All Erie Homecoming activities are free and open to the public!

In addition, the Erie Business Showcase will be set up in the Great Hall at the Bayfront Convention Center highlighting ERCGP member businesses and building awareness and celebrating Erie’s diverse business community. It will be a great opportunity for business-to-business networking with more than 100 Erie area businesses expected to participate. To register and showcase your business, visit or call the ERCGP offices at 454-7191 today!

SPEAKER SCHEDULE “Modern Co-Working Spaces: Enabling Entrepreneurs & Corporate Offices” Mike Embrescia, Founder & CEO of WorkDesq – Pittsburgh, Pa. Mike Woycheck, Operations Director, Alloy 26 – Pittsburgh, Pa. Judy Truitt, Erie Insurance Office Design Department Sean Fedorko, Co-Founder, Radius CoWork – Erie, Pa. “West Coast Challenges & Perspective” Barbara Smith Warner, Oregon House of Representatives – Portland, Ore. “Challenges in Higher Education Today” Dr. John Lilley, Former President of Baylor University, University of Nevada-Reno, and Penn State Erie – Reno, Nev. “The Crazy Competitive Game of Business Attraction” Kevin Hughes, President, Portfolio Solutions, Cushman & Wakefield – Cincinnati, Ohio “Perspectives on the Investment Landscape” Sean Hagerty, Head of Product, Vanguard – Philadelphia, Pa. “Hotels & Hospitality Industry” Gary Carano, Chairman & CEO of Eldorado Resorts, parent company of Presque Isle Downs & Casino – Reno, Nev. Tom Kennedy, Owner & Developer, Cobblestone Hotels – Erie, Pa. “Insights into The Future of Healthcare” Dr. Joe Cacchione, Chairman of Strategic Operations & Network Development, Cleveland Clinic – Cleveland, Ohio

“Healthcare as an Economic Driver & Multiplier” Rob DeMichiei, Executive VP and CFO, UPMC – Pittsburgh, Pa. “Young Entrepreneurs (Re) Discovering Erie” Brock Allen, Founder & CEO, Tech Tank – Erie, Pa. “Maximizing Your Businesses Value & Lessons from Detroit” Joe Bione, President, Whitehall – Detroit, Mich. “The Power of Peers: Consciously Building Your Mentor Network” Leo Bottary, former Vice President, Vistage International; Author THE POWER OF PEERS – San Diego, Calif. “Next Wave: Erie’s Technology Upstarts” Duane Clement, President & CEO, Data Inventions – Erie, Pa. Jim Traut, Co-Founder, President & CEO, RendrFX – Pittsburgh, Pa. Mat Silva, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, RendrFX – Erie, Pa. Dr. Fred Mirarchi, CEO/Founder, Institute on HealthCare Directives – Erie, Pa. “Modern Manufacturing: Competing in the Global Marketplace” Bill Cerami, President, Global Aerospace & Defense, Lord Corporation – Cary, N.C. Confirmed as of 9/30/16

For updates, check out!

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How plastics could play as prominent a role in our future as in our past.

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