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Professional Advertising, Commercial Photographer based in Newcastle upon Tyne.


ric Murphy Photographers are based in a 3000 sq ft fully equipped digital studio in the heart of Newcastle’s “creative centre”, the Ouseburn. We shoot on Hassleblad H3 d39 digital backs and state of the art electronic flash, and the studio boasts a large purpose built infinity curve. We are a small Award winning company with 3 full time staff, who are dedicated and enjoy a challenge. We shoot for our clients both on location or in the studio, in the UK or abroad. We have over 25 years experience in advertising, commercial and fashion photography and our clients range from international Blue Chip companies to local clients.


Seatbelt wearing saves over 2000 lives a year. ww w.aliv e 2dr iv e.c o .u k

Source: RAC Report on Motoring (2001)

You are 4 times more likely to crash using a mobile while driving. w ww.aliv e2drive.c

Source: DfT (2005)

Most passenger fatalities are 16 - 19 year olds. w ww.aliv e2drive.c

Source: Road Casualties Great Britain 2004 (DfT, 2005)

More young male drivers involved in a crash fail breath tests. w ww.aliv e2drive.c



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Have you got a drink problem? If you see red after a few drinks, remember, around 50% of violent crime is alcohol related. Know your limits, know when to say no.

Oh. This has never happened to me before.

Have you got a drink problem? Impotence is bad enough but low sperm count can also be a result of too much alcohol.

there was a reason you were told never to get into cars with strangers.


flag down an unlicensed cab and you could be asking for it.

If you don’t get into an unlicensed cab you won’t have to fight to get out.

Driving while tired kills over 300 people every year. If you start to feel tired find a safe place to stop, have a coffee and a kip. Take a break, get awake, stay alive.

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