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What Questions To Ask Before Hiring Web Designing Company

Most important question for all professional website business owners. • •

What is a good company to use? What is a realistic time frame to get an entire E-commerce site designed and launched?

Questions to be asked:

How old is the web designing company in market?

What role will they have web maintenance?

Are the landing pages predefined or customizable?

Project cost and duration.

How friendly are web pages for SEO?

You can check with company that what kind of work they did in past and ask them few basic questions as below :

whether company is going to provide dedicated resources?

what is methodology they are following for development?

What is time and cost estimation?

What is maintenance and support duration?

If you end your search and find any resource look at web designer's portfolio and if you love what you see contact. But one more things that first you have to be clear about what your business and second What do you want in your web design and What type of impression do you want to make on your visitors and last one What are the core functions of your website.

Don't Worry If you have the budget you can ensure that the proposed company has Skilled and experienced professionals for each aspect of the project. few points are as below:

• • •

Research team User interface design strategist Dedicated graphic designer - you like his previous work

This will ensure your new platform is exactly what you expect and more. On the other hand : • • • • • • •

1 man band = small budget You like his design style He can code all required aspects He has descent hosting They know how to carry out basic onsite seo for site launch There is a support option - just incase something happens You have a get out clause including all code incase he can't manage project to your standards

Also keep in mind.....

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What Questions to ask Before Hiring Web Designing Company