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February 2011

Inspirational artist of the month

Ryan McGinley

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Magazine 1 | Pg. 1 San Francisco Living - February 2011

Magazine 1 | Pg. 2 San Francisco Living - February 2011

Table of Contents Inspirational artist of the month pgs. 3-6

Fashion choices for February pgs. 7- 10

The monthly free event pgs. 11 - 14

Catching the right bite to eat pgs. 15 - 16

Choosing the perfect cocktail pgs. 17 - 18

Festivals to save for pgs. 19 - 22

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Inspira tional

Artists of The Month

Magazine 1 | Pg. 5 San Francisco Living - February 2011

“You have to be able to observe life as if you were a camera all the time, constantly looking at light and the way that things are placed and the way people hold themselves. You need the ability to see something in someone or something that no one else really sees and be able to bring that to light. Basically, you have to be an obsessive crazy person.”

–Ryan McGinley

Drawn from skateboard, music, graffiti, and gay cultures, the subjects of Ryan McGinley’s photographs interact with the camera with a self-conscious candour that is at once shocking, banal, alluring and repulsive. The images exhibited at the Whitney show McGinley’s friends and lovers enacting the daily rituals of contemporary youth culture: they hang out, have sex, do drugs, go to gigs, and romp naked in the woods.Hung on the walls of one of the most respected art institutions in America, these photographs of youthful rebellion occupy a precarious position between the two seemingly disparate worlds of the art museum and the lifestyle magazine. It is this unstable status that makes the photographs so captivating yet ultimately problematic

Magazine 1 | Pg. 6 San Francisco Living - February 2011

Magazine 1 | Pg. 7 San Francisco Living - February 2011

Magazine 1 | Pg. 8 San Francisco Living - February 2011

“ It’s Important the landscape works with the object we intend to build; one can not work with out the other.” – Jo Metson Scott

Lo Metson Scott and Nicola Yeoman have spent the last four years venturing into English forests to create ethereal, large-scale sculptures inspired by the imaginative spirit of children at play. Togther, the photographer and set designer fashioned crashed airplanes, piratical ships and even UFOs from twigs and gauze, preserved in a photographic series entitled, And Then... And Then... was initially a one-off weekend expedition into the countryside to seek out a natural landscape that could spark their imaginations. it worked. “It was as though the woodland we stumbled upon, presupposed what we wanted to create,” says Metson with wide-eyed conviction. “There are so many shapes in nature, that you can let your imagination just run with it.

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Magazine 1 | Pg. 10

San Francisco Living - February 2011

San Francisco Living - February 2011

Fash ion

Choices for February

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San Francisco Living - February 2011

San Francisco Living - February 2011

Watch Black $16

“I love to take things that are everyday and comforting and make them into the most luxurious things in the world.” –Marc Jacobs

Leather boat shoes Brwon/Tan $58

Boat Shorts NVY $29

V -Neck T-shirthirs Black $12

As the summer breeze begins to roll in and the sunny rays begin to peel of the layers you begin to tell yourself spring is in the air. Warmer weather means less pants and more shorts. For February we have chosen the simple sailor look. The cardigan will be light but still able to keep your arms warm when the sun goes down. The black V-Neck will give much breathing room as well the slim and short cut shorts. To add a simple leather strapped black watch will give a better definition of class as well a nice leather boat shoe. This look is simple but well put together and can bring your spring wardrobe a better appeal for this month. All products seen on the right are from Top-man clothing. Image Left: (

Knitwear Cardigan GRY $36

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Magazine 1 | Pg. 14

San Francisco Living - February 2011

San Francisco Living - February 2011

Ray Bans Black $100

“Only great minds can afford a simple style.”

Leather Bucket Bag Black & Gold $50


Heavy Stitch Shorts Dark Denim $34

Black Heart Bra Black $12

Black is coming in for the month with a punch. Everything from the shades you wear, to the bra that lies hidden under the loose fitted garment. Black is in and staying in for this month and to bring in a powerful blow to such a dull colored outfit, is by adding colored nail polish or vibrant colored accessories. The model appearing on the left is a great example of how black is shown in all areas of her body to captivate the sensual side of her figure but still give a rocker like feel. Black has been in since the ages and is roaring in all areas of your clothing choices. So go out there and show your darker side. Image Left: (

Truly Knitted Top Black $25

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Magazine 1 | Pg. 16

San Francisco Living - February 2011

San Francisco Living - February 2011

Mon thly

Free Events in the bay

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Magazine 1 | Pg. 18

San Francisco Living - February 2011

San Francisco Living - February 2011

Third Wednesday of the month On an evening in 1853—just three years after California joined the United States—seven men assembled in a candle-lit room in San Francisco and founded the first scientific academy west of the Atlantic seaboard. The California Academy of Sciences soon became one of the west’s most popular destinations, drawing 80,000 visitors annually to gaze at its giant woolly mammoth, lifelike grizzly bears, native plant specimens and rare artifacts. But when the Great Quake of 1906 struck the city, the Academy’s home and all but a handful of specimens were lost. It would not be the last time that nature exacted a price from those who sought to study, protect and preserve it. In 1916, the Academy found a new home, the North American Hall in Golden Gate Park, where it grew over the decades to include Steinhart Aquarium, Simson African Hall, Science Hall, the Morrison Planetarium and more. The Academy took advantage of this rare opportunity to rethink the Academy and the entire museum-going experience. The new vision: To create an institution for the 21st century - a premier destination of grand design, and one that would bring the latest in scientific research to the public in the most engaging, educational and inspiring way imaginable. Image Right: (

Magazine 1 | Pg. 19 San Francisco Living - February 2011

Magazine 1 | Pg. 20 San Francisco Living - February 2011

First Tuesday of the month The Conservatory of Flowers has captivated guests for more than a century. This gem of Victorian architecture has a long and storied history, and is the oldest wood and glass conservatory in North America. As a city, state, and national historic landmark, the Conservatory remains one of the most beloved attractions in Golden Gate Park. In early 1998, the Conservatory of Flowers was placed on the 100 most Endangered World Monuments list by the World Monuments Fund. The National Trust for Historic Preservation adopted the Conservatory into its Save America’s Treasures program, launched as part of First Lady Hillary Clinton’s Millennium Council projects. Publicity from these efforts eventually led to a fund-raising campaign to raise the $25 million dollars for the rehabilitation, restoration, and stabilization of the Conservatory. The construction lasted from 1999 until 2003. The Conservatory is one of the most photographed landmarks in San Francisco and remains a favorite attraction for visitors and locals alike. Image Left: (Conservatoryoff

Magazine 1 | Pg. 21 San Francisco Living - February 2011

Magazine 1 | Pg. 22 San Francisco Living - February 2011

Catch ing

The Right Bite to Eat

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San Francisco Living - February 2011

San Francisco Living - February 2011

WOODHOUSE FISH CO. The two brothers behind Woodhouse Fish Co. on Market Street, Dylan and Rowan MacNiven, have opened a second location in Pacific Heights. These Peninsula natives opened their doors for lunch, and what a welcome addition they are to the neighborhood. Located on Fillmore Street near Pine, this seafood haven is more spacious and offers a more evolved menu than its sibling. It’s a bright, comfortable, simple yet well-decorated spot executed with the help of Jamis MacNiven, their dad. Jamis owns Buck’s of Woodside and has built restaurants like the Hard Rock Cafe which used to be on VanNess Street. When you go in, check out the big fish overhead and the framed flat screen featuring a boating and fishing video. Rowan and Dylan, whose middle name is Woodhouse, were friendly hosts who were rolling up their sleeves alongside their employees, greeting, seating, serving customers and answering phones. Their chalkboard is changed daily for fish specials. They can feature anyth ing from health-conscious dishes such as halibut prepared in parchment light on the oil, as well as grilled salmon with asparagus. Image Left: (

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San Francisco Living - February 2011

San Francisco Living - February 2011

THE SLANTED DOOR The Slanted Door is a modern Vietnamese restaurant that showcases the abundance of produce as well as ecologically farmed meat, game and poultry found at farms around the San Francisco Bay Area. The Phan family opened the original Slanted Door in 1995 on Valencia Street with a vision to blend Vietnamese cooking technique with local ingredients. We take this vision even further in a new environment, designed by Olle Lundberg, overlooking the San Francisco Bay. The food; relaxed atmosphere; riesling-driven wine list; full bar with premium, artisanal spirits and fresh-squeezed, organic and/or biodynamic juices - as well as hard-to-find Chinese teas - all speak to the restaurant's originality and commitment to quality. Our to-go counter is called "Out the Door". It is located in the main hall of the Ferry Building, around the corner from the restaurant. Out the Door offers prepared dishes as well as easy-to-use cooking kits giving you the opportunity to make our dishes at home. Image Right: (

Magazine 1 | Pg. 27 San Francisco Living - February 2011

Magazine 1 | Pg. 28 San Francisco Living - February 2011

Choos ing

The Perfect Cocktail

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San Francisco Living - February 2011

San Francisco Living - February 2011

SMUGGLER’S COVE Smuggler’s Cove offers a whole new approach to rum by featuring a vast array of historic concoctions, traditional Caribbean drinks, classic libations of Prohibition-era Havana, and famous exotic cocktails from legendary Tiki bars- all under one roof. When asked “Why rum?,” Owner Martin Cate says with pleasure “There just isn’t a more fascinating spirit in the world... Revolution, triumph, piracy, war, sailors, celebration, and unspeakable human tragedy are in every glass. No other spirit has the history or the versatility.” To celebrate such a diverse spirit, Smuggler’s Cove showcases over 200 rums from around the world, including our selection of rare and vintage rums in The Vault. To encourage exploration of its expansive collection, Smuggler’s Cove offers a rum club called The Rumbustion Society. Smugglers Cove rum also features its own exclusive, handcrafted rum; Eurydice, a 100% California grown and produced artisan product from the distillers at St. George Spirits. Image Right: (

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San Francisco Living - February 2011

San Francisco Living - February 2011

THE BUBBLE LOUNGE The economy’s tanking, the stock market’s teetering and your portfolio – well, don’t look. Fortunately for the national mood, at least the bartenders are in denial. Judging by the rage for Champagne cocktails at Bay Area bars and a trio of new books on the topic, bubbly beverages are the new m ojitos. And with home holiday parties looming, it’s a fine time to steal some ideas. “Ten years ago, the Champagne cocktail was a foreign thing in the city,” says Sabawun Kakar, wine director for the Bubble Lounge in San Francisco. Now the decade-old downtown bar has a menu that includes 10 Champagne cocktails, and Kakar says that many of his bartender colleagues in the restaurant business are following suit. That unfettered spirit lies behind the Bubble Lounge’s Caribbean Contessa, a fusion of sparkling wine, Cointreau, cranberry juice, orange juice and vodka. For Conduit in San Francisco, bar manager Reza Esmaili has developed the Shadduck, incorporating sparkling wine, gin, elder flower liqueur and Ruby Red grapefruit juice. The Chanteuse, another Esmaili composition, features gin, yellow Chartreuse, lemon juice, honey syrup and sparkling wine. Image Left: (

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San Francisco Living - February 2011

San Francisco Living - February 2011

Fest ivals

To Save For

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San Francisco Living - February 2011

San Francisco Living - February 2011


Black Rock Desert, NV All Ages - $300 July 29th - August 20th,2011


Coachella Valley All Ages - $398 April 16th, 17th, 18th, 2011 Showitme: 11:00 - 2:00 am

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San Francisco Living - February 2011

San Francisco Living - February 2011

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