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October 2020

30 Copyright 2020. The information in this publication is provided for general information only. It is not professional advice and we accept no liability or responsibility, if any information is, for any reason, incorrect or corrupted; or for any loss or damage that may arise from reliance on information in this publication. Equestrian Life disclaims all liability for any loss, damage, injury or expense that might arise from the use of, or reliance upon, the information or services contained herein. All views expressed in this publication are not our own and do not represent opinions of Equestrian Life. All rights reserved.

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EDITOR Shevaun McCreedy SENIOR DESIGNER Madeline Teles DIGITAL PRODUCTION Amy Blair (crazyredchestnut)


CONTRIBUTORS Charlene Carroll Georgina Roberts Rechelle Kloeck Bernadette Versfeld

o begins the final quarter of 2020… I think many of us are undecided about our feelings when it comes to 2020 ending. In one way, it has been a disastrous year for a lot of us, for business and for the economy so the end can’t come soon enough. BUT if you, like me, felt optimistic in January that things couldn’t get worse than 2019…. How wrong were we?! It does however mean the downhill slide to the festive season, to Summer and to School holidays and this issue is packed with useful information on places to go and things to do. Our Travel section features Wolwekrans Eco Estate in Mpumalanga – a personal favourite which is completely off the grid and has views for days #Literally. Our cover feature this month profiles some of South Africa’s most talented equine artists. From someone who is only capable of drawing stick horses at the best of times, I was quite literally mind blown at the detail and precision achieved by these lovely ladies and I’m not embarrassed to

04 I

October 2020

EDITOR SHEVAUN McCREEDY admit I genuinely thought some of them were photographs! It’s a visual delight scrolling through this month’s issue so we hope you enjoy the digital art gallery in the pages to follow. We chat to two small businesses who are paving the path to success despite lockdown and all its complexities – one who managed to create a whole new product range (from clothing to artisanal gin!) and the other who determined a need and now produces healthy home-made canine catering. From equine respiratory health to caring for your luscious locks…. There is something for everyone in this issue!


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Specialists in Thoroughbred Scouting, Schooling & Sales

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R48 000

16 hh Mare 6 Years Old Sail from Seattle (CAN) Alaya Jallad (USA)

16.1hh Mare 4 Years Old Seventh Rock Goose Valley Right Approach (GB)


Height: Sex: Age: Sire: Dam: Suitability:

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16.1hh Mare 6 Years Old Golden Sword (GB) Ransom Rambo Dancer (CAN

R35 000

14.2hh Gelding 13 Years Old Unknown Unknown Second Pony

Zaskia Byrne 082 716 8455



ICB CROSS COUNTRY CLINIC Inanda Country Base in Kyalami will be hosting another cross country clinic this October. Riders will be guided step-by-step through the country by some of the most experienced Eventing riders in the country. This is the perfect opportunity to build confidence in the country for you and your horse, and to learn all the important factors that plays a role in Eventing. To ensure your slot please contact Mandy on za.


3 October 2020


08h00 – 17h00

Cost: R




er 2020 3 Octob : Time 2h00 2 0 19h 0Cost:on/ R1000 r pers R600 peper couple

Ticketse:t Quick

LET THE DOGS HAVE A BALL! A Virtual Gala Dinner Experience in aid of the Guide Dogs Association of South Africa. Covid-19 lockdown may mean a restriction on large events, but the show must go on

06 I

October 2020

JF Photography



7-8 Octo ber 2020

and SA Guide Dogs are ensuring their Gala Dinner goes ahead- and you can join in from the comfort of your own home. Order your Gala Dinner Experience Box straight to your door and tune in on the night for an exciting line-up of entertainment. Catering provided by various caterers in each region – check the menus out on Quicket before you book your tickets.






The Vet Expo

Much like most exhibitions and conferences in 2020, organisers of the Vet Expo Africa have pivoted quickly to convert their expo into an online event. The Expo is targeted at vets and animal health practitioners across Africa and covers various topics including breeding, farming, animal welfare and veterinary advancements. Over the 2 days, the Vet Expo will bring insight from more than 100 leading stakeholders across a series of live presentations, roundtable and panel discussions. Join in live or watch the sessions on-demand.

! N I !W N I !W N I W



Stand a chance to win an 8kg bag of Montego Wuma and a leather collar for our fur-legged friend courtesy of Equestrian House.

Keep an eye on social media for entry details!


t’s no secret that Moms can be considered Unicorns – magical creatures that manage to work, ride, raise families, run households and so much more on minimal sleep and with a smile! Bitchin’ Tees are celebrating our equine moms this month and are giving away a bottle of Unicorn gin, a Bitchin’ Gin glass and a “Drinks Well With Others” Slogan Tee. Read the article on page 34 and keep an eye on our social media platforms for entry details.

It’s Wild….

This month we have a pair of leggings from Hoko Activewear up for grabs valued at


Check them out on Facebook and keep an eye on our social media pages for competition details. 08

October 2020



Flexineb Silent, Portable Equine Nebulisers



Danielle Brown 082 415 3892

Flexineb South Africa



The #1 Athletic Performance Inhibitor in Equine Competition


quine Respiratory diseases combined, are the number one athletic performance inhibitor in Equine competition, both professional and amateur. Respiratory diseases are both a common and a serious problem and can affect both the youngest and oldest horses, with some of the diseases having high mortality rates. The most important function of the respiratory system is to deliver oxygen to the blood and remove carbon dioxide. The blood distributes oxygen to the body and collects carbon dioxide, the waste product of cell metabolism. This exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide occurs in the alveoli and when the exchange fails, or becomes in-

10 I

October 2020

efficient because of disease, horses can become seriously ill. If the level of oxygen in the blood is too low (called hypoxia or anoxia), the animal will show signs of respiratory distress. Respiratory diseases are typically divided into conditions affecting the lower (i.e. the lungs) respiratory tract and the upper (i.e. the nose, throat and trachea) respiratory tract. These diseases can be chronic, short lasting, infectious and hard to diagnose.

COMMON SIGNS OF RESPIRATORY DISORDERS - Discharge from the nose (mucus, pus or blood, depending on the cause) - Coughing, that may be dry or include mucus or blood - Rapid breathing while at rest - Laboured or difficult breathing; shortness of breath - Shallow breathing - Signs of pain associated with breathing in or our - Noise (such as grunting) associated with breathing - Head shaking or abnormal carriage of head (low or extended)

HOW DO I KNOW IF MY HORSE HAS A LUNG OR AIRWAY DISORDER? When it comes to diagnosing respiratory disorders in horses, the first port of call is to approach your veterinarian for a physical examination of your horse. This will help to determine the possible cause and site of respiratory disease (upper or lower respiratory tract). Techniques used for diagnosis include x rays of the chest or neck and the use of an endoscope (a small camera and light mounted on the end of flexible tubing) to view the nose, throat, and airways. Examination of the contents of the lung and airways can be obtained through aspiration or retrieval of fluid used to “bathe” the airways. Respiratory illnesses could include equine asthma (classified as mild to moderate or severe - which was previously referred to as COPD) or exercise-induced pulmonary haemorrhage (EIPH) which occasionally presents with epistaxis (bleeding at the nostrils after exercise).

WHAT CAN I DO TO PREVENT RESPIRATORY DISEASE / AID RECOVERY? Regardless of the type of respiratory disease, environmental factors and supportive care are important to aid recovery. A dust-free, ammonia-free and well ventilated stable environment prevents further damage to the respiratory system. Keep in mind that horses should be removed from the barn before mucking out of boxes and all hay should be wet down or steamed before feeding. Consider wetting your horses food to avoid dust inhalation during feeding times to help limit further lung irritation. Avoid hay nets and rather feed grass and food off the ground to encourage mucus drainage. Feeding from large round bales is also discouraged as horses tend to put their muzzle into a large area of grass which has the adverse effect from a greater inhalation of dust/mould particles. Although severe asthma (or COPD) is not curable, it is a manageable disease that depends largely on the effort that is put into improving the air quality of the environment in which your horse is kept. Therapies can include altering the inhaled air (for example, reducing dust or adding humidity) as well as the use of nebulisers to administer bronchodilators (to help open airways), antibiotics and steroids. Daily nebulisation of saline has proven to be an effective tool in preventing inflammation in the lungs and airways. EQUINE NEBULISATION Equine nebulisers, such as the Flexineb E3 from Nortev in Ireland, are designed to aerosolize a wide range of drugs including

FEATURE Silver, Corticosteroids, Eucalyptus oil, Bronchodilators, Saline and, if needed, Antibiotics. Flexineb has been developed to deliver optimum particle size to the lungs with Scintigraphy studies showing that 71% of the nebulized drug is delivered to the lower airways, with the remaining 29% in to the upper airways and trachea. The Flexineb Equine Nebulisers are portable and silent, making them ideal for use anywhere, any time. The mask is placed comfortably above the horses’ nostrils and the medication is inhaled in each breath taken by the horse and subsequently drawn right down to where the oxygen is transferred into the bloodstream. With the use of nebulisers and face masks, the medication is very effectively delivered to where it is needed. Thus, vets are able to use very accurate and high doses of a specific medication without burdening the rest of the body with such doses. The medicine “hits the spot” without having to pass through all organs of the body. Flexineb E3 nebulisers are available for purchase and hire within South Africa. For more information on nebulisation please contact: Danielle Brown Flexineb RSA 082 415 3892 Email:

Flexineb South Africa I 11


PICTURE PERFECT Meet Some of SA’s Talented Equine Artists


ith Women’s Day and Heritage Day having been celebrated in August and September respectively, it is fitting that in this issue we feature five proudly South African ladies who are excelling at their trade. Not only are they all talented equestrienne’s across various disciplines, but they are all artists with exceptional skill at equine portraiture.

12 I

October 2020

When a portrait of a horse can be easily mistaken as a photograph – you can understand the level of skill the artist possesses. From the varying shades of their coats to the effects of lighting and shadows, these artists have a natural ability to capture both the physical resemblance and the unique personality and characteristics of their subjects in a visual masterpiece.

er of Riba Stables so I was pretty much riding before I was walking. As a pony rider and junior I participated in all the various disciplines including show jumping, dressage, vaulting, showing, equitation and eventing. As I got older I pursued show jumping and Vaulting more seriously, representing South Africa at three World Equestrian Games.

Equestrian Life SA caught up with 5 of South Africa’s talented equine artists:

Medium of choice Pastel pencils on Paper

Chelsey Gertenbach, 25 Both my parents were top equestrians and my mother is the own-

Greatest achievement I have the privilege to take part in the “Artcheval” (Equestrian Art Festival) taking place in France this October so I have spent the last

his Phenomenal jump but he also has such a gorgeous face with a big blaze and such a unique colour.

few months preparing 10 artworks to be exhibited. What motivates you I got into equine artistry in a fairly unexpected way - I had a horse that was very special to me, Locarno Nautilus, who passed away unexpectedly in 2013. After his passing, I really wanted a portrait to remember him so I just drew a picture of him for myself. Someone saw the picture and asked if I could draw a portrait of their horse and as they say – the rest is history (7 years later)! My love and passion for horses keeps me inspired and constantly trying new styles and developing my skills. What motivates me the most is the growth I have gone through as an artist when I

look at the first horse portrait I did back in 2013 and then at some of my recent one, how each picture keeps getting better and I spend longer perfecting every detail. Artistic Process I always need to make sure I have a good enough photo to work from(good quality, good light but without strange shadows, a good angle) which can be quite tricky. Then I start with a basic outline of the features. Once I start a new drawing it is difficult for me to put the pencils down. One inspirational horse you would love to draw One of my favourite horses on the international circuit at the moment is Darry Lou. I am most attracted to

Who inspires you My mom (Barbie Gertenbach) was also an artist and I always look at her art for inspiration. Hilary O’Leary’s Photography is just amazing, I have drawn a couple of her photographs and the drawings come out so gorgeous. Her photographs also really inspired me with the series I did for my exhibition this October. Chelsey Gertenbach, +27 76 330 8714


Chelsey Gertenbach-Artist I 13


Michelle Symington, 30 I am a self-taught artist and have been practising in this profession since I matriculated from Girls High School in Paarl in 2007. I excelled in my Art classes from Grade 9 through to matric at the Jack Meyer Art Centre in Paarl and decided to proceed with my passion, specializing in animal portraits, but specifically Equine Art. My love for horses stems from childhood - my mom introduced me to horses for the first time at the age of five and it was truly love at first sight. I began horse riding lessons shortly thereafter and have competed successfully in show jumping and dressage. I now own a magnificent Friesian stallion named Ronlia Dekota who is often the subject of my paintings. Medium of Choice Oil Greatest Achievement I was announced as one of the Top 20 fine artist’s in the Western Cape in 2009, accredited by the Department of Arts and Culture What motivates you The horse and the beauty of its majestic form and spirit! My pas14 I

October 2020

sion for horses and the desire to capture the unique power, grace, movement and nobility of the equine form. Artistic Process By means of a very brief description - I start by drawing out the subject and filling in the background. I then apply the first layer of oils and gradually built up with the 2nd and 3rd layer of oils. The final stage is where I apply the fine detail. One inspirational horse you would love to draw I would Love to paint Prix St George Dressage Super Star “Valegro” – owner: British rider Charlotte Dujardin – because I aspire to be a dressage rider like her one day. Who inspires you Following techniques of most Realism Artist’s in the world.

Michelle Symington +27 73 768 3579


Michelle Symington

Carolyn van Schalkwyk, 31 I am a passionate equestrian, entrepreneur and artist. I have had a life-long obsession and love for horses which began from childhood. I rode on my grandparents farm for a very long time and started competing in show jumping late into my junior career. I have been privileged to produce and partner an incredible collection of warmbloods. Of all the horses I have had in my life, Swazi-Lizkhar Land of Lagos must be the one that has had the most profound effect on my life. As a young horse, we won the prestigious Young Horse Performance Series and we jumped out first Grand Prix together. My passion definitely lies with producing young horses and spending the time with them daily to gain their trust and learn as much from them as I try to teach. Medium of Choice My favourite medium is oil based pencil, but I have recently started exploring oil paint as well. Greatest Achievement I started during lockdown and am busy completing a collection of 45 drawings for the new owners of the Capital Stud horses on auction this year. My wildlife drawings are

represented by the Warren Carey Wildlife Gallery. What motivates you Art has been a great passion of mine. I drew from a very young age and have never stopped. It does not ever feel like a job to me. It feels very rewarding to be able to monetise a passion that comes very naturally to me. Art is more like therapy to me than anything else. Artistic Process I always spend a lot of time to think about the positioning of the artwork to minimise tension within the design. I enjoy balancing white negative space with the activated detail of the oil based pencil and always make sure this is in balance to ensure harmony of a portrait. One inspirational horse you would love to draw This would probably have to be Baloubet du Rouet. I suppose there have been much greater horses than him, but I remember the absolute infatuation I had with him as a child. He was an absolute hero to me. Who inspires you My biggest inspiration as an artist is Christian Hook. He has an incred-

ible ability to express the passion and majesty of the horse through a free style in the medium of oil paint. I would love to spend more time in developing my oil painting skills next. Carolyn van Schalkwyk

Art-by-Carolyn I 15

Madelin Thackeray, 25 I own a company called Madelin-Ink which provides a number of service offerings as I am an Architectural Technologist, an Artist, a Tattoo Artist and a 6D Microblading Artist. I have ridden horses my whole life – from as young as I can remember – which is why they are a frequent subject of my artistry. I currently compete in show jumping, dressage and three-phase eventing. Medium of choice Clutch Pencil and Faber-Castell oil base pencils Greatest Achievement As of date I have not entered any art competitions but I have entered international architecture competitions such as the Klaf2019 Mars Colony competition and came in the top 20. I was also published in the Klaf2019 Tomorrow Logbook. As a horse rider my greatest achievement was winning the 16 I

October 2020

Gauteng trophy for 1,10m and obtaining my full South African colours. What motivates you As an Artist I have always been inspired by animals especially horses which is why my focus point at this time in my life is based on drawing horses. My current horse Degas is my current inspiration. Artistic Process I like to take my own photos of my current subject because then I can choose the best lighting and angle for the artwork to form. With a lot of my commissioned art this is not always possible so I always ask the client to choose their favourite picture. One inspirational horse you would love to draw This is definitely my current horse Seratoga Degas as well as my past

horse Slew-per-spot. If there was one other horse I would like to draw in would be Seratoga Don Colour. Who inspires you As an architect I was inspired by Zaha Hadid. As an Artist Raphael Macek

Madelin Thackeray +78 803 9811



Tel: 031 768 1453

Tel: 083 661 1543

COVER FEATURE cessfully - I mainly do equine and pet drawings so it was a little out of my artistic comfort zone. What motivates you Most importantly - because I love doing it with all my heart. Drawing and painting is more than just a career choice for me – by drawing or painting the things that make me happiest is a way to keep that memory with me.

Merlynn Trichardt, 28 I have been involved with horses since the age of 6. It started with a neighbour asking for some sawdust for their horses because my dad did woodwork. They invited us to come and see the horses and from that moment I was hooked. I have loved horses more and more every day since seeing them that first time, which makes drawing them so much more special. I currently have 2 horses and I do mostly dressage with them but we like to have a little jump here and there. Medium of Choice Graphite pencil on 110 to 200gsm acid free paper. Water Paint on 300gsm acid free paper. Greatest Achievement I can’t pinpoint a specific achievement to date. I am equally excited with every commission I do and making the client happy. If I have to choose something specific it would be finishing a human portrait suc18 I

October 2020

Artistic Process As soon as a client contacts me for a commission, I ask as many questions as I need to in order to make sure I bring out the subjects personality as best I can. With every drawing comes a story and I try and put that into the drawings with small little details. With the photos that are sent I will do a basic layout in photoshop to make sure the client is happy with it and as soon as the layout has been approved I start with the outline and just add in details as I go. One inspirational horse you would love to draw I would love to draw Chatan Hendriks’ horse Greta simply because I think she is absolutely beautiful with such unique markings! I’d also love to draw a full confirmation drawing of a Pinto horse as their markings are spectacular. Who inspires you From the get go my mom has been my inspiration to do art. She is an oil painter herself and I have always been amazed with the life she brings into each painting. I am also inspired by other artists and each one’s unique technique. In terms of other artists I found on social

media I find Bethany Vere really makes me want to put in more and more. Her art has depth and life, something that is very important to me with each piece of art. Merlynn’s Art


@merlynnart/ Merlynn’s Art

I 02



Turning Passion into a Career

hilst many of us have a day job in order to finance our riding career, there are a number of career paths within the equestrian industry that would enable one to make the dream of working with horses a reality. Beaulieu Equestrian Academy is one institution which enables students to obtain the necessary skills and qualifications for success.

20 I

October 2020

Kyalami, in Gauteng, has the largest number of horses per capita in all of South Africa, which is fitting then that it is home to one of the country’s premier equestrian academies. Situated on the same campus as Beaulieu College, just off Maple Road, Beaulieu Equestrian Academy (BEA) opened in March of 2000 and offers a number of courses in line with the EQASA qualification system.

The objectives of developing an equine-specific programme were three-fold: 1. To produce candidates who were capable of working re sponsibly, correctly, effective ly and confidently with horses (to have sufficient knowledge and practical ability to carry out day-to-day tasks associated with the management and riding of horses)


2. To provide candidates with an introduction to the variety of career opportunities associated with horses (including racing, tourism, welfare, stud manage ment, saddle fitting and nutri tion to mention but a few) 3. To harness the wealth of exper tise within the South African equestrian community and share this within a structured environment. The academy has been under the administration of Yvonne Bolton since 2016 – herself a Level 3 EQASA Coach and an accreditedFEI Level 2 coach. Apart from being well qualified, she has a wealth of riding and coaching experience and is able to boast a number of achievements evidencing her prowess. Amongst her accom-

plishments has been as South African Chef d’Equipe for two Finalists who rode in the FEI Children’s Show Jumping Finals in Chile and Abu Dhabi, namely Christine Moeller and Lexi Stais. Yvonne has also been Chef d’Equipe to South African PR & Junior Show Jumping Teams who rode against New Zealand and Australia and in Zimbabwe some years ago. In addition, she coached both Alexa Stais and Laurence Mowatt winners of the Philip Smith Memorial Equitation Championship. The academy offers a full time, intensive training course for those wishing to pursue a career in the equestrian industry, as well as a number of short courses throughout the year for those seeking to further their equestrian knowledge. The syllabus includes 5 mod-

ules which are examined by EQASA and are aligned with the NQF requirements: Module 1 Basic Stable Yard Skills Module 2 Advanced Stable Yard Skills Module 3 Horsemastership Module 4 Preliminary Riding Instruction Module 5 Horsemastership and Riding Instruction Students are required to acquire a degree of experience and practical competence in conjunction with the knowledge and information supplied in these courses in order to be successful examination candidates. Outings to stable yards, training establishments, yearling sales and other relevant events are arranged in order to provide I 21

FEATURE students with opportunities to apply the skills learnt in a hands-on approach. Beaulieu Equestrian Academy is a registered Training Provider with the Council of Equine and Equestrian Professionals of South Africa NPC (CEEPSA) and once the students have passed their EQASA exams, their achievements are listed by CEEPSA on the National Learner Records Database. GROOMS COURSE BEA also offers a Grooms Course, which was introduced by the late Diane Paul who was a founding member of the academy. These courses provide for basic skills development for new grooms, whilst also upskilling established grooms in order to further their careers.

The Specialist Stable Yard Skills course covers topics such as: Horse Behaviour and Handling Stable Yard Skills Grooming and Show Support Equine First Aid Lungeing Tack and Tacking-up Boots and Blankets

To find out more about the courses or in order to apply or attend an upcoming open day, visit Beaulieu Equestrian Academy at:

Beaulieu Equestrian Academy Email:

22 I

October 2020

EQUESTRIAN ESSENTIALS Rechelle Kloeck, showjumper and Fit Mom with Love blogger, provides the lowdown on her favourite hair care essentials. SPIRAL HAIR TIES If you must put your hair up, spiral it up with Spiral hair ties— aka coil hair ties—they are a gentle alternative to straight-up elastics and rubber bands, thanks to the fact that they don’t wrap too tightly and put noticeably less pressure on your hair. R29 Woolworths or Dischem

From helmet hair to Good Hair Days

s ’ e ov L FIT MOM With

MOTHERKIND - GLOW + GROW ADVANCED HAIR GROWTH – The most amazing hair growth supplement – My hair keeps getting longer, after just two weeks, I notice lots of new hairs. R550 24 I

September 2020

KERASTASE MASQUINTENSE FINE This is definitely a masque that works. It’s light but super hydrating, my hair feels so much softer after use. R525 Available at most leading salons.

MOYOKO INFRARED STYLER This is a great styler if you wanted to style your hair for a night out. I straighten or curl my hair with mine. This styler helps emit irons into your hair to restore the balance of positive and negative ions and make your hair shiny and smooth. R1895 Leading Salons.


REAL SILK PILLOW CASE Lovely pillow cover and really helps for taming curly hair. It’s helped to have less night time hair loss and less breakage. R550 Takealot

• • • •

Always Use a quality shampoo and conditioner. Trim your hair regularly to prevent split ends. Spoil yourself with in-salon treatments when possible. Try to not style or apply heat too frequently.


A QUALITY WET BRUSH The custom shape handle makes for easy grip and it is sturdy enough for thick or thin hair. Works like a bomb to detangle wet hair without breaking it. R145 Motherkindco or Takealot

REDKEN ONE UNITED ELIXIR ALL IN ONE Multi-Benefit Hair Treatment Spray with 25 benefits that increase manageability, protection and beauty. I love spaying this treatment before I add any heat to my hair. R380 Hair Salons and Dischem

Follow fit_mom_with_love on Instagram I 25


solutely Fabulous!


Five Free Apps for Small Businesses As small businesses, we are often required to fulfil a number of functions ourselves – from salesperson to marketer, accountant to social media manager – even though some of the areas and required skills may be out of our depth. Luckily… There’s an app for that! 26 I

October 2020


f the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown taught us just one thing, it would be that people and businesses are able to work remotely effectively, provided they have the right tools and technology at their disposal. The evolution of smart phones has enabled us to bring the office into the palm of our hands (quite literally) and the multitude of available apps means that no matter our challenges or requirements, there is more than likely a platform designed to overcome it (and many of them for free).



FREE ONLINE MEETING SCHEDULING TOOL Have to schedule a meeting with a large number of participants and want to find a way to see which date and time suits the majority without going back and forth via email multiple times? Then creating a Doodle Poll will be your lifesaver! This app enables you to create a poll – which indicates the meeting subject and description and a number of set dates and times (which you have pre-selected) – that allows desired participants to indicate their preferences. The basic poll functionality is free (upgrades with more features and benefits are available) and enables participants to login and see the other respondents’ selections as well, making it possible to make a non-biased decision based on majority vote. TRELLO COLLABORATIVE PROJECT MANAGEMENT APP Managing a team remotely and looking for a platform to share files and project status updates in real time? Then consider Trello – described by someone as virtual ‘corkboard’ enabling users to organise “cards” into actionable lists to enable teamwork and collaboration. It is an easy to use, highly visual tool which aids in better team management and enables the project manager to gain insight into the process flow. Available from Google Play Store

CAMSCANNER CAMSCANNER FREE MOBILE SCANNING APP Camscanner converts your phone into a PDF scanner. With lockdown and a move to more remote workspaces, many people have realized their reliance on office printers and scanners to perform basic office functions. Camscanner is a mobile, device-friendly app which enables you to scan documents, optimize scan quality, convert to PDF or jpeg files and share via email or on social media – all from your mobile phone! Premium subscriptions are available with more advanced capabilities but the free version is sufficient for basic scanning requirements. Available from Google Play Store I 27


MICROSOFT TO-DO TASK MANAGEMENT APP Battling to stay on top of your dayto-day tasks for work, home, kids, shopping and more? Microsoft To Do enables you to make shopping lists or task lists, take notes, record collections, plan an event or set reminders to increase your productivity and prioritise your daily schedule. Intelligent suggestions recommend tasks from across your lists that may be relevant for the day and you can also sync tasks from other Microsoft apps (such as Outlook, Planner etc). Available from Google Play Store CANVA GRAPHIC DESIGN, VIDEO, COLLAGE AND LOGO MAKER We all know the importance of social media to businesses, but not all of us are in a position to employ a graphic designer to cre28 I

October 2020

ate professional images that are engaging, correctly sized and personalised for our brand. Canva is an awesome platform which brings out the graphic designer in all of us (ok not quite – but the drag-anddrop functionality makes it almost impossible not to create Insta-worthy artwork). If you need to create

logos, cover photos, profile pictures, online adverts, posters, presentations and more for your business, Canva has a huge range of ready-made templates or you can create your own and store them for future use.

I 29


The Jewel of Mpumalanga We often feature places which have been recommended, but this months Travel feature has been tried, tested and approved by our editor. Hidden away in Schoemanskloof in the Mpumalanga mountains, Wolwekrans Eco Estate is almost completely off the grid – ensuring the lowest possible carbon footprint. It’s untouched, unspoilt and undeniably good for the soul! 30 I

October 2020


hilst loadshedding has us feeling like we live ‘off the grid’ whether we like it or not, there’s something refreshing about escaping the city and voluntarily staying at an eco-friendly, secluded mountain chalet that runs purely on solar and gas, leaving little to no impact on the environment. The 120-hectare mountainous farm has only 3 self-catering cottages and 2 luxury safari tents, so you could be fooled for believing you’re the only one there… barring the Kudu, Bushbuck, Nyala, Warthog and other small game (and a

Eco Estate

few elusive leopards) who also call Wolwekrans home. It’s just a two and a half hour drive out of Johannesburg and has breathtaking 240 degree panoramic views of the Lowveld Valley and the Drankens mountains. All chalets are self-catering but have their own private boma, deck, fully operational kitchen and braai facilities so you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to preparing meals. We wouldn’t judge if your sole intention was to sit on the deck and admire the views and stargaze all weekend, but for those who seek a little adventure there are trails suitable for mountain biking and hik-


ing – including a 3km, 70 degree gradient hike to the top of the Schoemans mountains. It’s a beast, but the breathtaking views from the summit are worth every aching muscle, every sweaty step and every swear word it may have taken to get there. When the hustle and bustle of everyday life becomes too much, there’s no greater ‘reset button’ for the soul than returning to nature wholeheartedly. No mobile phones, no signal, no TV’s or electronic distractions… just a dose of mother nature at her finest!

I 31


Festive Gift Guide D E H


Credit: Google Images



32 I

October 2020


Diane V Teles Bsc Physiotherapy (Wits)

• Sports • Orthopaedics • Nerve/ Muscle/ Joint Care Weleda Pharmacy, Pineslopes Centre, Cnr Witkoppen Rd and The Straight Avenue Fourways, 2191


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This month’s hidden gem isn’t a place but rather an epic brand which is worthy of a shout out. Bitchin’ Tees is a female-owned online slogan T-shirt shop that was born out of the necessity to show other mothers that they are not alone in these terrific (and sometimes tiring and terrifying) moments of motherhood. We caught up with owner, Corné Nell.


orné Nell is the founder of Bitchin’ Tees, a tax accountant by day and a social media butterfly and T-shirt ninja by night. Corné is married to a banker with an entrepreneurial spirit and a mom of three boys (2, 4 & 7). It was started as an opportunity to enable moms to don their proverbial superhero capes by wearing their words but has expanded (courtesy of some Covid lockdown creativity) to include an artisanal Gin range! HOW DID BITCHIN’ TEES COME ABOUT? I have always loved slogan tees, and since becoming a mom, I have 34 I

October 2020

always looked for small companies who make slogan tees. There are a few players in the market, but not many with spunk. My husband has an entrepreneurial streak and he always said I should start up a little business of my own. After the birth of my last baby, I had a brainwave – why not start my own slogan tee shop….and the rest is history. I officially started Bitchin’ Tees 3 October 2019. I felt the need to make lovely mommy tees and some passive aggressive tees for those tough mommy days that no one really talks about. I wanted to make

Wear Your Words

mamas smile amid parenting chaos. Bitchin Tees aims to celebrate all the beautiful, quirky, and funny moments of being a mom but keeping it real by letting the t-shirts say what is really on their minds. WHAT YOUR GOAL OR DREAM IS FOR BITCHIN’ TEES? This one is difficult to explain, but I want to be a one-stop shop of hap-

beautiful to look at! Magical Unicorn, Enchanted Galaxy and Mischievous Mermaids are some of the flavours in the range.

piness for moms. A shop where they can come to shop mainly for themselves, whilst adding little goodies for the rest of the family in the cart as well. We started with ladies T-shirts, and we added caps, tote bags, cups, baby onesies and dad tees to the site. It’s important for people to see me as a Bitchin’ (super cool) brand, and NOT a print shop. HOW DID THE GIN PRODUCTION COME ABOUT? This was all my husband. Before lockdown, he and one of his best friends ordered a copper still from Spain – for a hobby…then lockdown happened, and the delivery of our pot was seriously delayed.

Between the first and second alcohol ban, our pot managed to get through the borders and delivered. They then started playing around with rum, whiskey brandy and gin… and we called it Prohibition, cause we were in prohibition. We were doing research on gins, and flavours and I got the idea of adding edible glitter to our gin, to make it pretty….. and if you know me, you know I like anything and everything with pink, glitter and sparkle. During the research, we found our flagship flavour and an FDA approved alcohol glitter… and BOOM, “Unicorn” was born. At this point, our fantasy range was born and we have a range of gins which are as delicious as they are

DO YOU FORESEE OTHER BITCHIN’ PRODUCT LINES IN FUTURE? We are always looking out for new ideas – we are working hard on launching a monthly themed gin subscription box, we are supporting the Pink drive during October for breast cancer awareness with 10% of proceeds from our Breast Cancer tees sold during October going towards Pink Drive. ANNNDDDD we are launching a Christmas flavour gin and gift box for Christmas. The sky is not the limit…who knows what’s next!? I am super excited to see what the future holds for Bitchin’ Tees! Although they mostly cater to mothers, Bitchin Tees have made bridesmaids shirts, gym shirts, dog mom shirts and plenty more. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in their online store (or if you’re looking to create an equine specific one), you have the option to upload your own design and to turn that into a t-shirt as well. Check out our competitions page for an awesome giveaway from Bitchin’ Tees.

I 35

e h t t e G-down to lowgood skin

w w za


Yes. A guy’s skin is thicker, oilier and ages differently to that of a girl. Guys also produce more sweat than girls. A skin care routine should be based on your skin type, condition and lifestyle. Guys are often a little reluctant to follow a good skin care system, so when it comes to the guys, it’s important to focus on products that are easy to use and multi-functional. HOW DIFFERENT IS GUY’S SKIN? A guy’s skin is 25 percent thicker than that of a girl. This makes a guy’s skin rougher and tougher in texture. Guys have larger pores and produce more sebum, which is oil. Guys shave. Regular shaving stresses their skin, which can lead to sensitive, irritated skin. Shaving can also lead to cuts, razor burns (folliculitis), ingrown hairs and a weakened skin barrier. Guys shave, on average, 16,000 times in their lifetime and up to 40% of guys have shaving related skin problems such as skin irritation and over-exfoliation. Another difference between guys and girls’ skin is in the amount of sweat the skin produces. Guys produce double the amount of sweat than girls do. The excess sweat can easily trigger acne breakouts, and also leads to greater bacterial growth on a guy’s skin.

DOES CHOOSING YOUR SKIN CARE ROUTINE COME DOWN TO SKIN TYPE, AND DOES GENDER PLAY A ROLE IN ONE’S TYPE OF SKIN? Choosing your skin care regime should be based on your skin type and condition. Most guys prefer a moisturiser that is light-weight, quick absorbing and mattifying. Due to the extra sebum (oil) male skin produces, the skin tends to have a lower pH level than female skin. This means that their skin is more prone to acne breakouts and inflammation. As a result, it’s super important for guys to use pHbalancing products to balance their skin’s pH. When shaving the face, it is essential to use a blade that is very sharp. Also, make sure you use a product to lubricate your skin while shaving. Remember that over-exfoliation caused by shaving leaves skin vulnerable to sun damage. Research shows that male skin is more sensitive to UV damage than female skin. By the time guys reach the age of 65, they are twice as likely to develop melanoma (a form of skin cancer) than girls. Once guys reach the age of 80, they are then three times as likely to develop this fatal form of skin cancer. Of course, there is an easy way to prevent this from happening, and it all comes down to wearing sunscreen every day.

TOP RITES PRODUCTS FOR GUYS foam fighter - foaming face wash A daily foaming cleanser for gentle, effective cleansing to remove impurities and excess oil. It is antibacterial and non-comedogenic too.

power powder – exfoliating powder This powder scrub unclogs pores and refines skin texture, reducing blackheads and blemishes. It is an oil-free formula that leaves the skin noticeably smoother, clearer and more refined.

control freak – spf30 moisturiser This SPF moisturiser gives weightless protection that keeps skin matte, reduces blemishes, soothes the skin and protects it against harmful UV rays from the sun. It also reduces oil production without clogging pores. This leaves skin noticeably clearer and smoother. Don’t fall into the trap of not moisturising because you think you don’t need more hydration. Hydration is a key factor in normalizing the skin and balancing oil production.

LAST NOTE Although skin care industries have largely advertised their products to women, it’s just as important for guys to look after their skin, too. Good skin care is simple hygiene and with the exposure of stronger-thanever UV rays, as well as air pollutants and germs, no one is immune to skin damage regardless of their sex or gender. Try and build healthy habits by looking after your skin sooner rather than later friends. When it comes to skin, it’s like everything else in life: what you do every day matters more than what you only do once in a while.

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onies and politics, two of the most important things in life. And then, alas, there are pony politics, which is very different. They are also very unimportant, ironically, but passionately and loudly pursued. Us horse folk are renowned for our firm commitment to our opinions, and gosh darnit no evidence will change our minds - even when we occasionally land on our heads. So here are ten things horses can teach us about opinions, having them, sharing them, and possibly dare I say? - even changing them.

10 Things


From Ponies to Politics 38 I

October 2020

1. OPINIONS ARE LIKE BUTT HOLES; EVERYBODY HAS ONE The reality is that not everyone is all right, and not everyone is all wrong. Simply put with horses, you will never learn everything from someone and nothing from another, however much you might hate to admit it. I have seen top riders swallow their pride and get that natural horsemanship expert to come help them, I’ve seen the natural horsemanship expert ask another person for help, and you know what they both have in common? They are successful professionals. As Tim Minchin famously said, unlike your butt, you should thoroughly and frequently re-examine your opinions. 2. CHOOSE THE HILL YOU ARE GOING TO DIE ON, BECAUSE YOU JUST MIGHT Overly committed to feeding that horse up? Loud and proud about how people should ride? Outspoken advocate of “just get on it”? Yeah. You should reconsider. Luckily with political opinions they

stand minimal chance of physically humbling you - unless you are in the States on public health insurance, of course - but horses do not mind getting a point across. So before you insist your way is the only right way, you might want to consider the alternatives. 3. OPINIONS ARE LIKE ORGASMS - ONLY MINE MATTERS AND I DON’T CARE IF YOU HAVE ONE Just kidding, but not really. The things about opinions is that they are the lowest form of knowledge when based on what you think, and not on what is either true OR equally what is based on someone else’s experience. It is all too common to see a group of equestrians loudly talking AT one another as opposed to WITH one another, and that is because they aren’t seeking a common solution, but rather their own right to be heard. 4. WE CAN DISAGREE AND BE CIVIL… UNLESS YOU LIKE APPALOOSAS I personally am a fan of spots, but this is all too common in politics of

any kind, and to an extent it isn’t entirely wrong in that while we should tolerate others’, we draw a line at those who just want to be gross (don’t do it). As soon as an opinion excludes an entire demographic, it might be on the wrong side of the discussion. Likewise, as soon as grace does not extend to other people’s lived experiences, we need to have a good think about what our objectives in the discussion are. 5. JUST LIKE IN SHOWING - SEPARATE THE JUDGE FROM THE ROSETTE It is easy to hate a judge for OBVIOUSLY choosing the wrong winner of a class. MORON. Especially when your horse only reared once (yes, personal experience). But it is actually very possible - especially in equestrian warfare - to separate their perspective from yours, and possibly (gasp!) accept a legitimate criticism. It does not make you a lesser person to congratulate someone who did the job better than you, nor to learn from an experience - rather the opposite.

And if you want to ride a lot, losing is something you will become quite adept at! Luckily for losers, winners seldom get the opportunity to learn from their errors, whereas we do. 6. OMG DOES IT EVEN MATTER Some people think Arabs are better. Others prefer Warmbloods. If it doesn’t affect you, here’s the thing: they are entitled to their wrong opinion. Leave them be. You’ll never get where you are going if you stop to engage every person doing something weird, because guess what? THERE ARE A LOT OF THEM. 7. DISAGREEMENT IS NOT A BAD THING… long as you aren’t playing to be right, but rather to find the best solution. Just like negotiating a young horse into a horsebox, the experience needs to ultimately be constructive and for the greater good. It is best for the horse to get in the box so they can be transported for veterinary care, if nothing I 39

Credit: Unsplash / Pixelbay

else - it is best for your teeth and your trailer if they do that happily. If it is just you versus Sparkle, you’ve already lost because the point is not to senselessly dominate, but rather to eloquently and convincingly help the other party to rethink their policies. 8. OPINIONS ARE ABOUT THEM, NOT YOU Don’t take opinions personally. They always say more about the deliverer than the topic they are actually committed to. People grandstanding about “showing a horse who is boss” are often not the boss of their own life. Sometimes we can acknowledge this and allow it to create a little empathy for some40 I

October 2020

one who is being particularly foul. 9. BUT DID THEY ASK YOU? We often like to jump in and offer help, and one day my best friend butted in and said to me “But did they ask you?” (The cheek.) No, I’m just… “DON’T DO IT.” But I’m only trying to… “STOP.” Sigh. If you want to help, join a committee. It will cure your pathological need to save people and offer advice. Personal experience. 10. OPINIONS ARE MADE TO BE CHANGED Not theirs. Yours. Yes, you. Yes, me! If we aren’t willing to be wrong, or to listen, if we aren’t willing to authentically engage others and consider all sides of the dice, how will we ever get to either the

truth or the best solution? When I was young, I was so smart I knew everything about horses :) but as I get older I realise I know less and less, although I have forgotten more than I knew at 20. I think this is the surest sign of gaining knowledge as opposed to pure perception - the ability to consider others, to advocate passionately but without prejudice, always willing to truly hear and not just listen, so that we ourselves can become a better version of who we are. There are certain inalienable truths in life and horses, and one of them is that we will never all agree on one solution or outcome. If we are on the side of the solution, it is our onus to be gracious and always seek to reconcile dissent in as harmonious a way as possible. If we are on the opposing side, we need to re-evaluate our policies and perceptions, evaluate if we are bringing personal emotion to the table, and think carefully how best to recalibrate our attempts to throw a violent coup. I mean, convince others that our way is truly best. Our sport is too small for the amount of vitriol that is often brazenly dispersed. It leaves us hemorrhaging both professionals and potential patrons, young talent is demotivated or dissuaded, top talent is unsupported and frustrated. This is just my opinion, of course, and it is open for changing, but surely we could stand to be a little kinder, a little more educated, and a lot more collaborative.






IT'S Pawty Time F

or most of us, our dogs are family. They are our fur-children who are often treated much like their human siblings – from daycare and play dates to birthday parties and home cooked meals. If you’re feeling the pup-parenting pressure…read on, because there’s now a small business who will take care of the fussy eaters and the birthday festivities for you! Equestrian Life SA caught up with Jacqui Cranko, owner of Pupcakes Bakery… “I am an absolute dog person, slightly obsessed with my two beautiful whippets, Harvey and Jessie, who have extremely sensitive tummies. I decided to make them homemade food so that I knew exactly what ingredients were used in an effort to keep them fit and healthy for as long as possible. I then started selling food and treats to some friends and neighbours with fussy pups, as I can tailor make for their and their owners’ needs. I had such great feedback from cli42

October 2020

ents that their dogs coats are shiny again, they are not holding extra weight and they no longer suffer from bad breath. …and so Pupcakes Bakery South Africa was born! I wanted to create good, home-cooked food for dogs that different dog-friendly flavours of was both nutritious and afford- cakes and icing for the cakes and able. Thinking back, I remember pupcakes such as liver pate, peamy mom making our dog food and nut butter cream and sweet potato my granny used to feed her fussy swirl. My boy, Harvey is absolutely Yorkie Frankie chicken livers as he crazy about all things treats, so he refused to eat anything else. I de- has the perfect job of being taste cided to combine all the ingredients tester for all my experimental bakand ideas to create a complete and ing. That includes peanut butter balanced diet, with added calcium, and banana oat, ginger bread, livcoconut oil, bone broth as well as er bread and peanut butter whole the best and most healthy support- wheat, to name a few. ive vegetables for dogs. There are few things better than I currently have 3 different options receiving photos of pups with their available: Chicken, mince, and liv- birthday cakes and the “pawties” ers all made with rice and vegeta- which take place at doggy day care. bles. I also have a high protein op- I have since expanded into selltion, which is so good for growing ing party packs with ginger bread puppies and elderly dogs so as not bones, bow ties, party hats and to strain their kidneys. party bunting, your complete puppy From healthy homemade meals, party pack.” I started getting requests for Pupcakes and birthday cakes. I absolutely love baking, so it has been so @pupcakesbakerysouthafrica much fun coming up with Pupcakes Bakery South Africa

Many animal supplements contain up to 70% filler and the average mark-up from manufacturer to distributor is between 300 – 400% (which is further marked-up by retailers). Promix was created in 2000 as a prime, pure, affordable nutrition. It is produced by a first class ISO 2001 manufacturer under strictest agreement that only human-grade natural ingredients be used, with zero filler. All formulas were based on the maximum amounts allowed by the Department of Agriculture and are SA vet, USA-FDA and EU approved. Promix. For the love and care of animals. promixpets


Stockists: 083 726 7152

CONTRIBUTOR POST Training a horse has been likened to putting a cat in a bathtub without a bomb suit. There will be moments where you feel like you might be getting somewhere, and then all hell will break loose, and someone will inevitably lose a limb. But the end result is worth it so we persist…


aturally, the Germans have got it right. The German Training Scale is basically a cheat sheet for sticklers in getting it right. Those of you in the know understand that a horse is a bit like a canvas without the paint by numbers. You get one chance to get the foundation right and build out your Van Gogh or forever be left with a Picasso meets Lewis Carroll, and there was definitely LSD involved. So what is the German Training scale? A once aspiring dressage rider who had an inkling of what the outside rein was I decided to explore this phenomenon. The training scale developed from the manual for the German cavalry “Heeresdienstvorschrift H.Dv. 1912,1937”. Because if Germans have been consistent in one thing, it is war – ask the Visigoths who once stumbled upon a faltering Roman Empire and all but wiped them out. But I digress. The German Training Scale of “Skala der Ausbildung” (literally

44 I

October 2020



translated “Training Scale”) became more pervasive in the 1950s and literally spelt out the goals and principles for the training of a horse. With military precision – none of this bunny hugger Greek stuff such as the likes of Xenophon. There are six defined steps and three major phases in this process. Or if you have trained young horses, you will also know that there is a host of smaller steps in this pro-

cess – similar to Microsoft’s software version control – without a reboot option. TAKT (RHYTHM) The first step, this is where you get the horse accustomed to you, your weight, itself and its movement the goal is to achieve rhythm in the gaits. For lesser riders (read me) this is the moment where you first mount an octopus, a liquid being

with no steering, not even a modicum of self-control and a fear for all that moves and all that doesn’t move.

SCHWUNG (IMPULSION) Step four is impulsion… This is not speed, or put foot, instead it is defined as a “phase of suspension”. To me, this has literally translated to lying on the floor seeing my spirit suspended above me while I question my life choices. It is measured by the horse’s willingness to carry itself forward, which means different things to different horses, and breeds, and riders. In fact, I am not sure this should even be in the textbook – the concussion may be permanent.

Content Credit: Charlene Carroll

ANLEHNUNG (CONTACT / CONNECTION) Step three, this is where you are supposed to stop hanging on. Yes. I also have my doubts, but in black and white, it refers to where as a rider you are meant to “feel” the horse through the rein not “hold” onto the horse in a vice grip to bend its neck like a pretzel. The rein can be “taut” but not “interfering” your arms must move with and not against its mouth. So it’s a bit like a family argument about Donald Trump, you have to resist the urge to bludgeon someone but still hold onto your sanity, without letting go of the will to live. Yes no, I still don’t understand.

Image Credit: Unsplash / Pixabay

LOSGELASSENHEIT (RELAXATION) Step two refers to relaxation or looseness. According to the USDF (United States Dressage Foundation), relaxation is a mental state. So I am not entirely sure why as humans, we are allowed to ride young horses as they are mental and we are always in a state.

GERADERICHTEN (STRAIGHTNESS) Step five, straightness – do not read plank. Read “parallelism to the required line of travel”. Not left, not right, not weaving but also not plank (refer to impulsion). Think New York Fashion Week model where the mincing is not an inelegant ostrich but more a well-calculated gazelle. Each footfall matters and so does each swing of the hips a bit like seeing the performers at Beefcakes before happy hour. VERSAMMLUNG (COLLECTION). Step six is collection, the finale, the moment where you can air punch and announce your success or prowess to the world. This is the defining aha moment where the horse lowers and engages their hindquarters, shortening and narrowing, which then translates into lightness and mobility often referred to as your horse being “uphill”. This is where you can ap-

plaud yourself and head off to the dressage ring beyond the walk trot test. Unfortunately, a lot of these steps are a bit like trying to finish a puzzle with a blindfold on. You will have to fiddle your way through the pieces until you feel them fit together. When they all come together, and you get to remove the blindfold your puzzle will be complete. It is a lengthy, absorbing, but exceptionally rewarding process that will set your young horse up for life. As for the rider you require patience, persistence, a good medical aid and the number for a rehab centre. It can take years to get this training scale right, but it is as good for you as it is for your horse. It will make you a better rider and a more empathetic one. It is also part of the treasure hunt for the outside rein. So saddle up and enjoy the ride. I 45


Nourish Kitchen




The New Liquid Gold


n an era where rushing is the norm and dietary intake is often compromised as a result of convenience over quality, there has been a major shift towards the consumption of bone broth as a wonder-tool for health and general body wellness. Whilst our great grandparents made bone broth in an effort to be thrifty and extract every last ounce of goodness and nutrition form whatever they were cooking, we’re starting to see the role of traditional cooking methods in overall wellness and the healing benefits that come with it. Now just to clarify – we realise we don’t all have 24 – 48 hours to

46 I

October 2020

slow cook bones (nor does Eskom often give us that uninterrupted length of time before an ‘unplanned’ bout of loadshedding) BUT major retailers like Woolworths are now stocking bone broth (at a price obviously, but again… convenience). And for those who aren’t sold on the thought of drinking the not-so-appealing looking liquid, the good news is you can rather incorporate it into your meals if you prefer – in stews, sauces and gravies or even as a replacement for stock in dishes like risotto or paella. Still need some convincing? Here are 4 healing benefits of Bone Broth which may just inspire you to click ‘add’ on your online shopping cart:

The tradition of boiling animal bones until the water becomes a thick, flavourful broth is hardly new. Bone broth dates back to ancient times but, over the past few years, this collagen-rich liquid has been elevated to super food status. 1. BONE BROTH IS ANTI-AGEING Bone broth contains large amounts of collagen that forms the structural building blocks of healthy skin - giving you a youthful glow and helping to fight the


signs of ageing. Collagen also supports hair growth, skin regeneration and assists in keeping your nails strong. 2. BONE BROTH IS BONE BUILDING Bone broth also includes a number of vital minerals including calcium, phosphorus and magnesium that are essential for helping create and maintain strong and healthy bones. 3. BONE BROTH SUPPORTS YOUR GUT Bone broth is reportedly one of the best foods to consume for those suffering from digestive issues, as it is rich in the amino acid glutamine, which acts to heal and seal the gut, making this broth beneficial for those suffering from chronic inflammation or leaky gut syndrome.

Clean Food Crush

The Kitchn


4. BONE BROTH IS ANTI-INFLAMMATORY The length cooking time required for bone broth means that cartilage and tendons are broken down, releasing anti-inflammatory compounds, chondroitin sulphates and glucosamine which are found in expensive supplements for arthritis and joint pain. Bone broth is also a source of gelatin which helps to keep your joints young and flexible. As far as we can read there are far more good reason as to why you should make bone broth a part of your diet as opposed to reasons why you shouldn’t. Apart from the above it is also rumoured to help promote better sleep and support weight loss (#winning). If you’re keen to make your own bone broth, or some dishes that use bone broth as a key ingredient, we’ll be posting recipes on the website during the course of October so be sure to keep an eye on I 47 39

Discover the Discipline of Vaulting (Part 1)


New Heights

Vaulting is an equestrian sport that can easily described as gymnastics performed on a moving horse. Self-proclaimed dressage-diva, Georgie Roberts takes a dive into vaulting (not literally) to give us the low down on what can be considered an under-rated discipline in South Africa. 48 I

October 2020


aulting is considered a foundation equestrian sport throughout much of the world, beginning as a team sport with individuals graduating to solo performances. The horse initially walks, and later on canters, on the left rein around a circle of a minimum diameter of 15m, controlled by the longeur, who is also often the coach. In Europe it is a standard way to begin riding careers affordably, socially, and to learn essential skills in a controlled environment before becoming disciple specific. It should be harmonious, an exhibition that is both acrobatic and artistic, part athletic and part expression.

DID YOU KNOW? We spoke to SA’s own international showjumping superstar, Lexi Stais, and she credits her early vaulting career with her renowned “stickability” on young horses! She says that the owner of the German yard she is based at, Hilmar Meyer, laughs when she manages to save herself in tricky situations and says vaulting taught her to sit anything… and look good doing it. HOW DOES COMPETING WORK? Firstly, and super important: there is a serious theatrical show vibe which I LOVED. Vaulters choose themes which decide their costumes, make up, and music. They work with their coach to really embody their character and design all elements of their show, which basically means watching this is like drama + dancing + ponies + death defying jumps = AWESOME. There are two components, the COMPULSORY (technical test) and the FREE TEST (the artistic chore-

Content Credit: Georgie Roberts Photo Credit: Daniel Ellwanger


A BRIEF TIMELINE OF VAULTING IN SOUTH AFRICA 1995 Eric Bianci of Southerns Riding Centre introduced vaulting

1999 Barbie Gertenbach of Riba Stables became involved and started the discipline association

2004 SANEF recognised it as a discipline

2005 4 juniors qualified for European Championships

2006 A squad attended the World Equestrian Games and again 2010, 2014, 2018

2011 Saw 11 vaulters represent SA at European Championships

2020 There are clubs in Gauteng (6), Natal (2), Western Cape (1)... and more provinces are initiating!

Gauteng Vaulting Michelle Blaauw KZN Vaulting Glyniss Braum Western Cape Vaulting Jacqui Tacknis

ography). They are passionate about harmony with the horse, and competitors are judged on their ability to smoothly execute compulsory movements demonstrating strength, flexibility, and balance - making sure to face all four directions and cover all parts of the horse from neck to croup - during their routines. They are also evaluated on the technical difficulty and artistic expression associated with freestyle routines. The winner has the highest average marks, which are awarded thus: 1. Horse score = 25% of each test mark; this is marked by a separate judge. It is awarded for the horse’s obedience (it is frowned upon to help riders catapult), quality and consistency of gait (either walk or canter - trotting is very bad for everyone on board!). 2. Compulsory test score = 25% horse, 75% exercises - these are always in the same order, and are regimented to assess technical proficiency and ability. 3. Free test score = 25% horse, 25% artistic, 50% performance (technique) - you have just 1 minute to show the test you have designed from the moment you touch horse or surcingle / pad. The worst case scenario for vaulters is if your eyeshadow smudges. But seriously, if you fall off you can still get back on and continue your test with a penalty, which is great for kids. DIFFERENT TEAMS AND DIFFERENT GRADES - Remember that the longeur / lunger is a given part of this team and contribute heavily to the performance of the horse at

FEATURE the show but not the vaulters. - You can compete as an indi vidual, in a pas de deux (2), or as part of a squad of 6 (but only 3 vaulters are allowed on the horse at a time) - E Grade (all in walk, novice level), - D Grade (compulsory test is in canter, freestyle is in walk) - C Grade (1*, all performed in canter) - B Grade (2* - this is the top performance category for juniors age 14 - 18) - A Grade (3* - there is an added technical test) - 4* vaulters are the masters! WHAT AGE MUST YOU BE TO START VAULTING? Can you walk? You can join! OKAY I’M IN… WHAT NEXT?! So please join us for an introductory class or lesson where you can meet our coaches and horses and experience vaulting for the first time! We can connect you with the relevant local club, and if there isn’t one but there is interest, we are only too thrilled to help set you up! Our discipline association shares a great passion for all things equine and athlete, and we are looking for more enthusiastic members to both enjoy our sport at grassroots level, and take it through the stratosphere. All you need is leggings and sneakers and a smile! For more information or to schedule a fun day anywhere in SA, please contact our fresh and fantastic VASA President, Janine Turner, for assistance: or visit I 49

Western Cape

KwaZulu Natal


T: 061 414 9147

T: 031 768 1453

T: 083 661 1543

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