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Dear valued customer...

On behalf of the Equinox Group we would like to welcome you to Hotel 502 on Camelback, Phoenix. Whether you are here for business or leisure, we have a variety of facilities to ensure your stay with us is both enjoyable and comfortable. You will find in this compendium all the relevant information to assist you with our facilities.

We are always trying to reduce waste, electricity and environmental impact the Hotel is responsible for. From our desertscaped gardens to our low flow shower heads, we are undergoing continual improvement in this area. We greatly appreciate all efforts guests make to help us out with this. We trust you will enjoy your stay with us. If you don’t like anything, let us know. If you do like Hotel 502 then please let the world know by using trip advisor!!

Kind regards, The Hotel 502 Team






Please turn off when you leave the room (reducing energy costs will keep hotel room rates down).

Hotel 502 has 2 washers and driers. You will need a handy stash of quarters. Reception will provide you with washing powder.

Normally 12 noon but rules are made to be broken so please ask for an extension if you need it.

Let’s be up front. You are at a hotel. You want comfort and to be pampered. We will change your towels and bedding and make sure they are cleaned we don’t have a money saving policy where the card that you display means you don’t get fresh towels daily! Bed linen is changed every 2nd night. Please leave towels on the floor if you want them changed.


Please let us us know if you have an issue. We do try our very best, but are aware of how annoying it is not to have a great experience.



Local medical emergency centre: address phone number

Instructions are written on the Keurig machine and the pods are included in the service charge. Enjoy!



Ours is opening soon for lunch and dinner. Until then we can offer some great recommendations (and no we don’t get a kickback ) within the new central Camelback eating precinct. Walk...don’t drive!

We are greening up - so please help by switching off lights and A/C, reusing towels and using the trash cans provided.


We need positive feedback and we will deal with negative feedback. If you aren’t happy let us know. If you are happy then let the world know.


We have an onsite Security Guard present at all times. Just dial reception if an issue arises. We also have a locked safe available at reception for valuables.


24/7. Our gym is located in the north block on ground floor (you need your room key for access) Take a towel from reception... but if you don’t give it back $5 will be donated from your room account to our hotel! Alternatively L.A. Fitness across the road has day passes. Just do it!


Normally we require our guests to have an engineering degree to operate our vintage era shower. However if you don’t have the necessary qualifications, here are a few tips. So unwind the centre to get water to flow and use lever for hot and cold.


In some rooms hot water may take time to come though as it does have to travel from the centre of the earth! If this doesn’t work call the front desk and please do cover up when our staff visit to help you!

We have bags at reception if there is no ice machine at the end of your corridor. Bring your bucket and we will top you up! Alternatively head to the end of the North Block level 3 corridor.



If you take things in the room by “mistake”, we will charge your credit card heavily as we have to spend time and money replacing things. So clock radios, charging ports etc. are off limits.


Yes at your own risk, please no glass, wear a bathing suit and please be very quiet if you swim after closing time. Towels can be checked in and out with our reception. Official hours are 8am to 11pm....but be quiet at other times and we are unlikely to find out! Pool towels are available from reception.

Surely we don’t have to tell you how a TV works? But if so, here’s a hint; point the button covered thing at the black box and press the buttons!


Are in the lobby and on most floors at far end (from lifts) off the corridors.


Aren’t you on holiday? Even so if you want to be woken (don’t ask us how to set the clock radio’s far too technical!), dial 0 if you want a wakeup’s easier!!


Many have been fooled into thinking their smart phones will connect automatically for them (it is a smart phone after all ) but alas, you yourself must log in as usual with the user name and password given to you at check in.


room info


9 for an outside line (there is no dial tone), 0 for Front Desk, 1 plus the room number for room to room calls.


We charge $10.00 night plus tax as a service charge in addition to your room rate. However there is no service charge for Deluxe rooms, Family rooms and Suites.

Calls nationally are included in the service charge.



Airport transfers. We can call you a cab, Uber or better still just jump on the light rail outside our door!

Banquets, Special events. We have 4

rooms as well as the pool and are able to cater for 10 - 250 people. We are happy to provide catering or you can bring in your faves!

Breakfast is served daily including

cereals, freshly baked bread, pastries, bagels, seasonal fruit, yoghurt and scrambled free range eggs. Breakfast is available from 7 – 10am in the Pierson Room (included in the service charge).

hotel 502 info

Parking (included in the service charge). You can park close to your room. Parking Is available at the front, side and rear of the hotel.

Deluxe rooms are fully refurbished, flat

screen TV’s and don’t have service charge added.

Pets. The little critters can

Electric car charging station Located at

stay if they behave, but an extra cleaning charge will be taken from your card.

rear of hotel (user pays).

If you still use a Fax then come see us at reception and we will dust off our machine!

Pool bar. At the moment

Fitness room. Located on ground floor

we have limited seasonal hours with wine beer and snacks. If you are part of a group and want us to open it up, then please ask.

of North Block. Turn right to the the very end of the corridor. Located on the right.

Fruit, water, coffee and tea are available in lobby 24/7.

Restaurant. Ours is

Massage Our room is in the North block

opening soon for lunch and dinner. Until then we can offer some great recommendations (and no we don’t get a kickback) within the new central Camelback eating precinct. Walk...don’t drive! See the eConcierge button on our website.

(turn right and go to the end of the corridor) Reception will book a time for you and advise the charges.

Mini business centre. iPad and printer in foyer available for guest use. Printing will print to Front Desk and incurs a fee if you need to print a lot.

Music throughout public areas (if the

Wifi is available in guest

music drives you mad, then please do ask us to change the channel).

rooms and public areas.


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hotel 502








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11 12



1. Fry’s and AJ’s Whole Foods 602.230.7015 5017 N. CENTRAL AVENUE

602.200.0085 300 W CAMELBACK ROAD

3. Changing hands bookshop 602.274.0067 302 W CAMELBACK RD

4. Postino

602.274.5144 5144 N. CENTRAL AVE

5. Federal Pizza

602.795.2520 5210 N CENTRAL AVE

6. The Windsor

602.279.1111 5223 N CENTRAL AVE

7. St Francis

602.200.8111 111 E CAMELBACK RD

10. Churn Icecream 602.279.8024 5223 N CENTRAL AVE

11. Maisies

602.274.2828.4 750 N CENTRAL AVE

12. Hulas Modern Tiki 602.265.8454 4700 N CENTRAL AVE

8. Lux Coffeebar

13. Starbucks

9. Joy Ride

14. McDonalds

602.327.1396 4402 N CENTRAL AVE


local eateries

2. Southern Rail Restaurant

602.277.0021 730 WEST CAMELBACK

602.265.6722 750 W CAMELBACK RD




local attractions

• • • • • • • • • • • • • •

LA Fitness (1 min) Town and Country shopping centre (light rail) Biltmore Shopping Park (10 mins by car) Melrose 7th Ave Antique District Downtown Phoenix Arizona Centre Chase Field Convention Centre Roosevelt Row Phoenix Art Museum Heard Museum (by light rail) Sky Harbor Airport (15 mins by car or on the light rail) Old town Scottsdale (20 mins) US Airways Centre

*Our Front Desk staff are always happy to help you with transport, tourist adventure bookings, open hours and directions. Just call reception by dialing 0, or pop down to have a chat.

Visit Phoenix 400 E. Van Buren Street, Suite 600 Phoenix AZ 85004 (602) 254-6500 11

contact: 502 W Camelback Drive Phoenix Arizona 85013 602.264.9290


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