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llId_trial Supplier live Air Hole


eM 3 PIt PVCIII ... produda ... for IIIV If'P"O*n lilt ........ pettormIIa The IIIIOCIIhCKDI* cower ...... will UV....... ,.. PVC"IIII--.nt 01 Md Scuff Raj_a to enIIUI8lhe hIgIIItI quIIly procIud The met.rWllMd to IIIIIIUt.cIure IhII'__ cI--.8pedlcaly to ~ ... producI •• celenl II cold or hOC "111*.... to reduoI Qget'8lor IIItIgut 51...., R~ are .veIIbIe in baIh (31).nII (4 I) on2OOf* 3001* InII 3SOpeI WOItc Producl cen be ordefed In bulk ro... precUI lel9M or oomplete UMITlblies de~ on your re~.,.melllS




PU Air Hose PU ! Ail Hcne

PU Stralght Air Hose

1/4"{&mI) 10 lfo("(lS1mm)


01.1 lin. of PolyurelNne Straight and Reootl p~1ICts .re detlgntd IOflow lewl Ipplce1loMlllat require alghlwelghl flexiblehoM Wong .nough 10reptl most oils Ind c:htmlc:tll. The 8011poly,.. tnane hOM011"" .xu"'" abrtllon r•• lnee Ind InClude_ I W 1,liIIan! material The Highly KInIt-Resistanl RKOli produd help' to limit dalTllgt from ~Ing or crushing superior fte)CiliI~ and createsleliS UNr llligue PIoduci can be order.d in bulk, preCYIlengths or complele usembllte depending on your r,qulr'ement1


lt4"(8mm) to

3I8"(lllmm} 1fo("(6mm)to 3I8"(IDmm) 1I4"(6mm) to 3I8"(IDmm)

PU ReoolAlrHose

EVA Air Tubing Our economy Ine 01I_r 00&1EVAStraight and Reool producI& ara designed lor low level pr • ...". applbtlona ttw require a Ilghlwe:lgiIl fluiblt hO$I '!rong enough 10 repel moll oila Ind chemicals. The dureble EVA hose 0~1'5 e)(olll,nl abrasion resrst.nee and Includes a W r,!lillant mall!rial. The Highly K1nk-Reslstanl Recoil product help'1O limit dall1llge ',om twilling or crushing with Is superior lIexllilly and creates Ie" u.. ,lIligue PIoduQl un be order.d In IMllk, preCUllength&or comptele assemblies depentl~ on your ,equlr'emenlll.

1I....(6mm) 10 3i&"(IDmm)


PE Air TUbing

PE AirTUbing

01.1 economy line 01 IQwer COlI PoIyethy1ene Straight Ind Recoil productl InS de~ned tor low lev" prtMUt. IPPQUOM tNt requtre a 1igt1tweigh1flelOblehoM wong enou~ 10llpe' moSI oils and cIIIrNcels TIll dUllbie PE 1'10.. otitIS I_hent IbIU«ln "tIIllnee Ind Includes 1 W rHlStanl maltrial TIll ~hIy ICink-RlSIItanl RIOOII produd tltl". 10 limit dIJMga from IW1:SIJng 01et\I5hIng With lis suptrlor III~ IIICI erl"" Ie. UIIr fatigue Produc:t cen be ordelld In bo.Ak,precullenglhs 01compIetl l_mbIH depending on )'OW requil1tmenls




Nylon Air Tubing OIoIlne of Nylon lublng prodtJal; are englneered tor many eppllc;ltlons Including pnewnallc ~1lI'. loncullure 011Une. and mos1indu$lrial projeds wnere nylon tubing II used. The produc:I Ind hl$ IJCceIII'"band 11<*1plull hiving IlCcenlnllHill.nCl to crusl'liog .• In.ion, CI'Ic.I6lIg Ind lIe~ural I,Uaue Of IuD, vibratIOn


5132"( 4mm) 3116"(5mm)

"""( 6mm) s/16"(8mm)

Nylon Air Tubir1g

PVC Bath and Shower Hose 0", bllh and l.t'iower hOM JS • 3 PLYoonstruetJon thet 00""" 0' • White innt, tUba. R.lnIOfOlm.nt lllal could haw colOftd Imad If re~lred. covar.d wah d .. , CM.IWd,cover Ma,."11 UMd 11. non-40.x: WIthgood IImp1l1tutl Ittlstanee Alto Iv .. llbit In lltall peCkllged product. Of bIJI( depending on YCM.Ir ne~

7.Gmm 318"(8.5mm)

PVC Gasoline Hose

PVC Guolne Hose

Our ht~ qualcy line 01home PVC guoIN hose • produced In I 3 PLYoo.... NCllOn'Mth illicit InIlIIIUba detlgned to, home ~ gas enemals. lynthttIC reinforcement Ind oolOred red mall ftnan outside co~r. The product Is very ftext)Ie. sott end elSY 10 use

S/16"(8mm) 3f8"(tDmm)




wIIIlhe CUIIomIr In mind' n.3 PLV ClOnIIndon pIOYidea Ihe CIIIIOIIWf WIh ... 112"(12 7mm) 10 _ .. mpemurea'*-n (-6 10 1"(25 <Imm)

Our IN of PVC a..n Hole .. engII __


WIt! cover Ind tIldnIlIIrIIng ,.~ .... 10 IwIdIe Ind IIgI'Neight product ttwt IS very..... SO'CY(23 F to 122 F )

PU Garden Pipe 0I.w ~I'III of Polyur.thlne R~ Gilden H~ is In ldell subllltlt. IoIlIInderd PVC This ItghlWtight "'.~ hoM 10 IN probltms "Ioa.ted wtth hoM r"" Ind hoM IIOrege The PU mater1alll.* to re1lSl moel oU., dlemtCIls Ind wlh sped" ptOCeSSlIIO' good qulJtty 01 UV resisance This highly klnk.fHlfilanl reee. product IS



In UMmbMd


3/8"(1 Omm)1O li2'(12.7mm)

SO'end 100'

EVA Garden Pipe 0I.w fine 01 Economy EVARecoO Garden Hose Iii an leIeal ~~lteIO( lIandard PVC or PU Thlt Ilg11Iwelghllle)(ible 1'10.. Is engineered to eliminate U. problem a.lJOd.,ed WIthhoM reellind hose .. cn~ The eV/I; mele~11$ able 10 re~. molt oils chemicals Ind with $!)telll pt'oc:.tIlng. QOOdqu.1i1Y01UVrfttSUlnCI This h~1y klnk........ "' rec:ol prodUce .. lvallable In I ... mbled lengths or 25', 50' Ind 100

3/8"(IOmm) 10 211"(t2.7nvn)

EVA G~rden Pipe

Watering Wand This p'o~CI ~kes w,ulring In(loO(plan.. uay WIth our SmaUOiameler Rec:oUHose k. The product Is IVlillble In bOIl! PU .nd I lower 00II eVA

4.5mm 10

meltllalt TN 1(j1includes 50' 011'1011with IUlChed wlteMg wend .... mbly for ICClsa 10 thoR hard 10 reach places.. The watering wand hal en I~u.tlbll s.tltng from heavy rain to a Ight mist and slop.

Mill Hose OIA" HIgh au.11lY 1M 01 FWI Fighting


HolIS_ ocns&l\ICIedwiIh I jlCkal made oil ~ high w.ng1h poly .... r ylm krinmO. The l8etory oilers S~1e )lcket or double pekel optIOn, that InclUde excelenlllnslon, o. end dlemlc:ll rnl5Qnee TM Innet intI'S can be made from the 1oiowIt1Q ma1enals Synthetic RubMr, Natural Rubber. PVC or PoIYlM'ethlne IJm Uned OIt1etent colon; ava,lable.

1-II2"(38mm) 10 ."(100nvn)

Mil Hose

Our PVC Flte HoM. I .. ~ghlwe!ghl end f1eldble wIh b 1I1100thInCeriorlMUr .. minimal pressure loss several appllcatJons ava haDie and product 50Id In preOUllenglN or bl..Ck depending on your requlremelft.. Colors: Black.. Red, Grein. W,P 7 5Blr(110pei) 10 IOBar(I50psi) B,P.:30Bar(45Op&1) to 4OBer(lIOOpsl)

OUr PVC Flte Hos.a. Ire lightweight and n.Jdble wlU't Ittsmooth Imer1o-r.SIlJre. minimal pleHUre loss Several applications avaiabi@and product sold 1Mprecul1engths or bl..Ck depending on your requ(rernera. Colors: Black. Red, Gleen

WP.:158ar(2SOp6I) B P.:60Bar(IOClOp&t)

", \0'





Our PVC Fire Hoaes are 19hIweigtt and !IeJobIe wit! is emooth inlenor eMUres minmal preaure 1055 s.veral applications avalable and product aoId til preCUl1engtha or WIt dependlflg on YO1M' requtrements Co~路 BIadI. Red, Green

WP l509ar(22OOp11) B P'460BIIl66OOpsi) Co2 Fire HOM

112"(127mm), 3I4路(19mm),

I "(2S,4mm).


9.5mm.1 cmm. 12.6mm. l&'nm





PVC uyn.t DiKtI8rgI ....

PVC leytllt o.c:tIerge HoM

OUr ~ IlaM PVC DIIcIIIrge ley host Is~ WIIh 11'1 open "'"" IHIIenglh ~ne _nt ~ tlllwMn _ .. of PVC eo b«lome _ homogeueoua una wilt! e III'IOOItIInlide lIy., 0Iher benellts Indude good lulbllly. conoum end UV rniItAnt covlr for Igmg rHItUnoe.

,O(254mm)to 8"(2032mm)

PVC Suction Hose

PVC Suclllln HOM

Our HGh OUalayline of PVC SucIIOnHose 115 spedalIy dHigned lot IUdIOn or InIIIWr applac:a1lO1l5where VlSUiSlfIowIs prelem!d The produd Is conSlJUCted from I very ftexJble conugated deer PVC Vo1th a amoolh bore end an Olemal rigid PVC heb thll.allows for eaIY d"gg"~ Avariety of coIOI'$lIMaJll)k:ellOnsare .valll~

lf2"(12.7mm) 10 1-1f2"(38mm)

EVA Water Pipe O~ line of EVA'WaterHose is a IIghtwelghl ftexible hote engineered to reMt most oilt, c:htmlcal, and wilh tpeOial prooeS5ing a good quality of UV re.~t.nce Thot llfoduCl can be ordered In oolk, prec:ullengtha or complete aS5l!mblie. depending on your laqulremenll.


EVA \lllatar Pipe

PU Water Pipe O~ tine of PU Waler Hose Is a lightweight lex.ible hose engineered to raW mosl oila, c:htmlcalt and with speoIalllfOceseing • good quality of UV re515tenee Th'llfoduCl can be ordered In bulk, precuc lell9ths or complete assemblies depending on vour r.qulremen~ PU\lllatar Pipe


PVC Soaker Hose OUr hl~ quality tine of Clip IrTiglllon PVC Soek.r ho.. 1a 1Mfr.ct lor any garden IPphcallOn The Wiler _ps through thou$an(b of pores and the producl can be burled for deeper _king and r.SlstS mold and fungal gIOWIh Tht host II.H)' 10c.. an .nd comtS In 1ht.. bnutlfIJi colors. Gleen. Blue, and YelcW Av.lable In precut I.ngth. of 25', 50' and 100' WIth ~ Of pastlc fttbngs in u.s. or 8tlIish

5I'Ir'( 16mrn)

PU I Nylon High Pressure Oil Hose

PUI Nylon HighP,_..

PolyUrtlhlM ma..nal fDr 1ht Exlltnlllaytr. anclNylon mallrlalln 1ht InltflOr tUM WIth relnforcemlnt made of h4gl'llntenslty lety1eneyam The product I'IIs Ixcelttnt performl'_ IlfOpet1le$ due 10 the consVucbon m.~riI" whidI gIVes this hoM good rtsisl.llnc.lo oIl, _allW,UV lIghl end .bnlsion. Greellor eny eppllcellOn IhIt _ Oil and chtmala under hI~ pres:sur. whJe nte<ing I fl@xible quality hoM

!iI32"('inlm) 3/18"(Smm) 1/4"(6mm)


OilHo ..

Nylon Tubing O~ line of Nylon tubing products Ire ~Meffd for many Illp(k:atlons IncIud~g pneumatc linel. Igrfculture, 011lines Ind most [ndU$lrill PfoJed$ where nylon tubln; Is UNdo Tho ptodUcll1 UgNweltlhtand has e~eeI1entbend radii plln hiving IKOInent relllSlanca to c:ru5hino,abrasion. craClang and llexural fatigue OJ tube vlbraUon.

5f3T(<4mm) 3/18"{5mm) 1/4"(6mm) SlIe"(Smm)

Nylon Tubing

Rubber Fuel Oil Hose ~ smooth Slack NlTRll RubberTube. Ot and Fuel Resillant R.lnforOiment. ,.XllII bnlldtd t"(Ih IInsit synthtLie yam



Rubber Full Oil HoM

Cov.r: smooth Slack NEOPRENE Rubber that has oU,oozone_th., reMlant p-op«rtles

Ind abnlslon

Applications Fualsy1ttmS Include galO,",. dlt.llllll. allO IUillbi. lOr toadtng .nd unloading lank elIl$ automobileS ollre~ and 01 ,,1I11d indueanalsIpplIcalkIM TlmPl"t~. -40 t:+ 100'( SrandMlg 15 requesl ltl1lllh 40, SOMI .. requesl Standard, J30R2 TYPE 1.2, JJORlII 8SAU 10lIl2

3/1 S"(Smm) to





C'" NonoRMnforad PVC1\dIing EirtreInIti ......

PVC ~ • lUlled faf generallDw ~ 1ndU*tII ..... 1IonI. For of IIquIda. 11M"end ., .. of.utatlle grarUIr lIZ. TIw lulling lalMCle torn PVC COft'Ipounci AIIhough It II~ il'lttnded faf .pplQIb.. wMre pr-. Ia noc MMI1IIaf. ThIs PfodUCI0'" good dlemlc:aland abf .. lOn ,. ... nee

ItIe ~

'1418mm)1D 2"(S t""")

Clear Reinforced PVC Hose Our lane of ayaIal Clear rel1lorced hoses OOI1$ISls of a 3&ayl!f homogeneola uM W'lttlluoenl lber r.l1lorcemenl In an extremely fleXlble hote ""iable lor hoghworkong ptHIUI' unci., h,1Sh con61lOM APPUCATIONS lI~e ltIdustry,lIIhefy,prOject and household


5r37(4mm) 10 7(5Imm)

Cienel'allnduWlaI appilcaUonli Indude ladory pneumatic lines and automation machinery

PVC Steel Wire Reinforced Hose Our Un. of Non - Toxic .n cleM PVC HOIiflReinforced willi High Slnnglh ZInc pllted metll wire has excellent elaS1!dly, lIe)(ibjfoty, high ne~ prt'6&Ure end COffO&lOOreliltance WIth. .",.1 bend ,.diutl This product was ecngineeredfor many .ppIc8UO"'lncludlr~r ~rlCUI1ural pump machlnety, fuel stations, pe1rOI!!tImequipment. mining projeda, IndulltIiIl and food grede manufadwlng proce1i8U call)'ing Iiquldll, air, fuels, .~Ion end drllnage of powder dust. This prodUCl is a good 6lJb5tilule for rubber ho.. Appllcable temperature 10 'C - 60'(.'

3I8"(IOmm) to


PVC Agriculture Spray Hose Our AgtiCUlturel HJgIIPrulu'e Spray Hose is deSigned with a Inner tube made 110me apeCiaI cornpoc.mdthat IS hJg~ chemlca..,. ... nt HIgh Inl.nsJty tery1en. bfaJdlllg IIlnlorctment is tsptdally stlOI'G for ntnuous ptfformanee The PVC COIting lias UV Ind scuff

7.5mm,8mm 8Smm,IOmm

,..ttanl lallum to ensure long ill. Avakblt In300,

eoo and 800pti

work pr_res In ddlerenl colDfS. AI., aVIII.bIt are (3) typH of IiIOY hole reela from SOmel .... lenglt\ Ind up

Portable Garden Hose Reel Our fine of portable garden hoae reel can stole up 10 15Oft.(4Sm)of 1fT hose or 12011(35m) 112"-15Oft.(045m) 01518" hoM RU$I and c:orrolllOnreSistance Easy to a.saemb6ewaholA tooll 518"-2011(315m) Packaged In color box

Garden Hose Reel with Toolbox Our line o'gardenhoee reel will\loolboxcsn 5tore up to 150ft.(45m)of 112"hOM 01 120ft (35m) of st8" hoae. RUSIand corrosion resistance EI6Y 10• _mblt wllho ut tools Pac:k.aged·In color box

1fT-I5On.(45rn) 5/8"-120ft (35111)

Garden Hose Reel Our 11M01garden hOM ,..1 can 110,. 518" hOM Rust Ind corrosion reslste_ Packaged to COlorbox

up 10 lSOIl(46m) 01 1fT hose 01' 120ft (35m) 01 Eesy to .... mble without toolt


51&"-'2011 (35m)

Rubber Car Heater Hose TUbe EPOM blended. black. smooth R.lnfofCtmtnl· teldie bf1lided high tenliile &ynlhebc yam Cover blade or red EPOM blended, lM!atner and Abrasion rHlstanl, smooth AppicatlOns Transferring hot water or air In automoble or generallndUSlltal usage aupplylng or d!echarge. Ttmpef1l1Ure' -30 'C • 100 C Standard. DlN 13410

lI8-(IOmm) to


KAIROS Rubber .....

Industrial Supplier Blat Hole

TiM blldllIIIIIIIIIc .....................

Mllleroampound RelntrMOIIMnI,1I¥ Nylon coni ply c-r b11d18brnIon and 8IIIIIDIIc MIber A"*-1IDna: fDr ~ ~ CIdng poIiIhlng. c:.IIng _1V~_rvtcn Temper... -«>C +IIOC

112"(127I11III) to T(2!5.<Imm)

Jackhammer Hose SmooItl _mil. EPOMINR ~dI Rubbet T~ 01 M... ReMtanI Spnl or brlldecI polyKCet teflloroemenL Abfasjon and sunlJghI resl!lalll EPOM MIller Ot:NfIf 300psI wondrG Pfeaalre, 1200pII bini p!e1SUte, lMnpefallft range of .2& F to 17e F (-331. -80c:) Co!()($.vadable yellow, maUred. blue.~ ... A... mbty Include, unl'lle,..1 coupll~ .. ,.~ W1th Ba~ dtm~ .~ ... d SIIIn~rd ,.. cut I~"" sa roll Can be purchased In bulk or oilier precut lengths depending on your r.edt..


Oxygen and AcetylenefWelding Hoses Tube EPDMISBR blended, bIaok, smoolh ReInforcement teKttle btalded high ten&le IiYnthetlc: yam Cover: EPDMlSBR blended, red and bfte, smooth, wuther and ozon .b,ulon re..lstant AppilcalionlJ; 10, conveying welding 985e1>. FltIlnguv.llable, Temperllure. -«>"C• 90C Stllndard ISO 3821, DIN 8541, 8S 5120, SIS 248265 En559

3116"(Smm)10 T(51mm)

3I16"(Smm) 10 T(S11M1)

Rubber Air Hose Tube SBR blended, btaGk, 15ll1OOth ReInforcement textilebrllded ~ tensile sy~1ic yam Cover EPOMtSBR blended. IlIaclc. or red yellow,weather and Dl'On rMillaIll ~ range..,_ In ~ .-.sb18I_ mobilesIho9 pMUMOlictooI&..1e Temperallft -3S C + 8O"C Blass IiItlng ISSItmblles i& available Stllndird BS 5118 TYPE 1.2

311e"(Smm) to T(5tmm)

LP.G(propane) Hose Tube NBR black, amooIh Relnforceme,.. telCtlle brlided high tensIe aynthelic yam Covlr. OrtrQI NEOPRENE mtndIcI, malerialS that haYl oI,Dl'On.welllltf IIMtaI"ol propeltll ... AppUcalloos: for conveyance of Iiq(jd gas, homa bu~ sy5lem Tamperature -35-C • !lOr Standard: BS3Zt2J2 OIN.eI5

Ind abr.. .,n

311e"(Smm) to T(51mm)

Rubber Water Hose

Rubber .......ter Hose

Tub, SBR blended, black, smooth Rllnforcement: lI)(till brllded high 1In1i11 synthttJo yam Cover: EPOMrSBR bIIndld, blick, 0( led, Weather Ind Abrasion r.lIstant, _th or ftuted Application.: gerotralweter servlce!n Indu• gerd,,,., garage "Pray, WllInng lew", Ttmperall •• , -30 C • 80 C


3115"(5mm) 10 T(51mtn)

Rubber Universal Hose Tubl EPOM, blacl<, smooth Reinforcement teXlile braided high.tensie synlblbc yam CoVIr. grey EPOM blended, Weather and Abtasion resistant, tmooth AppIcatlon .. for a general purpose hoses. SIY.raJ chemical, 011mi.,....111 IUDIIIe II water hose or pneumabc dufil!s. Temperallft' -3S t, • tOOt:


3I18"(Smm) to I·IIT(38mm)




Tube EPDM compound, tIIect. 8IaOGIh Rei .fDfcellllft IIIxIIe tnldMt lIigII.1IIIIt I¥fIIhtIIc pm Cover EPOM compound blade Of.-y AppIIc:8t.". tor ~ WlItIIng rMcNne ....... I'IOM OfhouMtIoId cold OfhoC WItIf Tempet1Itur. -40C .100C


Rubber Air Brake Hose Tube N8R bleck. _111,011


ReillforoemenL tuble braided Ngh tensile synlhebc yam COftr black CR. OZON andAI:n5lan relii&blnt, &mOOth

3iS"( IOrnm)


Applicltlon., fol pneumallC air brlke ",stem. alto ....itable It hydraulic low pr........ Temperature -'IOe .. lOOC Standard-SAE J1<!02.OtN 7<t3106SAU 110


Rubber Water Suction Hose ill""'



Rubberwat.r SUcUonHoM

TUbe, black S8RlNR compound R.tnfotcemenl by Nylon cord ply with 1 helbi steel wlr. embedded Cover: black EPOM compound, doth IiUrfaceWJthwaler and weather re&lstant APpilcaUonl for water IIJC4lonand c;ellve,ry "rvlee. remper.ture. -30t' .. 80'(' CoJ1'll9ated 1WrfaceI. By,Wable.

1.1I<1'"(32mm)to 8"(2OOmm)

Rubber Water Discharge Hose Tube black SBRlNR compound ReInforcement by Nylon 00i'd ply Cover black EPOM compound, doth wrface Wfth

I.II4"(32mm) S"(I 5Onwn)

wal.r and w.. ther rllI5tant

Applications. for water delvety &ervice. Temperature' ·25 C .. 80 C




Standilrd SAE 100 R1AT

TUbe01 r,-.m synlhttlo rubb« R.Inton:eme.nt,One high tensile liteel Wire braid CoverAbI'HiOlland _a tiler rHilltant synthetic rubber Tempereture rlnge -'lOt: to .'00'(' AppIiaibom.Carrying hydraultc llutds suc:t1 as gIycoI,m.lerai ota,fuela,kb1cabon.emUsoon,11e W P : from 268ar(375psi) to 1898ar(275Op&1) 8 P frOm 1038tr(1 SOOpIl)to 7588a.r(1100ClpsI)

1I4"(6mm) 10


Standlrd SAE 100 R2AT TUbe001 r.slttlnt .yn'l'IItlc fub~

R.!nIotcernent'Two high ttnsile

liHI wire brtld

1I"·(6mm) to Covtr:Abrasion Ind weather resl!;tanl;synlhetiorubber T(51mm) Tlmptirtlun range :-<10(" til +100'(' AppIIcatlons:Carrylng hydraulic tlulds sucIl as gtycoI.mnerai onS,rueIS.iubflc8tlon.enUeIon,eIC. W P.: from 78BIir{I125pei) to 3458ar(5000pei) 8 P: I'rotn 310Bar(4500p51)to 13788ar(20000psi) StIl1d1rd:SAE 100 R12 Tobe 01 rellSllnt syrtlletJc Nilbet' Rtlnforcem«nlFouI high lensile IitHIwire twining Cover.Abrllllon and weather ~nt synIf1etic rubber Tempereturl range -<4OCto .100C Appic:aUOM Ca~ hydraulc ftukIs wch as gtycol,mlneralol5,ftJ&.llblcation WP From t728ar(2S00psj)102768ar(4OOOpSi) 8 P'

trom S8OBIII(I~



3Ilr( IOmm) 10

%'(SImm) ermAtion lie

KAIROS --'- - -_._- -- -





2OCI22ENI53 18N

Ta:Ol,......,.."e.tIc .,..., ReinlDrcemett:One high .......... wire Inld Co楼er-AbtaIoIIMd"""""'" 'Y'IIhetie rubbef ~rmn range '-<IOr. 10.'00{ AppI~CMytng hychuIc:'" such .. gIycolrnilerel_ ..... 1IbIce1lon.-aIon.* W P from <4O&f(6OOpA) to 2S08ar(36SOptIi) B P.: tom 160e.r(24OOp61) to l000Baf(14IlOOpa)

114"(8mm)10 2"(51mm)

St.ndlnJ'DIN 20022 EN5S3 2SN

Tube 011rMistarc synlhetle nAlbet R"nlorcemlnl TWo hJgh tan... SIMIwlr. brtJd Coller Abrasion llId wellher re$l$ttnt $'fNheIic rubber


r.mptratur. flnge -40 C to., COt"


AppIlQltlons OIIny1ng hydra. nUlds tud'I .. gtvool.mlneflll 011. fuell;lW!IeIltOnomutslon.elo. W.P r,om 6OBer(11SOpsl) to 4tSBaf(6OOOpsi) B.P. from 32OBar(46O()p$I) 10 1660&r(204000p&i) SUndarct.DIN 20023 EN656 ""SP TUbe.Oil Renant Synthelic: RUbber

Relnforoement;Four liydraune HOM

high teneile seel wire twining

Cover-Abrasion.nd weather reslslanlliynthellc lubbel Temper.ture ral')Q8.-40C to +IOOC Applic:aIIOnS,Carry!f1ghydraulic Ilu~ SJCh as gtvc;ol.mlnellli oils,fual .. lUbricabon emlhion,eto. W.P.. !tom 21 0BIIr(3050psi) to SOOBar(72SOpsi)

B p. rrom &4OBar(122OOpsl) 10 2OOOBar(29OOOpsi)

3J6"(10mm) to 2"(Slmm)



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