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Property Investment

An Honest Approach Exclusive Opportunities

High inflation combined with historically low interest rates is potentially eroding your wealth

Who can you trust?

Where is the best place to protect and grow your wealth?

Is there anywhere you can place your capital that is safe from recessionary market volatility?

Fortunately, there is another way...

Welcome to Epic Wealth Thank-you for taking the time to peruse this brief overview of our unique service. Craig Shrigley Managing Director Epic Wealth

Our unique service We source exclusive residential property investment opportunities on behalf of high net worth clients. Our bespoke service extends beyond simply sourcing and we have pleasure in presenting to you today something unique within the field of residential property investment

We take the time to gain a deep understanding of your current position

Our mission Source off-market undervalued assets whilst simultaneously removing the hassle normally associated to residential property investment

Making your capital sweat min 20% margin Guaranteed minimum discount Our focus is making you a profit from day one, guaranteeing that all client investment purchases are a genuine minimum 20% discount below the current appraised market value. (RICS Valuation).

No light bulb changes with us.

Instant cash-flow... no waiting.

Epic Maintenance Guarantee™

Epic Rental Guarantee™

Our unique 12 month comprehensive maintenance guarantee removes the hassle factor, whilst ensuring an excellent ROI. If any item requires replacement or repair we will pick up the bill for an entire twelve months.

Our clients benefit by receiving their rental income within 4 weeks of refurbishment works completion, thereby ensuring the ROI is consistently high.

No need to get your hands dirty.

Deal directly with a decision maker... always.

Comprehensive refurbishment project management As a private client you enjoy a fully managed refurbishment service, whereby you simply sit back and await your weekly update whilst we do all the hard work.

Clients expressed that their primary frustration with service companies generally is inconsistency of service. We build long term relationships with a small number of clients ensuring a high level of client care is maintained.

No tenant problems. Guaranteed. Epic Rent to Buy Scheme™ We have created a unique service which eliminates tenant problems whilst, simultaneously providing a solution for local first time buyers.

Bespoke end to end solution. Fully managed hassle free process By handling every aspect of the investment process our clients are able to focus on enjoying life whilst we take care of everything whilst maintaining a consistent flow of non-intrusive communication.

Removing the hassle from residential property investment

Typical investments Recent investment example Property Two Bedroom Stone Terraced House, Standard Construction Refurbishment £5,715.00

Photo for illustrative purposes only

Initial Market Value (Pre-Refurbishment) £72,500.00 Market Value (Post Refurbishment) £85,000.00 Private Client Purchase Price £52,500.00 Discount £20,000.00 Annual Rental Income Achieved £5,400.00

Rental Yield 9%+

Who are our clients? We are privileged to work closely with high net worth clients who are typically: • • •

Business Owners & Senior Executives Those in the position whereby they can choose whether they work or not. Highly paid professionals including entrepreneurs, sports professionals, partners in professional services firms.

Becoming a client

“I would highly recommend Epic Wealth to anyone who values honesty and a ‘can do attitude. As a client I have enjoyed a consistently high level of service.” Mr Mckee

Our unique process

Seek first to understand, then to be understood Stephen Covey – Author – The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

The desire to first listen, then understand our clients separates us from the competition.

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Epic Wealth Review ™

Epic Wealth Clarity Experience™

Epic Wealth Solution™

Epic Wealth Discovery™ Property Tour -(Optional)

Providing you with confidence

Since 2004 we have been successfully investing in residential property and our business has grown organically through word of mouth. We treat all our clients with respect and strive to maintain a synergistic long term relationship.

Ethical approach

We pride ourselves upon providing a holistic and ethical approach in terms of sourcing our investment stock the majority of which comes directly from homeowners. A thorough assessment of each vendors current position is established prior to advising upon a specific course of action. It is important to our clients that they are dealing with a company which values its reputation above anything else.

Why right NOW is a good time to purchase residential propert y Warren Buffett one of the world's most prolific investors commented recently; "Now is the perfect storm of opportunity for investors. Low home prices, combined with historically low interest rates and a flood of repossessions on the market means improved cash flow and great buying opportunities for Intelligent Investors" "5 years ago people were buying like crazy because housing was going up, now no one wants to buy because they’re afraid it’s going to go down!� NOW (when the market is at the bottom) is the time to get in" This statement highlights the problem - too many amateur Investors WAIT to seize an opportunity and get in at the wrong time.

The property clock provides an illustrative overview of some of the events that have occurred over the past few years highlighting that all markets are cyclical and the skill is, knowing when to get into a market and when to exit. Rising Property Prices

Mortgage Liquidity Improves

Rising Interest Rates

Diminished Housing Supply

Rising Repossessions

Rental Demand Soars

Falling Interest Rates

Falling Property Prices

Banking Crisis

Rising Unemployment

Mortgage Liquidity Tightens

Falling Property Prices Disclaimer - The Property Clock is for illustration purposes only.

Next steps

Consistent service Client number cap Due to the bespoke nature of our business we operate a client number cap which guarantees that we are able to maintain a high level of service. Demand for our unique service is high as we assist a maximum of 30 new clients each year. We would be delighted to offer you a free no obligation consultation at a time and place of your convenience. Personal invitation backed by our Epic Wealth Guarantee Private clients benefit from our Epic Wealth Guarantee whereby if as a new client you are not completely satisfied with our service then we will refund all fees. Why you may ask would any business make such an offer?

We look forward to hearing from you. Kindest Regards, Craig Shrigley Managing Director Private Clients – 0161 663 0471

It's really simple, the largest barrier to any business attracting a new client is trust... which is why we have reversed the risk.

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