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EPHESUS Preview Issue [June 2013]

5 Praise Reports

6 Women’s Day 22 Pathfinder Day

In This Issue Last Sabbath for Elder Williams

4 Praise Reports

5 Running with Purpose: Women’s Day

6 Mothers: A Gift from God

10 Profession of Faith

20 Member Feature

21 Character Under Construction: Pathfinders and Adventurers Day

26 Healthy Congregations

28 Pray4Togo

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Vacation Bible School July 7—11, 2013

Save the Date!!!


Last Sabbath for Elder Williams On Sabbath, May 4, 2013, Henry Williams, was recognized for his service at the church. He

will be moving to Virginia to stay with Antrinette and Oren Brown while recovering from a a stroke. 4

Mr. Williams is in good spirits and promises that he will be back in Columbia soon.

Praise Reports! How is God working in YOUR life? “I thank God for my job...and I’m about to retire from this job, 29 years, on June 28th. And I just can’t wait to praise the Lord for that day!” —Willie Hunter


Running w


ith Purpose Women’s Day at Ephesus Photos by Jessica Mayers

“I have had my last fight, and I sat at my desk and said, “God, I can’t do this anymore. I need purpose. I need something deeper. I need to minister in my passion. What should I do?” And God said, “Use what you got!”—Carol Johnson

Left: Carol Johnson, former First Lady of the Ephesus church, is the guest speaker for Women’s Day. 7

How Mrs. Carol Johnson found God’s purpose for her life: 1. Fasting and praying! 2. Taking personality tests (MyersBriggs, temperament test) 3. Making a list of the skills that God has given her 4. Making a list of what would make her happy in life



n Sabbath, May 4, 2013, the Women’s Ministry Department hosted a special Sabbath dedicated to women called “Women of God: Running with Purpose.” The guest speaker for Women’s Day was Mrs. Carol Johnson, the former First Lady for the Ephesus church. She talked about her

journey with finding God’s purpose for her life. She also spoke about the five ways in which God uses problems in the Christian life: direction, inspection, correction, protection, and perfection. “I wanted the ladies to leave with the message that every single one of us, God has given us a purpose in life,” says Mrs. Johnson. “And we need to learn what that

purpose is and allow God to fulfill it within us.” After the church service, lunch was prepared and served by the men of the church. Women’s Day was concluded with a special evening program in which the women who participated in the Divas Half-Marathon talked about how they endured the 13.1 mile race in North Myrtle Beach.


Below left: Billy Adams is helping to prepare lunch for church members. Right: The men of Ephesus volunteer to serve lunch to church members


MOTHERS: A Gift from God

Celebrating the mothers of Ephesus




other. The MerriamWebster Dictionary simply defines the word as “a female parent�. However, it is evident that there is more to being a mother than the stated definition. Being a mother is a

full-time job. If there was a description for the duties of a mother, it would include (but not limited to) the following: Chef, Teacher, Doctor, Counselor, Chauffeur, and Maid. From mothers, grandmothers, aunts, mothers by adoption, to other women who


have raised us, we have come to love and respect these special ladies in our lives. They have helped to shape our character and point us to the character of Christ. What do you think about the most when you think of your mother? Maybe you think about how she cooks the best meals in


the neighborhood. Or maybe you think about the times that she gives you meaningful advice. You probably have a praying mother who is constantly on her knees interceding for you to God. You probably even think about her many disciplinary mechanisms (hand, belt, switch, extension cord,

etc.)! No matter what comes to mind, we can thank God for giving us a wonderful gift in our lives: our mothers.


Above pictures: Beautiful mothers with their daughters (left to right): First Lady Natasha Pooler, Crystal Jackson, Roshell Tynes, Olive Sease with mother.

I LOVE MY MOT “She’s been what she could. She’s always been there for me. [She’s] stressed herself out working full-time jobs while going to school and having to come pick us up from school...just so we could have what she didn’t have as a child when she was growing up.”

Dominique Goudy

“I liked that my mom taught me how to be the backbone of our family and to just be supportive to whoever is around, and friendly and courteous and to show respect to everyone.”

Crystal Jackson


“The Lord has used

my mom to be a blessing in my life by 1) being there, 2) being a praying mother, 3) being a counseling mother, 4) being a cool mother,

THER BECAUSE... 5) being there, and 6) being a persistent mother, and 7) for being a godly mother. Praise God, I am grateful and thankful for my mother.”

“My grandmother, she raised me. She was like my mother and my father to me...she never left us money when she died, but what she left us was her wise sayings. Until this day, I still use her sayings.”

Jacqueline Rennie

“[My mother] was strong, she was loving, thoughtful, giving herself, her time, in any way. She was a caring woman, and had a beautiful spirit.”

Carlos Beatty

Shaun Paschal



“Every time we go to church, [my mother] would get up on that piano and play. And every time I would hear someone play a song that she played on the piano, I’d think about her. I think about her every day.”—Ruth Lloyd Above: Church Mother Ruth Lloyd Right: Lawrence Robinson with his mother, and Ephesus Church Mother, Doris Robinson





(Top left) Pastor Pooler and mother, (bottom left), Sonja Johnson and daughter, (middle) Nico



ole Goin and son, (top right) Tatiana Owens and son, (bottom) Betty McNeal and mother


Sister Robinson’s Profession of Faith On Sabbath, May 11, Doris Robinson became an official member of the Ephesus Seventh-day Adventist church by Profession of Faith! 20

Member Feature Aaron Ingram Meet Aaron Ingram. Although he’s not an official member, this 21-year old from Brooklyn, NY is still considered family in the Ephesus church. If anyone speaks to Aaron, he or she will know that he enjoys reading and quoting from the word of God and from the writings of Ellen G. White. His favorite passage of Scripture is Revelation 21:1-7, and his favorite Ellen White book is Desire of Ages “because it’s all about Jesus.” Aaron’s most life-changing experience was when he met his now mentor, Justin Wilson. “God used [Justin] to bring me to the Adventist faith,” he says. When asked what he wants to ask God when he gets to Heaven, Aaron states, “I don’t have a question for God because I’m going to be thankful that I’m next to Him.” Aaron’s future plan is to attend Heartland College in Rapidan, VA to major in theology. The most important life lesson that Aaron has learned: “Self is your greatest enemy.”


Character Under Construction: Pathfinders & adventurers day




he Ambassador Pathfinders and the Harambe Adventurers of the Ephesus church have had a very busy 2012-2013 club year. From campouts to club meetings to community service, the club members have shown that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible. On May 25, 2013, a special Sabbath was held for the Pathfinder and Adventurer Club. This theme for the day, which was also the theme for the Pathfinder and Adventurer year was “Character Under Construction.�

The special day began at Sabbath School. Adventurer Caleb Barnes helped Elder Spencer Wade to facilitate the lesson study. The study was abbreviated to allow the Pathfinders and Adventurers performed a special skit before the worship service. The skit took a look back at the history of Pathfinders and Adventurers, and it also highlighted some of the prominent figures to help start the clubs. The worship service began as Below (left to right): Pathfinder Kaleb Paxton and Adventurers Kayla Barnes and Adjoua Boafo perform a skit during Sabbath School about the history of the Pathfinder and Adventurer Club.


Pastor Eugene Hamilton, guest speaker for Pathfinders and Adventurers Day.

Above(left to right): Pathfinder of the Year, Kareem McLendon and Adventurer of the Year, Kayla Barnes. Right: Pathfinder Shay Williams carries out the AY flag at the end of the church service.

the drum team played and the Pathfinders posted the colors. Pathfinder Director Olive Sease and Adventurer counselor Teisha Williams gave remarks about the past Pathfinder and Adventurer year. They also handed out several awards, including the Pathfinder and Adventurer of the Year awards, which were given to Pathfinder Kareem McLendon and Adventurer Kayla Barnes. Kareem and Kayla also shared why they enjoyed being in the Pathfinder and Adventurer Club. The guest speaker for Pathfinders and Adveneturers Day was Pastor Eugene Hamilton from the Shiloh Seventh-day Adventist Church cont. on page 30


Above: Paathfinder Counselor Felicia Paxton plays a part in an Investiture Service skit to demonstrate how the use of tobacco and alcohol is harmful. Righ (left to right): Adventurer counselor Teisha Hunter and Pathfinder Director Olive Sease host the Pathfinder and Adventurer Investiture Service Next Page: The Adventurers receive new honors and are pinned by the Pathfinder counselors.



Healthy Congregations: June Health Emphasis

Reposted from the South Atlantic Conference 28

“The event raises awareness about the imprisonment of Pastor Antonio dos Anjos Monteiro and church member Bruno Amah, imprisoned on false charges since March 2012.�


cont. from page 25

in Charleston, SC. The pastor spoke about standing under pressure, referring to Daniel 3:16-18. Pathfinders and Adventurers Day was concluded with the Investi-

ture Service in which club members were pinned with the honors they gained for the club year. During the Investiture Service, club members got a chance to display what they learned throughout the year.

The hard work that the Pathfinders and Adventurers have done for the past year will be rewarded when they have their Fun Weekend in Atlanta, GA in July.

Congrats for another year of service Pathfinders & Adventurers! 30

Come Worship With Us!

Ephesus Seventh-day Adventist Church 7709 Wilson Boulevard Columbia, SC 29203 803.786.2800 Pastor John Pooler, III Service Times Sabbath Morning Praise and Worship Sabbath School Divine Worship Service AYS Wednesday Night Prayer and Bible Connection


8:00am 9:15am 11:00am One hour before sunset 7:00pm

Every department, Every ministry, Every member, has a story for Christ. Share it with us.


June 2013  
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