Unlimited Voices, Vol. 57

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Editing Class

Happy Memorial Day!

They were nice people. Big building. They showed us what buttons look like. How to decorate the buttons. I like the computers We walked around the building I saw buttons with Fonzie (I like his motorcycle), Ghost Busters, Hunter, Cagney & Lacey, a Full House button (I saw Bob Saget on there), Mr. Rodgers, the King. They were nice people to us. I liked talking to them, meeting them. We wrote our names on buttons I put Batman on mine Lori took us. Thank you to Lori.

Jamie's Spring Break Charles' Entertainment Review


Nice buttons. Button factory. They had a lot of buttons with different characters. My favorite is the Ghostbusters, E.T., "ET phone home " I saw the Beatles I saw Big Bird I saw Mr. Peanut. I saw Michael Jackson button, Hendrix. I saw Fonzie from Happy Days. I saw American flag buttons. I saw LO-V-E I saw Elvis I saw Joel, the tour guide He's a nice guy He's a nice person He's nice to us. He helped us put the button and the green thing for the button. Make a button. My button had "LOVE" and my name on it Thanks for taking us Hannah and Lori. Thank you for take us yesterday. I was talking to the staff.

U N L I M I T E D V O I C E S V O L . 5 7
"It was good visiting the Busy Beaver Button Co I want to go back to make me another button " -Ernest T


Wonder Woman, I admire Wonder Woman, I admire so much I have all Wonder Woman in my room She is my hero She saved the world and stopped the bad guys from ever hurting this world again. Wonder woman is my hero, and I will always idolize her forever for as long as I live on this earth. I have a wonder woman in my bedroom at home, and I will always call her a world

blessing to the earth and the hero and the beacon She is forever always gonna be my hero no matter what happens in the end, or the middle or the fourth. I will always idolize wonder woman, forever, and for all eternity, and for all love, and like, and all the people who adore her, and all the kids who love her and respect her I’ll idolize her because she’s my hero, and she always will be forever now and forever more.


Trying to get a higher raise for DSP workers. I called senators to tell them we want MORE and BETTER staff. More AND better. The ones we have are very good, but we want to get some very great ones.

U N L I M I T E D V O I C E S V O L . 5 7


I found this old picture in my mom ' s basemet in a red square tin a long time ago. My mama was gonna throw it in the garbage until I wanted to keep it Then a couple weeks ago, Jimmy the guy said that since the picture is torn, ripped, and raggety, it's gonna take a while to make it better. I could make the picture better. The picture was all raggety. It was all old and torn.

We scanned it. We put it on the computer. We started off using the healing tool brush to get the spots out Once I got the stains and tears out, the one picture was ready to make a bunch of copies.

The second picture needs a little bit more work. Not this coming Saturday but the next Saturday, I would like to work on it for a couple hours to get the white marks out For the white marks, I'm using the feather tool That gets the white marks out When I try to do it with the healing tool brush to get the white marks out, for about 15 or 20 minutes, something caught my eye and said, "This is not coming out." And that was the healing tool brush to get the white marks out, but when I used the feather tool brush, it got it out pretty well.

I did it totally independent on my own.

U N L I M I T E D V O I C E S V O L . 5 7


give it to people give. it to our neighbors. give it to crowds give it to lots of people give it to hundere thousands of people. give it to so many people. give it to all people. give it to people at united center. give it to people at wrigley field. give it to people at guaranteed rate field give it to people at soldier field. give it to people at movie theater. give it to people at chicago auto show. give it to people at looapalooza. give it to people at taste of chicago give it to people at zero landfill chicago give it to people at carnival ride. give it to people at circus. give it to people at the mall give it to people at the restaurant. give it to people at waveland bowl give it to everybody give it to people downtown. give it to people at chicago dogs baseball. give it to people at special olympics chicago. give it to people at navy pier give it to people at the 606 give it to pace bus driver give it to people at riot fest. give it to people at the concert. give it to people at target. give it to people at walmart. give it to people at millennium give it to people at chicago cultural center give it ve it to people outside.

U N L I M I T E D V O I C E S V O L . 5 7


We went to de las Salle institute we stick together group the coach let us put the stuff by the . bleachers and after that we seat for while we get food for lunch we had macaroni cheese and small sausage or salad with dressing I had a regular coke we had fun dancing with friend . My friend Connor take good pictures 90 springs dance .

U N L I M I T E D V O I C E S V O L . 5 7


I went to my friend Katie schachelmayer graduate party at bowlero alley we had fun Together we had lot of food like pizza and chicken or drinks and dessert or presents we stay for while we take good pictures together as teammates we leave around 6:30 .


I went to special Olympic events I did 50 meters run i had second place after that I went to eat lunch early and we we to see Rico Michael Jackson at the stage help out do the DJ with MJ Spending time with my friend to hanging out we left early we have to be at the yellow bus go back to the park that it

U N L I M I T E D V O I C E S V O L . 5 7


I like the city and the cast. Nell Carter plays the maid. She's a singer. She sings good. I like all her dresses. I like her sisters. She's funny. She's a comedian. I like the Chief, the cop He's a regular cop I like her mother I like Matthew Lawrence He plays Sam in Superhuman Samurai SyberSquad He plays Matthew Donovan in the show I like his guitar I like the girls Julie and Katie. They're best friends. The show is about maid. She's tough. She sings in church. She's a

lovable, loving woman I like her mother I like her neighbors Rosie O'Donnell's in there I like she sings good A good singer She sings in church I like her dresses She's tough I give it 5/5 stars because it's my favorite I recommend it to people because it's funny I want to give a tribute to Nell Carter She was 55 when she died



I like the theme song. And the cast. And the introduction. They take a taxi to the building. I like the maid, Florence. She's funny. I like her aprons. She's a good cook. A nice woman. I like her outfits, her maid outfit She's a good server, a good cook I like her, she's a nice woman I like George He's kind of funny He has Lionel, his son I like Helen, the daughter I like her husband, Thomas Kind of funny I like the neighbor. The show is about how they came to the building. It's like a hotel. I like the butler, the doorman. I like the building. It's beautiful. I like the garden. George works at a cleaner store, he washes clothes. That's his business. He works there. I give it 5/5 stars. Happy Holidays. I say "Hi" to the cast.

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